A player from the Kings is an MVP candidate?! The powers of the beam are too much for me to handle, this is crazy.. What do I do with my hands? I don’t know how to act


I feel like the MVP is the Beam.


I agree. Ain’t no party like a beam party cuz a beam party don’t stop


On a related note, there is strictly a "No Laser Beams" policy at TD Garden. Just fyi for the game tonight.


The beam can’t be stopped by any man made rules. The beam is stronger than human kind


A fuck. Tbh there is no such policy at the TD Garden, but I had to try.


What? Isn’t bringing a laser point to a basketball game a whole big thing?


What about leprechaun-made rules?


MVB for sure




Just hug Mike Brown


I love it


I was little sad when he decided to leave Warriors (I still am a bit) but now it feel good to see him do great in Kings.


I would have preferred keeping him instead of Atkinson, but share feelings with you.. hope him the best except against the Warriors 😬


honestly glad we at least have Atkinson, Mike Brown was a huge loss


I'm personally building the Mike Brown statue


The Kings are messing with lovecraftian, color-from-space powers to fuel their success.


Fox is the real deal. Always has been


Fire the beam!


I know what I'd be doing with my hands if I was a kings fan atm


Where in the absolute fuck is SGA


Should be higher. Dude looks incredible.


Gotta have SGA if you’re putting AD on here good to see Fox


i am surprised SGA is not here yeah . How is he not on the list after averaging 31 ppg


I'd guess it's because he's on the thunder lol.


The Laker effect


It’s Anthony daviss not Anthony Davis


I read this in Hermione's voice.


the being elite on defense helps. not that sga is bad. but he's not ad


This is true. Spurs just had a 3 on 1 on AD and didn't know what to do


just ignoring that AD is still a top 5 defender in basketball


AD’s been great this year


Yeah, leading the league in rebounds, 3rd in blocks and 9th in steals Not to mention averaging 31/14 the last 7 games (26.4/12.6 for the season)


Wow really? I feel like I’ve heard nothing about AD this year and I’m on this sub daily. Glad he’s healthy.


He's referring to his teams record. Not his play.


Luka - 9th seed Curry -11th seed Thunder has two more wins than the Lakers. Bron been missing games too. what is everyone crying about


curry's team is 11th in the west and he's somehow top 5


Bruh, Luka is 1 and Mavs is 10th in the West.


But Luka is soooo classy with it


Uhh..... so clearly you're not paying attention. He's putting up numbers beyond his unanimous MVP season.


Are you actually arguing that Curry isn't top 5 tho?


Seeding means nothing right now. The whole damn NBA is separated by like 4 games.


Curry is averaging something like 33/8/8 on something like 54/44/94 for the whole season not just a couple of games( i dont remember the exact numbers). With crazy true shooting and NO free throws. Better than his unanimous mvp season. And his team is at 500 right now. So yeah he deserves being top5. Lakers won like 5 games the whole season or something.


except i would argue that Shai averaging 5 more ppg and 5 more apg doenst outweigh AD leading the league in rebounds while being a true elite defensive anchor i’m a kentucky fan so i love shai, but AD affects the game in other dimensions besides scoring and Shai doesn’t go the same levelb


"Im a Kentucky fan so I love shai" c'mon man, that doesn't really work here and if you're a real Kentucky fan you know why.


That's fair. But until either team is at least .500 neither player should even be on there IMO.


MVP is a 2, potentially 3, man race every year. Anything outside of the top 2 candidates is usually pointless. At the beginning of the year especially. Like come on, is there any chance that someone like Donovan Mitchell, who is playing very well, is going to win an MVP this year? Not even dissing him. Do you think there is above a 1% chance that Fox wins MVP this year?


Run from it, hide from it, the Joker arrives all the same


He is inevitable.


Joker is so consistently durable as well. If Luka or JT fall off or miss 10-20 games you can see him right back in the 1 or 2 spot in April, to ESPN and the NBA’s chagrin


But I don't think he will win it again unless Nuggets get top spot in the west. Voters fatigue, and this year he has his entire team back, so he isn't carrying bad roster any more. There is a fact that Murray and MPJ are still far from their top form Jamal in terms of level, MPJ in terms of consistancy, but nobody is going to concider that by the end of the season.


Nuggets could definitely get top spot in the West. As you said, Murray and MPJ will improve as the year goes on. Jokic will no doubt keep stuffing the stat sheet.


