How old are you?

I am a 33 y/o mom of 3. Ever since I’ve been filling my wardrobe over last year with Lulu, I’ve felt trendy, super youthful. Thinking “oh yaaaa, there’s no way an old mom of 3 could have drip like this. I must look 25 with my form fitting pretty coloured leggings, belt bag, etc”

Until one day I was in the mall right at open, and there was a group of moms in front of lulu, waiting for it to open.. and we all basically had on identical outfits.. each holding a coffee. It was like looking into one of those funhouse mirrors and seeing 5 reflections of myself. My husband and I had to laugh. Here I am thinking I’m all youthful in my lulus, but lulus are essentially the basic mom fit. I have no gauge of age these days 😂 Am I Stifler’s mom?


I’m 36 (no kids) but TBH the notion that Lulu is some kind of young/trendy/teenybopper brand was news to me. I definitely couldn’t afford $100 leggings when I was 22. I’ve always associated it (and really any high-end activewear) with the 30-plus crowd.


I think especially recently with Lulu trying to be much more trendy and appeal to teens this has gotten much worse. My mom has been buying Lulu for a long time now- no way would she have ever paid so much for leggings when I was a teen. I got a few items in college for gifts or to help encourage my running hobby, but that’s about it until I started paying for myself. But nowadays I feel they’re catering so much to the younger audience that both my mom and I shop there much less.


Lululemon has always been popular with teens. Any middle/high school in Canada in the late 2000s/early 2010s was filled with lululemon yoga pants, leggings, scuba hoodies, headbands, and of course the iconic reusable bag that was repurposed as a lunch bag for years after purchasing a single headband lol


In what ways do you feel they are catering to teens? Just curious.


I think with a lot of their marketing, hiring influencers, and removing a lot of their popular styles and making a lot of items cropped or otherwise streetwear. Maybe trying to always be “trendy”? Like they have way more drops now to keep up with micro trends that typically young adults/teens fall for. Which is part of the reason why there’s soooo much stuff on WMTM nowadays I think.


Yup! LLL is catering much more to trends instead of function, which I associate with younger people. This is odd though because young people also tend to gravitate to cheap prices, which certainly is not LLL.


Every top is cropped or sloppy oversized look.


That’s just not true though. There are a ton of non-cropped, non-oversized options. I also don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to be a teen to show some skin and/or participate in a trend. 🤷‍♀️


SERIOUSLY! And the waist length/race length is like the perfect "crop" for me, I adore my race length swiftlys.


Me too! I love the race length swiftly shirts. They are an excellent choice for me as a short person with a short torso. I also have the regular length swiftly shirts, and they go down past my butt if I stretch them out to the regular length.


lol @ getting downvoted for asking a question.


People are ruthless with the downvotes in here 😂


I’ve been downvoted for saying ‘thank you’ before!


Lmbooo 😂 that sounds accurate for these threads


It’s an extremely popular brand amongst college students and more so high schoolers. Dancers and athletes and that wear it. I think of high schoolers more than college students when I see it though. They sell school backpacks…


i definetly get this. i feel like it’s a little reckless to spend $100s of dollars on leggings when you’re 13 and don’t really know how to take care of your clothes properly.


I’m 37 and make decent amount of money. Still feel reckless to spend $100s of dollars on leggings. I mostly buy lifestyle pieces from lulu like pants, joggers, and jackets, etc. which I can wear anywhere and everywhere (work, park, grocery store, gym) without being uncomfortable or out of place. I remember just a couple of years ago when I saw two teens shopping at lulu for the first time, and I was like what?! Nowadays it’s so common. Pandemic really changed people’s shopping behaviors I guess?


And still growing too... Lulu became a common/desirable thing when I was ending high school / entering university. It was something I asked for for Christmas with the thought that I was pretty much a stable size for some time.....


I’m 21, and I have a few lulu items. I think a lot more people in their 20s are buying it because people are more likely to be living with their parents (like me lol)


Hey I get it! I lived at home when I was your age too (and for quite a few years after). It’s rough out there. Although if I had been living rent-free with my parents and coming home with Lulu shopping bags my mom would’ve told me to GTFO lol. But that was back when you could rent an apartment in a good area for ~$600-700/month.


Lol true. Rent where I like is about 1,500 minimum for a studio. I just remember reading an article that said while inflation is up, spending on “luxury” items (like clothing) is up, because people are moving out later and so have more disposable income that would have previously been spent on rent I suppose it’s also a cultural thing. In my parents culture people don’t move out until you are married. When I talk about moving out my mom is like “oh well there’s lots of time before that happens” lol


Yay late stage capitalism! 🙃


I’m 24 and a student. I own a define jacket and it took me a whole year to convince myself to spend that much to buy it. I’ve always associated Lululemon with the 30-plus crowd too for that reason. If I see someone own a ton of Lululemon I assume that they’re older with more money to blow (especially the people on here with a full closet of various scubas)


Same - I couldn't afford lululemon until my late 20's after working for a few years. Even now I mostly by WMTM (RIP) or off of Mercari/Poshmark/Like New


What happened to wmtm


It’s still there but more expensive, so not really worth it to me anymore.


