Now I know what I do on my daughter's 5th birthday


you evil bastard!


Nah, she loves dinosaurs...even got a poster from an etsy artist for her where different kinds of birds wears different kinds of Dinosaur costumes


You wouldn't happen to have a link to it would you?




Well that's god damn adorable


Is love his stuff




this is damn cute


The birth of another conspiracy theory. Dinosaurs were actually biomechs controls by Macaws.


God I love those on Etsy and have been eyeballing them! I have a macaw and he is most definitely the most vicious predator in all the land! Unless something spooky happens like a paper bag flutters near him


https://teratigerstudio.com/collections/bird-lovers-essentials/products/dinobird-cluster-poster-print?variant=40268197134520 If you ask the guy, he makes commissions too, like your macaw in the costume of your choice


OMG 😂 this is adorable.


I was a huge dino nerd as a child but I still got a huge panic attack the first time we went to the dinosaur museum and I saw the lifesize model of a triceratops, and that one didn't even move. I definitely did not enjoy it. Kids are stupid.


One of the weirdest experiences i ever had was a summer job in a dino-world fun park for kids. One of the things i did there was wearing a dino suit, same as the one in the video. There are ways to do this without running inside the room full of kids like a fucking berserker maniac and leaving them with ptsd for the rest of their lifes. You can wear the costume and be a funny goofball dino which will make the youngest among them want to pet it, ride it and take selfies for the entire evening, and even help them overcome their fears. My point is that the guy wearing the dino suit in this video is fucking stupid, not the kids.


Nah the guy is a fucking legend.


Basically embodied the essence of the dino.


My daughter is still 3yo...but we have gone often to the museum where she like most the life sized t-rex because of the giant feet


I wanna see that😂


[🐦 as 🦕 ](https://teratigerstudio.com/collections/bird-lovers-essentials/products/dinobird-cluster-poster-print?variant=40268197134520)


This looks exactly like the reaction that I got. It doesn’t take much to send them into a frenzy I learned. This was years ago. I thought I was going to be a good dad and surprise both my daughters at their daycare. They were 2 and 4. I got a dinosaur outfit from a costume shop but it wasn’t a scary raptor, it was the chillest, coolest Dino of all time……that lovable bastard Barney. I took a half day off work and let the daycare know. I show up and they take me to the 4yo room. Well I might as well have thrown a hand grenade in there….it was about the same reaction. They saw me and must’ve asked “ Wtf is wrong with Barney.” I’m a tall, thin guy and had to look like crackhead Barney. Not good….I can salvage this in the 2yo room. Hell No….might as well have been baby satan throwing fire bombs……those poor kids went berserk. Climbing over each other to escape crackhead Barney. I felt like shit. Ok, enough reminiscing about how I scared my children many years ago. I had forgotten about it until I saw this video. Cheers all 👍


Upvoting crackhead Barney. Made me laugh.


Can’t wait to see crackhead Barney on SNL


Thrown a hand grenade. Baby Satan throwing firebombs. Love how you doubled down. Four year olds are terrified of crackhead Barney?! Let’s try the 2 year olds!


It went exactly as planned you liar.


Be sure to include a Jurassic Park movie marathon pregame before the party.


Also, the costume would be more impactful with a bloody child's arm dangling out one corner of the mouth.


Just remember to sew the arm back on afterwards




Or get a cool captain hook


have an adult with a bloody stump of an arm run screaming into the room prior to the entrance of the dinosaur


And that’s why you always leave a note


May I introduce my one armed friend? I am sure some ketchup on his stump will make the show great!


Satan would love you




Grandma's birthday at the retirement home.


And then grandma’s funeral, too.


My daughter's 6th is coming up and I'm drooling over this.


Once they’re over the initial trauma that’s a core memory.


Damn right. I'll never forget the one Halloween when I was like 8 and fuckin Leatherface ran out from behind a tree and chased me off his property with a revved chainsaw. Waving that thing over his head and screaming like a mad man. I heard he had taken the chain off, but still, holy shit. I know what it's like to LITERALLY run for my fuckin life.


I forget what it was as this was MANY years ago, but I felt the need to run for my life and I ran faster than I ever have before and I have yet to run faster than that since. Adrenaline is a powerful thing.


You ever "come to" and wonder how did I cover so much distance in so little time?


Yes, it was everywhere. Good thing we didn't have a black light.


Uh... Oh... OOOH.... Oh...


He probably said the same thing as it was happening.




Somebody attempted to rob me in a park at night a few years ago. The second I saw him pull out a knife I was gone at a speed I've never reached before or since. I must have covered 100m in about 4 seconds. Usain Bolt, eat your heart out.


