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My entire childhood, my dad chirped and chirped about how you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, and how anybody can say anything but that doesn’t make it true. Fast-forward 20 years and he’s forwarding me Q-Adjacent memes and getting pissed when I doubt their accuracy. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I had this same experience. My mom was once a relatively sane and well rounded person with good advice.... now here we are.


I feel it. I'm literally no-contact with my dad's whole side of the family anymore. Trump got elected, and we stopped being able to have rational conversations about politics. Then covid hit and they went full-blown insane. Moved to Alaska and cut contact because I vaccinated my kids and held boundaries during covid. Fucking wild, dude.


I went NC with my dad’s side as well but I’m 58 and my dad is 87. He’s going to die without any of his children around… because WE are the only ones out of 30 cousins who moved the fuck away from our hometown and saw a little bit of the world. His brother’s kids are there though, so he isn’t alone and abandoned and they all wave that Trump flag so Yay him, I guess.


I'm sorry. Your family sucks. We aren't NC with my dad by choice. He and my stepmom were wonderful grandparents and we wanted them to be in our kids' lives. They chose the nuclear option because we told them no in-person visits until either they or the kids were vaccinated. That was a deal-breaker for them. My kids are 11 and 9 and were very close to their grandparents and aunts. They didn't make the effort to video chat with my kids during the pandemic, they only called every few weeks. It was really sad for my kids. They kept inviting my kids to do stuff with them, and my kids were like, "No thanks. Mom has asthma, and you aren't being safe, so we'll wait." It really sucked, because my kids were in the first rounds of vaccines approved for their age group, and were SO EXCITED to see their grandparents for Christmas, since they had missed out the year before. By then my dad had already cut ties and moved away. My oldest was so hurt.


Oh man, I’m so sorry. My husband and I are high risk and my son has been RIGOROUS about precautions. It sucks when the kids are more mature and thoughtful than the adults. They shouldn’t have to be.


Agreed. One of my moms was on a vent with covid. She also has asthma. She survived, but she now has to use a walker and oxygen, and has terrible brain fog. She's only 49.


People don’t understand how serious it can be. I’m so sorry about your mom


Thanks. My grandmother was my mother's caretaker, and she passed away over the summer, so now my aunt takes care of my mom. She can't do a whole lot for herself anymore. I'm hoping with enough physical therapy, she'll get better. I'm bringing her over to visit in a couple of weeks, and my aunt is going to drop her off for the day, so that will be really fun! My grandmother also died of covid in an assisted living facility, and we couldn't even go to her funeral. My kids have lost so much to covid, and we never even caught it. They lost grandparents. They lost time with people they loved. They lost the things we did pre-covid that were traditions, like going to a fall festival for pumpkins, going to the aquarium, going to the local pool... I'm glad kids are resilient, because I know their generation has been hit hard by this.


Yikes. Your poor kids. 😥 The last straw for me was when my dad and I were discussing the prevalence of police brutality that POC experience. He denied this and in an effort to try to make him understand, I said that his great-grandson (my grandson) was in more danger from cops than any of his cousins simply by virtue of being biracial. He turned around and said that was bullshit and that my grandson was in more danger of gang violence than from cops because he’s black. He cited Chicago gang activity as an example. My grandson doesn’t live in Chicago (or any large city) and is five years old, btw. “(Grandson) comes from a stable, two parent home and lives in a small city with negligible gang activity. His father is an active, loving, involved parent. Even if he lived in a city with a high gang presence, he would be extremely low risk for joining one. But by virtue of his complexion, his is HIGH risk for being killed by a cop if he’s seen playing with a water pistol or Nerf gun! Especially since he’s tall for his age!” Then I hung up on him and haven’t spoken to him since. He loved being able to “show off” pictures of his biracial great-grandson to the POC he encountered at the VA hospital, though. 🙄


As someone white, please give your kid a hug from me. I’m autistic and I’m terrified of what would happen to me if I encounter the police and have a meltdown (I tend to scream a lot or insult people during those times). I can only imagine what they’d do to a black autistic person. Your dad has clearly never had to deal with that idea and doesn’t realise how much of a threat the police can be. What a horrible man.


My dad is almost 80 and because he’s so old now is why we have the agreed upon policy of no political talk. But my dad has been held down some by my mom I think. She’s pro-vaxx and pro-mask, she may have supported trump, but she never dove into the deep end. I’m fairly certain my dad teeters and is hanging on the ledge bc of my mom.