Yeah i hear you but plenty of early 20s people can and/or have rich parents Lululemon wasn’t on my radar at that age but if it was I would’ve begged my parents and they would’ve caved lmao But basically i don’t associate it with an age at all. I associate it with certain hobbies, certain style etc..


TIL that 33 years of age is old. 😆


This is also news to me, I best get my affairs in order.


At 33 you literally just started your second decade of adulthood. 33 years of age is not old. Source: am 33


Wait until OP is 53 like me. It’s a wonder I’m even allowed out in public anymore.


Think about it this way: If you live to be 100, you get 10 decades of living. For the first 2 decades you’re a child and not in charge of your own life therefore they don’t really count. So you get 8 decades of adulthood. At 53, you’ve only lived THREE decades of adulthood. You still have almost FIVE left! You are not old!


I love this!! Thank you ❤️


I’m getting close to 30 and really really loved this perspective!!!!


Funny how people feel this way. My grandpa who is 85 said he felt young in his 30s, 40s, and 50s.


Seriously, I'll be on the lookout for someone to jerk this on r/ffacj. I would do it but I'm a haggard 35 year old with very little time left on this earth, I simply don't have the energy 😔


I’m 27 and no kids yet, but when I do have them I’ll be rocking the hot mom lulu look for sure 😂


Yes. It’s a “milf” brand to me, though I am 23 years old haha. The funny thing is I own a fair bit of lulu but it feels impractical to wear so I’m almost never actually wearing it. I don’t see other women my age wearing it much either


I’m 27 and I’d rather see women of any age (especially 30’s and 40’s) wearing lulu than tweens/teenagers






Ugh so annoying. I recently had an experience where two teenage girls (both carrying lulu bags) were SHRIEKING while chasing each other around a crowded mall. I had this fleeting urge to sell all my LLL lol


I’m 60. I work out every day(today is leg day) and also wear Lulu on the weekend when I’m not working. Wearing my lululemon motivates me to work out and stay in shape 🥰


I just turned 60! Feel 40 though and workout, play tennis, pb, bike, etc. Age is just a number.😍


Right? My 31 year old daughter asked for my leg routine 😂


😂 nice job!


lululemon has no age limit, but may i say i definitely enjoy helping out 70 year old ladies more than 13 year old teens, and this is coming from a 20 year old who is the youngest educator there. what i always tell guests is to wear what feels good, that's number one. and if you look good, that's just an added bonus. feel comes first, look comes second. if you feel good in your leggings and scuba with a coffee, why not? because my 20 year old self loves leggings, scubas, and coffees too :)


Yes!!! My favourite guests were often grandparents who were SO excited to get gifts for family, or SO excited to treat themselves to a pair of pants! They were always the sweetest!!!




Lmao this


52 and wearing Lulu everywhere I go. Usually with a Yeti full of coffee, ngl. Often with Hokas or APLs.


50 and wearing this currently with a carhart hoodie 😂


My people!!!


Me too! Exactly!


🙋‍♀️ 50 here, wear my Hokas with my LuLu and carry my turquoise Yeti everywhere too! I have found my people!! 😄


I’m 56. I’ve been buying and wearing Lululemon since I bought my first piece in 2003. I will continue to wear Lululemon because I’ve been a loyal customer for 20 years and consider myself an OG - to me, it’s not trendy at all.


I’m an OG too. I’m 55


are you me?


I’m 26 and no kids!!! I mostly wear Lulu to work out in though.


Just here to say that 33 is young AF


Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you. Same clothes can look so different on different people, wear what makes you comfortable and happy to see yourself in. You see lulu as basic mom fit because you were waiting outside a lulu store, try elsewhere. People come in different shapes and forms, moms and trendy people too. Btw, nothing shameful about looking like a mom, own it. There are many trendy moms out there, I don’t look half as put together as them and I have no kids i gotta care for.


Came here to say this! Wearing whatever makes you comfortable, confident and happy is all that matters!


I’m 32. My 64 year old mom rocks lulu dresses and skirts better than I can.


35 and have been wearing lulu for like 20 years. however long they have been around. I still have a couple pairs of ORIGINAL grooves from high school I still rock occasionally. Now, my 14 year old I just bought her first pair of groove flares for her.


