Anyone here who just have absolutely no one ? Like at all 0 friends ? Cuz same

No seriously I have literally have no friends…like at all.


Yes. I have no one. No one to talk to, no one to trust, no one to have fun with, no one to rely on, no one to understand me. And it will stay that way.


If you need someone to talk to u can message me :)


Happy cake day


Thank you. Almost forgot that it's been one year on Reddit, even though I haven't been active right from the start.


Exactly the same boat. Maybe we can be friends! Pen pals! DM buddies!


Not necessarily if you make a concerted effort to put yourself out there, pick up fun hobbies, get involved with your community, or start volunteering


Love how the comment that has an actual solution gets downvoted.. some of you really deserve to be lonely


I tried that. Especially in trying to put myself "out there", with mixed results. I'm not as isolated as I used to be, but the interaction I'm able to get doesn't satisfy my longing for company. What I need is someone I can connect with mentally, and everything else seems doomed to stay shallow and meaningless. Not that I'm not thankful for anyone willing to endure my presence, but my deeper desire stays unfulfilled. Still, thank you for your suggestions, concrete advice is the most useful kind of response.


Also if you can get a therapist you should get one. Getting a good one can be difficult, but good ones can really help.


Then the difference seems to lie in whether they're good or not.


Usually having a therapist beats not having one. I think I understand where you’re coming from. I’d be lying if my situation wasn’t somewhat similar


Yes me too. I prefer to stay that way. Humanity is now insanity


I'm sure I can die know without anyone I knew knowing it. I have literally NO ONE. There was one moment when I get really sick, I can't even walk on my own, but I need to force myself to go to hospital ALONE, the pain was hell


Unfortunately, I’d rather have no friends than bad ones. I always get this feeling of loneliness, and emptiness. People suck.


facts, fuck the fake fucks out there yo. bunch of scheming pos's


It does feel quite scary to be all alone. I wonder if we could come up with ways to be part of a support system though. There must be a way to connect with others, regardless of other factors. There has to be ways around living a perpetual lonely life. If you have any idea, I'd love to hear them and I'll share mine.


Just share yours, I have no idea, cuz there's no way


I don’t either.


If you need someone to talk you can message me sometimes it gets rough so ye


I don’t, not because I can’t but I deleted my social media accounts and removed contacts from my phone. Idk sometimes it gets lonely but most of the times it just feels like another day, I have work and coworkers I talk to but other than that I stay home all day and rarely go out, unless I go see a movie by myself.




You seem like such a nice person.




Thank you 😊


I have a cat, and that’s it.




He is my constant companion, and has been a very good friend.


Same. I'm in college and I basically don't even talk with anyone (unless I have to, because of some group exercise etc). But other than that I have no one to message, call or hang out with. It's not that I just have no close friends, I have literally no one to open my mouth to.


Yup so real. I started college last fall and I go days without talking to anyone unless I absolutely have to…


If you need someone to vent hit me up, I do this and you can totally ignore just because I wish someone would have done this back then


Feel bad for the people who went through college during covid. Thats a critical time socially.


The only people in my life, my father, makes every second a living hell. The only people I talk to are here on reddit.




Thanks! hug you back


Same… I’ve struggled with depression and crippling social anxiety for so many years, I still do. But I have to make the effort to at least try. So, if you’re not a creep and genuinely want to make a friend. Add my snap @friedkeef or PM me on here. No judgement, I don’t care what you look like, what you like, what you hate about yourself, reach out. I’m always open to new hobbies or random conversations!


Same here for the past 3 years. My kids are my best friends. I have no adult interaction


Must be a really great dad….unlike mine…


Never knew mine so I don’t have any choice but to be the best dad I can be


I wish you can be my dada !






Same. My 12 year old son and my 11 year old daughter are practically my besties


I’ve got a 3 yo daughter and 2 yo son. Theyre wild


I'll be your friend


Ugh I don’t either. Just me, myself and I 😣


Yes, but that's because people left due to a health scare of mine. I'm choosing no one now.