My father lives alone surrounded by his brothers children who are all Trumpeteers.


I’m so sorry. Honestly. That turd has split up so many families.


Dad’s gonna die alone yay! /s


A lot of my my mom's side is anti-vax, pro-trump. But my mom is alone in her extremism. Personally, I can tolerate that stuff, but once we go into flat earth nonsense and global secret society I just can't anymore.


If you can tolerate the anti vax stuff you're more tolerant than I am. I lose my shit on my family every time they start with that crap because I lost someone I care about and one of my good friends lost his father due to the selfishness of people like that. I'm going to assume that the anti vax behavior was also anti mask behavior before the vaccines were available? Because that's how my family was. When I was visiting with them about 6 months after covid initially hit, I was very apprehensive about even going over there but I figured if we wore masks and kept our distance it would be fine. As soon as I walked in, my grandmother yelled at me to "get that stupid fucking thing off your face right now!" And that "the PLANdemic is a hoax meant to make Trump look bad!" So I just said that it was nice to see everyone, sorry that it was so brief (literally a minute and a half) and I turned around and left. I got yelled at and belittled by my parents and my grandmother, until about 3 or 4 days later when they all suddenly got sick mysteriously but it "definitely wasn't covid" according to them. Fucking idiots. I am very low contact with them anymore.


Does your mom know trumps vaxed?


I'm sure she will just say he acted like he got it to stay in power or some shit. I mean she literally is convinced that he is still the commander in chief of the US military 🤣


OMG…. That is really sad


Mine thinks it was photoshopped, and ‘you can’t believe everything you see on the internet’ Nope mom. Turns out you can only believe the crazy stuff. She went out at the beginning of the pandemic and bought seltzer water because some financial commentator on Facebook said it would defend against COVID….the next sentence was how COVID was the plandemic. 🙄


My dad ghosted my youngest’s 3rd birthday party because I told him I wanted him to stop sending me political memes. Not that he couldn’t believe what he wanted, but that we were very different in beliefs and it was a conversation I’d rather not have because it wouldn’t be productive. His response was to uninvite himself from his grandchild’s birthday party. We don’t talk much anymore.


People weaponizing relationships with children are disgusting. He punished his grandchild because you set a pretty simple boundary. What an asshole. No offence to you, obviously.


No offense taken. I’ll be the first to say he’s an asshole.


I really hope researchers are researching this phenomenon. I know it’s been researched before to some degree, but the psychology behind what’s happened since 2016 is fascinating. People who used to be sane and have logical conversations becoming borderline (if not fully) delusional and paranoid.


This isn’t a study, but Jen Senko made a heart breaking documentary about this phenomenon. It helped a little when I lost my father to this BS. https://www.thebrainwashingofmydad.com/


I’ll definitely check it out! Early in his presidency I subscribed to the Journal of political psychology, it was so fascinating. I should subscribe again to see what new may be out there.


How come this is trend now? Same happened to my mom. She was relatively sane when I was younger, started having out with a friend who was always partying, but her kids were older. She made herself my enemy because I wasn't letting her be free and criticizing her for going out every weekend instead of being home. I was 12 taking care of my 93 year old grandpa and 4 year old brother.


I'm sorry. Thet go on about logic, but they were very firm on how quickly the vaccine would kill us & keep moving the timeline because we're still here. At this point it's clear once we reach the five years of being vaccinated the remaining anti-vaxxers will say it's ten or that we only hot saline not the real shot. The flat earthers can ignore everything that put an end to that theory the first time around...Nevermind all that's came after....


You know anti vaxxers somehow still think they are the sane ones. Despite 85 percent of humanity telling them how off they are. Just baffles me. The stupidity is just so strong.


So sorry. Delete her Facebook!! And block Fox News on their tv.


I get all my info from memes, there always so scientific and well researched/s


I think about this daily, how we were raised by a generation that introduced us to the internet and initially taught us about online safety, that anyone could pretend to be anybody so be careful in chatrooms. Those same people are now reposting memes and repeating phrases and conspiracies they heard on the internet by some random user they don't know. It's wild to me that the generation with the least social media literacy are the ones who taught me about general internet safety in the first place. I honestly don't understand it.