Same here!! 35, and I just tried on an old pair of roll down waistband Lulu shorts from high school the other day and felt like I stepped into a Time Machine! I wish I kept my old grooves! Side note I’m really annoyed that iviva is gone. I coached a bunch young athletes that wore loads of iviva and dreamt of getting some for my kids one day. And of course now I have two girls lol one day they’ll fit the Lulu line!




I’ll just tell my husband I’m investing in heirlooms to pass on to our girls 🤣 I love it!


38 and been wearing lulu since 2005.


I'm 49 and I just started wearing Lulu about a year and a half ago after a 100lb weight loss. I get so many compliments for always looking put together with my lulu. I wear it everywhere, work, errands and the gym when I go. I feel better when I know I look good. I have 3 kids, 19,20, and 22 all their friends come talk to me about lulu since they know I am in the know.


51, no kids, but I mostly wear mine to workout or work from home, rarely ever out and about. I used to be hardcore Athleta because I was a 3X. I would have stuck with Athleta, too, but they seem to have completely skipped whatever is between XL and 1X, so I discovered Lulu works much better for me and now I'm addicted. Athleta has probably lost me even when I get to a place where it fits me right again.


I’m 35 and had the same exact experience with Athleta, with those same sizes. That’s when I discovered Lululemon.


I'm going to be 39 next week! I've been wearing Lulu since their stuff was made in Canada! I always feel youthful when I'm in my cute outfits. And they motivate me to go to the gym five days a week 💞 💪 I never liked the OG scuba hoodies. I remember them being so thick and heavy and stiff. However I just got three of the half zip scubas. Two hoodies and one funnel neck. I love them! Great colours and very soft and comfy. Edit: I also have 3 kids! Ages 3, 5 and 7. Even more reason I hit the gym so often. Mama's "me time"!!!


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m 37, one kiddo (age 2), and have been wearing Lulu since 2012. My very first purchase (Runnin With My Homies crop) just got a run in it and now I want to find a replacement. My second purchase, Run Mod Moves crop, is still crushing it with literally WEEKLY wear! 👏🏻 Love that mama time crushing it at the gym, same here! I, too, got a OG scuba and did not like it and sold it. 🙃


Hey! 39 in two weeks! Happy Taurus season 😂


Those are also my kids ages!! Yes gym is also me time for me! I love the gym because of it… hence the binging on new workout clothes!


I am 20, but I honestly can’t afford to buy that much, I have maybe 6/7 items. It definitely is liked by younger people just out of our budget.


agree as a 24 year old ! i have like 3 leggings i’ve collected over the years and like 1 scuba


I’m 39 with one kid that’s 8. She came home from cheer and asked for Lululemon shorts. All the cheer girls are wearing it. These are middle school kids and younger.


In the over 40 demographic and I do all the things in them. Workout, everyday wear, even dressed them up for the office.


I’m 25 and the hot mom vibe is trendy! And so comfy. I think lulu is timeless!


35, mom of a 6 month old. I live in lululemon 💜


Congratulations on your baby


I am 42 and a DINK and have a lot of disposable income to waste on lulu. It wasn't always this way and it was only until very recently could I buy $100+ leggings. I don't care that I look like most suburban moms, I love all my lulu and its flattering/comfy/useful!


39. Hahah and I’m going to wear my short shorts with the youngins til I can’t. https://preview.redd.it/nq613wpq84ya1.jpeg?width=1240&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7fab5607e2f262910f8e1daefccea55467b2f558


Lulu is for people with disposable income clinging to youth (LIKE ME)


Meeeee 🥲


38, no kids. Lulu is probably 80% of my non-work wardrobe.


38, no kids and lulu is 80% is my wfh wardrobe lol… that’s initially how I got into it.


Mid 50's and have been wearing since the beginning. Back in the day my younger nail tech asked if I had bought a pair of those pants that made your ass look great. I had not but checked it out right away and never looked back. My niece's in their 20's are now the recipients of my hand me downs and love it. We all dress alike, but are all super active with sports etc. I am in the best shape of my life today. That being said I am super disappointed with the direction the company is heading and have branched out to other activewear brands.


45 and wear it for a fair bit of my workout wear, my weekend casual clothes, and occasionally to my very casual office. My 18 year old daughter also wears a ton of lulu, but she's a dancer and certain pieces are very popular among that crowd, so it's totally different than the stuff I buy for myself. It was a little weird when her friends were all complementing me on my oversize funnel-neck scuba though! My 16 year old wouldn't be caught dead in lulu though - it's all baggy jeans and band t-shirts for her.


I LOLed at “mom of 3 could have drip like this” do you own a Stanley tumbler? To really set off this lewk? No but, wearing lulu just makes me feel put together. Regardless of age .


Slightly off topic, but I don’t get it, why are those tumblers so popular all of a sudden?


