[Winderman] Gabe Vincent (ankle) listed as questionable for Saturday’s Celtics at Heat Game 6 of East finals.

Heat really need this guy


Heat really need this guy


It’s really crazy that the ECF may come down to whether or not Gabe Vincent plays in game 6.


He is a good player but it’s fucking wild that who goes to the finals depends on if the 200th best player in the nba is playing He’s obviously going to be hobbled if he comes back and the Celtics are gonna target him.. Jimmy and Bam need to put this series away


What he's contributing right now is so much more than what youd expect from the 200th best player though. He's shooting nearly 60/50 splits from 2pt/3pt


In our series against NY he basically full court pressed Brunson every minute on the court and was still handling the ball/shooting on a decent clip. Him and Caleb have really stepped this whole run.


If he does play you have to wonder if he’ll still be able to contribute at the level with the ankle injury


Needs to feel good and be himself too, we targeted him some after he tweaked the ankle in game 4


That’s true. Seems like hurt-Brogdon was hurting the Celtics so it’s probably good to shelve him.


questionable for the Heat in the playoffs = he playing


Eh Jimmy was questionable vs NY and didnt


Heat really need their starting PG. More at 6


We also need our starting SG :(


And our backup SG/PG :/


We need Jimmy to have more than 10 FGA, and Bam & Lowry to not combine for 10 TOs and 20pts.


He's like damn near 60/50 shooting splits lol


I can't imagine him sitting Game 6. Dude is gonna play. He's been killing us all series long.


I'm surprised that Bob Meyers hasn't offered him a 30/mil a year deal yet


Gotta get punched first.


If Jordan Poole went to the Heat he would be all-NBA somehow


He will when he takes the helm for the clippers


Because they literally can't?


Bold of you to assume he'll be working for the Warriors.


Almost certain they just pump him up with pain killers and he plays, question is how effective is he.


That’s the main thing, but unlike Kyle he isn’t scared to Jack a 3. If we can add more threats from deep offensively we may have a chance.


He also doesn’t turn the ball over as much. Lowry drives to the paint and just throws it behind him with no one around.


I kid you not after he did that the entire crowd gave up. Had he turned that possession into a bucket that would’ve been amazing but nope. Good ole Kyle


I don’t think I’ve seen Lowry make a layup. Every drive ends up in a steal, block or pass to out of bounds. Like dude stop fucking driving just to throw the ball away.


Give the man a handshake and wink wink deal and he's playing.


Dude tried to come back in Game 4. I respect the hell out of him. He's also a pretty phenomenal player.


Vincent played well recently but “phenomenal” is a real stretch man


So you're an idiot? He had a TS% around 70% for the series. He has the best offensive rating in the series. Have you watched basketball before?


I’m saying that playing well for 3.5 games doesn’t make someone a phenomenal player. He has killed the Celts but I don’t think a guy who’s probably never averaged above 10 points can be called phenomenal. (Notice how I can engage in conversation without being a huge prick)


I don't care about other series. I care about this one. He's been arguably their most important player. Which, in the ECF, is relevant.


I acknowledged how well he has played this series in my original reply. I only took issue with labeling him as a phenomenal player. I don’t think he’s ever come close to shooting like he did in Game 3 going 11-14. I can agree it’s important for the Heat to have him back but I’m not gonna resort to extreme reactions calling Gabe Vincent a phenomenal player because of recency bias watching him have the best game of his life the last time he played a full game. In Game 2 he was 2/8 shooting with 9/2/0. People like to shit on the media for sensationalism but then resort to jerking a player off for having 1 or 2 good games and probably never even watched them play before that.


Cool story. We'll agree to disagree. Have a good one my man!


Wow you really coming in hot, you base your entire evaluation of a player on the last 3 or so games? And this guy you’re responding is the idiot who hasn’t watch basketball before? Did you just start watching this series?


Its an incredibly dire situation for both teams. For the Celtics, they lose and their season's over. But the Heat absolutely do not want to have to get back on a plane to go back to Boston to play a game 7, on Memorial Day, with the possibility of having a legacy altering choke job hanging over them. Especially after exerting the type of effort I expect them to tonight. So I thin Vincents gonna play and I think Jimmy is gonna play at least 40 minutes and probably have a 40 point game.


