I love when players have this attitude. Just because you aren't playing like an all star doesn't mean you gotta pretend to be sad all the time.


Don’t worry Vuce, r/nba will let you know how much of a scrub you are! Apparently you can only ever be a superstar or a scrub here 🙃


mid middy mid


As KD would say, middy? Nah that’s a “Pull-up hesi-jimbo!”


Vuc: you can’t stop me, i’ll continue to be mid.


“Ayo P, they saying I should play some *defense*!”


"What are they going to to do, undo the trade?"


What everyone likes to gloss over is if Vuc didn't come, DeMar doesn't come. So if you just wanna nuke this whole team thats fine but there's a domino effect at play here. I think last season was worth it to make NBA basketball in Chicago relevant again. Sleeping giant market. That being said they obviously lost the trade from just a pure trade perspective


Bulls offered DeRozan like 2X the salary of any other team lmao


And still underpaid him


Okay Demar is here so what? He’s fun to watch we still aren’t winning anything.


Where are the sources saying that Derozan would’ve declined $120M to play on the MLE elsewhere? I don’t really care what Derozan says, he can say what he want and the Vuc USC thing is an adorable, feel good story. But money talks and no other team I’m aware even offered Derozan a contract. He was going to get traded to the Lakers but then the lakers decided to go to Westbrook. Who is the team Derozan would’ve gone to if Chicago didn’t trade for Vuc?


Demar came here due to the bag the Bulls threw at him. No other team offered that. He doesn’t spend the time telling how he wanted to go to the Lakers if the Vuc thing is real. Chicago will NEVER be a top destination and will be asleep forever. Shit weather 8 months out year, Taxes that rival Cali, known terrible ownership. Take out lucking out on drafting the greatest player and the youngest MVP ever and the Bulls are a bottom 5 franchise of all time.


players will be clamoring to go to Chicago because of jordan


It's the bulls/derozan/lavine fault for not even utilizing him and settling for long 2s instead. Yesterdays game was disgusting to watch him iced out by his cold teammates


I agree to an extent but a lot of the blame is also on him. You’ll rarely see him use his size or post moves (all he really has is that hook) to abuse a mismatch. Bulls start a lot of games feeding him, then he’ll get passive & just keep passing out. The other night he had Poku on him and instead of backing his skinny ass down, he went for fadeaway jumpers or just passed it back out. His first 1.5 years here he hasn’t been an efficient post scorer, last season he shot like shit but it didn’t really matter because He’s a 3rd option and the first 2 couldn’t miss lol. His value is his rebounding Where I feel bad for him is he’s asked to play on the perimeter way more than he probably prefers to compliment Demar’s game. Especially late in games where our only gameplan is “give it to Demar” and him and Zach are asked to stand out on the 3pt line for C&S opps, usually with not much time on the shot clock. He was 1/7 btw, not his night A diff coach and PG probably makes him look a bit better, but individually he’s been very disappointing as a Bull


You know what I used to really want the Kings to sign/trade for Vuc, I thought as a floor spacing 5 he would be great next to Fox. I was kinda wrong, I still like him as a player but I’m glad we didn’t trade firsts for him.


Personality wise this is one of my favorite Bulls teams ever, but yeah Vooch on the court I’m not your biggest fan lol


Sounds about right


People tend to have long-term memory loss with these sorta things anyhow. WCJ could not stay on the court, and when he was healthy, he was just okay. Vooch is still a top ten center on most days, but on the Bulls, he just doesn’t fit super well. Wagner was a treat for the Magic, but the Magic were obviously higher on Suggs, who they drafted 3 slots higher than Franz. But even if the Bulls got to be pair Wagner & Lavine. That possibly wouldn’t have led to picking up Lonzo then Caruso then DeMar. And at this point, the Bulls would be nowhere near a playoff team without those 3.


No take backs


You will take Franz from my cold dead hands


I’d take em


Man I'm just glad for once in my fucking life time we finally hustled somebody vs the usual getting hustled by everybody.


We kind of won the Dwight trade by default by getting Vucevic in the first place


Are you kidding? It's only a win because we then flipped Vuc. 😆