I think I blacked out from where I got startled to where I ended up. Jumped off a goddamn river bank into a river and realized what the fuck at I doing. Lol


…and I don’t live anywhere near a river.


Happened one of the first handful of times I went hunting alone, my dad says take the truck or your 4 wheeler, but as a badass 14ish year old I wanted to walk out early in the morning and walk back at sunset. Something spooked me on the way back and I basically blacked out running through the dark woods and it felt like it took 10 seconds to cover the mile between my spot and the house.


Watching this though, I am reassured that small children think jumping on the couch will save them from giant predators. Just have to hope I have some small children and a couch handy if it ever happens.


Do you think the worlds top sprinters could break records if the competition added a little mortal danger to the mix?


Oh my God that would make watching the Olympics so much more interesting. Just release some large predators after the runners have started. You're a genius!


I once ran from the Queen of Hearts at Disneyland. I was 5 or 6 and thought I’d show off to my mom by yelling, “I like Mickey better than you!” to the queen. She playfully started walking toward me while wagging her finger, which should have been cute, right? Well, I took it as a full on attack and ran screaming through whatever outdoor dining area I was near.


Off with your head!


Lmao. This thread is gold. Now peoples on Reddit get weird when a 3 year old falls in a play place. Man. Wtf


Yes this. I remember a haunted house when I was 8. Did all the inside stuff, nothing major. Then at the end you walk outside. Damn Leatherface guy revved a chainsaw and chased me. I learned I might be good at track during that run. My cousin had to keep yelling at me to stop


Reminds me of when I was about 6 years old and went trick or treating at the house next door. It was a regular house in a normal housing track with the lot size about 60 ft by 120 ft. The thing about this house is that the entire property, front and back yard, was covered in trees and vegetation at least 20 feet high. You couldn’t see the house from my house which was next door only through the little 20-30 foot walkway that led to the front door. On Halloween walking through that walkway in the dark surrounded by vegetation was pretty spooky. This particular year they had rigged a dummy to drop on trick-or-treaters as they made their way through the dark spooky walkway. I was already nervous as I walked through and just ran out of there when they dropped the dummy on me.


A guy around the corner from my parents always did this on Halloween. His thing though was to leave a bowl with an "only take one" sign. He would only scare and chase away those that took handfuls




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I got chased by my mom's friend wearing a gorilla suit and making monkey noises on a farm. That's a core memory for sure




Like clown core https://youtu.be/hT7x1NvGf5k


Psychopath Island's my personal favorite.


This reminds me of the first time we took our daughter to Disney World. She was either three or four at the time and LOVED Chewbacca in Star Wars. Had a Chewbacca stuffed animal and clothes that had him on them. We told her we could either do Chewbacca or Olaf for a character meet and we really thought Olaf would take the cake but she was ALL ABOUT meeting Chewbacca. We were waiting in line, she was overflowing with excitement to meet Chewbacca. Then she found out Chewbacca is not a quarter of her size like her stuffed animal. Chewbacca is seven-foot tall and loudly growls. She was absolutely terrified. The love affair with Chewbacca ended that day.


Kids traumatised for life lolllll


I mean when huge flippin dinosaur comes at you - a literal tiny child - that's gonna kick the old "oh god I'm going to die" protocol into gear early lol


The guy in the outfit is like how long do you want me to keep them pinned in ball pit


....."Alright, guess I'm going in!"


It’s $100 an hour.


BRB signing up


Bad Job Description: affluent parents pay me to traumatize their children.


Tf you talking about, that's the perfect job description. Sign me up!


I lost it when he stuck his head in the door.


Til about 30 minutes before the party is over 😆😆💀


"Ok children, parties over. Let's go!" "I said, lets go!!" "That's it. Bring in the raptor!"


Long enough to grab a drink and sit down for a bit lol


Epigenetics is an amazing thing. When our ancestors watched their peers get bitten by a snake, it traumatized them to the point of writing the incident into their DNA. The [circuitry in our brain that recognizes snakes](https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/10/131028162928.htm) are so primitive that they are only a few microns long. Same goes for not sleeping on the edges of cliffs. Our genetic code still has trauma from watching a fellow caveman roll over in their sleep to their death, and that's why we get vertigo and sweaty palms when we walk near a drop-off. I can only posit that our inherent fear of dinosaurs must have had a similar origin. Perhaps the idea of the Flintstones is more viable than previously thought?