Lmaooo. Drip drop


37 year old mother of two, with one more on the way. I’ve been wearing Lulu since I was 19 but now I can actually afford to buy it myself.


The lulu price point is not meant for young people imo. The important thing is that you're comfortable in what you wear, it doesn't matter where its from.


I’m 44 and I have one kid. I guess I think of it as a mom outfit now even though most of my friends think it’s for skinny teenagers and I’m sure eyeroll me. I think I bought my first lululemon in 2012 ( a Paris pink stride jacket 😍) but I wore strictly for running and working out or coaching, and I was a personal trainer, so athletic/leisure was kind of my life since I was a teen. I only started like exclusively wearing it since like 2017 because it always just fits so well, I’m not rolling it up or adjusting it all the time and it’s comfortable and looks good.


I'm 43, been wearing lulu since 2001 🤣 I work from home full time, so 90% of my closet is lulu. I don't care if it's trendy or who else wears it now, it's always been my favorite. I love wearing clothes that are comfy but look put together at the same time. When I was younger, I definitely enjoyed shopping more, but now I don't have the patience to search and try out new brands, so I just stick to what I know.


🙌🏻 I started wearing since 2019 … before lululemon I refused to pay anything over $35 for sportswear. Now I spent over 10k on lululemon it’s crazy! I’m trying to wear my zara and COS now though …sometimes I think I should not look like I’m going to the gym. But when I’m wearing my lulu leggings and my invigorate tank, I feel like I’m a superhero 🦸‍♀️


28 with no kids! As someone else said, I’d rather see women my age wearing lulu than teenagers. 👀


45F Just got into LuLu! My SIL was all about it 16 years ago but I was too broke for it. Then I gained a bunch of mom weight and figured I was too fat for it once it was in my price range. Lost weight last year and treated myself to some second hand LuLu recently and was sold!! So now I’m slowly building a collection.


I’m 53 and I pretty much live in Lulu


I feel like teenagers and the younger community get a lot of hate in this sub for wearing lulu. When I was 13-18(+), if either me or my parents could have afforded lululemon that’s all I would have worn. The clothes are cute, trendy, and comfortable. Lululemon is ageless! If it makes them happy, let them wear the clothes no matter the age😊


Yes the hate on the younger consumers is very cringe tbh. Like why are we, as adult women, gatekeeping glorified gym clothes and pajamas??


All I’ll say is I couldn’t care less about being seemingly trendy


29. We are a DINK family, he’s a software developer and I’m a grad student (soon to be therapist!) and service industry worker on the weekends. I often joke that I am a “stay-at-home”. That’s it. No “mom” or “wife”. We’re both relatively fit and eat well. I have my workout Lulu and my regular life Lulu. I love seeing they’re clothes on people at the gym and who are super athletic, but I also love seeing it on people just trying to wear something of relatively good quality, at a decent price point, that is comfortable! ETA: I grew up in a very affluent town (I am not nearly as affluent as most of that population, especially since graduating and moving away). I know many of those young ladies/minors who still live there definitely rock LLL. They, or at least their parents, can afford to!


I’m 24 and a PE teacher in high school. My girls dress the same as me


25 no kids and I wear lulu pretty much all day everyday and so do my friends!


36, couple kids. Interesting story- My 12 year old took my scuba zip hoodie and has been wearing that to middle school. I wondered why all of a sudden, and then saw that some of her classmates were decked out in lulu - tops, leggings, etc! Definitely wasn’t the case when I was growing up. Thank goodness my 12 year old didn’t ask to buy any after seeing the price tags.


I’m in my mid thirties. I could not have afforded lululemon when I was younger. I do think a lot of teens are wearing it now. Specifically Hotty hots, scubas, and ebbs.


I’m 21. Was contracted with Lulu for 8 months. No longer with the org. Lovely company to work for. Lulu has no age limit. Yes, while there are age groups that tend to shop it more, Anyone can buy it. I’ve amassed a Lulu only closest worth at least $15k. I’ve gotten my parents into it as well as my Abercrombie only boyfriend lol. If you love the clothes, stick with them. Absolutely no one has the right and no one ever should tell you how to dress.


I had to google how old was Stifler’s mom… 37! That’s very young if you ask me 🙌🏼 As an almost 35 yo I feel so young and I believe anyone can wear anything they want no matter their size, age or gender 💗


57. I primarily wear Lululemon for running and walking. I don’t wear leggings other than working out.


39 and two kids here! Funnily, my daughter who is 7 has recently started noticing what I wear. She is officially out of her "wear tutus everywhere" phase. She mentioned a couple times that she wants to "dress like me" when she sees me throw on my leggings and cropped scuba...right down to the "high socks you pull up over your leggings" This morning she got dressed and proudly walked into my room saying "I'm dressed like you today!!!" Wearing spandex-y leggings and a cropped oversized sweatshirt (both Zara kids, both pieces I bought her ages ago because I liked the style and she wouldn't even consider wearing them because...they weren't sparkly and cute?!) Tldr I'm a cool Lululemon wearing mom according to my first grade daughter and I'm riding this high as long as it lasts


That’s sweet!!


