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She looks like the kind of mom that says "You shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet"


That’s my favourite Abraham Lincoln quote


Actually it was Marilyn Monroe 💫


No, it was harry houdini.


100% sure it was Gandhi




Its Gandhi. How do y'all keep butchering a name when its so easy to pronounce.


It was Attila the Hun.


It was Hitler


No, it was George Washington


Uh first of all. It’s Facebookians 1:12. Fucking Jesus said it. Source: trust me bro. I’ve done my research lol maybe you should do some.


Bc Im dyslexic?


Thanks to the internet I was able to use crystals to cure my lysdexia


*Yes Charles II of Spain, we know*


An essential oil healed my lydeicxa


I have a very erotic learning disability, I call it sex-lexia.


Pretty sure it was Churchill...


He died of aids


Actually it was Marilyn Monroe quoting Abraham Lincoln.


Nooooo geez it was Marilyn MANSON quoting Abraham Lincoln


"You shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet' -Abraham Lincoln" \- Marilyn Monroe


- Michael Scott


Unexpected office.


Did you know Marilyn Monroe had some ribs removed so she could suck her own dick?


Marilyn Monroe said, "whenever I feel sad, I reread our text messages so I can smile again." edit: just in case, /s


“Yes” -Albert Einstein


"Yes - Albert Einstien" -Michael Scott


Wasn't it Churchill?


It was Socrates.


But then she’ll believe everything printed in a religious text


or on facebook from one of her nutjob groups


Give it a few weeks, with musk being his true self now they whackos will go invade twitter


But shares a lot of made-up stories about God on the internet.


>*You* shouldn't believe everything *you* see on the internet. Rules for thee but not for me and all that.


My parents said the internet was a fad and to not believe everything you read on it. Twenty-five years later and they currently believe everything they read on Facebook.


And the proceeds to believe everything they see on the internet


The blue sky is in front of it?




Mom’s head spun around and exploded when she read that. Oh a quick scream of “sheeeeple!!!” first.


It just sucks that when my fully literate cousin reads this he can twist it around in his wee brain to support his bullshit (flat brainer)


Lol. Smoothe brained for sure.


Thanks, nitrogen bestie (I’m pretty sure it has to do with nitrogen I’m tired)


Or, said more simply: air is blue. When you look at the white moon, it looks lightblue. When you look at the black bit of the moon, it looks the same as the black of space


Air is not blue.


🙄 rayleigh scattering is blue


Rayleigh scattering is the scattering of photons off of air molecules. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and the various other chemicals and elements that compose our atmosphere are colorless. They do not emit blue photons on their own. The photons coming off of the molecules are blue, but that's blue light that already existed before entering our atmosphere from the sun. That same blue light jumps from air molecule to air molecule more than other colors do on a clear day because of blue light's short wavelength. Technically, violet let is scattered most in our atmosphere because its wavelength is shorter than blue's. All the other colors are also in the sky, just blue outshines them all because of Rayleigh scattering. The sky isn't always blue when the sun is out either: it can be purple, pink, red, yellow, orange. It depends on the angle of sunlight relative to the atmosphere from your position on Earth. At dawn and dusk, the sun is low on the horizon, so that sunlight has to move through (spend a longer amount of time in) more atmosphere before reaching your eye. The blue light has more atmosphere to work through for a longer period of time - so much so that all of the blue light is scattered into the atmosphere without us detecting it. Reds and other longer wavelengths are scattered, but not as much as the higher wavelengths, so they work their way through until the sun is high enough in the sky that the atmosphere is a consistent depth and blue takes over.


The mix of air creates the specific refraction index that gives us the skies we see as well. I expect a different mix would give us different colours at the same times of the day :)


Thank you! I finally understand this now.


Came for the insanity, stayed for the learning


He blew air until he was blue


You are technically correct in the same way that when someone moves at 10kph and throws ball forward at 10kph, that ball actually travels very slightly slower than 20kph to a stationary observer because Newtonian physics are wrong and relativity is more accurate. In the same way, air is blue by basically all defitions, in the same way that grass is green and window glass is green. You can make a highly technical argument about spectrum scattering and wavelength absorbtion, but they boil down to the fact that when you put you lots of air in a row and look through it at a white light, you will see the colour blue, in the same way that when you put blood between two sheets of glass and look at a white light, you will see the colour red.


This is why sunsets are on the red hue due to longer wavelengths of light reflecting off the atmosphere, or some shit I learned in physics 39 years ago.