Several factors in it, but one of my hypotheses is loneliness. There’s some charts that show people lose a lot of social connections by the time they age. Your daily interaction becomes your spouse and errands, and your spouse has already heard everything you have to say. It’s why old people love talking so much; they rarely get the chance to. Anyway, Facebook and the like make you feel part of a community, like other people are talking to you. And since they’re on Facebook like you, they must be “regular people”, not the big scary “media.” They’re not trying to rape you in a van, so there’s no way they’re malicious. And finally, your loneliness makes you eager enough to participate that you lower all your other defenses.


So when I first got online in the late 90s, my dad deeply, truly believed that if I used my real first name or said anything about where in the country I might live, "hackers" could use that info to figure out where I lived and come get me. Three guesses as to who now posts his whole real name on FB, what city and state he lives in, and statuses about when he goes on vacation. First two don't count.


My dad was always like that with the internet except when he was the one who read it. A very common conversation between us is; “I read this thing on Fox News that said this.” “Well, I read about that same thing in an article published by a credible source, that would have no reason to lie, and it says that’s not true.” “Well, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”


Dude it reminds me of the "invasion of body snatchers" My brother fucking hated GWB, and literally campaigned for Bernie Sanders. Trump came along and he was like "no way that clown gets elected, Hilary sucks, but Trump is basically the worst humanity has to offer." Guess who is a rabid Trump supporter now?? My wife's grandparents before Trump, hated Obama, and are staunch Christian Republicans. They were so appalled with Trump I actually thought we started to have something in common. 6 weeks before 2016 election, they were like "Trumps our guy!!" All my aunts and uncles are unbearable. They keep wanting me to watch videos of some anti Vax doctors in California as proof the vaccines don't work. And also keep telling me to take ivermectin everytime I sneeze. It boggles my fucking mind.


What's the reason for the change in how they view Trump? I also can't understand the same change in my parents.


I have some ideas. My brother has always been a little bit of a gun nut, and now that's just his end all be all. But he is scared to go to big cities because of the crime and drug problems. He says it's because he hates liberals, but its just fear. But how he went from a staunch Bernie bro to this, I have no idea. The grandparents religiously watch Hannity and are basically his puppet, so that answer is easy. My aunts and uncles, I think it's just fear. They feel like they are being controlled, manipulated or lied to by the government. So they swung all the way to the other side in opposition. It's safer if you think you know all the answers and have the power. The perception that crime is out of control has really rattled everyone in the same direction. If you are a weak scared person with an "I am the main character" complex (which is a lot of people), your defense mechanism seems to be to latch on to perceived strength against this fear. Which are people like Hannity, Alex Jones and trump. They have the answers and the solution. Just keep tuning in. Just my guess though.


You might be on to something— the fear thing? I have heard a lot of „all the rioting“ and „defund the police.“. I‘m like, What rioting? And no one wants to DE Fund police…. And that’s where they go off—-into all the other garbage— the vaccinations make you sick, Trump is the greatest, etc. My parents were moderate republicans now RABID foxnews Trumpsters, antivaxers. My dad actually died from Covid in May. Yeah— well, he was 92, refused the booster…


I can't think of anything else. They all seem really scared all the time, but with like a tough guy face on. But also they are just out of touch with reality. If the facts don't line up to their beliefs, they aren't facts. You can't really do much with people like that. Sorry about your dad.


I've always wondered where people like that think the line between the corrupt mainstream media and the truth lies exactly.


Okay are your parents boomers? Because I genuinely think that they all ate like lead paint chips or were all negatively affected by less safe early model microwave ovens or something because it seems like the general consensus of a lot of the boomer’s kids is that they’re all completely losing their shit almost in an early onset dementia type of way and I know it sounds conspiracy-y but I feel like it’s too many people saying the same things to be coincidental


[Lead poisoning.](https://news.fsu.edu/news/health-medicine/2022/03/08/fsu-research-team-finds-lead-exposure-linked-to-iq-loss/) Mostly from leaded petrol.


Oh god it is worse than I thought…. > Hauer and Associate Professor of Sociology Michael McFarland, the study’s lead authors, found that average lead-linked loss in cognitive ability was 2.6 points as of 2015. Though for those born between 1951 and 1980, this number was even greater. >IQ is a standard measure of intelligence derived from a series of standardized tests. The scores have been used for educational placement and assessment of intellectual disabilities. They have also been studied as a predictor of future job performance and income. >Researchers found that estimated lead-linked deficits were greatest for people born between 1966 and 1970, a population of about 20.8 million people, which experienced an average deficit of 5.9 IQ points per person. >The vast amount of that lead exposure was through automotive exhaust, thanks to the use of leaded gasoline, which began in 1923 and ceased in 1996. The intervening seven decades is where lead’s damage is most pronounced, said Hauer. >The researchers used publicly available data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Geological Survey. A standard deviation for IQ points is about 15 points, Hauer said, before noting that makes 2.6 points per person, “pretty significant.”