The funny thing is, this was the somewhat popular opinion the years he was MVP too


Idk about MVP but I think the Nuggets should be a top seed and have a deeeeep playoff run. Obviously the #2 and #3 guys coming back but the addition of Bruce brown, KCP will be huge for them. Plus AG is Swiss Army knife and deserves some more love


AG definitely deserves more love for what he does. But for the deep playoff run, Jamal needs to get a lot better. Hopefully he does by the time playoff starts. Best case scenario, he transforms into bubble Murray oncenit starts.


I tend to agree, getting a third consecutive is nearly impossible without him averaging a triple double and nabbing a top 3 seed. But, but…. Neither of those are completely out of their potential. I could see him ending at 23/10/12 and the Nuggets grabbing the three seed.


Nuggets are currently the 2nd seed, and aaron gordon is playing like a goddamn all star for some reason, vlatko and bruce brown are also playing extremely well and hyland has his moments, i can definitely see the nuggets getting the top seed


If you're looking for JT to miss games that ain't likely either. Led the team in minutes every season of his career.


Nikola spares no one.


In awe how he can miss 10 days for covid and come back with back to back 30 pt games missing a trip dub by 1 board in one game and 1 assist in the other.


Look at Steph with all the youngsters. I'm extremely proud of that old man.


He should also be 1st since he is having the best year


Love him, but there's no reason for AD to be above KD so far.


Kd has played every game leads the league in minutes played is averaging 29-7-5 on 65% true shooting and is carrying his team and isn’t on here.


He just doesn't have the narrative because the way the Nets get talked about you would think they're 2-17


No reason for him to be on list at all


i understand an honourable mention (to a degree) but top 10? no shot but he’s a laker so, yknow


What kind of mvp candidate carries his team to bottom 2 of the league? KD and Shai easily deserve the top 10 over him


Let's be honest AD has never been able to consistently carry a bad team to wins lol He's a play finisher, not a play creator, and that playstyle works great with other superstars but doesn't really make role players around him better The perfect player to pair with a guy like Luka but if you just straight up asked him to replace Luka on the Mavs the results would be horrible


Imagine if he was paired with one of the best passers of the last decade, someone who has the best BBIQ probably ever. And then imagine they put 3+D guys around them. That team would probably win a championship.


You know what would be even better than that? Russell Westbrook


Dude made it over SGA OKC has a better record and he’s putting up 31-5-6 on 52-38-93


Surprised JT is number 2. That's nice.


huge week for JT thor


Not to hate on JT Thor, but it’s really a waste of a great name.


right? imagine if he was a superstar, the “throw down the hammer” calls would just be incredible


EC is ready if JT ever gets there. Pretty sure his first bucket was a poster and he called it.


I really thought the guy was gonna be a late-first/early-second steal. The fucking Hornets suck at player development so bad man


Or maybe he just sucks? You can’t develop everybody


Maybe, maybe not, but the Hornets can't develop *anybody.* Mark Williams was the 15th overall pick *this year,* he's cutting up the G-League right now (20 points, 13 rebounds, and 2 blocks on 60% from the field), and the Hornets *suck ass,* but Clifford won't play him over friggin' *Mason Plumlee*. Players don't develop without NBA minutes.


Hey now, that's "statistically the worst pick and roll defender in the NBA" mason plumlee to us. You can't just replace that


Who runs the Hornets? Who is notorious for having poor player dev skills?


If Luka holds out, it will make 5 years in a row without an American MVP. Given Jokic and Giannis are right behind JT in the ladder, Tatum might be the only shot to break that streak.


Actually it would be 5 years in a row MVP from Balkan which is just a bit smaller than Texas.


31/8/5 on 62% TS on top team in the league, 0 missed games That’s most valuable type of numbers. Not surprised


He will win it if the Celts end up 1st overall. Clear best guy on the 1st seed only lost once (to a lower seed), 1988 when MJ was having the best individual year in the media voting Era. No matter what any ladder say, *clear* best guy on the 1st seed who also played more than 70-72 games is automatic. Ofc it's November and a million things can go awry from now to April.


Yeah idk what the obsession with supporting cast quality is. Even a god-tier carry job to a 6th seed just isn't what wins MVP.


Its funny because in hockey its the complete opposite. A player that drag a lottery team into the playoffs has more chance to win than the best player on the best team. So basically, if you remove the player on the team, how it would affect them. If we talk about Luka vs JT, Boston is till competitive but Dallas contend for Wemby.


Sports like hockey, baseball, and football all reduce the impact a single player can have on the overall season. Baseball you're 1/9 hitters or 1/5 pitchers; Football's got like 3 positions you can win MVP from because no one else impacts the game as much as the QB or RB; Hockey a star plays 25 minutes max. In Basketball, save for horridly bad supporting casts, the star has basically all the control over the team's record and seeding. Players like Harden and Westbrook would have the ball in their hands for 38 minutes of a 48 minute game; of course their team's results are more inherently tied how the individual star performs.


