This guy has been the most consistent player(for the Warriors) besides Curry all season. Happy for him to get 30+


Since the Trade


pretty incredible how good he's been for them. I don't think anyone expected it to go this well. I'll always remember him just jumping above everyone else in the finals for countless rebounds - the most athletic guy on the court.


which is insane, considering the huge number of atheltic monsters that played the finals (Timelord, Tatum, Brown, GP2)


Went well enough to deserve an extension, which is equally wild to think about


And he was happy enough that he took a massive discount.


I'm not shocked he became a solid contributor but it's mind blowing how good his shooting is. Say what you want about other parts of the game but our staff developed KAT and LaVine alongside Wiggins into premier jump shooters and Wiggins couldn't hit at a decent rate or volume at all.


After being bashed his entire career (although rightfully so) as a poor rebounder, he became the rebounding leader of the entire finals Inspirational




We need to shore up a lot of things before we even think that.


I'm still stunned he took a discount for the Warriors. Andrew, the billionaires will do fine, get fucking paid lol


Maybe winning is more important to him? Considering how his career went before he joined the Warriors I wouldn’t blame him, guy is still a millionaire for life and now he gets to actually succeed.


winning and workplace happiness. He really seems to be happy with us and know it's an environment that allows him to thrive. He probably understands there is no guarantee any other franchise will be as conducive for him.


Yeah the guy is talking as if he isn’t making bank as well lol, dude will be at like $250 million career earnings after this contract


Ya at that point the extra money is meaningless to your personal happiness. Being a good, well liked NBA player has to be important to all these guys and he found that in GS.


Also he has become best friends with Jordan Poole who also signed an extension. I rather make a little less to ball with my best friend




No no. Not like that.


Not to mention staying in one place being successful has to be more beneficial for your long term earning potential than turning into the NBAs version of Kenny Lofton. Future media gigs, endorsements, autograph signings and everything else are way better. For non baseball people Lofton was a fantastic player with a HOF resume who never really got a chance on the HOF ballot largely because he played for like 9 different teams.


Wiggins already experienced that with the Timberwolves. I'm pretty sure to him a slight pay cut is worth more than chasing that extra 5-10 mill, especially when he's already made 170 mill and will hit 280 mill by the end of the contract.


It was probably a $50 million pay cut so it’s not quite slight. But I’m just happy he’s happy.


the other thing to consider is "TOTAL INCOME". by being on the warriors and being on a winning team, he gets more sponsorships. For instance with Anta, and other things, it'll probably make up at least a few million a year, so all in all he's getting similar money and a good work environment to play with a legend in Steph


I mean fuck the billionaires but he needed to take a discount to stay and to put a winning team around them. Lacob is one of the poorer owners in the league actually, and there is absolutely a limit to how much he would spend. He don't got the money to spend 200 million more than he makes every year like some of these other owners. As things stand now they're already probably close to neutral.


Have you seen the smiles? Can't put a price on happiness.


Can’t put a price on his smile either.


Happiness > $$$$


Do you not think Wiggins will also be fine...?


I don't understand how Poole got paid but not Wiggins. Wiggins is a much better player to me.


This is Wiggins third contract. He’s found a home. Poole was not a lottery pick, and this was his first extension


We really getting two 50/40/X players in our team this year 👀


X would be an improvement


We’d have 3 if Ty Jerome played enough games. He’s shooting 53/41/100


Yeah but he's hardly an nba player


I mean same could be said about GPII until he finally got the right break at the right time at age 28 and he’s now, rightfully and deservedly, considered one of the best POA defenders in the league. It’s hard to break into the league with timing and luck playing a big part for a lot of guys so whose to say Ty Jerome isn’t one of those guys? If you watch him play, he’s got legit skill and BBIQ.


The prestigious 50/40/60 club


Iguodala Alley


What Wiggins is doing is actually pretty crazy! Free throw percentage almost always tracks with overall shooting. I can't think of anyone else shooting so we'll from the floor while sucking at free throws. Iguodala usually shot only ~35% from 3.


