Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have been attached to write a Fight Club stage musical for over a decade. It hasn't materialized yet despite multiple workshops; maybe it's been abandoned.


Maybe they dont talk about Fight Club:The Musical


It's probably showing in major cities across the world...


good tbh. the American Psycho musical was bad enough.


Idk; Duncan Sheik is gifted but he's not Reznor/Ross "absolute genius across all genres and mediums" gifted.


Is that the consensus? I really enjoyed it.


that sounds awful


That's the point. Even the movie shat on things it revelled in.


Trent and Atticus just a T away from the EGOT.


If they are going to get a Tony, it shouldn't be for a Fight Club musical.


90's Trent: Let's make a music video with a machine that sexually pleasures people, then tortures and kills them! 2020 Trent: Let's score a Disney film about Jazz!


Sounds like he cured his affliction...


I'm usually a negative Nancy. But I hope so.


He seems really happy for quite a while now. Nice wife and a bunch of kids. Spends less time touring and away in the studio (started working from home, and only during office hours). Just sounds a lot more healthy. There’s still lots of anger and frustration, but mostly aimed at politics, society.


That’s the beautiful thing about all those tortured, painful, aggressive albums, for me: they really were a cry for help, and a way to work through his stuff. He wasn’t faking it, I don’t think, and in amongst all that anger is the message of “I really do want to be ok. I really do know this is all messed up and I want to be ok.” I didn’t get that from other acts like Marilyn Manson etc. and maybe that’s why (or one of the reasons why) NIN music still resonates. There’s a really ethical guy in the middle of that madness. Trent Reznor’s journey really fascinates me—I find it very uplifting. When I was a teen listening to it, it felt like despair. But now that I am an adult who has worked through his stuff… I don’t know. Those albums are even more powerful for me now. I’m very grateful for them.


That's lovely take that I hadn't really thought about before.


Well said. I also grew up listening to NIN and could only hear cynicism and spite (which I relished), and looked past the reach of hope that’s right next to all of the negativity. I still listen to his music because of that reach.


Ah fuck, I was listening to MM this afternoon.


he did not


What do you mean? He seems super chill now.


Him and Atticus Ross are an awesome combo. They also did *Contagion, Gone Girl, The Social Network, Bird Box and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo* Edit. Trent and Atticus did not score *Contagion* I was wrong.


Cliff Martinez did Contagion. Trent and Atticus scored the HBO Watchmen series and Ken Burns Vietnam documentary though


Shit. You're absolutely correct. My bad. And I totally forgot about the Burns Vietnam doc. Edit incoming


How about the Drive Soundtrack. ^


How about it? Cliff’s a genius. The Neon Demon, the TV series The Knick, even the movie Game Night all had incredible scores from him.


So good -I don’t know who Cliff Martinez is/was but when I noticed it in this thread, I popped in to raise my hand lol. I just know his name from my digital player in my car stereo.


Yeah, if you go through his filmography on Wikipedia, especially the last fifteen years or so, he’s done a ton of film scores, especially films and shows directed by Soderbergh. As much as I love Nine Inch Nails, Trent’s film scores usually aren’t as memorable, but Cliff Martinez does a very similar style yet it grabs me so much harder.


The song *[less likely](https://youtu.be/KCFHHtC9Dws)* in the Vietnam War really adds to the confusion and anxiety for the viewers of okay is this war happening? Okay fuck it’s happening. Fuck.


This is what always confused me when people say Trent "changed". This was always him, never heard "less likely" before and I would tell you it was Trent within 10 seconds. Some people only heard "Closer" and called it a day. His slow bits are scary good.


> Bird Box It's absolutely criminal that they secure Reznor & Ross for their soundtrack, then put the music so low in the mix that you never hear it. I get what they were going for but, when you get talent like that, you change your plans.


Reznor and Ross really shine with more atmospheric music and scenes. But yeah, it was pretty low.


on its own some of the bird box score is among the scariest horror music i've heard yet watching the movie you'd never be able to tell


He didn't name it, but Bird Box was definitely the movie he was talking about, when he said (at the time) he had a bad experience on a certain film.


Watchmen (tv series) too.


Bones and All too. Saw it last night in an almost empty showing. Deserves more attention!


I believe they also scored the movie ‘Mid90s’, directed by Jonah Hill


Sure did


Not sure if this is hate. But “Epiphany” by Reznor and Ross is one of the greatest tracks ever created.


Didn’t Trent spend a few years just playing video games?


Haven't we all?


So you're saying I can be Trent Reznor?