Yeah but if the reason they have the ball in their hands so long is that because his teamates suck...they're on the floor all that time too. So yeah, a great player has more influence on the game but the bad player also affects the game in the same manner but in the opposite way. Especially when you have no decent backup for that bad player on your starting 5.


if he can maintain even 60% TS, and the Celtics finish with 60 win, it's his award honestly Giannis missing games, Luka/Steph won't be near the win total


Yea i’m surprised he isn’t 1


And JB is first honorable mention. Shoutout to the haters who said we should trade them for Kawhi, PG, AD, etc. Edit: on 2nd thought I think the honorable mention are just in alphabetical order but the point still stands lmao


I rock with AD but bro shouldn’t sniff this list while the lakers are sucking. He’s had a great few games but let’s not act like the Lakers are guaranteed a playoff spot


Especially as SGA who has been lights out didn’t make the list.




The SGA slander! He really needs to be in top 10. No disrespect to AD, because he is balling out, but SGA needs to be in AD's spot on that list.


SGA is top 5


if you're gonna say that then you need to say who you'd bump out


You know


how is ad on here at all? hes played well but lakers are 5th last leaguewide and 14th in the west




Same way Kia got their name on the list then?


It’s disappointing that Lauri Markanen isn’t an honorable mention


SGA: am I joke to you?


Dude, get ADs 5-11 record having ass up out of here. Idc how good he’s been. He plays for one of the worst teams in the league


And sga is not on here.... Criminal as fk


This sub really hates AD so much lol it’s bizarre. This is a meaningless early-season MVP ranking and AD isn’t even in the top five, it’s not a big deal… the dude has had 4 straight 30/15 games with elite defense just let us have this


>Kia MVP Ladder: Nikola Jokic's scoring binge nets No. 3 ranking Nikola Jokic surges up a spot and Stephen Curry enters the top 5 in our latest look at key contenders for Kia MVP.


Gotta love Malone comparing Jokic to Secretariat lol. Knows how to go right to Jokic's heart.


How is Pat bev not top 10 rn. MVP voting are some nephews.


He’s in the top 10 of instigators


KD and SGA should be in the top 10 minimum Steph will be #1 soon. Only 1 game separates the Warriors and Mavs, but Steph has been the best player in the NBA this year imo.


Yep. Somehow Steph has become underrated? Or at least how well he's playing is under the radar because of how bad the rest of the Warriors are. Dude is averaging 32/7/7 on career best efficiency. That's Steph Curry career best. That's rim runner efficiency from a volume point guard.


MVP is about narratives. It will probably be Luka’s “turn” this year as long as his play and his team don’t turn the corner for the worse.


I don't think you're wrong. I just hope we can acknowledge Steph is actually playing the best ball of his career right now. His defense is also still improved over where it was in 2016.


But it shouldn't be. Luka is becoming massively overratwd, both her and in the media. His efficiency is not good enough to be the MVP front runner. He's still below 30% from 3. That's horrid.


Yup I don’t understand how curry is 4 spots below luka when the Mavs are 9-8 and the warriors are 9-10. Curry has been playing better too on less usage and way better efficiency.




Yeah records will probably end totally different from now and big question on both Luka and curry as to whether they can sustain this all season


I think it's because of the below .500 record. If the Mavs were 10-7 and the Warriors were 10-9, we'd probably be having a different conversation.


It’s literally a 2 game difference though, even at the end of the year, 42-40 versus 40-42 is super negligible. Right now when everything record related can and is changing rapidly, it’s an especially silly distinction to make.


I think these rankings are a reflection of what narratives we should expect to see this season and we who should expect to win as a result You're right team records are pretty meaningless rn because they can change so dramatically so why have such a big difference in rank between the two? The media is saying this is Doncic's year to lose


Partly because the Warriors been below .500 and the Mavs have been above. But also it seems pretty obvious there's a real media push for a Luka MVP run.


Unless curry gets the scoring title this season, I don't think he will get mvp. It's just how voting fatigue usually goes


It’s been a while since his last MVP though. Last season, he was the leading MVP early in the race and voters probably wouldn’t have minded giving him another one if he didn’t start his worst slump ever.


If Steph maintains this until the end of the season, it would be hard to not give him the MVP. His stats are actually better than the unanimous MVP season. Crazy efficiency and ppg with low ball usage with personal all time high rebounding and this is his best defensive version.


