Lego games add some annoying mechanics so may not be the best for him to play without help or frustration.


He loves the first Lego Batman. But gets a little frustrated after the first level.


The newer ones are much more streamlined and guided. The first Batman game was one of their earlier attempts and it’s pretty rough at times. If they like Star Wars the skywalker saga came out a couple months ago and is the latest. It is fairly intuitive if you play together.


> It is fairly intuitive if you play together Kind of. But it also got more and more complex. I would try to get a copy of the older games, the levels are really streamlined and only the "bonus stuff" makes them complicat and you need to think and try


I would disagree, I guess, I think of Batman 1 vs Batman 3. There were a lot more cues on what to do in Batman 3 where in the first one I just felt lost. I could say the same about the old Star Wars or Indians Jones game than something more modern like Jurassic world or incredibles.


>I could say the same about the old Star Wars I doubt so. Recently (few months) replayed the "original Lego SW with episode 1-6" and really, the levels can't be more straightforwarded. Each movie is cut in 6 pieces and there is always just 1 way to go, you can't open doors etc. to the "secret" areas (with the absurd/fun stuff). If you have watched the movies at least once, nearly every area makes sense


Wow I thought I am just stupid for having trouble with a kids game. Good to know I'm not the only person who finds parts of that game frustrating.


Lego Jurassic park was my sons first one, it has button prompts that really help out. He learned to play solo by age 5.


Agree with this. My son went from paw patrol to lego Jurassic Park at either 3 or 4.


Try the older ones like lego star wars the original saga if you want.


The Lego marvel games are full open world outside of the levels so they can just play around, the levels just unlock more characters. Same with the Jurassic world one, the levels unlock dinosaurs but it’s pretty free roam outside of them.


Pick up Lego racers for N64. Fuck that game was amazing when I was his age.


To help balance the agrivation play it with him


Thats perfectly fine. When I was that age, I'd play the same level over and over. Granted that was on SNES, but thats beside the point. As for new games, if you have an Xbox One (or have access to one he can play on), I'd recommend game pass. They have some kid friendly games on there, plus they have access to the EA Play library (which also has a kid game or two). And games with gold has had at least 1 kid friendly looking game (I specify looking, as I didn't play them) each of the last like 3-4 months. Its a bit out of the paw patrol wheelhouse, but my daughter LOVED peggle (specifically peggle 2) from the age of about 3 onward. She still loves it. And its on PS, XB, and PC.


In case you didn't already know, they've made 3 of these games, all of them very similar. There's also a recently release My Little Pony game that's pretty straightforward with no real way to fail or die, and "My Friend Peppa Pig". Weirdly enough, I know about these games because a 30+ streamer I watch sometimes plays them as a meme. I'll post more if I think of any. Some older games, like Freddy Fish, might also be worth a look, and will likely be very cheap, or even free with some Googling.


This is great thanks for the recommendations!


They have some pj mask games as well that are pretty nice as well as the ones mentioned above.


Heck yeah! You can't go wrong with any of those Humongous games. Putt putt, pajama Sam, fatty bear. They're all available to play free online now as well.


Ray "Brownman the achievement god" Narvaez Jr.?


Indeed. He hit 2mil using My Little Pony and Peppa Pig.


Let's respect the fact he retired the username Brownman. It's Ray "FrameRateMerch(dot)com" Narvaez Jr now


Kirby is good


I still can't beat super star


Yeah I'm a light fan of whatever ultra hard games are like cup head or Eldena ring but I could go for Kirby at times


Grass touching simulator.


Dark Souls


On PC with keyboard and mouse


While being blindfolded and shot with an airsoft gun


No full auto in building though


It’s not full auto though. That’s not full auto? No, this is. *Brrrrrrrrrr*


I just got elden ring on PC and I am regretting not getting a controller. Some games are just meant for it


I mean you can easily find a third party 360 controller on Amazon for like $10




Disagree, K&M is superior in Elden Ring. Nothing beats mouse camera speed.


Camera speed is great sure But who thought a good binding for swapping equipment was the arrow keys? If I didn't have mouse buttons the game would be unplayable


You mean this ekstra inventory on right in menu?


On rock band drum set


Dont forget elden ring


Calm down Satan


maybe something more family friendly like Dwarf Fortress


Lego games maybe?


I second this. Mine are into paw patrol and Lego Jurassic Park (they sub the violence for comedy in Lego games, if that's a concern).


Get him an NES.


Do not get them an NES. Tried to get my six year old on multiple Nintendo games and he quit each one within minutes. Kids these days are not cut out for the difficulty curve of the games we grew up on.


