Ladybugs with Rodney Dangerfield


Thumbelina. Fit his style like in.. 2010


Nostalgia Chick did review that one so maybe that's why he didn't review it back then.


Didn't their reviews overlap?


Watership Down. I know he's said he'll never review it because he doesn't know how to make it funny, but still I'm surprised he didn't change his mind later for his Dark Toons series.


I wish he'd review another Uwe Boll movie for another collaboration. Also the Attack on Titan movie with someone to help him understand like he did with the Dragonball movie. I feel like he didn't really get his rythym back after the pandemic though.


Doug has been asked about doing another Uwe Boll review on the streams and he says that he did *Alone in the Dark* and *BloodRayne* mostly as fan demand because he personally doesn't really find Boll all that interesting as a bad director.


Sadly Spoony is still seemingly crippled by mental illness and while I'm not clear on where Doug and Linkara is personally, as far as I know, Linkara still won't do anything with Channel Awesome as long as Mike Michaud is still running things.


Crybaby, a classic Johnny Depp musical making fun of Squares Vs Greasers.


Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - I'm really hoping he will cover the film either in 2023 (50th anniversary of the stage show) or 2025 (50th anniversary of the film) since he covered Labyrinth for the 50th back in 2016 (I think) Purple Rain - mostly because of his review of MJ's "Moonwalker" but I don't know if he would Nativity! 1 + Nativity! 2: Danger In The Manger - decent British Christmas films and just would like him to branch out abit more ELF - think it would be fun for him to cover Home Alone 1 - I could have sworn that he did the film. Thunderbirds (2004) - same as ELF Quadrophenia - Even though he did The Wall, I'm hoping that he covers this film, since it covers the Mod n Rockers era in the UK (in a sense) Santa Clause 1+2 - mostly because he did the 3rd film as well as I did cover both films but as a Disney-cember videos


Doug said he would review the original *Home Alone* next year. (This Christmas, he's going to cover *Home Sweet Home Alone*.)


Captain Marvel. I know Doug didn't like it, and superhero movie reviews are always popular.


IIRC, Doug said he had considered it but had ultimately decided it had been too boring.


GI Joe : Rise Of Cobra Hoodwinked Power Rangers 2017 Rise Of The Guardians Scoob He’s probably going to do most of these at some point.


Green Hornet, Rollerball, Universal Solider, Tango & Cash, City Hunter, and The Street Fighter