Bruce Bowen led the league in 3% while shooting 40% from FT one year. Probably the most egregious example




Kevin Huerter right now is shooting almost 50% from three and 66% from the line


Love it


When your muscle memory is attuned to a certain distance


You gotta go Nick Van Exel and shoot FTs from like 3ft behind the line


Luka had a series against the Clippers shooting something like 60/50/60 lol. I think some players are just bad stationary shooters. They shoot well in the flow of the game, but standing on the free throw line gives them time to overthink it over just trusting their instincts.


Meh, there are plenty of counter examples to that. Look at Huerter this year. 50% from 3 and 66% FT.


Wiggins is the guy who needs to do the jump shot FT challenge.


You got me. Thanks for a good laugh!


Best contract in the NBA.


*flashbacks to what the media was saying about him after we traded for him*


Media? Shit... to say I was skeptic back then would be an understatement. His numbers/efficiency and defense were all quite suspect for that big a contract. I'm very happy to have been proven wrong and I've enjoyed every minute of him improving his game constantly. Such a great redemption arc.


Yeah, I'm right there in the "was dubious and have been happily surprised" camp. I remember talking to my brother-in-law about it and how a lot of players thrive under Kerr/alongside Curry and how *maybe* if Wiggins was another one he'd be amazing but worst case scenario, well, the pick might be good, and Russell hadn't been a great fit, and - AS IT TURNS OUT


Yup. I was a doubter. His rep for playing lazy defense had soured me on him. Thrilled to be wrong. And he is a pleasure to watch. Dude is having so much fun and clearly loves being a warrior. Such a great fit with the core three. Defense, shooting, cutting and driving, bouncy as fuck, gets the system, never hurt. Seemingly never tired. At the beginning of his prime. Looks like he might have unlocked rebounding? What's not to like. All-star Wigs. Best contract in the league. Did not see that coming!


The media were not wrong to say what they said at the time


His comment wasn’t a proving them wrong one more so showcasing how much Wiggins has improved since then which he has and I’m not saying you do but Wolves fans are always the first to dissuade any type of recognition for his improvements


Yeah maybe, it's just that usually people just say this to be mean about the Wolves and how stupid they were to trade away Wiggs when in fact Wiggs would've never been good in Minny


True, Wiggins needed GS. I think the pick was an overpay though.


Rosas really wanted DLo, KAT is best friends with DLo and the prior preseason I think there were talks among the lines of if we were trying to trade Wiggins we'd have to attach 1-2 first round picks, I was extremely happy with the trade at the time, shame we didn't get the version of DLo we hoped for tho


Yeah I think that made negotiations tougher, knowing that the dubs had what the wolves wanted. That trade was pretty controversial at the time, with a lot of people saying the Warriors got screwed. Good luck to the Twolves!




nah Wiggins didn't suck. Wolves environment was just trash and still is. look at the drama yall still got this season. even when Jimmy was there, he didn't bash Wiggins


what drama are you talking about, lol


? KAT, Ant, Gobert, fans booing the team


Do you even watch the wolves to be saying what drama... First we had gobert liking the tweet saying it was a bad trade (for him) then KAT publicly calling out ANT for his off-season and not eating properly, then the wolves office publicly stating they won't be resigning DeAngelo (which is why his early season slumped) then we had the whole not passing to gobert 2.0 escapade. I am not a wolves fan and even I know these.


And now we have a 5 game win streak (longest on the NBA) and Gobert and Towns are playing their best basketball together they have thus far. Kinda shows you dont watch the team either. Every real Wolves fan knew this was going to come together slowly over time


So just because its going well now drama didnt happen? Talk about revisionist history. Now ima say Deandre Ayton always played well and got a long with the team because they turned it around this season, the draymond green punch never happened, and kyrie and simmons were always winning players. See how that works?


First one is stretch, second one was bad but not really drama, third one didn't happen and the fourth one is lack of chemistry, I'm not really worried, we're getting better


Hey, its still drama. People just stating facts. Despite facts we as fans can still believe in our team and downplay their impact.