We probably don't have specifically a fear of dinosaurs implanted in our genes as they 100% were not around at the same time as people, despite what creationist textbooks might say. Generally though if it has lots of teeth and looks like it can swallow you whole, I'm sure there are lots of internal primitive structures all working together to yell "run!"


The same mechanism is at work when you make your cat jump into the air in shock by placing a cucumber next to it. Green, elongated and appearing out of nowhere = Snake


Your explanation is off. It's not that our ancestors saw someone fall off and then developed the gene. It's that people who were born without the gene slept next to cliffs and died, so people with the scared gene survived and gave birth to more babies that have a chance of being with the cliff gym. Do this for 10 thousand years or longer and the gene is present in a large% of the population. The snake is the same


Well, genes can change physically during our lives due to external events. It's called Epigenetics. https://www.livescience.com/37703-epigenetics.html So it's not totally impossible to imagine traumatic events alterering our DNA. Afaik there is no studies saying it would work as op suggested with snakes and cliffs but who knows.


I didn't see your reply before I posted mine, but yeah, his explanation was rediculous 😂


That's not how DNA works. Traumatic events don't get written into DNA... The link you provided doesn't say that at all. Primates that happened to randomly mutate a fear of snakes were more likely to reproduce, that's why modern humans have a fear of snakes. Nothing to do with watching peers get bitten, that makes no sense.


Though it’s different than the crude explanation above, trauma actually can effect DNA; > Trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person's genes, which can then be passed down to future generations. This mark doesn't cause a genetic mutation, but it does alter the mechanism by which the gene is expressed. This alteration is not genetic, but epigenetic.


I have to research this more because it seems super cool. Whenever I partake in high doses of psilosybin I see the occasional snake like figure that represents absolute death and fear. Just something so innate about snake figures being the epitome of evil has always made me wonder. Now I don't have to wonder anymore!


When I had my first and only experience with sleep deprivation hallucinations, I went to bed when a big yellow snake jumped out of the computer screen at me. I'm not afraid of snakes, but it was obviously buried in my brain somewhere to indicate I was in danger.


Maybe our fear from snakes comes from before we were even humans. Snakes are from the late cretaceous period, which is way older than us. Maybe we got to be afraid of snakes when they were hunting our tiny ancestors!


Wait until next year where Cinderella and Belle come out chasing the kids making the same noises. Parents: We just can't win


I mean, a lifelong phobia of giant carnivorous reptiles seems like a healthy fear at the very least.


Godzilla has done too much for this level of disrespect


People think it’s funny but these kids will likely never be comfortable around t-Rex’s for the rest of their life


Great now whenever a neighbor walks their T-Rex these kids are gonna be so scared of it. They're gonna grow up with a fear of a T-Rex that when one day their kids are gonna ask for a T-Rex, as a parent, they're gonna say no because they're so scared of it. Then one day one of their kids' friends will bring over a T-Rex to show how friendly a T-Rex is and they're gonna be so terrified of the T-Rex that they'll end up kicking or hitting the T-Rex just because it came for a quick sniff or a head scratch.


This is like a 50/50 reaction when any masked character shows up to a birthday party. Seen similar videos with clowns, Easter bunnies, Santa, messed up minion costumes. Might as well be appropriate this time around.


Or it went exactly as planned.


yeah they knew what they were doing some parents love seeing their little ones genuinely frightened, they either hate their kids or are psychopaths or both


Most kids like to be frightened and most kids running away are running away for the thrill of the chase. It's fun. Everyone involved knew what was going to happen.


I’m pretty sure one or two of those kids really thought they were going to get eaten. This is fun trauma though, plenty of time later on for the horrible life scaring trauma.


I was dating this girl years ago, she had two kids (between 8-10 I think). We rented a bounce house thing for one of their birthday parties and when it was time to start cleaning up, my ex's brother just unplugged the bounce house from the generator without telling the kids. My ex's oldest kid just freaked the fuck out and didn't know what to do. He started screaming and didn't follow the other kids out of the bounce house, he just ran around in circles thinking that he was gonna die in there lol. He's always had anxiety issues, but that was legitimately one of the funniest things I've ever seen lol. I felt bad for laughing afterwards when we got home, it was still funny seeing it though


what's a bounce house? is it the same thing as a bouncy castle? i thought it's dangerous to start deflating a bouncy castle while people are still on it.


Yeah it's the exact same thing and it is very dangerous to do that.


Yeah kids like running. Sometimes I pop out of a room screaming and running and my kid falls right into it like "shit here we go!" and starts screaming and running from me. He fucking loves it. No different from adults going to haunted attractions based on being scared shitless or zombie events to make running fun.


