Influencer dies after live-streaming himself drinking bottles of Chinese spirit Baijiu

If there is a challenge to drink something, don't do it.


If there is a challenge to drink something, don't do it.


Or just don’t do any challenge. They’re all stupid.


You just created the don’t do any challenge challenge.


I've been doing this challenge for years, I think I might have the record.


But you've admitted to doing a challenge, so you've failed the don't do anything challenge.


Shit, you got me.


“The only way to win is not to play”


This feels like a more modern version of "the game"


Ah shit I just lost the game


The risk/reward on any meme challenge is super disproportionate. If you succeed, you might get a handful of likes but if things go south you die.


That's what I taught my son early on. A friend's son died doing the "strangulation challenge" that was going around 12 years ago. Where you'd strangulate yourself until you get a high out of it. She found her 12 years old son dead, tangling from the living room ceiling, on the computer he had opened the site explaining the "challenge". It's just horrible.


Shit, that’s been going on since the 80s. I had a friend get brain damage from that when she did it in middle school, this was back in 1996.


I started having seizures when I played that “game” as a kid. Made sure to teach my kids to be less dumb than me.


I'm a few years younger than you, but back in my day we called in "Space Monkey".


I challenge you.. to get off Tik Tok


I dunno, I wanna see a tiktok influencer do a challenge to get young people out to vote


New Tik Tok Challenge: Buy a house! Learn about taxes!


>Or just don’t do any challenge. They’re all stupid. You MUST do the ice bucket challenge or you hate people with ALS


30 day fitness challenge decline 💪💪💪


*carefully sets down bottle of pee*


That's why I only drink directly from the tap.


Only from the garden hose outside


Its ok, its [sterile.](https://youtu.be/3Ik7cEuAQH8)




Was going to check it out thinking it was the Dodgeball clip, but your comment seems to imply it is not, so now I am too scared to do so...


There was a radio contest years ago that killed a woman, and that involved continually chugging water... without bathroom breaks.


Hold your wee for a wii?


Damn, this brings me back


Hyponatremia https://theguardian.com/world/2007/jan/15/usa


Drink the correct amount of water for your personal daily needs. challenge


Exactly. It's ok to say no.


Instructions unclear...drank horse semen.


Do you want centaurs? This is how we get centaurs.


username definitely checks out...


If there is a challenge ~~to drink something,~~ don't do it.


I don't at all feel influenced.


Sure you do! You feel influenced to not drink it!


I work at a liquor store and I was asked if the customers make me want to drink. It's quite the opposite actually.


Wait why would they think the -customers- would make you want to drink? Them buying it? Their behavior? Not the alcohol selection itself? I worked at a steakhouse and I didn’t eat steak for years because it just reminded me of work. Folks don’t realize that association is a helluva anti-drug


It's more like "you're surrounded by all this booze you must want to drink". When it is really more like Im surrounded by this booze the last thing I want to do is drink.


Or its more like, all these people keep coming in here buying booze all the time and their lives look like they're falling apart


I work in higher end wine shops so I see less of that though it is still a thing I have to deal with.


I worked as a bartender in Wetherspoons, I had to deal with it a lot


Yeah, it’s some depressing shit. Basically every day - the second we opened - there’d be one or two of ‘the regulars’ coming in for their fix. Gaunt, tired-looking drones that head straight for their poison - always the most cheapest % of alcohol per drop. Slightly improved because precious liquor was just moments away, you could crack open a tiny bit of sociability at the register before they got home again, and started drinking away the hours until the next stock up.


I’ve been sober for 5 years now. I just went to a bar for the first time since better sober to see a concert. Almost everyone there was drunk and to just observe that. How loud and obnoxious every single drunk person was, immediately turned me off from it. I’ve had zero desire to drink in 5 years and was actually nervous about going to a bar. But I also recognize why I had been an alcoholic myself. And I’m doing all the hard work through trauma, so I’m not drinking to numb hard things anymore. Now I do yoga and garden and process hard things while digging and planting


Congrats on the sobriety. Keep strong!


Same. Wine store employee here. No alcohol for me. Ever...


Bartender checking in…ditto. Made me stop drinking all together even.


That's rare. Bartender here too. I'm now an alcoholic.


Strange, bartender here also too. I drink the perfect amount of alcohol but heavily abuse Salvia Extract.


I almost downvoted you out of some kind of Pavlovian reflex, tied to my own salvia experiences!