I have no friends either not even my husband


I have a couple of work friends and old friends but I'm not super close with any of them.


I have a couple friends and honestly it sucks They care about me a lot and Ik they do so when I actually really want to kill myself I feel like a freaking burden if I actually talk about it I used to have 0 friends it’s similar but different


Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance. Argentina: +5402234930430 Australia: 131114 Austria: 017133374 Belgium: 106 Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 212339191 Bulgaria: 0035 9249 17 223 Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal) Croatia: 014833888 Denmark: +4570201201 Egypt: 7621602 Finland: 010 195 202 France: 0145394000 Germany: 08001810771 Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000 Hungary: 116123 Iceland: 1717 India: 8888817666 Ireland: +4408457909090 Italy: 800860022 Japan: +810352869090 Mexico: 5255102550 New Zealand: 0508828865 The Netherlands: 113 Norway: +4781533300 Philippines: 028969191 Poland: 5270000 Russia: 0078202577577 Spain: 914590050 South Africa: 0514445691 Sweden: 46317112400 Switzerland: 143 United Kingdom: 08006895652 USA: 18002738255 You are not alone. Please reach out. ***** I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.


Man I get why these are a thing but man I just hate them genuinely. I’m not going to kill myself I’ll always at the end of the day claw myself to continue. Also I swear these lines aren’t really that helpful (USA at least) as they could be. In theory nice idea but it’s not going to help me


Canadian line is a load of goat plop on fresh cut golf turf. Thankfully, I ended up somewhere with people who were able to at least provide some guidance for a 16 year old rebel. Seems like a lifetime ago don't matter my self how many friends I make. They take my kindness for stupidity or just fade away for one reason or another. Maybe we are all just sick cosmic jokes some higher Consciousness fucks with when it gets bored. If everything has an equal and relative reaction, however, for everyone here who suffers... we take on the bad so someone else can have it good.. that's got to count for some sort of acceptance, no?


Welcome to the club


I am the same way. Even my coworkers don't want to hang out with me. 😭


I don’t have any. I’m in my mid 20s and I prefer hanging out with an older crowd. Many of my friends have passed away. It’s hard being an adult and making new friends.


Yess if anyone is in need of a friend let's get the party going 😆✌️


I have no friends just my mum. I’m very lonely and it’s tough going. Send me a DM if u like and we can be miserable together :) :)


Let’s do it


Everyone died or abandoned me. Women disrespect me. I think I’ll die


I have a few but fake ones just to keep me going


I have half a friend. Probably quarter. Not kidding.


I have a couple of friends, but people have their own lives and priorities (as it should be), and more often than not, I do stuff by myself. I don’t mind, I’m good at being alone. However, I used to have a lot more friends, and while they were very toxic and used me a lot, at least it was nice to have more to talk to? Hard to explain.


Doesn’t always make a difference, the grass is always greener. I have plenty of people around me and I’m still very alone. Most of the real issues are internal, not external.


Yep, me too. I consider my immediate family (brother, mom, dad) to be my best friends and that’s really it. Some days it bothers me more than others and I can get really down about it if I allow myself to. I try really hard to make friends but nothing really sticks, just a bummer but all you can do is keep trying


Me because I’m just a dumb antisocial freak. My energy exuded awkwardness until it all of it was completely sapped. So no friends forever I guess.


If you wanna potentially make some friends, I have a VRCHAT music party happening tomorrow! Just go to r/EDEN and look for my post! It’ll say VRCHAT and has all the information you need:) I’d love to make you feel like there’s some people to connect with:)


You must aware that I’m new to social interactions…


That’s okay:) no pressure! but don’t say I didn’t invite ya:) you gotta push my friend. SEEK DISCOMFORT!


Of course you did…don’t worry


Of course I did what


I have never had a friend either


me neither


I'll be your friend bro


It's been like this... I have 0 friends... I tried to find a reason and turns out I'm worthless so no friends haha


I dont


I have a few friends that I talk to; but I’m not really the sociable type.


