I almost always wait for an omnibus release ("GOTY"/"Complete"/"Definitive" editions), especially with the "season pass" BS.


Same. I consider everything before that "early access in disguise". Thank you everyone for beta testing and funding the game, I buy it when its the full, finished, patched game. At a discount hopefully.


These days when games come out it's so buggy and glitchy along with being incomplete without DLC. I'd rather wait and let the first day buyers test out all the stuff and get the fully patched version with DLC included a year later


Plus you get to look up the puzzles online. Hey, it's been 2 months since I played... who the hell wanted this McGuffin?


Exactly. Heck, as a modder I prefer to wait also because patches often break mods. Why jump in now when it'll just break whatever fix I add, or heck sometimes the patches fix the bugs I was fixing lol. Better to just wait until it's all settled.


Yep. Definitely one of the major perks of patient gaming (or patient buying I guess). Get the complete package for less than the original release fully patched and stable.


This is why the only fighting game I bought in the last 5 years was Soul Calibur. I don't want to miss out on content, and I prefer spending most of my time on single player, but no series appeal to that front anymore and all of them have season passes, so... I just take my very long time with getting to them, waiting for the inevitable sale.


Same here, that’s why I never disliked Mass Effect 3. With all DLCs, it felt like a great Ending to the series


Generally, I agree with you. But often times, the integration of DLC isn't great (start a new game in Fallout: New Vegas and count the number of pop-ups you get after you leave Doc Mitchell's home), and you may also be in a situation where DLC with late-game targeted content can break the game (the Gun Runner's Arsenal pack does this).


Patient Gamers® = GotY Gamers® Fite me


You can put those fists down and come in for a big ol hug cowboy


Bring it in for a standing dog pile.


Hello, yes. This is me. No fighting.


Shakira Shakira


> Fite me You have to wait for the GOTY edition to go on sale, you're so impatient.


You’re not wrong.


No fight! Cheers!


For me it's dlc for indie games, and if it's available for a bigger AA/AAA game I play it I won't pay for it Nothing better than an indie game with content updates and DLC. For example Returnal I absolutely loved, I found myself taking on malfunctions and in the later floors did co-op it was a blast for me, dlc was free but I didn't play it For spiderman I only had time for the campaign For Deathloop it was a free content update, not quite dlc and it was easy to enjoy it because it was infused everywhere, instead of a last expansion to complete at the end of the game. I was able to continue my campaign and finish it after 80+hrs?


Patient Gamers = *Play whenever you want* gamers even if that means you occasionally play on release.


Not really lol Patience means waiting as long as possible to get the best return. That never is the release. You can totally play games on release but that isn’t patient. That being said you don’t need to always be patient to enjoy being patient or enjoy this sub. We are more than just a sub if you feel me EDIT: I hope you don’t take offense to this as it may come across as gatekeeping which isn’t my intention at all. I also play some things on release


That patient part is so key. I wanted a game that's been out for years but the full version+all dlcs was over $100. Waited a few weeks and then it dropped to $20. Also for new releases I go with Game Pass. $10 for a subscription is fine for games that run $60+.


Usually complete editions, and usually I don't even play the DLC. I did for Spider-Man PS5 and it actually hurt my memory of the game. I loved the base game of Control last year but could tell that playing more would be too much. I tell myself I'll play it eventually, but I kinda doubt it. Dark souls 2 and 3 are the only games I've properly enjoyed the DLC for (I didn't even finish ds1's because it killed my momentum), with ds3 being the only one that I actually bought the individual expansions. I don't even engage with post-game that often. Credits roll, I feel fulfilled, and I move on.


With you on Spider-Man, I’m finishing the DLC right now and the gameplay is a bit too repetitive to last that long.


The DLC is included in Dark Souls Remastered and it's truly some of the best content in the game


Same. I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn with the game of the year edition for $20. By the time I rolled credits on the main campaign, I had zero interest in more of it. I had my fill, despite everyone saying how good it is.