Banjo kazooie, kao the kangaroo, Minecraft, peppa pig, Ben 10 maybe too hard actually, possibly little big planet.


Spyro, you should get one of those and see how he likes it


Loved Spyro as a kid. Couldn't actually complete the levels in the second world, but just wandering about the hub worlds was enjoyable enough.


Mario kart! My daughter loves the paw patrol game, and her second fave is Mario kart. Of course you’ll need a switch though!


Mariokarts and not getting frustrated doesnt go well together


The "not frustrated" part is MP only. 50cc AI's are shit so so far so good


You can turn on the option where they can’t get stuck on the sides or fall off.


If you have GamePass PawPatrol - Save Adventure Bay is on there. It's not as good a game, but should run even on a low end PC. Also on GamePass my 5 year old likes to play Pikuniku, just to kick things, not actually playing the game. She also really like My Friend Peppa Pig. It's actually not terrible as a game either.


Donut County is a good one on there too. Also, the Reddit app decided to just copy and paste my previous comment in here. Sorry about the odd comment!


I can second PP:SAB, pikuniku, and Donut County. My 4yo and I have played thru those multiple times




Rayman on game pass!




Gotta start em out young


I legitimately cannot wait for my kids to be old enough for DOOM 2 Deathmatch.


>I legitimately cannot wait Sounds like you are unable to wait. 🤔 By the way, have you played Project Brutality?


Not yet. Is it similar to Brutal DOOM?


It's a more expansive mod/overhaul of Brutal Doom. It goes in a superior direction in my opinion. There is somewhat of a fierce rivalry between the two, the Brutal Doom creator is not happy with them. But it's well worth checking out, the team has put a phenomenal amount of work in and really preserved the retro feel. I haven't had so much fun playing Doom since I was a kid in the mid 90s.


I’ll have to check it out some time. Thanks.


Yoshi's Woolly World maybe


My kids started with that too, they really like wandering around animal crossing with no goal too.


If you own a switch: Mario kart, Mario odyssy, both kirby games, yoshi These are the games my 4 yr old plays regularly. His fav are Mario Kart and Odyssy. Both have an assist mode which makes the game easy.


Lego marvel. The first one do a couple missions to unlock some characters and the free roam. My kid spent hrs running around free roam and loved it. Just do enough to unlock a decent chunk then had over the controller. Him playing so much getting all the little legomoney or whatever it is he started earning new characters himself.


Check out a game called ‘Everything’. A lot of things may be out of a 3yo’s grasp (lots of Alan Watts philosophy lecture recordings) but the controls are pretty easy. it’s an exploration game that would potentially grow interest in animals, types of plants, and general biology/ science. You might have to lend some help during the tutorial but after that he would likely be able to explore independently.


Disneyland Adventures is good for a younger kid, and if you wanna do couch co-op the best part is if they play second player they can't do anything but help. E.g. if you're the main player you run around doing quests, they will automatically follow you wherever you go; meanwhile they can "help" by equipping a wand or something and just zap stuff while you run around. Similarly, there's a game called Crashlands that would best be played by him in co-op mode with you (or some other older person) as the main player. The second player is free to move around, zap enemies, and buff the main player, but they're effectively immortal and can do nothing but help.


Disney Rush is a good one as well. Very similar to Disneyland Adventure.


Do you have a switch? I taught my 3 year old how to game with Mario Odyssey. She's 5 now and beat the new Kirby game by herself.


Journey. I love playing it with my son since he was 3. And any time that we play it again I have a new thing to teach him about life. We have talked about the joy of running and sliding, about the need of friends, about the sun and the stars, about the lost of their grandparents, about the fears and the courage, about music making you feel in certain ways… It’s just a neverending resource while they grow.


Peppa Pig, PJ Masks and the other paw patrol games are easy enough. Only thing is Paw Patrol On a Roll is a side scroller and tiger newer games are top down platformers. Still, the hardest thing you have to do is jump over an obstacle.


New Super Lucky's Tale!


Little big planet 3. Really sweet and charming. Gets a bit tricky late on for a 3 year old.




Rec room, superliminal, mario kart, team Sonic racing, sonic, goat simulator


Not rec room because there are a lot of people on there that cusses up a storm in almost all lobbies that I go into and that even includes kids that are cussing


Rec room isn’t really good for kids lots of pedos racists and weirdos


Minecraft. Just letting our oldest wander around in creative got him hooked. We game together all the time now.


minecraft is way too advanced for a 3yo. They are still getting used to being able to click a mouse correctly or move it and keep it on a point on the screen. and forget using more than 1 key on a keyboard. My son and I play binding of isaac together, he shoots in 1 direction and I do the rest. He's pretty computer savvy but in a game with any pacing that's about all he's capable of.