100%. Mom was on the earlier end of the generation, my dad is in the last year of being considered a Boomer. And he’s ultra-conservative Christian, which is suuuuuper fun. 😑🙄


When I was young, my dad instilled in me a great love of science and a passion for being inquisitive about what I did not know. Now he thinks global warming is caused by the sun. Fox News and Drudge Report rotted his brain.


I truly don’t understand it. It’s like they finally figured out how to use the internet and they still aren’t grasping on how to figure out what’s fake. My mom is smart. She went to nursing school. And still I’m getting all of this BS too.


I'm a nurse. There's plenty of dumb nurses out there who can't critically think. Just saying.


Essentially my father as well, but I made my position known to him on that, so no memes from him for me.


Yeah, I made my position very clear and he still sends them. He can’t conceive of a world where his opinion isn’t the most important.


Every time she goes down this path, just respond “ok.” Don’t engage. Sad to say she’s too far down the rabbit hole to see the sky.


I am gonna start doing this against my instinct to argue. Wish me luck!


https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/send-automatic-replies-text-messages-android/ Cause I wouldn't be able to do that manually. I would have to attain enlightenment before I was even halfway to patient enough for that.


Use a thumbs up emoji and “neat” that shuts my grandfather up pretty quick.


Reply with just, "K" It's so much more dismissive


K is the absolute best


Or “if you say so”.


Just don’t say anything tbh


Not even ok. Just "k". Or just mark it read, but don't respond. That's it.




!explanation Unfortunately, blocking is not an option at this time. I intend to when I move away, but she will show up to my house... a lot. I have to engage for now.


Can you not, as an adult, tell her to stay away or you'll call police on her for trespassing? If her presence is not desired in your home, she is considered a trespasser, regardless of her biological or legal relationship to you. If you live with her, understandable that it's not possible, but if you are on your own, even reporting it will start a file for future measures to keep her away if she truly loses her full mind. Just a thought.


Yes, I could do that, but I'm not going to at this point in time. It will cause unnecessary ripple effects throughout my family to whom I rely on with some things. I'm not really seeking advice on here, but venting the frustration and bringing that sweet cringe comedy to others. It brings joy to an otherwise exhausting endeavor. Give it a couple of years (I'm still rather young) and I'll distance myself from her slowly but surely


So sorry, been reading the comments. Glad to hear that it sounds like you didn't grow up in the extremism. And only you know if and when you'll want or have to go no contact. In the meantime, I've found a strategy very helpful, that was mentioned already. Don't engage in insane things. The only response to have with insane rantings is OK, or Thanks mom. Don't bother with anything else, she won't be convinced by you. And not engaging discourages her. When she complains that you don't engage, Sorry you feel that way, thanks mom. Infuriating sometimes, but really is an effective way to avoid arguments and escalation. Good luck :)


Typical insane conspiracy theorist, has to throw in some Russian propaganda while they are at it and then talk about how they know everything and we are all stupid manipulated sheep but really they are being manipulated by Russian propaganda and fail to accept that. I'm surprised there was no anti semitism though that's their favourite scapegoat.


Don't worry, I've heard the anti Semitism before


It always gets shoehorned in somehow.


Just another "useful idiot..."


It's amazing how many there are


I like that "be kind" is apparently distasteful to these kind of people. Really shows who they are.


Crowley, to Aziraphale as Jesus is being nailed to the cross: "so, what's he say that got them all so upset?" Aziraphale: "Be kind to each other" Crowley: "Aw, yep. That'll do it." Probably the most accurate thing I've seen


Asking Trump cultists to "be kind" is a direct assault on their character and what they have become. That's why they either become confused or hostile towards such a thing.


She’s way too far gone. Does she even feel like a mom anymore?


It's rare, but there are still flickers of legit mom energy.


That’s the part of this that’s killing me with my Mom right now. She wants to rant at me about how colloidal silver will cure all ailments and cries because I don’t respect her “expertise.” But some days, she’s still just my Mom


Ya my mom tries to get me to drink her homemade hydroxichloriquine(?) That she buys from a sketchy website. On the other hand, she made dinner for my whole family and held herself back very well. Even surprised my son with a Halloween costume. It can be very tough sometimes.