I think #1 will be Tatum if the Warriors overtake mavs . Media tends to want to give the MVP to a younger emerging star than an already established great. Warriors would need to be a top 4 seed and Curry would probably have to maintain 50/40/90 to win it


With his volume on three’s it’s probably close to impossible for Steph to maintain 50/40/90 again Even if he carries on shooting something absurd like 60%+ on his 2P his FG% could probably end up 47-48%.


Nikola Jokic on the MVP ladder. Inevitable


Dude is so good. I am in love with the Balkan influence on the NBA. Dudes have transformed the game and not been given nearly enough credit for being superstars with a team first mentality. Giannis, Jokic, Doncic is truly a golden age of basketball.


Greek freak should be top 3


All Ladders, including the KIA MPV one hate Giannis after the Laddergate.


I’d put money Tatum wins it this year


If the Mavs only win 43 games (current pace) Luka isn't winning it. But I'm still hopeful this team gets it together and wins 50 or more. If they do Luka has a very good chance.


The way our role players are currently performing, I can only see us getting better as the season goes on. Bullock and THJ have never been consistently amazing, but both are playing like utter ass so far. They will revert back to their norm eventually.


im also expecting a mid season trade for another handler, probably a buy low by nico


I'm both huge fans of Luka and Steph, and I do think that they are better players than Tatum rn but with the success the Celtics are maintaining, the narrative, and Tatum honestly being at least a top 5 guy in the league rn along with his defensive impact I hope he wins it.


What do you think the chances are he wins?


Solid. If both the warriors and mavs keep their pace and win around 40-45 points (which is honestly a good thing with the warriors state rn) I'd say the only threat is Giannis.


Not necessarily luka doesn’t need to have the best record jokic won last year being the 6th seed


Why is Curry not rated properly. Last Week Curry was 10th while playing better and better record than AD who is ranked 8th? Now Luka is 1st with 10 seed while Curry is 5th with 11th seed? That doesn't make any sense relative to eachother


I mean it has to be voter fatigue, right?. Not sure these rankings are factoring that in but Jokic, Curry, and Giannis are just at a natural disadvantage because they've each won multiple already. He's basically having a better season than his unanimous MVP year, too.


He won 7 seasons ago though Last year they were horny to give him the MVP early on too, when he was playing well but nothing out of the ordinary for him I think it's just narratives


No offense, but why are you looking at seeds as anything right now? Mavs are 2 games back from 1 seed. Like, it's all so bunched up being 10th seed isn't a slight at all at this point.


That's their point. Curry has the best stats of any player. But he's getting punished in mvp rankings because of seeding (not that they matter at all, but still...) Which is stupid, as you say. Warriors are 3 games 9ut of the 1 seed. Mavs are two games out. Why is the player who has been the best so much lower, then?


Right now, seeding doesn't matter much. In the West there are literally 2 games separating the #1 suns and the #10 Mavs. That'll change later in the season but for now seeding means very little.


Curry is the most disrespected player in the league


At this point I'd love to see Jokic win a 3rd straight MVP purely for the collective meltdown it would cause.


It really shouldnt, Jokic has been incredible the last 2 seasons and including this one.


Anthony Davis team is 5-10 lmao


I can’t see why Luka gets so much love for doing exactly what everyone bashed Westbrook for…but hey, whatever 🤷🏾‍♂️


Westbrook did win the MVP though


The entire top 5 is worthy so far. Will be an interesting race


Luka being 1 while also being in the 9th seed is really something. Almost as if media wants him to win this


We have 9 wins. The 1 seed has 11 wins. Is it that crazy? It’s too early to split hairs from a seeding standpoint


Mavs are only two games out of first place and would be a Victor candidate without Luka.


You guys were saying that last year as well and then they won 2 playoff games without him


Yeah because Luka carries the Mavericks and their 8th rated defense


We also had a good second ball handler and were playing better defense last season.


tbf those two wins were miracular. brunson 41 and kleber 8/8 from 3 were very unlikely, although it was deserved because you could see out there that the mavericks wanted to win more.


Holy crap this again... Brunson was balling. The best bball he played in his career. Maxi, DFS and Bullock were shooting at a ridicuous pace in these 2 games. Maxi and DFS were over 60% on like 7 3's a game. That is not sustainable. Two games is not a really big sample size. Anyone who actually watch the Mavs know that the team would be at the bottom without Luka.


We lost to the rockets the only game Luka sat this year


Okay you also lost to the Denver without their 3 best players with Luka. One game doesn't mean anything


Okay you also lost to the Denver without their 3 best players with Luka. One game doesn't mean anything


This rationale doesn't make sense. The Mavs are constructed around Luka, similar to how the contending Rockets teams were constructed around Harden. Long athletic 3&d players that have trouble creating their own offense. Of course they would be a lottery team without Luka. It's not evidence of his overall value, it's evidence of effective team construction and his value to the Mavs. That said, Luka should be #1/#2 on these rankings. I do think these rankings inconsistently punish players for team record, and if it was more aligned with how MVP results actually turn out, Tatum would #1 given the Celtics record compared to other candidates.