I love this. I'm 43 and my oldest daughter is 6 now. I secretly wish that this will someday happen to me, doesn't even matter if it's Lulu or not! ♥️🤣♥️😂 Sometimes kids do the sweetest things and they don't even realize how awesome they're being.


34 no kids. I don’t think younger people really wear Lululemon… not here in the UK at least! I find they seem to favour Gymshark!


I’m 30 as of recently with 2 kids and I started my journey only last year and I’m rocking it 😎😎😎


I’ve been wearing lulu since 06 but I live where lulu started


I’m 40 with a 9 yr old daughter. I would have never bought lulu when I was younger because it would have been out of my price range. Now I buy all my running clothes from them (not shoes, those are still Brooks) and some of my work clothes.


I’m 42 with 3 kids and have been wearing it for years. I don’t see lulu as aimed for any specific age group to me, it looks different on every body and you can always style differently too. My mom is 62 and looks adorable in her aligns - and honestly better than me


35 with 2 kids. I have a similar realization whenever I go to target and see 10 other moms wearing their belt bags. In our defense, once a mom finds something convenient there’s no stopping us. 😂


Lmao yes… and why just wear it to the gym? Why stop there. Let’s integrate it into every occasion, every season, every Walmart target Olive Garden date night.


I’m 38 and a mother of two and yeah. All my mom friends wear almost exclusively lulu for at home / work from home wear. I’m not cool enough to know what the 20 year olds are wearing, but my friends teenage kids certainly aren’t wearing lulu. As far as I can tell it’s all 90s style ripped jeans and crop tops. I did wear lulu in my early 20s, but didn’t we all when it was brand new ?


22 & i live in lulu. literally so comfy for when i dance, workout, do errands, or j chill at home


I am 22 and in college. I have scholarships paying for school and I work as an engineering intern at a chemical plant. My paycheck goes to lulu!


35 and I just started my collection this year. I also feel hip and trendy 👵🏻. Also no kids.


Oh yeah, we so hip! 👵🏻👵🏻


I’m 46 have been wearing Lulu since my late 20s and live in the TriState are and basically every soccer mom here is wearing their Lulu driving their 7 seater with an army of kids 🤣. Your comment about being in a funhouse mirror made me laugh bc here it is like a uniform for 30/40s moms with smaller children. Yes all the teen girls wear it too but that is more recent in my area




Where I live in Canada, lululemon is worn by pretty much everyone… I went for a walk with another mom the other day and we both wore swiftly short sleeves and align shorts. I’m 35, have been a lululemon customer for almost 20 years, and it’s still my choice of active/loungewear, though I buy less now. A lot of people are in the same boat.


I’m in Canada too. Like… every single mom at school pick up, drop off.. we are all in our blundstones and lulus. Am I going to the gym? Am I going grocery shopping? Am I going to lunch with my girlfriends? Am I going back home to do laundry or WFH? You’ll never be able to differentiate


I am 59 and have been wearing lulu for years. Kind of getting bored with it. It’s basically the same stuff in different colors. But I have tried Athleta a few times because it looked good in pics and was cheaper. Haven’t kept a thing yet. On the other hand, is it irresponsible to buy the vuori halo hoody in every color? And, I see no reason to buy leggings anywhere but lulu.


I am a 39yo mom of young kids. While I feel very put together and chic in Lulu I am sometimes self conscious that I look like I’m wearing a middle aged mom uniform.


I’m 40 with an 18 year old. I’ve been wearing since 2013. I started shopping there because they had tall sizes. Stayed because they had cute tennis gear. Loved the healthcare discount during the pandemic. Stuck around when they took it away from me. Wish they would bring tall lengths back. I still have some of the old stuff as it used to last forever.


I’m 41 and didn’t find lululemon until I was 35! My 13 year old daughter loves it too.


I’m 44. I didn’t start buying pricier workout gear until my 30s (prolly cuz it didn’t exist in the olden days) but I would say for me, key word is WORKOUT. I guess I’m one of the few that actually buys athletic clothing for athletic purposes? I have been leaning more towards Athleta and Sweaty Betty these days because although their price points are similar, they have more things that are not cropped and are actually functional. Lululemon has moved in a different direction than what they used be, they used to be an athletic company and now anytime I go into the store, I see a bunch of kids (and I do mean kids) in tiny little shorts whose parents drop $$$ on them and I get uncomfortable and I hightail it out of there. I do barre 5 days a week in studio, I run, I kayak, I bike. So I look for clothing that lets me do those things comfortably. Some boxy half shirt and a barely there sports bra ain’t gonna cut it. That being said, I kinda wanna sell all my LLL stuff now and relegate myself to the old people workout clothes store, whatever that may be.