It's frustrating because if you just even look at the picture of the moon, you can see a blue haze in front of it


I'm assuming OP's parent could also be a flat-earther in which case, explaining logic and reason goes beyond their head.


OP confirmed in another comment that mom is indeed a flat eather


Nooo cause if the blue was in front of it we wouldn’t be able to see the moon smh


Yep. Air molecules do bounce some blue light around. If you line enough air molecules up such as, y'know, the atmosphere, it bounces enough light towards your eyes that you can see that blue tint. A lot of light going through air doesn't hit any molecules though, so you can still see through air over long distances. Space is black; nothing cannot emit or bounce any light. So why is it blue if you look at the sky? Well, light is additive. Black (nothing) + the blue from the atmosphere = blue from the atmosphere. If you want to see the true blackness of space, you have to get beyond the atmosphere first. Some people already have! Alternatively, go out at night, when there isn't light from the sun to bounce off the air. Doubt that the people asking the question will ever get to read the explanation, though.


although you are 100% correct, that is not what she is asking for..she wants to know about the blue sky behind the moon.. in the picture it is a little hard to see because the moon is in front of it. I'm sure she is a teacher herself.. this is a trick question! Question: Why is the sky behind the moon blue; a) Because the sky before the moon is blue b) Because the moon is not real c) Beacuse all sky is blue (also behind the moon) untill proven it is not blue d) Beacuse from a bigger perspective we are behind the moon and earth is mostly blue


You cracked the case!


Sorry to say op but your mom dumb as shit sorry


Lucky OP didn't get home schooled


I got homeschooled by an anti-vax, conspiracy believing mother. Luckily for me I got kicked out at 20 and discovered all the bullshit I had believed my whole life was a lie.


That must've been quite the mindfuck for you. Sorry you were failed by your mother but glad you escaped and became re-educated.


I’d reckon that would feel like being locked up in prison in the 60’s and getting out now. Such a different world/reality


Definitely! Terrible parenting.


I got homeschooled until highschool, but that was mostly because all the higher rated private schools in my area were the super-religious crazy rules kind, and the public elementary schools at the time sucked. I went to public high school and took AP courses, everything was fine and I was socialized through sports etc. It’s totally doable to homeschool kids through their early education. Unfortunately there’s a lot of overlap between people who don’t trust their local school systems, and people who don’t trust the government in general.


Poorly educated by design


I assume you mean because they think homeschooling is better than getting taught by a professional teacher and all that "narrative" stuff, because i would like to point out that the question at hand is actually very interesting (and gets answered by a few comments).


It's a fine question to ask, the problem is not the mother asking this question, but rather the poor conclusions she will likely draw (flat earth 'theory') and teach it to her kids as fact if she was homeschooling.


Idk I'm just at a phase in my life where I'm just calling people dumb and moving on with my life. Way to many idiots to teach every single one of them.


! Explanation Reposting! My last post got 2000+ likes and a ton of comments, but sadly got removed. Just reposting for everyone to see my moms fun conspiracy theory. Yes she is a flat earther and no I have no idea what she is trying to say or imply. I can’t help but laugh to myself in silence because when I have tried telling her about the ridiculousness of what she is saying she gets big mad and tells me she will “never believe what the masses believe.” *sigh* Edit! Just to make something clear- I only responded to her because she gets incredibly upset if we don’t, or she’ll bring it up in person next time I see her. The lackluster response was unfortunately the best thing I could have said so I don’t end up talking to her about the moon for an hour next time I saw her. No I do not think what she thinks. I just want to keep my relationship with my mom peaceful even if it does involve sacrificing a bit of sanity because I have been one to refute before and it turns into a huge ordeal that’s not worth it.








Shit, I’m busy that day


Uh... Me too! *Scuttles back inside*


>back inside You went outside???


What is that thing you guys talk about? "outside"


It’s a crazy high tech game. Read on r/outside for more info.


RemindMe! 1 million years


… next hundred millennia or so.


As a land surveyor…flat-earthers piss me the fuck off. They disregard any technology that completely proves them WRONG!!! I use satellites and elipsoidal-based coordinate systems Every Fucking Day!! It would be statistically impossible to make up the intensive, global, and collaborative information that goes into the basic job properties that makes my job easier than it ever HAS BEEN ever since the beginning of time!! If it wasn’t for satellites orbiting the globe (which I can individually track with my equipment) my job would be a lot harder than it should be. So fuck flat earthers. They never passed high school geometry and CAN’T even comprehend the amount of information that goes into [Geoid Models](https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/geoid.html) or [Surface Coordinate Systems](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spherical_coordinate_system). They are dipshits to say the least. I’m sorry for your loss (and my outburst). Peace and love. ✌🏼🫶🏼🛰️


Exactly!! My mom unfortunately says that all pictures of outer space are faked. So you know she’s gone deep…. A conversation with her about outer space and the earth is really interesting to say the least.