Too bad because the DLC for HZD is genuinely better than the base game. It’s an example of the DLC where the devs basically listened to criticism from the base game and corrected it in an expansion. That being said, even good stuff can be bad if you’re burnt out. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot though.


I got the GOTY, got most of the way through the base game, then went off to do Frozen Wilds, then went back to the base game and, as the unstoppable overlevelled main character, really enjoyed the ending.


That’s unfortunate because Frozen Wilds is an awesome DLC and is easily better than the base game.


I played the Control DLC without realising. It was not *distinct*.


I’ve usually just coincidentally gotten interested in a game for some time after it has been released and bought it as the complete edition


DLC for multiplayer, GOTY for single player.


I haven't played an online game since Xbox 360 xbox live days and my middle school world of warcraft days. I'm strictly into singleplayer now but I've never bought any DLC or addons for multiplayer back then


I think Ive been mostly single player the past five years. I just see the value for staying current with multi player games if thats what youre into. Something like Midnight Suns? Yeah, Im waiting for the GOTY


And without the bloated DRM


I can relate, even if I play online games people is too young to me and guys of my age are out of time for x or y always.


I typically try to wait for goty/complete edition. I feel like you just get disrespected buying a game when it first comes out.


I often don't even play DLC, even if it's included with the edition that I purchased. It just stretches games out, when they're usually already long enough. I'm just ready to move on at that point


Same, I typically only play DLC if it's for a game that I absolutely loved. In fact there have been a few times when I wished that I *didn't* have the GOTY edition of a game. I accidentally played all the DLC for LA Noire because it was included in the edition I bought and integrated into the game in a way that does not make it obvious when you're playing a DLC case. I ended up feeling like the game was too long and poorly paced, but only realized after the fact that it was largely because I had played through several DLC cases in between the main missions. I also don't really like it when you get a GOTY edition and it has all these DLC items available to you from the start before I even know what I'm doing. I usually just like to experience the vanilla version of a game first (apart from any bug fixes and whatnot that have been patched in). These days, if there's a price difference at all, I generally just get the non-GOTY version of games, knowing that if it's good enough that I actually want the DLC, I won't mind paying a bit extra for it later on.


>there have been a few times when I wished that I didn't have the GOTY edition of a game. This happened to me with Persona 5 on PC. It comes with all the overpowered DLC personas that take the place of normal ones. I avoided using them because I wanted to play the game with the intended progression curve instead of skipping ahead to broken shit early.


At least you can ignore them, and they are very clearly indicated (cost 0 Yen to summon from the book, and if you are about to fuse them, the game says "this belonged to another fighter of destiny", indicating it's a unique persona unlike the others). I find the DLC items way worse. Most people will just see an interact button at the shelf and think it'll give some dialogue, but instead you get like 50 items thrown at you, many of which are clearly mid-endgame oriented.


it's actually pretty convenient for someone like me, who played the base game on an emulator to just use izanagi no okami to bumrush through the vanilla content


I had a similar experience with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. For some reason just as you finish the big intro of the game, you step out and can go into a conversation which can put you into a 10+ hour dlc (without indicating it's DLC, it's just framed as a clickable question) in which you play as a woman and can't use weapons or armour, and you just go sneak around or do chores for a bit which is incredibly boring. You can't skip it or go out of it and you HAVE to play this very long shitty dlc to get to the main game. Took me a few months to return to the game after that


Yeah, I mean I get why they might want to integrate DLC into the game in a seamless way, but most of the time I'd rather that they just partition it off into its own section, or at the very least make it extremely obvious when you're about to start a DLC quest. (And obviously I'm mainly talking about story-based DLC here, as opposed to DLC that adds new systems and such to the main game.)


yep, that's the thing, they often feel awkwardly bolted on to the main game, introducing new characters and mechanics, only for them to be never seen again after you finish the DLC content


