The only thing missing from Armour is more street level retail. It's a beautiful street.


Although it technically might be on Main, I’m hoping the old Burger King gets turned into something nice


I never understood why food trucks are not more prevalent on Armour, u pretty much have the densest part of the city right here


My favorite place to walk around. The old trees also really make it nice. Need more retail spaces like Mother Earth Coffee.


Armour just east of Gillham is terribly unsafe for pedestrians. Especially since there are lots of young children who need to cross to access the school at Cherry and Armour. It's not even marked as a school zone. I hope they implement safety measures to improve pedestrian safety.


Two things Armour & Gillham have in abundance: shitty MAC owned apartments & car break-ins


Can confirm. The apartment I live in ish shitty and half the car windows are smashed in.


I went on a tour with them and it hilarious going from their posh welcome center to the lobby of a complex with an entire table overturned and an empty svedka bottle rolling around the lobby.


And people parking in the bike lane, if not pretty much in the middle of the road


Live here now and love walking the neighborhood!


Don’t tell that to the old people that have complained it’s a hazard and impossible to cross the street without dying!


I read a post on FB with people in north KC complaining about bike lanes and how they are dangerous because cars cant see at intersections. Lol. Its not complicated. You come tona stop, look both ways, slowly proceed. People in KCMO have weird complaints. And not for nothing, no one here can drive, based upon the amount of beat up cars i see. Even cars with valid plates have side, front or rear end damage. One night i was walking home, up Baltimore, no cars on the street and all of a sudden a lady jumps the curb and blows 2 tires, about 50 ft from me. Like what lady??? How did you manage to go out of your way to hit a curb?!