The issue with this is the amount of wasted bandwidth serving videos to people who may no longer be watching. This is exactly why Netflix and YouTube have the 'Continue watching'? popups. And bandwidth is already an issue on the network. This would make it worse.


well people watch a lot of videos, whether they click them manually or not, though....


You can just add all the videos to watch later and then autoplay that


I tried it and it doesnt autoplay. The next videos it plays are ones not on the watch later list :/


That sounds like a bug - we'll look into this.


I will open videos in a new window but not go there, not quite auto play, but I watch a video, delete the tab, watch the next video, until I see all I chose. The I go back and see if there are others I want to play.


I totally agree. There needs to be something to be able to watch the videos one after another. I did just find out that there is a download option on each video (at least that I've looked at). I suggest as you browse for the video's you want to watch, download the ones you want and put them in a playlist. ​ Or if you want to do it a different way and the content creator/channel has a channel on Youtube, you can use a number of different programs to download videos from there is a large variety of video resolutions & file types (MP4 vs WEBM) as well as different audio bitrates. The program I would suggest is youtube-dl which I think will work on all platforms - or at least the program has been ported to other platforms like Apple & Windows. [Main Youtube-dl Home Page](https://yt-dl.org/) ​ [Download Page](https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html)


that's a nice solution, but clicking videos manually to watch them one by one is actually faster than all those steps. sorry :/