I said this in another comment, but Fallout New Vegas is one of the worst offenders for this. - the game immediately dumps all four of the major DLC quests on you immediately - those four DLC quests have a continuing story about The Courier (the player character) and Ulysses, but don't give an obvious order in which they should be played - the four quests all can be done immediately, although the game recommends a minimum level for each of them - the minimum levels for the four quests don't scale in the order they are intended to be played - Dead Money should be played first and suggests 20+ - Honest Hearts should come second and suggests 10+, but can be reliably completed at 5+ - Old World Blues should be played third and suggests a level of 15+ - Lonesome Road should be played last, with a level above 25 - there are two DLC packs that add mid- and late-game items that are available to the player immediately upon starting a new game (Gun Runner's Arsenal is the worst for this) - the Courier's Stash DLC combines all of the preorder bonuses (which were already kinda broken, and in one case, negates an element of the game's "hardcore" mode) and gifts them to the player immediately, completely breaking any difficulty of the first few missions


Some DLCs do just pad out the gameplay/map without adding much else. The Skyrim DLCs - *Dawnguard*, *Hearthfire*, and *Dragonborn* - are perfect examples of this. They give you more Skyrim (which is great if that's what you're after) but that's pretty much it. However, some do manage to take it a bit further. My favourite standout example at the opposite end of the spectrum was GTA IV - *The Ballad of Gay Tony* and *The Lost and Damned* were stellar games in their own right, woven through GTA's timeline but otherwise self-contained, with new protagonists and well-told stories that stood on their own while enriching the world and lore of the main title.


oh definitely, depends on the game. I would have been happy to play 10 more Witcher 3 expansions after how much I enjoyed the two that we got


Still haven't played Witcher! It's the next RPG on my list after I knock off my final personal goal on my several-years-old-and-somewhat-neglected Skyrim playthrough - reach level 80 so I can meet (and hopefully curbstomp) the Ebony Warrior.




Usually GOTYs (I spend most of my gaming time retrogaming).


Depends on the game and depends on the DLC. For most of the games I play, the DLC can be treated like a mini-sequel. Its own thing. Maybe I'll play, maybe I won't, same as any other game. ​ >Sometimes DLC just feels like they made a complete game and decided to section off parts of it. All for some more money. I honestly don't remember the last time I encountered something like this. Maybe we play different games, idk. The DLCs I've played have been exclusively of the "here's *some more* of this game you like" variety. None of them have felt like "here's *the rest* of this game you like." Do you have examples of the latter to share?


Definitely Prince of Persia 2008. I’ve heard the same about Asura’s Wrath. But, I actually think PoP is a case of them not being done in time and having to release the game as is and then doing the epilogue to finish it off. I think it was more of a trend a decade ago. Now, I think publishers have smarter ways of squeezing our pockets. I think that method makes people feel emotionally bad about buying, which they don’t want. Their shitty battle passes and loot box crap hits the brain different and seems to be okay. Kinda like when they were doing the online pass crap, that went away too.


Yeah I don't know the particulars of your examples first hand but some quick googles tell me those ... aren't great. The Wikipedia entry for Asura's Wrath includes "The DLC also allows players to play and see the 'real' ending of the game which is not available from the disc." That's a BIG yikes. But like you said this trend seems to have waned. I hear you about battle passes and loot boxes though. I've never spent money on these, mostly because the kinds of games I play don't generally have them. I did buy a couple of skins back when I played Overwatch (long time ago), but I haven't played any primarily multiplayer games since then. In any case, when I think of the term "DLC" today, I don't mentally include battle passes and loot boxes. I *do* include "season pass" though, and I'm of two minds on this subject. If a game is long-since done releasing DLC, it's no different than a "complete" edition. If a season pass is available alongside a newly released game though, that is, in my opinion, some *bullshit*. It's equivalent to pre-ordering content that may or may not *ever* exist. Thankfully this trend has mostly gone away too... I think? At least among the single-player games that I favor. I'm sure there's still some examples out there.