I once knew a flat earther who believed as such "because that's what the Bible says." I could not believe the mental gymnastics that had to be done to believe what this person believes. They claimed that all you needed to do to prove science wrong was use your eyes. Also said that you can frequently see clouds pass behind the sun....


Well if you frequently look directly at the sun the question of what you see will solve itself soon and the answer will be nothing.


I mean, the bible never mentions Australia therefore it doesn't exist It just mentions Babilonia (and surrounding mesopotamian area), what's now Israel, Lebanon, Syria and neighboring countries and Egypt. Old testament doesn't even mention Italy! ...wait, how am I writing this from a place that doesn't exist?! Am I real or am I a red herring planted to disprove the bible, like the dinosaurs?


My uncle had a deep love for space, and what's out there. When I was about first grade, I asked him if the earth was round, how come we didn't fall off? He tried to explain, but I just couldn't grasp it. So that wonderful man woke me up in the middle of the night, to a fully set telescope and showed me a whole lot of planets and stars in the sky. Some made of gas, some made of rocks... but all of them round. Why then would the earth be flat? I understood that there will be things I just won't understand, but that doesn't make them less real, it just means I can't know everything, and that's okay. I think some people skipped that lesson.


This is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!


For flat-earthers, you are just a paid actor by the government to say shits like that.


Shit. They’re on to us. Abort!


As her why a white wall is tinted when she's wearing sunglasses.


What does this mean, though? Does your mom think the moon isn't ... real? I mean never mind what shape it is, she doesn't think it exists or something?


I… I have a feeling that’s what she may be alluding to. But I’m worried to ask


Crossing my fingers for you.


Maybe she thinks it’s the sky dome observatory like in *The Truman Show.*


This is exactly right. Some flat earthers believe in the 'firmament', a dome covering the entire disk-shaped earth, with the sun and moon being inside this dome and somehow moved (mechanically?), hence the blue behind the moon and clouds behind the sun. The scientific method is lost on them.


Cloud aren't ever behind the sun. Wtf


Some clouds may appear to be behind the sun due the brightness of the sun and the relative opacity of the cloud. TLDR: these people are just nuts.


I would have so much fun with her… “Mom, I don’t think New York exists. Mom, I am losing consciousness and sleep every day, it is something the government put in the water, I am sure. Mom, I don’t think it’s 2022, they are lying to us. Mom, I am sure the moon is getting larger. Mom, the world gets dark when I put sunglasses, including the shadows where there is no sun. Mom, google earth is complete bullshit, I am sure all the rest of the internet is bullshit too. Mom, sometimes there is *ice* falling from the sky… what are they doing up there? Mom, Facebook doesn’t exist, all the people there are government agents”


Why did it get removed?


I only posted the picture she sent 😕


She probably thinks it's a projection or something similar. That's one of the different subconspiracies some flat earthers hold.


Does she believe in GPS? It's kind of important to how modern society can keep functioning.


Be prepared for your mom to start believing in a lot more crazy things, if she hasn't already. Sincerely believing in flat Earth requires the believer to accept a lot of easily disproven claims, and perfectly primes the believer to accept other outlandish and even more harmful conspiracies.


She has a conspiracy about everything I feel like. She started a couple years ago with qanon and it’s just been downhill from there


FWIW, I took your response as akin to the “smile and nod” tactic.


Very simple and obvious. It’s daylight. You’re seeing it in daylight.


No. The blue sky is in front of it.


Damn she dumb as hell


They try SO HARD to sound intelligent... It's still funny that they never can.


Lol, I didn’t learn much in school, your dad didn’t either. I’m sorry we didn’t home school you so you could be smart


She says a lot of stupid things but that one really stuck out to me


Trust me with parents like that you do not wanna be homeschooled


My mom like this but with politics and QAnon


Well your mom is right about one thing, public education definitely let her down


Because there’s not blue sky behind it lmao it’s day time and you’re seeing the sun light rays which are scattered in all directions as they hit the air molecules, and light at the blue end of the spectrum is scattered stronger than other colors. ([source](https://www.space.com/why-is-the-sky-blue)) When there’s no sun, you actually can see the space around the earth. 🙃 take that conspiracy mom!