Me 😅


Why really can’t we make friends?


Prolly cuz we think ppl won't wanna be our friend. Which made us shy away from em. But really, in reality, they're the one who think we don't wanna be their friend. So unless one party break this cycle, we'll always be lonely.


I used to have friends and family and a gf, lost them all in one, but looking back it was for the best. I wasn't the real me. Been alone for 5 years now. Certainly made me more resilient and I have zero social media.


Yeah bro my girlfriend broke up with me like 2 months ago and she was all I had 🫤


Same! If I'm upset? Welp, that's on me. I have nobody I'm close enough to that I'd vent to. Nobody to share anything with. Usually I just tell my dog, lol.


I used to feel the same way. Therapy did wonders for helping me with rejection sensitivity and being open to socializing again.




Same here I haven’t had a friend since high school , and that was 7 years ago.


I have a couple of online friends but not a single IRL friend and haven't for years.


Same here. Not even just one acquaintance or extended family member to talk to.


All I have is my tiny broken family and a dog


Never had any friends, and I already lack the willpower to try to fix it.


Yea. I am there.


Same I have pretty much no one. Trying to work on it.






I moved to a different state I’ve been here for a year and still have 0 friends it’s so depressing


I have my family but no friends. I suffer with Depression and anxiety and a social life can be a bit of a choir. sure it will get better with time :) Wish you well and would be happy to talk


I’m in the same boat. I never felt so lonely. Nobody texts me, or calls me about anything.


\*raises hand\* I have none. A.I. and my belonging are my only "friends". People have hurt me in every way you can imagine. so here I remain until I am no longer around. I realize the older I get the more lonely it becomes. Some are lucky though, most are not. This world just sucks.


I have no one. Not a one.


I have no one. Not a one.


Been like that for most of a decade. Itd probably take me forever to warm up to someone at this point. A lot of my memories at this point are me doing somethibg alone with my negative thoughts. Like eating at a mall food court by myself being depressed.


No one real.


Me right here lol


Anyone out there , feel free to msg me . Depression is horrible . Lonely depression is 10x worse . Msg me and tell me all about you . I’m a 39 year old guy… happy to help those in need 💙


I feel like that. I have to put my dads house up for sale next month and couldn’t get a single person to help not even family, not even for a hour of time. I’ve never felt more alone in my life. Haven’t had a friend to talk to over the phone in a decade they all turned to drugs. <\3


Yeah that's me. I have "a friend" but it feels like she always has something to do so I'm so close to put her on my list of strangers instead of a friend. Friends are weird... she definitely isn't my best friend anymore it seems since we don't talk that often anymore and I no longer have that good connection with her. Sucks but it's true. That can happen in a friendship too.


I don’t have anyone in real life that I would call a friend. But I have 3 gaming buddies that I consider to be my closest friends, even though we never met. Apart from that I’m all alone.


I have 1 friend that I live very far away from now who I've been friends with since I was 6 but nothing now days no. The thing is for me I have memory problems and low vision. All things that require friends and a support network to help me. I have none of that also no surviving parents. It hits hard when I get stuck having to go somewhere far away for one reason or another for an appointment and they say just have a friend bring you if you can't drive. And I'm just sitting there on the other end of the phone like uhhhh.... I'm going to go ahead and cancel this I can't make it. It's like the whole world just presumes everyone has friends and friends who drive and are available 24/7.


From a very young age I’ve always felt uncomfortable, weird around other people; i never thought I’d make friends. This thought lasted for a day or two (lol) until i met someone just as weird as myself; we’ve been friends ever since(17 years) a nice experience I like to remind myself every now and then when I feel lonely. thought I’d share with you guys.


Same here. I don't have online friends either.