Heat's odds of closing out the series are also listed as questionable


Why you do this


Crazy how many Celtics fans dont even want to believe in their team


People think how the feel impacts the game so they are afraid to jinx it Or they don’t want to be hurt I don’t even think it’s a stretch to say we can beat the Miami heat in two games, but also possible for them to win 1


Oh I want to believe, but knowing this team the mostly likely outcome is they blow game 7 with a 4th quarter collapse after being up 20 in the 3rd,


thats the spirit!


I mean it didn’t look hopeful with sixers game 7 but we all know how that went.


God I can already see Bill Simmons sitting by one of the baskets just… despondent. All the Sox guys shifting around uncomfortably. Pierce is passed out courtside and Pat Riley’s grinning and nodding like Jack Nicholson in Anger Management.


Hard to have faith in the wrong side of history


Look you can believe in the fucking team, but not start boasting/trash-talking about the series being essentially over after two good games in a row while still needing to win two in a row to stay alive. Both teams are super streaky and while I could foresee two more straight Celtics blowouts or intense great games that Celtics manage to eke out, I can also imagine one of the two games where the Heat continue to shoot over 50+% from beyond the arc while Celtics shoot under 35% and that determining the series (like in games 1 and 3).


You better fucking knock on some wood brother.




It’s over if he doesn’t play. Unless Herro has a miracle recovery for game 7 and Vincent is 100% by then too.


one of those is not possible for a broken hand and someone who hasnt played in a month lol


That’s why I said miracle!




If Gabe is out it’s over


The Heat’s chances of facing Denver hinges on Gabe fucking Vincent


At this point I'm fully expecting the fake Jokic Miami has to be an actual clone of him that they've been holding back the entire time.


This is unbelievable.


Jimmy can’t win without Gabe!


Hobbled Vincent vs. Healthy Lowry.


I think the biggest impact is on Bam; when he has to bring the ball up or wait in the post for a decent entry pass, his energy level on offense seems to drop. Maybe I’m imaging things though, I don’t watch many Heat games.


Bam bringing the ball up is great and a positive 95% of the time. Him waiting in the post for the ball is awful though, especially when back to the basket. Bam is not a post player. It was so frustrating seeing Jimmy with a mismatch in game 5 and instead he kept telling Bam to post up his mismatch and then Bam turn it over. Like I get it, Bam has a smaller guy on him and should be able to make a play, but like fuck you have a slow footed big on you, take them to the hole and finish around the smaller guy or dump to Bam. After the 3rd turnover that should have been obvious, but he kept doing it. He deferred way too much to Bam.


This is pretty good insight, I think our offense looks a lot better with Bam playing at the elbow in a point forward role with hand offs into screens and fake hand offs into face up triple threat.


Nice tweet dude


He needs to play and Jimmy need to have a 35 point game.


1-150 boys




People talk about Butler and Bam, but Gabe Vincent has been the best player from the Heat, this series.


Hope he plays. So the Heat have no excuses if they lose. Hope Hero plays too.


No matter what happens, we have a great excuse. Scott Foster masterpiece in game 4.


There is no excuse for game 4.


There's actually a very good excuse. --- The Heat are up 6 to start the 3rd quarter. --- Seven fouls are called on the Heat in the first six minutes of the 3rd quarter (which at that pace would be 56 fouls per game). This is straight out of the Foster/Donaghy playbook. Call the first half down the middle, then absolutely clobber a team with fouls to start the 3rd. It kills their momentum. It kills their confidence. And gives the other team a huge boost, which they can then often carry until the end of the game. --- ZERO FOULS are called on Boston in the first 7 1/2 minutes of the 3rd quarter. So not only is Miami not allowed to play any defense whatsoever, Boston is allowed to maul them on the other end. That is how a 6 point league quickly turns into a huge deficit. Now, could Miami have overcome the thumb being on the scale if they shot better and Boston didn't shoot so well? Of course. The NBA isn't trying to guarantee outcomes, they're just trying to nudge things in a direction that will hopefully extend the series. Donaghy explained this clearly.


I can complain all day about this series and these playoffs. We still didnt execute and make the right plays. The fouls starting the 3rd were insane, you are right. But most of them really were fouls, the problem is we didnt get the same whistle during the same period. Refs are inconsistent and earlier in the game gave us a stretch of playing aggressive.


It's not inconsistency that led to zero whistles against Boston in the first 7 1/2 minutes of the 3rd while Miami was called for seven fouls in the first six minutes of the 3rd. It's the Scott Foster special. It's literally the same routine over and over when the NBA sends Foster to extend a series. Donaghy already spilled the beans dude. I know it sucks to realize the NBA is rigged, but it is what it is.