I have never met someone who actively uses, never mind abuses Salvia. That drug was one of the most uncomfortable experience I ever had on drugs. However, I smoked it and was told if you make a tea with fresh leaves its much more pleasant... still not gonna try it again.


An aficionado of the green fairy I see


What the guy dying of cirrhosis buying his second 1.75L of ~~rubbing alcohol~~ bottom shelf vodka before 5pm isn’t suddenly a life goal?


Reminds me of how working at a casino for a year helped me steer clear of casinos afterwards


I was a bartender in my 20s and one of my co-workers was a Mormon woman. People would ask her how she could serve alcohol when she doesn't drink it. She said that's exactly why she doesn't drink alcohol. She sees the effect up close everyday. That kind of planted a seed for me and I've rarely drank since.


Did your interactions go like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRbj1Q4tXNo


If anything, he was the one that was under the influence 🤐


Now 6 feet under the influence.


Dumbass could have faked it and nobody would have known.


That would have encouraged people to do something unsafe thinking he had done it successfully. Now he served as a warning


not much of an influencer if his followers don't die, too.


You can influence someone not to do the same stupid shit you do.


Are they worthy of the influencer name though in that case?


their tombstone can wear the designation with pride.


Hold up. You gotta donate at a certain patreon level to unlock tombstone engravings.


Right like apparently it was a challenge with another streamer... that guy was probably faking.. what happened to him?


Apparently, this was his punishment for losing the challenge. The drinking wasn't the challenge in and of itself


Yeah, but if he faked it, he wouldn't have made the news....


It's 1D chess, losers


According to Chinese social media, this man had multiple failed businesses before this influencer stint, and was finally able to make a decent living supporting his family (dad in the hospital I think, and single parent) after he saw the additional income coming in from being an ‘influencer’


Sometimes art requires risk. The syrup scene in super troopers was real syrup. They could have died just as easily.


Well, Rabbit could have. Thorny was in no danger, he was protected by those lips.


So much of his authority was derived from them. 👄


Now, if it was _a litre_ of syrup... That could've been rough...


I'm gonna have to go rewatch- I thought it was his mustache that gave him his authority.




Butt-chugging syrup is different than drinking 3 bottles of [fairly] high proof alcohol


And those are two examples of risk sans any artistic goals, much less achievements.


and even if people wouldve known, water is better than alcohol 100% of the time


Didn't someone die during a radio promotion for hold your pee for a Wii water drinking contest?




Yes a mother who was trying to win the Wii for her daughter. The radio hosts were let go.


Seriously, in a culture that considers cheating a legitimate path towards winning at anything he chooses to be honest with this one.


I drank that like a responsible adult would, the one in the bottle that looks like lighter fluid. I was messed up. Pretty sure it is like 100-120 proof.




The one I had was 106 proof, I looked it up. Kweichow Moutai


Lol real Moutai and what this guy was drinking are like night and day. This dude was probably pounding down something closer to ethanol given how dog shit cheap baijiu is in China.


All alcohol for consumption is ethanol my mans


True, but that 95% lab grade stuff doesn’t have the same charm as 3 penis wine, ya know?


3 Penis wine?


Taco's 3 Penis Wine is great, made from the cock of a deer, dog, and a snake


My god, I haven't seen a League reference in a while.


I avoided The League for so long because I’m not at all into football. My cousin convinced me it was hilarious even if you cared nothing about the game. Really glad I listened to him.


...snake cock. guess this is a good time to go get some fresh air. cheers, reddit!


I meant pure ethanol. China has had issues with fake baijiu for ages. Some of the cheap stuff is basically industrial grade ethanol.


I think they were trying to say they were drinking nearly pure ethanol rather than the "watered down" drinks most of us are used to.


I honestly didn’t even realize there were more than one type before I made my original comment here.


Not really your fault to be honest. There is very little diversity of Baijiu in the US/Canada and Moutai is pretty much the only one that is recognizable due to its prestigious status amongst Chinese businessman and CCP officials. To give you context, an authentic bottle of Moutai would probably go for 600-1000USD (price varies by location) if you can find one to start with. The stuff this guy is drinking probably cost like 5USD a bottle.


Think: Russia and Vodka. Everything from $1000 a bottle super premium to cheap ass foil top stuff that *might* have enough methanol in it to send you blind.


I have a personal rule never to drink anything flammable. No good can come of it. And I'm a fucking alcoholic.