I almost never bother with DLC: it's either too little to matter or more than I can handle. Extra mission packs, more skins, new playbale characters, it's nice stuff but nothing I couldn't do without. Then there's those massive DLCs like Blood and Wine. After putting 60 or more hours into a game, I'm not exactly salivating at the idea of tacking an extra 30 hrs to my playtime.


I'm the polar opposite. Give me as much as they can. I want games to be huge. My second playthrough of the Witcher 3 with all of the dlc was over 150 hours. It was glorious.


I’ve enjoyed the Pokémon Sw/Sh DLC and it gives me a reason to go back. Got the worst ending on Witcher III and have no desire to continue on with Blood and Wine though.


Oh I got the best the first time and so I basically made the same choices the next as well.


Pokemon DLC is one of those controversial ones. Yes they're fun, but again, considering how empty the base game was, it feels kinda greedy making two paid expansions without adding much to the base game.


I can see that. I liked the base game though! (It was also my first Pokémon since Gen 2, so…)


Yeah I think your enjoyment of pokemon games is proportional to the gap between entries you've played. If you're buying each yearly release, the issues are super visible but if you take long breaks, the games are generally really enjoyable.


Blood and Wine is the true ending to TW3. Such a good expansion


Blood and wine is the greatest DLC of all time imo. Its plot is way better than the base game.


Me too! I love a good story, but I am so busy with work and raising a family that any game over even 10 hours can push me back on my enthusiasm for playing it


I have no family to look after, just a tight budget and assignments looming haha. I save hardcore RPGs for the holidays.


My ultimate goal for triple A releases is to get the GOTY/definitive/complete/whatever edition for <=$20, although I'm not always quite that patient, and lately I've been caring less and less about DLC.


I do not buy any dlc.


The only DLC I have ever bought was for The Witcher 3.


Last I did was mortal Kombat. Then like half year later my buddy said he got a version that had all the shit I spent money on included and it was like quarter what I paid for the game itself. I said right then, never again .


I don't recall ever paying for any DLC if I bought the base game already, although some has been so good I would have, like Witcher 3 and HZD. Also AC Odyssey and Origins but I bought the games a long time after release so DLC came with them. I for one can never have too much of a good thing. I'm a bit narked that the planned Forbidden West DLC will only be for the PS5 , my console buying days ended with the PS4 Pro, so my patience will be sorely tested waiting for the PC release, assuming it will actually happen.......


GOTY at $20 has been my mantra for over 20 years. The only (handful) of times I've broken that is when I'm playing co-op with someone and we want to continue playing it after finishing the base game (e.g., The Division 2 base game was on sale & eventually we beat it and wanted to play Warlords exp. together) OR I have the base game when it had gone on sale before a GOTY edition came out or had gone on sale (Spider-man PS4). In the latter case, I'm now waiting for the Ultimate edition to go on sale (<$30) to get the Original + DLC + Miles Morales all on PS5. Edit: GOTY price for me has increased to $30 recently.


I try to only buy DLC if it seems super worth it, and shakes things up enough to be different enough from the base game. Examples: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Bloodborne: The Old Hunters The Last of Us: Left Behind..


\*checks the title of the sub\*


DLC doesn't really factor into my decision-making, but then most games that I play that have DLC are story adds-ons, not characters or maps or anything. Either I'm excited enough to play a game at launch and buy the DLC later, or it's been out long enough that I may as well get the all-inclusive GOTY version by the time I actually get around to playing it.




I play Train Simulator so I don't have the luxury of being able to wait for a GOTY edition, instead I wait for Steam sales unless the DLC is from one of the really good developers I want to support by buying at full price.