Horror movies are a thing for a reason


Exactly. It's a dinosaur, what are you supposed to do? Pet it and tell it he's a pretty boy?


According to children's TV? Probably.


This is the most reddit of reddit comments.


*7 y/o kid takes a sip of cola* Armchair psychologist redditors: As you can see here these abusive parents must have psychopathic tendencies, additionally from the glint in the child's eye I have also determined for there to be serious physical abuse


You know this video is funny.




Yeah a kid that is truly terrified would have fallen down and cried. Then be immediately eaten by the dinosaur.


Lol I know for sure you don’t have kids


booboo my kid saw dinosaur I'm sychopat I'm evil want child scared


It’s a bit of fun, chill the fuck out.


How did you watch a video of some kids being chased by a fake dinosaur and immediately jump to "their parents must be psychopaths"?! Never change, Reddit.


The only psychopaths are you and the people upvoting you. You literally lack the ability to understand humans.




They won't forget this. When I was 8 my step dad made me think he got me a tarantula. Looked real af.....then he threw it at me.


Okay WTH, I have arachnophobia. And i would LITERALLY have a heart attack if someone did the same


Oh I certainly shit myself. Was more convincing cos he had a fishing wire attached to it and his finger and was making it subtly move. Next thing it's coming for my face lol


Professional troller


I disagree. That spider man is a menace!


My dad just casually handed me a live Cicada once. We still cry laughing every time we remember how hard i freaked out. But i don't have an insect phobia. If i did that would be cruel. All my friends know clowns are off limits for me regardless of circumstance.


Man I don't have a fear of insects either but fuck holding one of those freaky fucking things.


Funny part was that initially it didn't move. My reaction was 'Haha Dad funny, a dead bug'. Then it exploded out and flew into my face. I nearly hit the roof of the car lol.


The times my uncle or older cousin scared the shit out of us when we were kids are my favorite childhood memories. For example my cousin would turn his eyelids inside out and run on 4 legs around the apartment chasing us.


Gives the kids Nerf guns, and declare a "HUNT!!!!"


Monster hunter moment


"Turn that fear into something useful! Getttttt hiiimmmm!" -death metal plays in background, kids charge screaming into the war 🤘🤘🤘🤘. Then we eat cake 🎂


What you've scripted here is the perfect children's bday party. We learn valuable lessons about dealing with our emotions. We fear and run ourselves into exhaustion. We get out aggression. We learn about good music. And we eat cake on the way out so the sugar crash happens as we arrive home. Yes. Also something about fun or whatever.


Death metal isn't exactly monster hunter music,but hey. If it works,it works.


Yup, Thrash Metal might work best, something like Whiplash or For Whom the Bell Tolls.


The Dinosaur: Why is Proof Of A Hero playing?


When my son turned 10, he had a nerf party. He was gifted a pile of nerf guns and several of the adults played villains that the kids had to stop via shooting us. Much fun was had and it's one of his favorite memories. I was the big boss, the Blue Bomber. I had a bag full of blue water balloons and shouted video game boss lines as they pelted me with darts.


"Shooooot her!"


This comment wins. Outright. "Clever girl..."


Awesome idea


That is actually a cool idea.. It would be good if they had some "adventurer dude" like Indiana Jones or Chris Pratt show up and hand out the guns and ask the kids to shoot the dino with nerf


What a dreamjob


Entertainer here...it ain't as easy as it looks that shit is HOT inside after a while. But in all fairness It is really fun 🤣


I am currently consumed by doing this as a job. Going all in with fake limbs, nerf guns and a Dino hunter buddy to set the scene. What is a typical fee and what other costumes do you offer?


Go to bed. You need a nap.


Dude, no. This is gold. What are you talking about? Don't snuff this creativity! Hell, I'm nearly 40, and I totally want a dinosaur and dino hunter at my birthday party. That sounds badass.


So depending on the services or costume and number of entertainers the price vary.(150$/hr-300$/hr) If you have to many kids you will need a performer and a support,sometimes kids can retaliate and there's only so much a character can do. We have the classics like Peppa pig,Elmo, mickey mouse,hulk etc. You can buy any costume and go with it if you have the money. I work with a small business, the lady buys the costume,mods them,organizes the parties and I perform.


I don't care. I'd PAY to get to do this for a living.


$5K. Live the life. https://onlydinosaurs.com/wonderful-digilegs-t-rex-costume-for-sale


I am dying ahah


>be me >enjoy life >suddenly, heart attack >I have a few seconds before I black out >better post a reddit comment, notifying the internet that I’m about to die!


