If you think ads are what made YouTube successful you are wrong. Form follows function. Speaking of function: Clicked on several videos, loading infinitely. What good are ads for if basic functionality isn't even there. AIOZ is crypto first. Thus, it will fail.


AIOZ is a very young platform but its already improving at rapid pace. It's playing catch up with LBRY and its closing it very fast. Eventually they'll fix that loading issue, just like LBRY did. Content creators want money, doesnt matter if its Pewdiepie or some new youtuber starting the channel yesterday. The goal is to get views for adsense revenue then build their subscribers base so that they can appeal to sponsors. Youtube's main appeal is its massive audience and adsense. If content creators can make money without having to be tied up with Youtube's strict rules then they'll do it in a heartbeat. Their subscribers will follow wherever they go. Crypto is a way to fund AIOZ. Their tokenomics are very similar to LBRY other than the use of ads. A lot of people didnt believe that Bitcoin was ever going to hit above $1000. Look where it is now. Skeptics will always be skeptics.


The difference is a way of funding decentralized content - which is a tough nut to crack... but giving up and going full centralized like LBRY has is not the answer either. It simply cannot scale - and google has an insurmountable edge in infrastructure here.


Yeah on my end the videos are constantly buffering. Similar to how it used to be on Odysee, but seems like things ar emuch better now.


it'll get better as they improve things, just like LBRY does


Obviously ADs didn't make YT sucessful, but AIOZ is a decentralised CDN, and it's paying people to host and serve content... i.e. no more infinite loading.


Pretty much. Paying people to host is just as much as incentive to paying people for mining cryptocurrency. I predict a huge adoption incoming there.


I wouldn't say that.... I've been checking them out.... AIOZ pay people to serve content, they have 3000 nodes running right now, and over 7,000 people in their telegram.


Best of luck to em!


Looks good, I encourage competition because I think it creates a better service. I also think it is important to grow many solutions to various problems that plague YouTube. Advertisement online is an important aspect for a mature product, but I don't see this as an essential feature for a new and growing platform. LBRY/Odysee has a lot of room to improve, but right now the most important feature in my view is free speech, variety of content, and other aspects of user-facing experience.


thanks for the heads up, first I'm hearing of AIOZ but it looks interesting because they already have plans for a subscription OTT model.


That project looks sketchy at best, and a scam at worst.


not scam if you can identify the teams names and positions (on their website). plus look at who they do partnership with. this is as legit as it can get.


Anybody could put shit on a website. Smells like a scam.


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I made a bet and downloaded the client. It's absolute garbage. But I'm betting it wont steal all my info and passwords. And that when the token goes public, if it ever goes, the day 1 valuation will be very high. Hopefully I'm right. It does look sketchy though.


I’ll clarify I will celebrate when they break up google. With that said, nobody will dethrone yt because of the money aspect. Google throws around 55 billion into yt at a loss. Samsung comes in 2nd with r&d fab research. If HBO was free no one would pay etc.


It is misleading to suggest that YouTube as a whole loses money for Google. Control over YouTube is *hugely beneficial* for Google, and they definitely earn more than 55 billion dollars from YouTube even if that money doesn't come in through YouTube-specific channels.




I get ad blockers. LBRY ODYSEE no need for ad blockers. I hate ads. I see an ad anywhere on my limited time and I am out!


Another nail in YouTube's coffin !! 🤣 Thanks for the heads-up ... but I'm sticking with LBRY. LBRY First. LBRY Always. 💖


also Theta.


Looks like most the video getting significant views are crypto related. No "tech" category? wtf


when does AIOZ launch on pancakeswap and can i buy it with bsc tokens?


how good is it