Ya, I'm with you. My bros wanted to go out and skull some kindling and I was like "fuck off you shitheads, I'm saving that so we can cook some s'mores later".


So not even barrel whiskey proof.


Never heard of the stuff myself, but it says it's between 30-60%. Don't know if that's due to crappy manufacturing or if it's different types of it. At the high end, it would be 120 proof. Regardless, you gotta be pretty dumb to chug bottles of liquor. Thought it was common sense to know the outcome, but apparently not in this case.


A college near me in the US just had an entire fraternity shut down because they made some pledge chug bottles of liquor and he died. Crazy.


A story as old as time, and it’s so upsetting that guys never learn. This same thing happened at my college 20 years ago, and seems to happen every year again and again.


They got real creative a few years ago after an anatomy 101 Lab, started putting tubes up their butt... Called it but chuggin.


FYI for readers, you won't vomit if you've had too much and might die


What’s up VCU


Woot woot? Or something


I’ll take those woots, thank you kindly.


BGSU or VCU? This has happened a couple of times. The BGSU frat was shut down, frat members charged and convicted and the state of Ohio passed anti-hazing legislation in response. You know your frat party fucked up when the fucking state passes laws against it afterwards. [Stone Foltz](https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tTP1TcwLDC3TDJg9BIoLsnPS1VIy88pqVJISi8uBQB-ewlW&q=stone+foltz+bgsu&oq=stine+fo&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j0i10i512l3j46i10i512j46i10i340i433i512l2j0i10i512l2j0i10i433i512j0i10i131i433i512j0i10i512j0i10i131i433i512j0i10i512l2.4450j0j1&client=ms-android-verizon-us-rvc3&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8) if anyone is interested.


you can od on alcohol. downing a few bottles in quick succession will do that. happens all the time


And, even if you don't OD directly, you lose most of your reflexes, including the ones that protect you from falls as well as the ones that protect you FROM falling.


And the ones that keep you from aspirating your vomit


That as well.


I can say this with 100% confidence that it is the most disgusting hard alcohol you will ever drink. Not only does it burn your throat, but your stomach feels on fire afterward. Then there's "The Burp" that happens shortly after that, which makes you relive the taste again. For my wedding, we asked the photographer to take a few shots of everyone taking one shot, and it's framed over my desk. Most people never had it and it's fucking hilarious.


My friend's bar gives a shot of it as a prize for the winners and losers of various events like trivia night. I'm glad I'm average at best at bar games...


Is it more disgusting than Bacardi 151? I can assure you that shit is not pleasant either.


It makes Bacardi 151 taste like the greatest drink of choice you've ever had. It tastes like gasoline. No redeeming qualities besides that's it dirt cheap, and you get drunk crazy quickly from it.


I've tried it, and it's like a combination of baby puke and sour watermelon. Its fascinatingly disgusting. A few years back the BBC had articles about baijiu being laced with viagra, so I think theres this "male vitality" sort of folklore surrounding the spirit, the same way shitty beer or whisky is highly regarded as a "puts hair on your chest" type of initiation into adulthood in the west. I am not Chinese though, and I really dont know much about the spirit aside from it not really being my cup of tea.


Baijiu has a unique taste. It's made of sorghum, so it has a super fragrant flavor. I like to describe it as halfway between over proofed tequila and industrial solvent. If you've ever had legitimate home made moonshine it's pretty similar to that.


I would describe the taste as "rubbing alcohol mixed with kerosene"


> Don't know if that's due to crappy manufacturing or if it's different types of it. Different types and brands, not poor manufacturing. It's the same as saying "Rum is between 35-75% alcohol".


It’s strong, my ex fiancés dad dragged me into a drinking contest when we visited, I won but omg is it some gasoline.


Did you really "win"? A few shots made me want to puke lol


I honestly came here expecting it to be like the "down a pint of vodka" challenge that put a bunch of impressionable teens in the hospital: a fair bit of booze, but people do worse every day. 3+ bottles of 60% alcohol would put my 260lb ass down, and I used to do the vodka thing as a party trick


Can we stop calling every idiot with a smart phone and a TikTok account an influencer?


But if we did that, how'd we know what new stupid thing to do?


George Carlin once said...The kid who eats the most marbles doesn't grow up to have more kids.


"Doesn't grow up to have kids of his own." When I was a teenager, I watched and listened to that special literally dozens of times to the point where I could still quote it word for word decades later.


Which special was it? I can't place that line.