It honestly really depends on the whole outfit. Teens style lulu differently than people in their 20s-30s and people in their 40s/50s style it differently. I’m in my late 20s and I just wear what I like and what I find comfortable. I didn’t have a lot of lulu until the last few years but I did get my first scuba when I was 11. It lasted me for years and made me feel like a grown up. I think obviously parents can spend their money however but I don’t think it’s bad for teens to have lulu as long as they respect the value of it and take care of it! My parents would make sure I had some room to grow so my sweaters lasted about 5 years before I outgrew them and I still have my grooves from when I was 13.


23. No kids, I only own two belt bags lol. Broke student here 😅


43 mom of 3 and my 70 year old mom also wears Lululemon and my teen and tween have zero interest in it as a brand.


Lmfao SO TRUE. I am a 36yo mom of 2 and traded my beautifully professional wardrobe for the same lululemon items on repeat since becoming a work from home employee. For clarity though my choice of drink is iced coffee🤣


Lmaooo same same girl. What is a blouse? What are Sloan dress pants anymore? Lulu all day all day.. with an iced coffee.. feeling like these people couldn’t possibly not ID me when I clearly look under 25.


At my local store, in a very affluent area on the beach, there’s a mix of adults and teen/tween (girls). And yes, there’s a homogenous appearance to all the women in the store, regardless of age. It’s a little creepy. Lululemon is no longer the basic mom attire. TikTok put a stop to that. That said, I’m in my 40s and IDGAF what anyone thinks about how I dress. I dress for COMFORT. And Lululemon stuff is comfortable and stylish and I can wear it for daily life, lounging or working out. It takes the struggle out of choosing what to wear. Almost every Lulu item/color I have looks good with my other items/colors. I can grab a top and bottom and be done with it. I have the specific pieces I love and I tend to stick with those.


20, my LLL wearing started in middle school with three pairs of tracker shorts I bought at a garage sale of all places for $10 each (still in my collection) and slowly grew as I started making my own money but specifically when I went to college because my parents weren’t gonna pay $100 for leggings for me😅 my mom is 36 (she was a teen mom, so we have a small age gap) and she has two LLL items, a pair of aligns that she adores that were bought second hand and a 2L belt bag that I bought her maybe a month and a half ago as an early mother’s day gift that she has used every day since despite her saying she “wouldn’t use something at such a high price tag,” she won’t get anything else because she’s afraid of messing things up being a mom of 4 littles (plus me) Anyways, my point: lululemon is for anyone. my grandma (60) has an ebb to street tank and a old jacket (early 2000s) that i’ve gifted her and she talks about how “cool” and “hip” she feels in them🤣 it did take some convincing for her to wear them because she also is against wearing things with “such a high price tag”


Hi! I’m an educator and part time cycle instructor. Our store is one of the biggest in our region which happens to be in a very wealthy area. We have girls come in as little as 8-10 ish searching for ANYTHING (namely, shorts in a size 0, 2.5’ HH, sonic pink) that will fit them. While I love that LLL is a brand that people love and adore (Obviously- I work here) it also gives me bad Abercrombie vibes from when I was 13-17. I don’t love that kids have a perspective of “value” from a name brand store. But if it’s not LLL, it will be something else. The popularity came from somewhere, just like A&F came from my older cousins who were in college. I wanted to be cool, and mature - just like they were. What I didn’t know, now looking back is that there is time to be cool and mature. But love the Limited Too phase of your life (try explaining that to a 10 year old girl 😂) when your peers are wearing align v neck tanks and low rise leggings


I’m 34 mom of 4. I’ve been wearing lulu for about 15 years now religiously. I couldn’t afford to wear it until I was working my own full time job- and not as much as I do now until maybe 10 years ago… I think their target is people 20+… it’s ridiculous to think a 13 year old can afford 138 dollar pants.. I love lulu, and I don’t care if some consider the look to be “young” I’ll rock it until the end of time haha.


I'm 41 no kids and have an embarrassing about of Lulu for my small town (no one else was buying it when I started and now I see cropped Scubas and EBBs everywhere). I was in Canada last summer and saw a lady in her 70s wearing a Lulu skirt and tank and she looked so great and all I could think is I hope I look half as cool as her when I get to be her age.


I'm a 15 year old girl absolutely obsessed with lululemon. It's a great brand, it's trendy, it's good quality and it's comfortable. You keep wearing it, don't worry about being to similar to other moms. You probably look amazing, you do you!!!!