That first sentence is a roller coaster. What uh… what happened to the people that tried her homemade solution >_>;


So far, admittedly, nothing. Maybe she's on to something o.o


I’d send her statistics that show a correlation between republicans who didn’t vaccinate and mortality rate. Mortality rates skewed significantly towards those of certain political leanings and anti-vaccination beliefs Newsflash: Bobs died all over the country in ICU’s claiming that they couldn’t possibly have COVID-19


If they disagree with my narrative then they are lies. Haven't you learned to do your own research^(TM) ?


Its actually kind of amusing to realize the connections between the broadcast news they have been programmed by and their willingness to accept conspiracy theories. They've been Pavlov programed to respond to fear and conjecture as truth. So when those buttons are pushed they just accept what they hear. When they say they've done their own research, what they're really saying is that they found info that has pushed those buttons. Confront them with reasoned and cohesive arguments and they recoil because how could such simple explanations be truth?


My last conversation I did this, and she proceeded to end the argument with "My lord and savior Jesus christ tells me...." The is not the type to back down. Go look at my other post from a few days ago


Jesus Christ came from an era when we didn’t know bacteria or viruses existed and they drank wine to avoid getting fuckin’ cholera. I’m gonna go with a more recent expert.


Can I keep the wine thing though?


Of course.


Jesus was a wine-o because in church they make you drink his blood \[which is wine\] and also eat his flesh....Churches are cannibals.


And then they turn around and screech about witchcraft being bad. Like, you literally just held a cannibalistic ritual and chanted in unison for an hour. Do you not realize that everything you're doing is what you'd call demonic witchcraft if anyone else was doing it? The cognitive dissonance is dizzying lol


I tried but I think it was removed 😕


It's in my profile posts. Just click my Profile Pic, then select my profile it's the post right before this one


Right it won't let me see the texts. It says it was removed by spam filters?


Darn, probably got removed for lack of activity


That sucks. Dumb how they called it spam though 🤔 lol


Crazy people love Jesus. He really talks to them. Or maybe those are hallucinations. Nah, it's just Jesus


I wouldn't send her anything. You can't reason with crazy. I would just block her since she won't respect boundaries.


You think they're going to be like oh shit this is real? Basic shit confuses them You write "k" on every response and watch them explode


I always laugh when these people call themselves free thinkers. They think because it's not a popular or mainstream opinion that it has to be right. Their idea of research is watching a bunch of biased YouTube videos pumping out opinion pieces and no facts.


Yeah it's hilarious to me how she's talking about "blindly following a narrative that has been force fed", when she's the one that blindly believes the words of someone she's seen in a youtube video. Like, where is **her** evidence? Make it make sense.


I had to stop talking to my dad and his gf last week over politics. She kept saying you can't believe everything you see on Facebook or the news. And I'm like then why do you guys use so many Facebook posts to prove your point? If I shook my head as hard as I wanted to at her, my head would've flown off. Seriously though, these people are crazy.


“I’m glad you feel special” made me snort then guffaw! That was an absolute brilliant display of understated insult! 😍


I started asking myself "Flat Earth or anti-vaxx?" And quickly realized it's both because of course it's both.


Is it a correlation or is it causation...


yeah id be saying bye bye and hitting the block button. can't deal with absolute idiots who have absolutely 0 critical thinking skills. no way


She knows where I live and she's THAT mom


I went NC w my bio-dad 8yrs ago. He knows where I live but I made it very clear if he shows up, there will be consequences. It is so refreshing not having to listen about how homosexuals run the media and that we're all being brainwashed by Satan so he can pack hell before the battle w heaven and the millennium of peace on Earth. I don't have time for that and my kids don't need to hear that bullshit and lies every time he opens his mouth. Literally the only thing he can talk about is about how much smarter he is - even more so than "secular scholars" that went to "the world's university" and he's done his own "godly research" which puts him on par w the greatest minds of our time. He also burns his trash so "they" can't dig through it and "find" him. He can't do this, he lives in the city.


im so sorry wtf that's horrible. if i were you, next moving day i wouldn't give any info and just ghost or go low contact if nothing is stopping you :\ that's gotta be exhausting


I'd block em at this point


That's fair, but difficult. When the conversation isn't on this it's not too bad. But, she cannot help herself but to bring it up. And then I have just as much trouble in backing down.


