I think the worst is when someone prepares something GF especially for you but they didn't know or forgot about your other intolerance and they used the other ingredient that makes you sick...


Oh man, yeah that's the worst. It's like you appreciate they remembered the gluten part. But sucks you still ha e to turn the food down because of the other intolerance.


One year, my dad was so excited because he remembered my husbands dairy allergy and he used margarine in the turkey stuffing. He was so so proud. We were like wow, you made it gluten free too?? And his face just dropped 😂😂


It's good that he tried :)


The sad thing here is that I just will never eat something that someone else prepared unless I was there to supervise the whole process. At my grandmother’s funeral my aunt brought me some Glutino gluten free cookies, but they had soy in them so I had to kindly refuse them.


Or in my case GF/DF, but then has oats...ugh.


Same! 😭


Hard relate! The eggs kill me every time! There are a decent number of gluten/dairy free but try to find egg free too and your down to like 2 options.


Yes, it’s like, you’re almost there… cater to me properly damn it 😂. It’s either GF but contains dairy or vegan but contains gluten. Then you see suggestions about making homemade options. Bloody hell, I just want a quick and easy option lmao.


Bless my coworkers for trying to bring me gf snacks from wherever, then as they’re handing it to me realise they didn’t check if it contains tree nuts 😔


I hate it when products do it for no reason. There is a brand of Almond based cracker products with powdered milk in the recipe. I'm like, why?? On the flip side, I love the Jewish holidays because kosher cookies never have dairy and the GF ones don't suck at all! Best time of the year for my treat groceries is coming up at Passover lmao


My birthday was on the first and to treat myself I ordered a gluten free cake from a local gf/vegan bakery, I ordered a carrot cake because it was the only one they could do consistently. 30 bucks for a mini cake! Because of a miscommunication I didn’t realize there was going to be walnuts in it, and I’m allergic to walnuts. When I got it home I cried when I found out, and frosting on the cake? They were closed on my birthday so I had to wait a day. I ended up making the best cake ever though, a raspberry filled Bobs Red Mill white cake with Epic fruity pebbles flavored frosting that was a risk because of the natural flavors, but it didn’t trigger me!


I feel your pain! Low FODMAP and Gluten free for me. My biggest issues are with gluten, garlic, onions and dairy. I can usually find things that are made without 2 but very rarely all 4.


Yep this list plus almonds and maple. I feel you


Soy and egg free. And wheat free. Please join me in a sad huddle with coconut aminos and sorrow It’s the soul crushing despair when I ate one bite of eclair of NOT QUITE SAFE STUPID Epipens rock


For me if something is wheat or rye free, it probably has tomatoes, and sometimes has tree nuts (allergic to pistachios.) (I have 8 food specific allergies)


when places have gluten free peanut butter cookies …. 😭


Gluten and soy intolerant here. Also have a significant allergy to beef. Good times.


Feel ya.. try carbohydrate intolerance because of sibo.. along with an actual allergy to alcohol (even technical grade from a lab). "dont know what you got til its gone", for sure. I went down to paleo turkey plus brown sugar and fiber, which was the least allergic thing I could think of. I feel like there should be a general food allergies subreddit / support group, because these diets are so soul crushing. PS, I finally kicked the sibo with Natto, and then alcohol (bacardi rum) was nearly the first thing I created an immunity too. I'm pretty sure the sibo caused gut leakage and general oversensitivity to everything.. i had an accident surgery where they drilled out my tibula bone marrow to replace it with a steel rod, and pumped my iv full of antibiotics.. thats when immune system really got offended. Strange tip, but it seems like extra bathing (even partial) somehow dials my immune system down. has something to do with histamine. im also taking a bit of dhea, which helps, but am careful because of the increases cancer potential of sterols (now taking more berberine).


On the flip side, I'm only intolerant to gluten so when I read the cake and it's also missing sugar, eggs, dairy and nuts, I'm like oh man this is going to taste like licking the floor of my workshop


Any time I find a gluten free pastry I have to ask if it was made with almond flour because I’m allergic to almonds. It makes being gluten intolerant even more annoying