Where does NYU have certain online resources?

Hi there! I am an incoming transfer student, and was wondering where students go to if they want to look up certain things online.

In particular, I am looking for places where you can find the following (if there's a place for them):

  1. Student reviews of professors, and of courses in general (the content, difficulty, enjoyability etc of them)
  2. Information regarding the size of a class
  3. Sample syllabi from various courses
  4. Place to see the list of people in your classes
  5. Does NYU use CourseWorks/Canvas, or some other type of software for general course info (I.e. where the professor posts any documents, sends announcements etc)

1. Rate my professor 2. Probably bright space 4. Probably brightspace






1. Rate my professors, and course evaluations if you have access to them (through Albert) 2. Course evaluations 3. Email professors or department advisors, most are happy to share them especially for your major 4. Not sure if there is one 5. We use brightspace


Since you aren't matriculated, you don't have access to course evaluations (which are useless anyways); CEs say exactly how many people were in the class. However, what you can do is use Albert public course search. Then find the course, and google the location. Some information of the room capacity should come up. For example, WWH 512? At most 30 people. WWH 109, easily 60+.