This so stupid. The heat had 10 more FT in game 4. Celtics had 6 more fouls. There was a stretch where Horford and White got called for 5 weak fouls in a row. But regardless of that, the facts literally say the opposite of what you think


You are nuts. That game was if anything favoring Miami, they just got blown out in the second half. The heat had way less fouls and way more free throws than the celtics. Scott foster can’t make the Celtics shoot 40% from 3 and Miami shoot 25% from 3.


Hmmmm.... I wonder why they got blown out in the second half. Could it be because it took almost 8 minutes into the 3rd quarter for one foul to finally be called on Boston, while Miami had been called for SEVEN FOULS IN THE FIRST SIX MINUTES?!? The players are human. The refs can ABSOLUTELY give a team a huge confidence boost, resulting in better shooting, while completely demoralizing the other team, resulting in poor shooting.


Troll season


Not trolling at all. I'm sorry if you're not educated on how refs control games. Hopefully you're not wagering.


The one where the heat shot 10 more FTs than the Celtics? 🤔


Imagine shooting double the FT's in game 7 and getting blown the fuck out.


Sad sad man. Replying to a comment that has nothing to do with game 7.


Yes. The Heat had exactly 10 more free throws than the Celtics in the 4th quarter. Mainly because the refs were trying to keep things from getting too out of hand after fucking the Heat in the 3rd, but also because the team shooting nothing but three pointers will naturally be fouled less than the team driving the ball. The Scott Foster special is to screw one team in the first half of the 3rd quarter to ruin their momentum during a less noticeable and easily forgotten part of the game and then hope the assisted team can carry things forward without help. Boston started shooting the lights out though and things got out of hand, hence the Heat getting some extra free throws in the 4th to tighten things up a bit. The Heat were up six at the half. Then in the 3rd quarter, SEVEN FOULS were called on them in just six minutes. Total momentum killer and essentially made Boston impossible to guard because fouls were being called at a pace of more than one per minute. Meanwhile, ZERO FOULS were called on Boston in the first 7 1/2 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Miami couldn't score because they were getting mauled, Boston was gifted foul after foul, and before you know it a 6 point lead is a 13 point deficit. That is how it's done.


🙄 always an excuse


So you think it's just natural to be almost 8 minutes into the 3rd quarter and one team has been called for ZERO fouls, while the other was called for 7 fouls in the first six minutes?


🙄🙄🙄 I think you’re getting nervous lol. Miami Pumpkins about to get reverse swept.


So you're unwilling to answer my question? I'm not nervous at all. Fully expect the refs to give Miami assistance tomorrow. Part of how the league ensures that owners don't open their mouths about the league extending series is by trying to make sure the team that got screwed doesn't end up losing the series in the end.


🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 but just in case, you already have your excuse ready. It’s never the players, only the refs who determine the outcome of the game. The league hates Miami SO MUCH. 🤡


Who said it's never the players that determine the outcome? The NBA doesn't try to guarantee outcomes. They nudge things in the direction they want. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Were you under the impression the NBA makes no effort to extend series?


My guy looked so moronic he deleted his account


Gabe is babe 😍 if he back, Heat stacked


He was a flash in the pan anyways


We're shipping up to Boston!


Needing a role player this bad for your team to win a championship says alot about how terrible your team is


1 win away from the finals. Real bad team


Historical hot streak and just clicked as a team at the most perfect time. Miami is not well equipped. You’re trusting a 78 year old Kyle Lowry to play perfectly, Jimmy Butler to play like MJ every game, Bam to be serviceable, and your role players to play above their pay grade in order for them to win. That type of efficiency isn’t gonna be maintained. So yeah 1 win away from the Finals is a great moral victory for this overachieving team. Boston is a championship caliber team and pretty much the same core for 5+ years. I’m taking that experience over Miami’s lightning in a bottle. And this is coming from a Laker fan.


> lightning in a bottle We have been to the ECF 3 out of the last 4 years...


Miami was a 1 seed a year ago.


The Lakers were 2-10 a year ago. Shit changes.


Yeah, they overhauled their entire roster top-to-bottom. Miami lost PJ Tucker and gained Kevin Love. Big fuckin' deal.


They’re still up one with a box of scraps and Jimmy Butler.


Role player that had more points combined than Celtics 2 best players to go up 3-0.


Celtics getting on that moral victory train.


Heat is gonna call John Goodman an hour before the game and Vince will walk out of his hotel room feeling real good 😎 ❄️


I'm almost certain that he is playing. The question is how good he will be playing on a bum ankle.