No they weren’t wrong at the time just in hindsight. Sorry that was low hanging fruit. To be fair I was against the trade and wanted to see what a backcourt of DLo Steph and Klay would look like.( why I have no idea) Could not be happier to be wrong Wiggs fits the system like a glove. Perfect compliment to the splash bros.


not all the media. I remember Kevin O'Conner from the ringer being really positive about it






He’s talking about his new contract. Very far from a max but yes it hasn’t started yet.


Even his current contract - line him up with the others making as much money, and I think he stacks up just fine.


Flair checks out lmao


Don't care what the record says. I trust this Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, Looney lineup against anybody.


I think most do, it's the rest of the team that's a bit sus. I think they figured out that Donte has to play point with Poole so that's a step up


They're playing Draymond with the second unit more as well to add playmaking. Poole needs to pick it up, he was paid to be better than last year and he's been worse. His shooting percentage, even free throws, is way down. Very inconsistent and he really needs to work on reading the floor and passing the ball, especially off drives. The Warriors starters are doing fine even with Klay having a slow start. The first unit is amongst the league leaders in points per 100 possessions and +/-. The bench has been awful, one of the worst in the league from a statistical standpoint. I think Poole will become more consistent and they'll get the second unit figured out enough that they'll stop getting blown off the court half the time. The key for the Warriors to get back to contender status is improving their defense. Everyone thinks about Curry and the offense, but during each NBA Finals run they had one of the best defenses in the league. Last I checked they were 26th in defense this season and that won't cut it. GP2 and Otto Porter got priced out of Golden State, but they're missing that defense right now. I think everyone expected at least one of Moody, Kuminga, or Wiseman would grow into a major contributor and that could still happen, but it's looking less likely with Wiseman in the G League and Moody mostly out of the rotation.


That inbound with both feet on the line made me want to throw something.


Their starters + Poole is cool. It’s everyone else lol.


They need Donte with Poole. Donte is way more consistent and he knows how to dribble.


Kuminga, Lamb, and Donte are stepping up. This team is slowly improving.


Lamb is putting the league on notice: he is a non-embarrassing NBA rotation player


He's shaping out to be our hidden gem of the year.


The times I've seen Lamb on TV I was super impressed. Glad to see him live tonight. He didn't hesitate to shoot and was always hustling at the right place and time.


He was doing all the little things for Curry. Love to see it.


That play last night where he had an open corner three but instead took a step in set a screen for Steph and gave him the open corner three was awesome. He seems to be trying to emulate little bits of what Dray does.


Anybody watched Wiseman at G-league yet?


He’s been great offensively but what we need is his defense to improve and him to hustle on rebounds. Also needs to learn how to set a proper screen. Til then, I don’t think he’s gonna be back for an NBA game.


On your guys’ team, if he learned to be as good at setting screens as Bogut was he’d be a problem.


Boguts like the best screener we ever had, might be an unfair comparison. Wiseman needs to get better though. Someone with his size and athleticism shouldn't be outscreened by his point guard


Kuminga would be acceptable if he stopped jacking so many 3s. But yeah he's finding at least some ways to contribute Moody has been a pretty big disappointment fresh off getting playoff minutes last year. An absolute 0 on offense


Man, you guys grab such useful roleplayers every year. Wish Lakers had your front office


Poole is a great player and I trust him to figure it out... That being said, he has not been the embodiment of excellence as of late


That’s still better than most teams


Sure, but expectations are sky high. They've got the resources and they've got prime curry. A first round exit would be a huge disappointment and ppl would go ape if we suck in the playoffs due to a thin bench.


After the 2nd unit got blown out by the Pels, people were talking about competing for a play-in spot. Now after a win against the Clippers’ second unit, it’s first round exit would be a huge disappointment. Everyone on here is reactionary af.