The majority of the time if a game has DLC coming out I wait for the complete edition, or at least for everything to be released so I can decide which bits I care about. Oftentimes I don't buy/play all of it though, because frankly a lot of DLC doesn't add much to the experience, and sometimes I already feel like I had enough with just the base game. If I happened to be impatient and bought a game before all the DLC was out, then it's a tossup whether I'll get the DLC at all. If I *really* like the game then I might treat the DLC release as an excuse to revisit it (like with Souls games, Monster Hunter expansions, or when they added Vergil to Devil May Cry 5), but I'd say the majority of the time I'll just never play it. Hell I still haven't even played the Witcher 3 expansions even though I keep saying I will. I *definitely* won't buy season passes or anything in these cases, because by the time the DLC comes out I'll probably be finished with the game. An exception is fighting games where I'll pretty much always buy the season passes. I know I'll probably be playing a good couple hundred hours of the game and want to have all the characters as they come out. And the DLC model for fighting games generally sucks less than the old "buy a new game to get a few new characters and balance changes" thing they used to do.


For me, a lot of the times, I find it awkward to actaully start playing the DLC even if it's really good. Something like BotW's mastermode is best played on a fresh save and then I have to debate if I feel like replaying the game for another 70 hours. Stuff like Monster Hunter adds new and harder challenges after I've lost my muscle memory with the base game which also means another new save.


I tend to wait only for fighting games.


The only time I bought DLC as it was coming out was New Vegas, each DLC had me like "hell yes" downloading it on release day


Depends on the game. Witcher? GotY Rimworld: no such thing as complete. Buy on release day.


Modern games are so buggy and unpolished that I wait for the special (so many different names) or as I call them 'Complete' editions to come out. I have a big backlog thanks to Steam, bought 2 more games today actually, so it's not like I'm hurting for stuff to play.


I either buy the GotY or I don't play it at all. If I purchase the game before the DLC comes out, it's likely that I'll never play the DLC. Usually because I don't feel like revisiting a game long after I've finished it. Mass Effect 3 was the worst offender for that. Why am I gonna buy the DLC so I can go dick around on the Citadel? I've already saved the day. I can't bring myself to go back into it all those months later, and I say that as somebody who didn't hate that game. If I purchase the game after the DLC is out, I probably bought the GotY edition, in which case, I'll probably play it. Though, not always. I never played the Borderlands 2 stuff, even though I hear some of it was great. By the time I got around to it, I was pretty burnt out on the game anyway. Beat the game, didn't feel the need to continue that either.


I’ll buy the DLC if it’s new but I really loved the game. So for Lost Judgment, I’m a huge fan of the studio and jumped on the DLC once it was announced. Otherwise I’ll wait for GOTY or a definitive edition. That’s how I’m feeling about Cyberpunk right now.


Depends. If I already have the game and really enjoyed it than I will buy the DLC. But if it’s a game I haven’t played yet and a GOTY edition or whatever exists and the DLC looks interesting enough (or it’s a really good sale) I’ll go with that.


Depends on the game. If it's something I actively enjoyed and chose to play when it came out Ill probably get the dlc when it releases if it's good. But if I'm waiting I'll just buy it all at once. DLC really varies in quality I find. The last DLC I played that I raved for was Echoes of the Eye for Outer Wilds. And Outer Wilds is one of the greatest video games ever made.


I have ascended to an even higher level of patience. I wait for the modding scene to take off and only then do I take the plunge.


It really depends on the game for me. I got Borderlands 2 at release and then got all the DLC in one or two purchases at a heavy discount. I would play with my brother and we just loved having more content. But we also decided that we didn’t want any of the DLC for the Pre-Sequel. It felt like too much of a cash grab and the core game wasn’t as engaging for us as Borderlands 2 was. That’s my general approach too. If I’m not 100% sure about a game but I’m willing to give it a shot, I’ll just buy the base game. If it’s good, I’ll get the DLC or upgrade to the “complete pack” or whatever it’s called. Steam is pretty great about pro-rating the discount as well. There have been plenty of times that a game I own will be on sale and I’ll be l looking at the DLC pack for one price (say 50% off), but then the “complete pack” has a higher discount (like 80%). But then Steam will remove the parts you already have and only charge you for what you don’t, so it’s cheaper than buying the DLC pack. I love it.