My mom has issues don’t get me wrong, but this would drive me insane.


Reminds me of when my MiL told my wife she regrets that she (my wife) got a college education. Because something something liberals.


"\[My education\] wasn't great either" Facebook University isn't known for scholars, I agree.


Man, I admire your restraint. If I got this question I really wouldn't be able to help myself, I'd probably be compelled to smartmouth my way into burning a bridge or two


I have a couple of times actually. After the 3rd time you just learn to deal with it. 🫠 so yes I am stronger now but at what cost


Haha, I feel that 🤣


"I've never thought about it" because if you had for more than five seconds you'd realize what she's trying to say is complete bollocks


Literally for 1 second I thought about it and I was like… well it’s because I never needed to think about it???? There is no reason to question it?


Thank goodness she didn’t homeschool you! Dodged a bullet there!


I want to know more of her moon facts 🤣 You should take her outside tonight to see the lunar eclipse, I would LOVE to hear an explanation from a flat earther! I asked one once and he was convinced it wasn't a real thing, just photoshop...


ohno photoshop...💀 like someone photoshopped the sky?


He said people obviously photoshopped the moon in pictures of so called "lunar eclipses" bc the moon "dOeSN't tuRn rEd LiKE ThAt In reAL lifE"


Insane and the votes who said “not insane” are, in fact, insane.


Gotta say, while I can’t scientifically explain why the moon seems to be the same blue as the sky when it’s visible in the day time, I have never once looked up and thought “wow I am seeing *straight through the moon* right now”. Good to know I am not a fucking moron


Not the full science but basically it's doing the same thing during the day as it does at night. But the suns light scatters in the atmosphere and appears blue. The blue half is just the part the sun isn't hitting. At night this would be the dark half of the moon. It is also possible to see a full moon in the daytime. I really don't understand what point OPs mom is even trying to make anyway.


It's because you are looking at the Moon through the Earths atmosphere. At night time the atmosphere isn't washed out or illuminated by the Sun as it has gone below the observers horizon. This means the atmosphere is black in rural locations and more of a navy colour in urban areas and that is what we are looking through when viewing the Moon at night. In the day however our atmosphere is washed out and illuminated by the scattering light from the Sun, now above the observers horizon. But we can still see the Moon due to it's magnitude (it's still bright as it reflects sunlight) it's just we do so through an illuminated atmosphere. It's like sticking on an actual pair of rose tinted glasses and looking at a basketball a few feet away and wondering why it is also rose tinted. The sunglasses are our atmosphere through which we view all of space. It's just the tint of the glasses change for us depending on weather the Sun is above or below the horizon from our viewpoint.


This is the shit I would say when I was 15 and spent all night drinking rubbing alcohol and smoking brick weed and think I was a fucking genius


yo mama so stupid she thought the sky was behind the moon ​ ​ ​ ​ XBOX LIVE


….. your mom needs to be put in a care facility


Because the moon is also out during the day. The brightness of the sun usually overpowers the reflection of the moon.


Humanity is doomed


The narrative of the moon?


Well, she's not wrong. Her education was obviously subpar.


I saw a documentary mentioning how the head of the flat earth society had a hard time in science class, as they couldn't explain it in a way he understood, and decided that the teacher was trying to trick him. That's the vibe I get from most of these people


“I don’t understand science, so…. Clearly there’s something shady going on”


Did she just pretty much apologize for "making you stupid" with public school? I hope she doesn't suck your child into this.


Because we have a functioning atmosphere/stratosphere goddammit. Go back to school.


She probably thinks the earth is flat also.


She does in fact think that


I am sorry.


That’s a case of “if I’m not answering it’s not because I don’t have an answer it’s that I don’t even know where to begin”


Don’t be an enabler. Tell your mom that she’s bat-shit insane.


Did that. Did not turn out well


It usually doesn’t lol Just tell your mom [there are mirrors on the moon that we occasionally bounce lasers off of](https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/laser-beams-reflected-between-earth-and-moon-boost-science)


You know, Story Bots on Netflix has a great way of explaining this “phenomenon” in an easy to understand, educational way.. just because you weren’t educated on something doesn’t mean you can’t become educated on it now.. 💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🫠


Seems OP was lucky that his mother didn’t homeschool


Was baby sitting a friends kids. One of them came home and said the rings of Saturn are so thin it can cut you. I asked her where she heard that. She said the teacher told her. I explained that the teacher was probably joking and that the rings were made of large "rocks" (to keep it simple). She got mad and said, "no it'll cut you", and stormed off.


