Favorite game/s from the 2022-2023 season?

Been missing Lakers basketball, so I was just wondering which game/s was/were your favorite from this season? Would love to rewatch the highlights


Beating the shit out of GSW in Game 6. Most satisfying way to beat those bandwagoning children to bed. One of the best feelings Iโ€™ve had as a Laker and NBA fan.


Yup fuck the larriors and Stephanie. Even though we r out, I feel great satisfaction that the larriors also have no chance for a chip


Rewatch LeBron tear up Atlanta when he turned 38, also Bucks game with Russ was a good one Post Russ trade, Pels game was amazing Memphis game with Russ/Schroder takeover was also a gem


Mavs game where the Lakers came back from a huge deficit. Went from It's over to we're back. Game was a roller coaster of emotions


Vando was awesome that game


Yes! Showed his defensive versatility and made Luka a sitting duck on offense and made him make some crucial turnovers that resulted in points.


Memphis game 4, LeBron clutch and 1 in OT, let's out a primal roar GSW game 6, blowing out the Champions


Memphis game 6 for me.


NBA Playoffs, Round 1, Game 1 vs Memphis, where Reaves and Rui took over the game. Austin's 'I'm HIM' game and Rui's Playoff Career night.


Mavs comeback, Lebron scoring record game, Lebronโ€™s Birthday, Raptors game where dโ€™lo went crazy, and both game 6โ€™s.


The pelicans game where we had a 30+ point lead after the trade deadline, that told me this team had firepower. Also the Bucks game, where we beat them at full strength, even with Middleton back, and AD went toe to toe with Giannis.


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LeBron's birthday game in ATL.


Game 4 vs GSW and memphis. Regular season prolly vs the kings w no AD but Bryant, bron, schroder, and Russ went off. Also the home grizzlies game w Lebron and no AD where schroder got a clutch steal


When we blasted the Warriors in Game 6


Anyone not mentioning THE Matt Ryan game as the best one is lying!


Their first game against the Bucks. Hell, that AD dominating stretch was beautiful basketball to watch


The Kings game on the second of a back to back without AD, Lonnie, or Austin.