You Are All Diseased. Late 90s. I wanna say maybe 97


That's why I didn't quote him...I knew it was close.


modern medical advances say otherwise


_Idiocracy_ intensifies.


This is sad. A 750 mL bottle is ~17 45 mL shots (US standard drinks). Even if that's 30%ABV, it's more than 12 drinks. Someone with a serious drinking problem would still seriously struggle to remain conscious after the first bottle, let alone drinking two more. His life even outside this stunt must have been miserable.


I am wondering how many people in his chat were warning him that he was killing himself. Most streamers doing something this stupid have some loyal viewers who want to look out for them.


I'm an alcoholic in recovery and at the height of my drinking I could drink 750ml of 80 proof vodka over 8 or so hours and be relatively functional. My tipping point tended to be a little over a liter where I'd start to lose control. That guy drank 4 bottles. Holy shit. Also don't abuse alcohol kids, it messes you up.


I knew a guy who could put down a handle of vodka in an afternoon. Was an engineering student like the rest of us. I knew too many damn alcoholics in college.


> Also don't abuse alcohol kids, it messes you up. I would add "Don't pay attention to influencers kids, they will mess you up"


Can confirm. been sober for a few months now. Alcohol messes you up if abused. 0/10 would recommend. I saw this headline and instantly got triggered & internally shrieked reminding me of a time I almost died. I don’t need to read the article. Don’t do this kids. Find healthy hobbies and other healthy things to do to occupy your time and mind instead. Your older self would thank you.


I’ve significantly cut back drinking from about 5 beers a night for the last 10-15 years to maybe having 3-4 on a single night once a week since the start of the year. I don’t even feel like drinking those anymore, even a couple beers makes me feel like shit in the morning. Alcohol is overrated


I think these bottles might be only 500mL, but the point still stands. 3 of them is an insane amount of alcohol. You need to be huge with a wicked tolerance to survive 3-4 of them.


People with serious drinking problems will drink that much to stay normal. Two more, and they would struggle to remain conscious.


You might be underestimating people. https://blabbermouth.net/news/ex-w-a-s-p-guitarist-chris-holmes-shoots-down-claim-he-wasnt-drinking-real-vodka-in-the-decline-of-western-civilization-movie (I know there is speculation that it was fake. Still.)


Diluted alcohol still lets you claim it’s real. You don’t want actors drunk or dead.




Being an idiot for internet points


Influencer dies from… being under too much influence


My buddy taught over in China for a year and brought back some Bijou for another friend of mine and I to try. That shit is disgusting and I’m a drunk, but I wouldn’t touch that shit ever again. The taste just doesn’t leave you for like days.


I've had cheap and expensive stuff. By no means an expert with it, but there's a notable difference. The cheap stuff I only remember the burn. The expensive stuff had the burn up front, but the taste after was quite nice. In small amounts I could understand someone enjoying the better stuff.




Baijiu is the alcohol. Bijou means jewel (French). They do look/sound similar though.


To be pedantic, bye-joe vs bee-zhoo, not really that similar sound wise


I appreciate when articles lead with "influencer dies..." because 9 times out of 10 its something they did to themselves for internet clout and I don't start off feeling bad.


I bought a bottle of Baijiu from a street vendor in China one time. I think it was 100% pure methanol. Me and my travel partner ALMOST took shots, but sipped it first. That one sip gave me an instant headache and nausea. We threw it away immediately. I was sad to waste the 10 Yuan I spent.


Yeah don’t fuck with alcohol made by street vendors. Even huge, well financed distilleries need to do a “cut” during the distillation process to filter off any methanol. Crappy liquor is often the result of throwing away less of the methanol and isopropanol containing “heads” and “tails” of the cut. https://www.decanter.com/learn/what-is-the-cut-point-in-whiskey-distilling-ask-decanter-457258/ Stories like this make me happy to live in a country where poisoning people isn’t tolerated.


What a fucking idiot, all for likes. Smdh


Dying under the influence


Stop calling them influencers please. Use appropriate terms like dimwits or idiots.


“Influencer” It’s sad he died but I mean come on, this moron is who people follow?


Birds of a feather flock together I guess.


Does “influencer” mean “fucking dumb ass”? That’s all I seem to hear about.


I love how the media pushes that everyone who has an internet account is an "influencer". Just the stupidest trend


What's an internet account?


Were you influenced?


Breaking news! Drinking copious amounts of alcohol will kill you.