Flashbacks of the last words carving of Joseph of Aramathea about the Castle *Ahrrrrrrrgh…*




We are all dead on this blessed day


Poor kids don’t know what the fuck to do, all terrified


What makes you think rich kids will know what to do?


Pointing the wallet at the aggressor and shouting "the money and wealth compels you!" obviously


"My father will hear about this"


"No, I am your father"


I've heard you know how to get rid of a bunch of younglings but this is ridiculous


My father will hear about this!


"Fuck" - The guy in the background with the T-Rex hand pupet


He was the warmup act for the headliner


Hahahahaha. Kids will remember this day


Lmao, their therapy in 16 years will be so interesting.


Or they'll forget the event and then, later in life, go to the cinema to watch the classic Jurassic Park and wonder why they had a massive panic attack.


Yes therapist. I’m scared of big ass reptiles.


That looks like a functioning tail. Impressive!


Dude lemme find the video. These are giant puppets, it’s so cool. [If I remember correctly, this video is a studio from Japan. ](https://youtu.be/60jKp-yoaV4). Hopefully, youtube will also recommend the dozens of Japanese prank videos where they send these into offices and shit.


Does it make me a bad person that this made my day and I cackled like a Disney villian?


I’m not at liberty to say, I too enjoy the terror of these small children. Possibly I can be your henchman and ensue (harmless..) chaos to children


My six year old and three year old both ate it at separate times on their bikes with them both doing minor supermans over their handlebars and hitting the ground yesterday (no major injuries, just bumps and scrapes) and we happened to catch both on our doorbell cam. Obviously, lots of hugs and kisses afterwards, but after they went to bed, my wife and I watched the video at least a dozen times and laughed out asses off. We even spliced the two together to enhance our viewing pleasure.


Positive note those parents never have to pay for another birthday party, or Social gathering, or even worry about their child wanting to leave the house again


Or taking interest in anything ever again lol. When little Billy said he “loves dinosaurs,” his parents said “well, we’ll see about that.”




Can you imagine you come to pick your 4 year old kid up from a birthday party and they just climb into your car with a 1000-yard stare. “How was the party?” You ask, and they pull out a Popeye candy stick and put it in their mouth and then respond “You ever see your best friend get cornered and mauled to death by a Velociraptor? Shit will fuck you up for life man.”


Other kids ride home silently with thousand yard stares unsure if everyone made it out.


Best. Birthday. Ever.


What did they expect to happen? Those kids are super young. 8-10 year old might get it and play along, but this age range did exactly as I’d expect.




The person in the outfit was aggressive. What if they acted calm and curious instead


Thats what I was thinking. For this age group especially, have a "handler" like you would if it was a real animal. But it is hilarious.


This reminds me of when they did a dinosaur event at the Eden Project. I went with a friend who had a 2-year-old boy. He asked where the dinosaurs were (the show hadn't started yet) so we told him they were sleeping, so he shouts "WAKE UP DINOSAUR!". We get to the show later on, right at the front, and a dinosaur the size of this one comes charging out at the front row and roaring and I could just about hear a tiny voice pleading ^("go to sleep dinosaur...")


Oh god thats funny


Oh this moment is burnt into their memory. “Hey dad. Remember when I was 6 years old and pissed my pants cause I thought I was going to get eaten alive by a Raptor? Yeah. That was hilarious. Well, I picked your new nursing home.”


How is a guy in a common costume next fucking level?


Because those kids are getting next level PTSD


Dude these puppet suits are intense! They’re super heavy. Super expensive. And one person has to work the arms, the head, and the tail. I cant believe they’re even available for someone’s birthday. That’s nfl indeed.


It's like a bonus round for Psychiatrists.


Me as a father 😅


Me as a grandma


Kids love dinosaurs until they actually “meet” one 😒


Ah yes, tis the sound of primal fear!


Feel sorry for the traumatised kids, but I just cannot stop laughing! How they all gathered in the little cage to seek safety, I can't breathe!


Look at this as a matter of perspective. That dinosaur is 3 times taller then them. That's like a T-Rex running at an adult.


Those aren't cheap. And I mean the lifelong therapy sessions, not the costume.


That Dino didn't even stop, he was having the time of his life


This could save their lives someday I'm sure


Kids: "OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!" Parents: Casually walk by laughing


Ok but whatd they think would happen


If only they had went into the room slower and more docile. Mofo came tokyo drifting at max speed


Better than a clown! Delightful for parents who thought it was another boring kid's party.


The Dino is cool but you should have had him come in with his handler and a leash. And just introduced it as a shy pet.