>'However, the protagonist in both cases survives...' Uh... I didn't think the protagonist survives The Downward Spiral...


I hear you, but its up to interpretation, according to Reznor. One could see Hurt as an attempt at suicide that was unsuccessful (his continuation album to The Downward Spiral, Hesitation Marks, is named after scars from a suicide attempt) and is talking about his attempt, or it could be his spirit after he died talking about it.


To be honest Reznor has sung Hurt in a way that supports both interpretations, the album version very much feels like the end of the road while some of his live renditions of it end triumphantly and feel like the protagonist pulls out of it. Its a testament to the strength of the songwriting that it can be easily read radically different (even moreso if you factor in the Johnny Cash cover).


Not usually a big fan of covers, but Cash brought something totally new and unique to a song that was already amazing. Both such good artists.


That's something I really respect about Reznor - he openly prefers Cash's cover. He's not uptight and hyper-protective about his vision like a lot of auteurs, he's genuinely pleased when someone makes a change he sees as an improvement.


Doesn't the song immediately before Hurt describe suicide by gunshot? "He put the gun in to his face...bang...so much blood for such a tiny little hole...a lifetime of fucking things up, fixed."


Since the follow up is called Hesitation Marks, it may be implying that the same thing happened like the Edward Norton character did, that he survived the gunshot.


Pretty sure hesitation marks is a term used during an autopsy of a successful suicide for the first initial slices a person makes on their wrists before they muster up the courage to cut deeper.


Many interviews with Reznor when the album came out mentioned that it represented scars from a suicide attempt. The title was suggested to him by Russell Mills, who did the album art.


How is that considered a follow-up?


Also, the reason that half of the stereo mix on Hurt has static overlayed is meant to be where the character shot himself.




Reznor made a statement about working in the Tate house during a 1997 interview with Rolling Stone: While I was working on Downward Spiral, I was living in the house where Sharon Tate was killed. Then one day I met her sister. It was a random thing, just a brief encounter. And she said: "Are you exploiting my sister's death by living in her house?" For the first time the whole thing kind of slapped me in the face. I said, "No, it's just sort of my own interest in American folklore. I'm in this place where a weird part of history occurred." I guess it never really struck me before, but it did then. She lost her sister from a senseless, ignorant situation that I don't want to support. When she was talking to me, I realized for the first time, "What if it was my sister?" I thought, "Fuck Charlie Manson. I don't want to be looked at as a guy who supports serial-killer bullshit." I went home and cried that night. It made me see there's another side to things, you know? It's one thing to go around with your dick swinging in the wind, acting like it doesn't matter. But when you understand the repercussions that are felt ... that's what sobered me up: realizing that what balances out the appeal of the lawlessness and the lack of morality and that whole thing is the other end of it, the victims who don't deserve that. Reznor took the front door of the house with him when he moved out, installing it at Nothing Studios, his new recording studio/record label headquarters in New Orleans. Nothing Studios was later sold and the façade of the building changed. The front door Reznor removed from 10050 Cielo Drive is currently preserved in the possession of Christopher Moore, a New Orleans artist who acquired it from the owner of the building.\[citation needed\]


I feel like this is a great statement about personal growth and developing empathy. I know that when I was much younger, I was much the same way. It was all about me and finding my identity through edginess or carving my own path. As I've gotten older, I've realized that the ripples, waves, and wake of my passage may seriously disrupt the passages of others. Now I still do my own thing, but I try very hard to make sure it's not at the expense of others.


Interesting. It makes me wonder if Marilyn Manson ever had a similar moment and decided that he was the other guy.


The Machinist is the real Downward Spiral adaptation. Main character’s name is Trevor Reznik and he is, for sure, experiencing a downward spiral.


Had no idea Chuck Palahniuk was a UO alumni. How cool!


He started writing fight club on his breaks at Freightliner, if I’m not mistaken! I think he worked there in Portland until the book got picked up for the movie. Kinda fun story!


Yeah! I saw that too! Fight Club is one of my favorites but I realized that I didn’t know much about it’s origins so I went down that rabbit hole and was pleasantly surprised!


Trent should disappear the out dated old fool


He just won a Golden Globe last year for one of his film scores and him and Atticus Ross are an extremely in-demand scoring duo. He's far from outdated.


Also, Reznor and Ross's collab album with Halsey "If I Can't Have Love I Want Power" from last year is an absolute banger


Not sure why you were downvoted for that. The album is great.


I'm guessing they're a Musk fanboy.


And what have you done that is contemporary and relished?