My mom and I have had to come to an agreement that we don't talk about these conspiracies. There's nothing to be said. Neither of us will be able to convince the other, so there's no point in talking. I told her I value our relationship too much to not try to find a common ground solution. It's not perfect, but it's limited the interactions from constant to once in a great while. Of course, if yours doesn't care about your relationship, or can't help herself, maybe an announced 24hr block can help get the message across. Train her to realize that whenever she tries to push this stuff on you, she loses the privilege of talking with you that day. I don't know, just an idea.


That's a great idea, thank you. I think I'll give it a shot and update you how it goes. I have told her that I want this boundary up, but she can't help herself, and then I can't help myself because it's so infuriating. Then, we get a cycle going. A lot of other people in the family have gone no contact with her already.


Glad to help, and yes, let me know how it goes! >I can't help myself because it's so infuriating. Then, we get a cycle going. I completely understand. Sometimes the things these misled people say are so easily refutable, we kind of see it as our responsibility to correct them--similar to "people being wrong online". But of course, everything we bring to the table is part of the conspiracy itself and further proof to them that *they're* somehow right. She's not your responsibility to correct. You've done your part. Now focus on what she should be doing for your relationship. Sorry for rambling, I've been dealing with this for about a decade now, it's nice to find someone who's in the same situation and be able to share failures and successes!




That was just like my dad minus the insults plus some Russian propaganda about Ukraine being full of Nazis and human trafficking.


I heard that one before when the war broke out. She sent me a photo shopped picture of zelenski holding a nazi soccer jersey 😭😂


As funny as that is, I'm so sorry that's something you have to put up with. I ended up cutting my dad off since he repeatedly showed himself to be incapable of respecting my boundaries, but I hope you'll be able to come to whatever resolution you think is best.


Goddamn YIKES


Not to give you advice OP, but you don’t have to be around your parents if you don’t want to. Your self-worth is not predicated on their perceptions of you. My therapist recommended Toxic Parents by Dr. Susan Forward, I highly recommend you give it a skim because it sounds like she might fit some of those aspects. I obviously don’t know your full situation but in any relationship you should always evaluate if you are getting joy out of it. If you are not, you may want to evaluate why that is and -most importantly- seek corrective actions regardless of how painful those actions may be at first. Take care, and best of luck regardless.


Just block her.


Shady Pines, Mom. Shady Pines.


My mom didn't get the Vax on orders from my youngest brother whos a Trump loving anti vaxxer (I never said he was smart) she got Delta covid which worsened her COPD and my brother, y'all, had covid like 3 times and dude has a heart condition. Meanwhile I had covid before it was declared a pandemic, survived, and went on to get the vaccine and the booster and nothing bad happened to me. My other brother, sister and I talk amongst ourselves about the fact that my baby brother should know better but is proceeding to harbor such backwards ideas. Oh yeah, he also made fun of me for being pansexual. That was fun. I don't talk to him much.


It’s sad that this whole situation is even dissolving the nucleus of families. Divide and conquer agenda is hard at work and we can’t seem to stop it


Name your favorite Russian music. See, you never liked it anyway!


I'm perpetually surprised by the fact that conspiracy theorists always describe themselves as the exact opposite of what they're actually like.


Sorry OP, that seems exhausting.


Your mom: “If your friends jumped off a cliff would you? Cause I would.”


I write this comment a lot: Hey dad, I'll believe whatever you say if you can pass a grade 9 science test.


9th grade science is just propaganda to blind you to the real world /s


2500 years ago a man not only proved the Earth was round, he came very close to its circumference… **WITH TWO STICKS!** ##IT IS NOT F’ING COMPLICATED


“I choose to free think and not to blindly follow a narrative that is being force fed” That is seriously what all of the “free thinkers” say!!! How do they not see they ARE following a narrative. A very dumb and scary one.


My dad is the same way. We lost a lot of folks to social media misinformation, full on ego boosted doomsdayer crap.


Was... was that last meme a pro-russia war meme with anti-vax mixed in??


I am so thankful that my mother is not a conspiracy theorist. I feel for OP.


Looks like convos with my mom :( sorry OP you handle it really well. It may be too late for them, but at least we know better to learn and grow.


Jesus, I'm sorry. This is the dunning-kruger effect to a T. Everytime I see a post like this the exact same vernacular is used, things like "the false narrative," "force fed," I have to admit "clot shot" is a new one though.


Insane, or a word that would get me banned from Reddit?