Hahaha! After I had my baby I went through a phase like this where I renewed my wardrobe with Aritzia clothing. I felt the same way. I wanted to be a young, fashionable mom. I think some comments are missing the point and arguing whether the Lululemon is catering to a young or older age group. It could have been any brand. The point is that you are just laughing about how many other moms were dressed just like that. In my opinion I felt Lululemon was for ppl in their young 20s. Maybe it depends on who you hang out with but I definitely felt that a majority of trendy females I knew had bought their products way before the time I decided to try which was in my 30s.


Yes exactly! When I bought all this I was thinking it was mostly for 20 year olds too.. so I thought I was unique in the fact that I’m in my 30s and a mom buying youthful trendy clothes.. but in actuality apparently all moms were thinking like me and therefore it’s now the go to mom look for women in 30-40s! 😂


I’m 25 and lulu definitely gives off 30s/mom vibes but not in a bad way at all! I think it’s athleisure overall, it’s not as trendy as it was maybe 10 years ago. Most younger people haven’t had as much opportunity to dress up and go to work because of Covid, so we’re already wearing a lot of athleisure at home, and want to wear “real clothes” when going out and doing things - at least that’s how I feel!


This is exaccccctly it! I think Lulu fits are typically mom outfits, and people in their 20s are wearing actual clothes like jeans. I feel like leggings were our style in our 20s so we think continuing to wear them in our 30s makes us look like we are 20 again… but all the present day 20 y/o have changed pants and so we are easily identifiable 30/40 year olds living in leggings 🤣


For an atypical answer just as another data point - I’m 39 and have never owned any lululemon (Reddit recommends this sub constantly because I’m in the yoga sub). I was tempted and window-shopped on the website a bit in my late 20’s, but never enough to actually go for it. I have one pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective and most of the rest of my activewear is from Old Navy.


34 i start wearing lulu 2 yeara ago, i only wanted a pair of leggings to lounge at home, because has a man i was shy to wears leggings outside. i finally got a job contract into a jungle, where i had to wear long pants, but it was hot, so i bring my invigorate and when i get back home i bought more and more lulu so now i work almost every thing on wunder train. But actually wearing woman tights and man top, i got the chance to never cross someone wearing the same outfit, so after my shyness was behind me i actually enjoy the fact that it kind of unique in my network/job.


58 and been buying lulu for 22 years


31 (No kids or plans for them) and have been wearing lulu for four years I wear it to the gym and pretty much everyday if I’m gonna spend the money might as well get my moneys worth and wear it more often than just going to the gym.


So 25 is young but 33 is magically considered old? Interesting


I’m 41 and got obsessed with Lulu in 2018 when I started working out properly (HITT and weights) most days. Previously been all about yoga. This is an interesting thread because I always thought people on here were 20 years younger than me


I’m 26 remembering when I was 19 and jacked, trying to get back there again. I made some of my old clothes fit through diet and exercise and bought more to fit the vibe. I’m a man btw, since that makes s difference


I am 46 and all my entire life I’ve been wearing some sort of athletic wear since I starting working out in my teens. I start buying lulu in 2010 and my closet could be a mini lulu store. I’ve sold many during the years and keep my collection updated. I try not to hoard. I really never looked at lulu as some sort of age group type of clothing. I workout , and I am mom and I like comfort. Lulu hits all the boxes. Imo is never too old to wear lulu!


I am 63, and wear my lulu leggings all of the time. I don’t wear the full-on outfit - crop tops don’t work for me anymore, but leggings are basically my uniform.


The workout moms are taking over Lulu!! Lol. I’m 46f and have felt the exact same way!! I feel youthful, fit and cute but I have the sneaking suspicion that we are stealing lulu from the kids and eventually lulu will go the way of Facebook…”for old people” as my kiddos like to say!


35, no kids, newish to Lulu. I would say my style originates from early 2000s alt/vintage, but two years ago I tried my first lulu leggings on. Immediately realized I would never ever wear jeans again unless forced to 💀


First off 33 is not old and that’s coming from me a 19 soon to be 20 year old so please stop telling yourself you are old! That is still youthful yet society makes us think otherwise and that makes me sad… but anyways I have been wearing Lululemon since middle school. It was always very popular where I lived and I really wanted to fit in with the cool popular girls who wore it everyday lol. I’m very veryyyy grateful my mom would buy me their leggings or headbands on special occasions at such a young age (keep in mind we are not wealthy in the slightest and struggle a lot financially). I wouldn’t say I have a lot of Lululemon now or that I am super obsessed with it, I just buy what I like rather than buy something simply cause it’s Lululemon. I have 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt, 3 sports bras, one pair of leggings, a bunch of scrunchies, and some head warmers + a beanie. I would maybe like a hooded define jacket one day cause I’m really into that off duty ballerina/ Pilates princess type look hehe ^-^ I truly think Lululemon is a brand for all ages


I didn’t start wearing lulu till I became a sahm a few years ago. Back to work now and will still wear the occasional piece. I’m 40


I think LLL is for anyone who wants to wear it, it’s ageless. Once someone wears it for a reason other than comfort or aesthetic, it gets weird. Trying to promote an image of youth or to fit in is a little cringy. Am I the only one who thinks this?