I know a 4 year old that has already played and finished Zelda BOTW without many issues.


OK well we play console and he did great.


God of War a really great Story about family and moral. Give it a try these topics can only be helpful for showing your son good Ideals.


The kid's 3...


It's never too late.


Dude, the kids 3 year old. Other than momy and dady I dont think he understands much about family right now.


All he has to do is watch the new fast and furious and he'll know everything their is to know about family


Fast and Furious, there is only one NFS movie


good point.


The games I played at his age are waaaaay outdated. But, my nephew when he went through his paw patrol phase played a lot of minecraft. I’ve seen some other things about Lego games which could be good. Can also advocate, if you have a switch device, that the new era of Pokémon games are EXTREMELY easy. As in, little to no difficulty curve. To the point loyal fans are asking for like, different difficulty settings.


He’ll probably like outlast.


Get him on some cod zombies


I would check the PS Now library. You might find a treasure trove of kid friendly, co op games on there.


Get the switch sports game! Or wii sports if you got an old wii sitting around


Play this with my 4yo and be loves it.


I don’t know that game , but Nickelodeon All Star Brawl is pretty simple button mashing fun.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Are those spyro games with the playable mini toys still around? I know you can still get them on Ebay and what not. My son enjoyed those


There are some SpongeBob games and I think another paw patrol. But seriously get one of the newish Mario games. Like galaxy or odyssey. There is open worlds do they can run around and do stuff without actually doing much but you will be shocked how quickly they pick it up. My kids like sack boy as well. The Lego games are good and skywalker saga is bomb.


There is another Paw Patrol game out on PS4. Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups. A better made game, a little more involved, but death free so no frustration. EDIT - It has couch co-op as well.


My kids love Lego Incredibles, and SpongeBob Battle for Bikini bottom. They started on that game too, I thought it was a great first game for a toddler, gets them used to basic controls and goals




If you own a switch my nephew really liked to play the mario party minigames eventhough he most of the time didnt understood anything just running around or smth was fun for him. Otherwise he also liked the kawashima brain game dont know how it's called again.


Does he have a nintendo because i feel like more age appropriate games are on there.


I saw people commenting in here about old games, I’m not sure if you’re looking for a ps4 specific game but… I’d like to add an idea, I started playing master system when I was 3 years old and I grew up playing videogames since then it’s the thing I love the most in the world. So I’d recommend you get him some old consoles or even get some emulators and Roms in your computer so he can try it out old games with save states as he will develop he will be wanting to develop the games too. If you think about it the old games are “harder” but there’s less commands you gotta learn to finish the games and he can learn how to be patient and get less frustrated by understanding that video games are all about timing and control. I believe teach him how to not get frustrated and learn how to deal with the problems and think about solutions long term would be better than getting easier and frustrationless games… I don’t know if that’s makes any sense but I really believe in this concept. And more important than anything teach him how he could enjoy being a problem solver and not to worry about how much tries or time he will spend in a specific part. Good luck in your journey!


Another thing I’d like to add! https://www.zerotothree.org/resources/1290-developing-thinking-skills-from-24-36-months If you buy games that teaches math and other things for kids, like the old pc games of Franklin the turtle! I use to love those. https://youtu.be/ABOQNVi_YDo I’m not sure if they still create new versions for games like this as I haven’t get myself updated on that but maybe check in libraries! I think I saw on Jb Hifi some programming kits for kids not sure if you could find some games in this category too!


BugSnax - you cannot lose, the story is interesting and gameplay is simple. First game my son completed for Platinum, but he was 5 yo.


I too had a 3yo (he's 4 now) that started with Paw Patrol.He quickly outgrew this however.He finished (with a little of my help) Lego Incredibles, Ratchet&Clank, Spiderman, Spiderman Miles Morales, Crash Bandicoot 4 (he really loved the Spiderman games and Crash Bandicoot) On Switch he also finished Mario Odyssey, Kirby (all by himself), Mario 3D World, Mario Bowser's Fury, Mario Tennis, almost finished Luigi's Mansion 3 So in my opinion it's not necessary to keep him on very light, easy games, they quickly learn the mechanics, they try out many different button combinations, and a lot of times he was teaching me how to do certain moves. They're also mostly open and safe worlds, without constant action - for example in Spiderman he would swing on webs for tens of minutes, just exploring the world


My son loved that one and the Mighty Pups sequel, he also loves Lego Worlds.