I'm talking about overall expectations for the year. Competing for a play in spot would be a huge disappointment for the year and that's always been the case. Coming off a championship with no major losses and a promising young core? Expectation is another championship for sure. Is this team as it's currently constructed capable of competing at that level? I'm not sure. But if we don't make moves and we suck in the playoffs due to the same issues people are gonna be real mad.


There’s no way warriors don’t get an easy run to the finals again. Who’s their biggest competition, the fkin kings and jazz???


We don't really know yet I guess. It is pretty open. But warriors looked ROUGH for the first few weeks and they're looking better now for sure but a solid win against the clippers w/o kawhi or pg3 doesn't really change my opinion of them. Not yet.


In reality there’s only about 1 team other than the warriors that actually do anything in the playoffs in the west. And that’s pheonix. The other teams are not built for post season battles.


I wouldn't count out the suns, mavs, nuggets, grizzlies, pelicans, clippers, jazz, or kings. Personally. All of them have their issues, but so do the Warriors. It's wide open.


Grizzlies play the Dubs really tough and it's personal with them.


If the biggest competition is the grizzlies it’s not a big deal compared to the big boys in the east.


Our alley Sactown will do the Lord's work this time.


You’re not paying attention to their team this season to be saying this lol. They don’t have a bench. You can’t win with six guys.


No way you are serious? Otherwise you are dumb as fuck


Poole is terrible. He’s the biggest problem on the current roster along with JMG. I have faith he can turn it around but damn he looks awful rn


It’s the best starting lineup in the league. Regardless of our play this early into the season, teams better hope we don’t even make the playoffs.


What you don’t think the dynasty just ended after 14 games in November..?


Still my pick for the Larry O'Brien. The season isn't 20 games in yet, and they're packed with talent set to ripen this season. Wiggins is the better Harrison Barnes for them.


They were really clicking tonight, just need to get the rest of the team there.


Wiggs really took a pay cut to stay, love this guy


Hes trying to salvage his legacy. Doesn't wanna go down as one of the first pick busts. He's rich already. He'll get paid once curry and Thompson retire.


Inflation Wiggins


Dude is lethal from 3 now


yet another all-star wing who can hit 40% on threes but 50% on free throws


who are the other ones?


Maybe Iguodala? But he was never 40 from 3 so idk.


can tell he worked on his shot. got lot more arc instead of a line drive


Taken a few step backs too.


Yep! absolutely love that he added that to his game. Wiggins happiness makes me happy. Glad he found a home here. Hope they can continue to turn this season around so I can the joy the team usually plays with.


Tbf he always had a nasty step back if you go back and watch his rookie highlights lol


homie has been a goddamn sniper from 3! its so dope. his shot looked great today. i love wiggins


At least one guy who they paid this summer is playing well.


mf wants another all star


Wiggins "fuck r/nba"


Heating up for another All Star bid


Let’s mobilize the K-pop stans


Fuck it im voting just for the anti-bust legacy points. 2 time all star Andrew Wiggins


Wiggins was a core piece of a championship winning team, anyone who calls him a bust anymore is insane


this sub entering meltdown mode in 3, 2, 1.........


I mean last year PG and Kawhi weren’t really factors… and so far this year they aren’t either


Yep. And with lebron's decline the forward positions looking slim in the west


I got two words for ya : Andrew Wiggins Steph curry are must see tv


thats at least 1 word


i remember they were saying the 27 yr old wiggins wouldnt get better than last season lol.


It's crazy too that he's getting paid less lol 😂


Its not a given considering he made a decent leap Last year


Yeah but his added rebounding effort helps even if that effort isn't playoffs level which is fine.


He starts hot every year, especially with his 3-point shooting


He started off atrocious in 2020-21


Maple Jordan.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つAll Star Wiggins༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


2 way wiggs!!!


K-pop stans everywhere on standby


All Star Wiggs is back


And of course Mark Jackson was being a hater.