They been making him the favorite to win it for 3 years, they definitely want to give it to him.


not really sure how one 15 point game pushes SGA out of the top 10 entirely but oh well edit: i love de'aaron fox but like: de'aaron fox at #9: 25-5-6 on 54/39 sga as honorable mention: 31-5-6 on 52/38 pretty much identical stats except shai has +6 ppg lmao shai also clears AD easily


We’ve looked so good but still find a way to lose our games, so I get why he’s dropped off the list. If Aaron Gordon didn’t go Super Saiyan in the 4th and If Brunson were mortal we’d be atleast .500 and SGA would be in the top ten. But right now we’re 7-11 so I get it. Edit: wait wtf, I take it all back if AD is on the list


Kings are the 5 seed right now. Thunder are the 11th.


Why the fuck is Anthony Davis on here then lol Lakers are 13th/14th in the West depending on whether you use percentage or games back


He also should not be on the list. It's an opinion piece.


The Thunder are 3 wins back from the Kings, I don't know that you can weigh seeding that heavily this early in the season


Holy shit, I didn't know SGA had stats like that so far.


he’s been other worldly, nobody seems to be able to stop him when he gets to his spots


If I recall, Jokic was nowhere on this list the last time this list was released. Did that one near 40 pt triple double really move him 6 levels?


Guess so, really just goes to show how much they push narratives lol


Nuggets will get 57 wins and Jokić will win averaging 26/13/9


4th most PPG with a mid tier win % for the names listed doesn’t get a t10 nod at least?


Davis at 8?


SGA has to be here somewhere


AD has been incredible, but for like a week lol. Shai not being in his place is dumb.


Celtics are the best team in the league in the regular season, by far. Tatum may win it just off that but his supporting cast is the best. Giannis has an amazing supporting cast as well. Brook Lopez deserves First Defensive Team. Luka has nothing, AD as well.


How are you going to have AD there over Embiid?


I think this could be like 18-19 Harden year, where the stats get the hype going all year, but then the voters have some sense in realizing that the game is played on both ends of the court. A huge difference here is that when the opposing team is on the offensive end, many are looking for a Luka matchup for their best player. They aren't doing that for Tatum. If you look at Luka's vs. Tatum's usage (38.5 Luka vs. 32.1 Tatum), you can see that Tatum's also making more of his time on ball.


Also prime Harden > current Luka


Why isn’t Lauri Markkanen on here?


Embiid has very similar stats to Giannis (more efficient, 1 less reb/assist, 1 more block) as well as Davis, Jo should be slotted somewhere 5-7 based on record alone.


I feel like Embiid has become so disliked that it's starting to hurt any possible MVP narrative which really shouldn't happen I'm not a fan of his playstyle either but he's absolutely still one of the best players in the league


As Zach Lowe said on his early season MVP podcast w/ KP, early-season W/L record shouldn't be over-weighted this early in the season. People in this thread are both complaining about ADs 5-11 record and also saying Steph should be #1 on the list. In reality, there's not a huge difference between 5-11 and 9-10 this early in the season, and we shouldn't discount AD or lower Steph *too much* because of these records. Still, AD a bit too high, SGA too low, and Steph **definitely** too low.


Tyrese Haliburton would like a word


I know it doesnt matter but AD is top 10 and not SGA??


JT not being 1 after literally beating the other candidate, having the stats, and the wins is hilarious. This is why you cant get to caught up in these awards


And JT is all nba level defense


I think they really want to give it to Luka this year Tatum would have to win like 65 while Luka wins 40-45 in order to come out on top Crazy thing is that it's not all that hard to see it happening


People thought that we'll be gone? Lol. By definition for 'most valuable player' Jokic's name WILL always be there.


The thing that keeps Jokic down at this point is voter fatigue. They’re not going to want to give him 3 straight. It’s also what’s going to keep Embiid down. If Jokic is the 1st team All NBA center, no shot the 2nd team center wins MVP.


Steph is way higher lmao, 1 if not 2


Luka at 1 is ridiculous. He’s at the 10th seed and is shooting 29% from 3 and 75% from the line with ridiculous usage rate. Like be serious here. If record doesn’t matter right now, then Steph is the one who should be at 1. Clearly been the best player so far and is shooting 52/44/90. If record is factored in then it should be Tatum or Giannis.