Same. I do everything alone, from going to the movies, concerts, pretty much everything. December is the hardest part because everyone spends it with family an or significant other. I hope things get better




No they don’t see me as a family


I have no friends and intense ADHD and PTSD so people think I'm werid as hell or just strange. I've tried making friends but I'm just to damn werid but I'm myself literally. Im not fake and I'm blunt as hell and I'm werid. Lol loner life is the life


Same. Not in touch with any friends from school, college friends live in different cities. Job is WFH so I never meet anyone.


Me either, it’s very depressing.


Yea... I lost all my friends. My fault though. I blame no one for that. But at the same time The should have tried harder but it is definitely my fault. So I blame only me


I have a few trusted acquintances that I do sometimes hang out with when I have money to spend and travel to visit. To have a human friend who I can depend on for emergency, I have 0. My two friends are my pupsters. :)


I would say I have absolutely nobody beyond drinking buddies (who will talk to me max. 2 hours while under the influence) whom I can get to without an airplane.


I have my Mom and Dad. :) Apart from that not a soul.




Yes, I too don't have any friends right now.


Yeah, same spot. Actually kinda liberating, nice to just be able to focus on myself. That’s my positive spin on the situation though


Gonna reply to my own comment. Yeah this shit sucks. I’m 32 and have no friends.


lololol same. the only time i speak throughout the day is when i have my german class because we have speaking activities in class. honestly, i kinda look forward to it and never miss it because it's the only time i get to talk to people


There's one nice benefit to this, you can tell people that tell you "you gotta learn to how to be alone first" to fuck off. You got that unfortunate experience edge over them that you know EXACTLY what a life void of human communication really feels like. I was part of a discord channel for a certain game and read posts from all these dudes talking about how they hate the days where there's nobody online for them to "shoot the shit" with and they feel lonely, and I say to myself "motherfucker at least you know the next day your DMs are gonna be blowing up. Meanwhile my FRIENDS LIST has been empty 5 yrs and I barely talk to anyone at work and NOBODY at home, and I'm wasting my time trying to connect with you "I already got friends" people.."


Same here


Same here no one to talk too


Feel this. I get so worried about what will happen when my mom passes… she’s the one person I know can talk to every day.


nope nobody at all


I got my space marines so am I ever truly alone.


Yes, and its sad.


I have no one, I try to help people so when I die I can have possibilities of other people showing up on my funeral (not suicidal) apart from family lol


Me, I have no friends or a significant other. My last gf was 8 years ago, and my last and only friend ghosted me last year If you wanna chat dm me. Or let me know I can dm you


I used to have close friends for years, but either they betrayed me or went away. I got so used to not having anyone close that now, when people try to get close, i shut down and isolate. It's like i cannot handle anything that isn't surface level anymore.


I have myself pretty much, but if you need anyone to talk to you can talk to me.


Let’s be friends I haven’t talked out loud in a week.


I have managed to make friends through a lot of effort and pushing myself to develop my social skills further because i was at a state where if i had to talk to the cashier or deliveryperson, I would rather stay hungry than put myself through that pressure. Anyways i'm at a much better position now so i can make an offer to anyone still reading, Send me a DM with how your day went, Like from the moment you woke up. How are you feeling, Your favorite color, Seriously anything. I'm here and you're welcome to help me occupy my free time better! 😄


Me neither


It's been like that for me for majority of my life and still is. I have people who enjoy my company and while I stay with them I enjoy them too, but I never felt any real connection with people irl. I know it's a me problem.


Anyone older here? I’m in my late 50’s with no friends. I have my husband, mom and sister but that’s it. I have co workers but they don’t include me outside of work probably due to my age. It can be very lonely at times.




We live in the internet age, but we feel lonely, it seems ridiculous to me. The only thing for communication easy friendship and more is to be able to talk and meet. 30 M


Definitely me


Exactly the same


Yooo meee


Yep. It's like 60% of the US population is friendless. It's an epidemic.


Same here there are lots of people around me but i have noone its screwed up really lots of people around but noone you can count on!?!?


Same i go whole days without talking to anybody