Idiot dies* – there, I fixed it.


Is this stuff worse than 190 proof everclear or something?


No, 190 proof, or 95% ABV is just short of highest alcohol content you can get to with distillation. It's nearly pure ethanol. [Everclear](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everclear) >Ethanol cannot be concentrated by ordinary distillation to greater than 97.2% by volume (95.6% by weight), because at that concentration, the vapor has the same ratio of water to alcohol as the liquid, a phenomenon known as azeotropy.[9] The 190-proof variant of Everclear is 92.4% ethanol by weight and is thus produced at approximately the practical limit of distillation purity.


I have a friend who used to get some lab alcohol that was close to 199 proof, and not denatured. Not sure what it was supposed to be used for. He quit it after wrapping his car around a tree and being in the hospital for months. I don't know how he didn't get charged with DUI, though he did a couple of years later.


99.5% HPLC-grade ethanol is used in labs to dissolve samples before they go into fancy expensive machines where denaturants would clog it. There are also a couple of chemical reactions that the denaturants can interfere with, so pure ethanol is used in those as well. But pure ethanol is subject to alcohol tax, is expensive, and requires permits that track how much you're buying, and some places even require you to fill out a log on how, how much and when it's being used.


Tried making jello shots out of that stuff, they wouldnt set. Horrible horrible hangover when you drink that stuff straight, and even in mixed drinks it felt rougher the next day than using vodka, and especially Rum.


Oh yeah, I drank so much of it straight one weekend that my throat felt like it was on fire for a couple days. I couldn't even drink water it hurt so bad lol idk how I survived my binge drinking 20s 🥴


I had maybe five shots of it one night and it gave me one of the worst hangovers of my life. Double that in rum wouldnt hit me nearly as hard.


I don't think it gave me a hangover because I didn't really get those before 25 I think. But, I also remember mixing it with Orange juice because OJ is really good at masking alcohol but man, now I can't drink cheap orange juice without gagging because of it.


So 2 guys were playing a drinking game… the fact that his profession was as an “influencer” had no bearing on the outcome.


Yo have you guys heard of this new challenge? Bro it's called the Darwin challenge, and he lost.


Hard to understand from the article but it doesn't sound like a drinking challenge but that the drinking was punishment for losing some kind of other challenges. Apparently, had he won, he would've been given presents from the viewers. Am I getting this right?


That's how I understand it. Whatever he was doing, he lost and that was the punishment. Don't know if drinking 4 bottles was part of it though, of it he chose to do that many.


I wonder if shoenice is still alive


These “influencers” influenced me to never download TikTok.


So that is what it takes to be called an 'influencer' in 2023.


It just means internet microcelebrity.


Bro thought he was shoenice


A friend's son died doing the "strangulation challenge" that was going around 12 years ago. Where you'd strangulate yourself until you get a high out of it. She found her 12 years old son dead, tangling from the living room ceiling, on the computer he had opened the site explaining the "challenge". It's just horrible.


Okay, yes, this dude was an idiot. But is he dumber than me, a grown-ass adult who read the title and interpreted it as drinking ghosts that were caught in bottles?


TIL Soju (korean) and Baiju (Chinese) are equivalent drinks, but it's not equivalent to sake (Japanese). When I was living in China someone described Soju and I really thought that they were all three rice wines. Shochu (Japanese) is the more equivalent drink.


Never knowing buy any food or beverage from China.


Influenced himself into the ground. A hero and inspiration to influencers everywhere.


If you can't be an inspiration to others, you can still be a warning.


Something stood out to me in that article about how they banned behaviors like "inciting fans to attack with rumors". Imagine if we had something like that all those influencers like Tizzy whodo nothing but try to dox people and sick their viewers on them to "teach them a lesson" would be in jail and shit.


I know this is someone's loved one and I am truly sorry for whatever pain they are going through, but, idiocy is running rampant, and this is yet one more idiot influencer losing his life over wanting to be famous on the cesspool known as tiktok. Please, people, help your loved ones stop this madness. Don't encourage them. Help them. RIP young man.


All influencers should do the world a favour and take on this challenge.


One down, Darwin would be proud...


Tested the LD50 limit of ethanol, lost. Folks, remember, even if the Ethanol LD50 limit is high, it still exists.


how many views did he get? I'm in the market to up my view count.


Only a small number of invited people will be watching his next live stream - his funeral.


Ok....so....anyways.. *swipes up*