The blue sky is in front of it, not behind it. Is your mom like a bird and likes to bang her head on her windows, trying to get through?


Using 2 dimensional images to discredit 3 dimensional concepts.


With stuff like that I always wonder like...whats the narrative even. What is the point of the general "them" convincing "us" that the moon is in space? It's always about sth that isn't usually taught about in detail and people pretending they uncovered sth big. Like no, it's the moon. It does that on occation.


\*Faceplalm\* It’s not that their education wasn’t ‘great’ it’s that they didn’t bother paying attention and then just decided it’s others fault for either not educating them enough or for “twisting the narrative”……. This is why I choose to not speak to many people. I can’t take it when people lack common sense in general.


Your mom is an idiot.


OP if you post to /r/shittyaskscience you might get some good responses for your mom that are on the same level as her question.


The dumbing down of America was by design.


‘My education was bad and I don’t understand science. I’m sorry I didn’t educate you myself in a vacuum.’


The blue tint comes from our atmosphere, the atmosphere that's between us and the moon... Your mom is a goddamn imbecile, sorry to tell you so.


Because the light waves frequency from the sun are all colors but the atmosphere’s frequency vibrates equal to blue light wave’s frequencies, and so the atmosphere catches all the other frequencies that don’t match and cannot penetrate the atmosphere except the blue light waves and that’s why the sky is blue


Thank goodness homeschooling wasn't a thing she could choose.


i literally learned this in public school? lol


Can I talk to your mom about this crazy thing we call the sun?


i love that she's self aware lmfao


Why would you humor that idiot?


Because you can’t reason with them and it’s easier to keep the peace than start a fight.


Yes. Might as well sacrifice a bit of sanity and keep my relationship with my mom peaceful


Ahhhh this is the best username I've ever seen! It encompasses everything that matters to me


What is insane is you have no idea about water vapor in the atmosphere.


My uncle is a flat earth believer. I got tired of him turning holiday's get togethers into a conspiracy war, so he's not longer invited.


I mean she’s right that her education was garbage


Usually around four pm you will see a blue sky under the moon in the Summer.


The lack of intelligence on this planet is astounding sometimes


Yep, and those big white fluffy things in the sky are pollution.


That sounds like my mom


God, I never thought of this! How is there Blue Sky behind the Sun too? The sun must be in our atmosphere as well! I’m going there on vacation next year!


So my public school education says: A) the sky isn’t a solid mass, it’s air that acts as a color filter for everything viewed through it 2) the color is due to Rayleigh Scattering through the water in the air. But what do I know? I was educated in a public school


My Mom describes one of my uncles by saying "not all still waters run deep" and my God does that apply to a lot of people...


Lmao I’m sorry for your loss


I wouldn't entertain/feed into her by responding like that.


Wait until she finds out space isn't even blue


I often wonder, the people who create these sorts of low IQ facebook memes, whether it's that they're as uneducated as the people they're trying to spread it to, or if they know better and they're just spreading the misinfo for some other motive. The parent is clearly uneducated (though I doubt is actually interested in learning anything) but you always gotta think about the people who make this garbage, making the people around them both dumber and more paranoid like a contagion. Sad in a lot of ways.


Has the parent never heard of Google? There are such things as stupid questions. Google helps people avoid embarrassing themselves by asking them out loud.


Air apparently does not exist.


I love how life with her has taught you to agree because you don't want to participate in crazy 😂 Edit: just to be clear I'm also sorry you have to deal with this.


Thank you for understanding 😭 I’ve learned my lesson unfortunately




Lol trust me she doesn’t think that. I used to refute all the time but the length and intensity of how big the “debates” get with her are not worth it. Even if she does think I agree with her, she would be talking to me about it less because she wouldn’t have to try and convince me (a win is a win) At this point sadly I have given up


Are you sure your mom had *any* education?


Just wait until she discovers tinted windows


Yes, we can tell her public education isn’t the best.


The sky is blue


They’re telling the truth on one thing: her education was shit.


Because the sunlight is reflecting off of it, and it's bright enough to see during the day. The blue sky is NOT behind the moon. That's caused by the way light reacts as it enters our atmosphere. What the fuck? People are fucking lunatics.


Id honestly break up contact if my mom were to send me something like that...this is too much man..


This woman thinks the color of the window affects the rest of what she sees