"Cult"ure made my eye twitch.


You need to out-conspiracy her, it sounds stupid but it works


I'm intrigued, what conspiracy do you propose? My first thought was lizard people but.... she believes that too


The one I went with is being a moon denier. Not denying the moon landing, but being fully convinced that the moon is a projection in the sky by (pick your least favorite government, I went with China) to fool American scientists into spending more resources on space exploration than developing weapons for the war they’re about to launch on the US.


Love it 😂😂


I’m glad I could help! And thanks for my first award!


Generally speaking, the dumbest people I know are the ones that believe that they see the "truth" where everyone else is fooled. Like this person, they believe themselves to be "free thinkers" that refuse to accept the science. I have a few in my life (not too close thankfully) and I generally just smile and nod. You aren't going to convince them -- they are too savvy.


This my mom too but yours is meaner. What an asshole.


Has she considered that anti-vax propaganda may be a Russian plot to weaken American immune systems?


Unfortunately, the only facts & proof they'll accept is ones that fit their narrative. I tried explaining confirmation bias and how conspiracy theories are an addiction to my Mother ([NBC Article on CT Addiction](https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/why-qanon-followers-are-opioid-addicts-why-matters-ncna1277323)). She just got emotionally hostile and accused me of using made up 'woke' words. Just like with an addict of drugs,there's no reasoning with them. You'll have to learn to put up boundaries with her and not feel guilty. You can love her from a safe distance. There's subs like r/raisedbynarcissists that have good advice on setting & maintaining healthy boundaries or going no contact.


"You either get rid of your superiority complex or you'll never hear from me again." would be my response tbh




My ex has an anti-vaxx mother. This reads exactly like their text conversations. It’s very frustrating to reason with someone if they don’t understand basic science.


Ah yes. Clearly this person is of sound mind they’re using memes to validate their arguments. Flawless logic


Dunning-Kruger effect personified


I honestly wish Covid wasn’t deadlier when it comes to people like this, just get these fuckers out of the gene pool


Dunning-Krueger in full effect.


That must be so, so tiring.


Lol, "cult"ure, haven't seen that one before.


Somehow she now supports Russians invasion of Ukraine where Russians raped Ukrainian children? Ask her about that


Yeah, I’ve been raised with being forced to watch videos on chemtrails, how cellphones are turning people into zombies, how the government is turning people gay for population control and many other fascinating topics. It gets old really fast.


I'm so sorry your dad is so brainwashed. No scorn, no irony. I'm sorry. What a time. So sad and depressing to see. Never was so much harm done to so many by so few (Murdoch et al).


I've had the exact same conversation with my mom multiple times. It's exhausting


There's a channel on YT called it's okay to be smart and it has been my favorite way to send actual information to my conspiracy ridden family members. I know how this feels, it's actually insane to have to have these kinds of discussions with family members that you care about. Watching them devolve into conspiracy gulping morons is a painful fucking process. Best of luck to you my dude.


Bruh how the fuck can people actually be this dumb?


And she thinks her son is the one in a cult. Idiocy and projection at its highest.


I had to stop for a second and think “the clot shot?” Then remembered that that’s not the issue for the tiny handful of young males who received a particular vaccine, out of hundreds of millions who did. OP, you may be better off blocking her craziness.I’m s mom of adults. And I’d be hurt if one of my kids did that. OTOH, I’m pretty sure I’m not nuts, so they wouldn’t be exposed to this shit from me.


Start sending her compilations from /r/hermancainaward of all the antivaxxers who posted with certainty about the "clot shot" followed by the announcement of their deaths by their loved ones


Holy shit


Block em


Oh my dear, I can totally relate my whole family is like that lol I’m really sorry you’re going through this, there’s really no arguing with a person in a different reality than yours. If you’d like any advice I’d recommend you just draw your own boundaries. If you want you can just tell them you’re not having a conversation about these topics or you just stop replying to any messages regarding their conspiracies (that’s what I do, very effective) good luck 🍀


[Here's](https://youtu.be/b84S79SaOmA) the link for anyone curious


Thank you! Idk why I didn't think of that lol


Damn, she went for the cream of the crop of conspiracy theories. I wish I could understand how this happens to people.


Well you can easily tell them that no, Bob isn’t going to kill anyone that has already been vaccinated, Bob getting vaccinated makes it more difficult for a virus to spread and mutate if it dies inside someone that’s been vaccinated. That’s herd immunity. And Bob himself doesn’t die slowly and horribly.