Andrew is him


Man that lineup that closed the last five minutes sucked


It did, but worth noting that it included none of the starters, Poole, DiVincenzo, or J Green. So you could say it was players 8-12 on the roster, except that Ty Jerome is probably still higher when push comes to shove than PBJ or Rollins, and arguably Wiseman is too even though he's in the G-League, so it's something like players 8, 9, 10, and then 12 or 13 or possibly even 14. ​ (I suspect that they want to make sure Jerome remains eligible as a 2-way player down the stretch and so it's useful not to give him any time when they don't have to; there's a good chance that Lamb gets signed to the open roster spot if he keeps playing the way he has)


It's a garbage time unit consisting of 2 rookies (1 late first round, 1 second round), 2 sophomore young guys, and a 2 way guy. Like on paper that lineup sounds like a G league lineup lmao


Well, it was a garbage time unit so understandable.


Garbage time + Mann and Powell were statpadding


I mean that was quite literally the worst lineup we could put on the court, so I'm not too worried about them looking bad lol.


Maple Jordan is real?


We call him Poutine Pippen now.




He's definitely an all star imo. Last year he was borderline (definitely not a starter though). He might not get it because he's more of a defense and efficiency guy. People are gonna see 18ppg and turn their nose even though his TS is 60%.


It seems like he just keeps getting better as the season goes on. His shot is looking so smooth right now.


Anyone have the highlight of the toilet bowl 3?




Better than Mikal and OG


Freezing cold take didn’t it become obvious after the playoffs


Wiggs going to have shooting splits of 50/40/60 LOL


he never had 60ft% in his career tho, and funny thing is he was 76% his first 3 years, then his volume dropped and % aswell


It was weird how he just lost all confidence in his free throws after the all star break last season. Was shooting 50% for stretch there. He picked it up after the win in Miami, but it was weird to see. I think he’s at 68% so far this season. Hopefully he picks it up to his career average or better


Currys gravity has no effect on the FT line unfortunately.


Warriors are legit to repeat. All their players are doing the work, when the playoffs come, its gonna be a bloodbath if Klay, Wiggins and Steph are at even better than last year.


Their entire bench sucks nuts.


You’re not wrong but we just need like 2-3 guys to emerge to be serviceable. The rotations will shorten in the playoffs


Warriors just need to figure out the bench rotations, which they currently moved dray to the 2nd unit to stabilize the non steph minutes


Well they have until february to do a move if the bench become really hopeless


Love it. Can anyone explain why he can be lethal from 3 but not the charity strip? Seems nuanced


3 points isn't 1 point, I'll explain later


Much more pressure at the free throw line.


For the first time ever maybe the Warriors starting lineup will all be in the all star game.


Kevon Looney as an all star would be so epic lol


I need this to happen lol Warriors FO gotta start the campaign and get BamBam on it


Revenge for zaza


Last year’s postseason run awakened that lotto pick talent. He’s clearly the Robin on GS these days now that Klay has regressed.


Klay's been looking like himself recently after that rough start. Had something like 15 in the first quarter last night after a strong week of performances


Honestly, on the warriors, the robin changes game by game. A lot of the time it's Draymond, or Klay. Wiggs is definitely in that group tho.


Being in the starting lineup is just a cheat code. Defenders have to sell out on Curry and Klay so he’s wide open.


It’s hard to say anyone expected this. But what I was thinking was that this was possible. In a place like GS, where teamwork and unselfishness are important.


Showing why he deserved that ASG starter nod


But Curry doesn’t have any good teammates lol. His team is stacked


Go look at Wiggins' three point percentage before he joined the Warriors and then after, maybe eventually it will click for you what is going on.


He should of gotten Poole's contract tbh


$109M over four years. Is Wiggs now among the best contracts in the NBA. Oh how the turntables.


Wiggins has turned out better than even the most optimistic warriors fan could have imagined. Legitimately turned into an absolute beast. His only weakness is his FT%


Can’t help but think RCJH! That’s great for Wiggins!!


It’s almost like he just learn basketball last season playoff


he has been the most consistent and actually worth the big contracts we handed out. Poole's early returns have been bad, im afraid it was a mistake. Even last year he was a very inconsistent player, and to date has never played effective defense