ccnp or python?

I have 12 years of experience and have pushed of python a d programming. I'm just getting passionate about it.

A few jobs I was interested in required ccnp, but on the programming portion at the time I was clueless.

I've gone through all the materials for ccnp, but I have many certifications already. I really feel like certifications are a never ending rabbit hole. People want palo and cisco certs, but I've also been told nobody cares.

Regarding python in a week's time I'm already automating backups, checking network states, and delving into programming massive amounts of switches at once.

I have ccna security, SonicWALL, Aruba professional etc.

Many are still interested there's just some jobs that require these certifications. It's impossible to collect them all.


If you already read the material for CCNP , study for the test and earn it. I did the same thing for CCNA and left it to the side now I am re-reading the material and regret my decision. Python can wait, especially if you already know another language like ansible, bash, or powershell. Go CCNP -> Python(Stick to this 1 language until you master it)