Block her. You’ve already laid out the boundary (you will not engage with this). Now enforce it.


I want to, and will eventually. It's just not an option right now, but providing reddit with entertainment gives me some joy.


Ah I see. That sucks. But I hope you can soon! Putting the parents on mute is a HUGE fucking relief


Jesus man it’s like seeing a conversation with my own parents. Sorry to see you’re going through it friend.


I would have blocked her so fast


She practically begging you to cut her out. You honestly don't need to deal with this. You are a grown person by now right? You don't live with her? The trouble with people like this is engaging is just going to make it worse. You can stop talking to her. Just stop talking to her when she talks like this. Leave the room when you are together when she talks like this too. Don't even explain yourself. Cold shoulders are effective. She isn't smart enough to catch on so distract her if she tries to follow you like ask about something completely innocent like her shoes or glasses or something. If she insists don't talk to her at all, excuse yourself and go home or go somewhere else. If she makes it clear she loves her dumbass conspiracies more than you you are not obligated to call her family. You are welcome to just quietly disown her.


Sounds like my sister.


Newsflash conspiracy theorists, you are not interesting enough for the government to try to control you. These people have a serious case of main character syndrome.


I'm so glad about six years ago when I saw my mom Fox news or listening to some ridiculous am radio show I would change the channel and actually scold her why that shit was so dangerous. Everyday I told her how fucked up those people are and how dangerous things are becoming because of their rhetoric. I know have a still normal mother. She never got sucked in too deep. I know not everyone can be around their parents and tell them what's what. It's scary they get sucked into this. If I weren't there doing what I did I'm certain my mom would have gotten sucked in and we wouldn't have a relationship today.


this is so weird


I just went to look at the video she sent. Theres no way people actually believe that guy.


Going from contesting reality to contesting morality. Ouch




"DoN't BeLiEvE eVeRyThInG yOu ReAd On ThE iNtErNeT"...unless it's all the crap I send you from people on the internet. I just can't with people anymore.


Fuck I think if this were my parent I'd have to block their number. Have you ever asked her (reads like a mom to me but?) if she could just never text you a single meme or video ever again? Like hey we can text words but please stop sending memes?


Urm is your dad a flat earther and also anti-vax?


Link to video https://youtu.be/b84S79SaOmA


As an actual land surveyor, this video infuriated me a lot.


I’m currently going through something very similar with my uncle. He happened to get my Nan to jump onto his bandwagon and my granddad’s niece as well… After years of arguing with them all and me proving to them their “facts” were just made up by some random person behind their screen, only my Nan has come out of it and starting to realise how insane they all sound. My uncle is too far gone now. The worst it’s gotten is when he refused to speak to me for a year after I told him that humans also give off radiation so moving the internet router out of the bedroom is going to do very little to help prevent “frying your brain”. My Nan still slips back into it sometimes… the stuff that seems more likely to be true, but she’s more willing to hear the rest of us out these days


So your parent buys into even the most ridiculous of conspiracy theories. Stupid, but whatever- if it makes them happy, then so be it. The issue I have with this that they then try to push them onto you and treat you as lesser when you don't bite. That's bullshit, and you deserve better. I'm sorry, OP.


Ya I have the same mindset. When I've tried to tell her I do not want to discuss it, she argues that she's "free to have her own opinion" . She turns a simple boundary into me trying to suppress her rights or something. Honestly, the belittling doesn't get to me that much. Sure it makes me want to prove her wrong, but I know in any real world test of intelligence... she doesn't come close 😬😅


What a dickhead. Insane


My parents are the same. It’s really crazy because before covid started they were totally different people. Now it’s like I don’t even know them anymore


Yes, it’s so sad, and true, that it’s the ones that never move away, that stay enmeshed, and ingrained…


So… you’re not vaccinated?


So…I’m seeing flat earth, government overlords brainwashing everyone, and covid vaccines with a little bit of ulterior motives regarding the Russia Ukraine conflict. Did I get them all?


Hahahah wow! I can’t imagine having parents like this… They act like they think for themselves, but all they do is share other people’s content. They never come up with their own ideas. Also, imagine your parents not vaccinating you against f*cking Polio and all the other vaccines you’re supposed to get as a kid… absurd!


If it was an interesting philosophical conversation with differing ideas, she’d be open to your ideas too and she definitely wouldn’t have condescendingly said “it’s not rocket science”