34 and no kids. Only people I see around me wearing a lot is teens 🙄


17 🤧


It honestly somewhat annoys me when I see teens wearing a lot of lulu because I just know their parents bought it for them and it makes me dread the days when my baby will be begging me for $100+ leggings lol


Yes!! I just got into lulu as a 45yo and my 16yo is like, “Oh! When am I gonna get my first LuLu!?” Um. When you can afford it!? LoL. Just straight up, No! And I don’t feel guilty about that at all! 😆


Are you me? Same age, mom with one baby


Is lulu considered cheugy now? I can't tell. Am I cheugy?!? Oh no.


19! i am on a weight gain/muscle gain journey from being very underweight and experiencing health issues from it, so this is how i reward myself lol. so far i’ve made it from 93lb to 108lb @ 5’7” 🥳. i come from a wealthy background so my family is nice enough to help fund sometimes (not meant to be an in-your-face added detail, just figured some people wonder how a 19yo affords a bunch of lulu all the time).


I’m 22 and wear lulu almost everyday. Full disclaimer tho, I’m fortunate enough to have parents who buy me lulu. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a ton.


34, no kids, and only recently started buying lulu- my husband works in the activewear/ footwear industry, and so I’ve been blessed with some pretty sweet employee discounts over the past few years. Lulu never appealed to me in college/ 20s- I always thought it was super expensive and pretty ho-hum. When I chose to buy full price activewear I would shop at ov or girlfriend. Neither of those brands really have the quality I want anymore. I am always happy with the quality of Lululemon and the functionality, but I’ve really only skimmed the surface of what they offer. I still think I’ll keep a mix of various brands, but I get it. That’s all to say, the first time I’ve ever stepped into a lulus was this year, and I was shocked at how young everyone shopping was and how the staff was spread so thin and not super helpful. There were middle school girls making fun of one of their friends for saying this was he first lulus purchase. That made me cringe.


If you are stiflers mom, call me.


I’m 52 and by damn if I would pay lulu prices for a teenager. I lost a ton of weight and I buy stuff at lulu on my own dime not anyone else’s lol


25% punk ass kids with parents credit card, 25% in debt buying recycled overpriced items trying to fit in and thinking they are cool when nobody actually gives a/f what you’re wearing, 25% spending the old man’s paycheque as he is working too much to pay attention, 25% actually shopping smart and buying only when it’s on sale. My wife is in the third category late forty’s, but i do like her ass in LuLu!






I’m 35 with an almost 2 year old I started my journey 2020 and Lulu is my daily move! I love it here and not looking back🥰


40, no kids, professional petsitter/dogwalker. Also has no idea that tweens were wearing Lulu! I love being comfortable & cute all day long. My EBB is part of my look😂❤️


Service dog handler, and same…an EBB for every day!


Yass! My dog walking twin❤️


I’m 31 with 2 kids (7/9yo) and I wear lululemon to workout as well as my day to day clothes. We are full time Rv’ers/travelers and it’s the easiest most comfy clothes for my lifestyle. My daughter wears athleta since Lulu doesn’t do kids, I wish they did. My son does gap kids and my husband does a mix of lululemon and vuori.


I’m 22! I have about 15 items from Lulu, most of them I bought on a BST Facebook group.


I’m also a 33 (stb 34) mom of 3! 🤭🙋🏻‍♀️ lol.


Lol. I’m 33 a mom of 3 and love wearing all the pink Lulu.


39 with a 7 year old and agree with this 😂 Also agree with everyone who has said they’d rather see anyone that tweens/teens…I see so many little preteen girls wearing lulu that doesn’t fit and is HUGE on them just so they can sport the logo and it looks absolutely ridiculous 🤪


I’m a 34 year old dad of one (so far)!


31 year old mom of 1 here 👋 I've been wearing LLL since 2007, but it has become 80% of my wardrobe in the last 2 years, since I had my daughter. It makes me feel good in a similar way 💖


37 years old, my only son is 17. Only woman in the house, so no sharing my clothes with teenagers nor someone asking me to buy the same thing for them. I have no idea what it's trendy either, I like what I like and that's what I wear.