Lego worlds a lot of people said lego games but lego world there is a free play along with it aswell as a campaign and its on ps4 for about 17$


New Pokemon Snap. An on rails game where all you do is take photos of Pokemon. It's really calming and fun to see all the creatures interacting with each other


There is a super pups version similar. Free on game pass if you have an Xbox.


Katamari Damacy


If it has not been said yet there is a PJ MASKS game a lot like the paw patrol games


Rayman legends is good for kids too ig


Peppa Pig too


My 5 year old son and I played Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the Switch every chance we get, I think he’ll get a kick out of it.


He can play as Waddle Dee if the controls is a bit too difficult for a 3 year old. Waddle Dee basically will port to Kirby if he wanders too far away or fall off a ledge. And he can die and come back as much as he wants.


Knack. I'm telling you, knack. It's super simple, and when you die, you instantly respawn to try again. Little bugger would freak out on every other game, but he loves Knack and has beat it himself at least twice. Knack 2s a little harder, but he still loves it.


DOOM 2016


Rip and tear until it is done, Timmy.


So relaxing


The kid is 3. How about toys or take him outside.


Yeah no kidding. Kids should just be outside playing for 12 hours a day with no other activities mixed into their daily routine.


Especially when it’s 110 degrees outside.


Read books, nap, play with toys, play dress up, use their imagination , etc.


Do you have kids?


Yup. They didn't touch video games till maybe 7 or 8.


Then they are years behind our kids, my daughter is going to own your kid at Mario kart !


Let me join you in getting downvotes. I see absolutely no reason why a 3 years old child should play any video games on any platform.


Banjo and kazooie nuts and bolts was good


Has he tried Huniepop? Really calming gameplay, and he if enjoys it he can try the second one!


Touch Grass Simulator


These are all recommendations, so what, you enjoyed it that far?


My younger brother was playing the same games as I was and my older brother. We played smash brothers, Diddy Kong racing (not that Mario kart garbage), Pokemon (though he wasn't particularly good, he used Pikachu for everything because of Ash's Pikachu being a god). Over time he was able to play at our level. He was also learning to play board games very young too. Sometimes you can't just baby them, if they dive head first they'll actually get good. It's not that different from something like machine learning if you think about it.


Sekiro is a good option


The kids tornado game. Probably have at your library. Tornado Outbreak. Fun.


Slime Rancher


Dota 2


Elden Ring


Resident Evil 2 Remake


Get Madden or FIFA. He will like it more than the people who pre-order the games. /s


I’m sorry…very sorry. Get the kid some God of War


Elden Ring, it’s very casual and relaxing


If my childhood was that nice


My suggestion is for him to get good


Get him guilty gear strive


Don't know, my little brother is playing lego games since a long time just to ride a car through the map and rp/have fun


Elden Ring has a very low frustration level. Fun for the whole family!




Hide and seek


Outlast 2


Minecraft in creation mode should be quite easy/fun


I once said no to a date with a girl who basically promised me a handjob, just to play this game with my friends. Well I didn’t know we were gonna play this game, I just said no because I knew me and my friends were gonna meet up, but it ended up being this one


Dark Souls


What the fucking hell did the dev is thinking




Would you like me to be completely serious orrrrrr?


Peppa pig. Literally it’s one button and side to side. I think it’s that simple.


Call of duty bring him back to the days of old back when 9 yr olds were racists


The switch has the Nintendo online thing that gets you snes and n64 games. Some are brutal. But some are just right.


Yes you should try doom eternal


A switch.


My 4 year old loves dirt bikes so I got him Mx vs ATV. Theirs a huge open world they can just ride around and it has simple controls. My kid loves paw patrol too so we have the one you posted.


Elden ring would be a fine game for him


Postal 2


Mine is 3 and a half, got bored with it. Now plays Rayman with his brother. Saw him explaining how the controller works to his granddad. Rayman is good because it doesn't matter if the youngling sucks at the game, can be "revived" at anytime. (death just turns you into a bubble)


Elden Ring


Add Peppa pig 🐷🐖


GTA 5 is awesome.


Outside Simulator 2022.


What the hell is this?


A bad post.


We do not care what your child likes to play. You're like the co-worker that has to show photos of his kid to every single person in the office multiple times a day.




Buy a good game that's not shovelware and that's easy


Dude, it’s literally a three year old.


Ok try one of the lego games because those are easy


Sounds like your kid just isn’t into video games.


Getting over it With Bennett Foddy, a really fun easy game that doesn’t make things too challenging at all :) totally fun, not a single moment of stress in it.


A good horror game like amnesia or Vampyr if your child is into Gothic things. I find it really relaxing myself


Dark souls 2 is a good one.


Elden Ring, amazing story.