The only pc game where i've bought DLC is the Mass Effect 3 since they didn't release the GOTY/Complete Edition until the release of Legendary Edition. For console, i've bought DLC for Zelda BOTW (worth every penny) and Pokemon Sword. For older release, i will definitely wait for GOTY version. For newer games, i will play the base game first then decide if its worth it. For most game, its not. The DLC does not add more to the lore, gameplay or the world building. Just a few side quest, new items and cosmetics


I usually buy old games so get goty versions by default. Will definitely buy the Elden Ring dlc when it releases tho cause I liked playing it a bunch


I dont keep up enough to buy DLCs for new games as they come out. But when i was younger i most definitely bought DLCs as they released. I like your statement about how it feels like a cash grab (nowadays). DLC used to actually be pretty worth the money. Especially single player DLCs (BL2 or GTA4). Hell, even multiplayer DLCs were usually pretty worth it (Gears 3). Now, i usually just end up with a GOTY edition anyways since im usually super late.


I've been tempted to buy cyberpunk 2077 a couple times now, but I'm still holding out for the eventual dlc release + post-release bug fixes that gets bundled and put on sale. Similarly, I bought the Witcher 3 goty in 2018 for like $15


I always wait for sales when it comes to games. The last 2 times I got something at full price I was severely disappointed. Cyberpunk and Battlefield 2042. Never again lol


I usually don't even buy a game until whatever complete edition is out. But there are some games where I have, and in those cases I'll buy DLC if I'm enjoying the game and if the DLC seems worth the price (usually wait for a sale on them, too). For me, these games are almost always strategy or builder games of some sort. Civilization, Crusader Kings, Rimworld, Conan Exiles. Also, if I've sunk significant time into a free-to-play game that sells skins or extra characters or whatever, and I think I'll still want to play more, I'll toss them some cash. That's a little different though.


Oh no freakin' way, DLC is like buying a whole chicken but it's an extra 20% if you want the drumsticks. I don't give a shit at all I'll wait until all of it's one price or on sale...


I'm normally pretty patient for most things. I'll either wait for the complete edition, or just buy the base game and never get the DLC. Plenty of games have DLC that feels totally nonessential and I don't feel any need to wait out a complete version just to have some bonus skins or whatever that mean nothing to me.


Depends entirely on the game. Ubisoft crap i got for free? Never. RimWorld? Instantly.


I know Nintendo holds its value well enough that this doesn't really count as 'patient gaming', but if you're looking to experience Breath of the Wild for the first time I strongly recommend not getting DLC before you complete it. I completed all the mainline content + DLC because I wanted it to be a 'full' experience and tbh the DLC stops the story absolutely dead in its tracks (and this a game with an already very laidback approach to storytelling). Would have much preferred to finish the mainline content and be happily done with an incredible gaming experience.


I buy them as they come out. I've never felt like the original version of the game was incomplete; the DLC just adds more.


I avoid DLC as I hate the concept of it


I’ll go as far as saying that if a game announces a dlc before it’s release (or you know will have big dlc), I pretty much avoid that game. I hate the feeling that they cut off parts of the main game to sell them separately. I’m not that hardline about it, but a game with dlc is already a huge negative for me Spider-Man is a perfect example. Great game, but you know some characters won’t get an ending unless you buy extra content. You know while playing the main game that this interesting side character is probably DLC bait. In fact, I think they also announced a dlc before release of the main game.


It depends, I actually appreciate the transparency of announcing prior to launch that a game will have DLC. The development team already knows there will be DLC and has likely started the preliminary plans for it. Like Splatoon 3 announced it will have paid DLC, the game came out in Sep 2022. We havent gotten any paid DLC yet but we know it's coming. Safe to say whatever they have planned wasn't cut from the original game.


>I’ll go as far as saying that if a game announces a dlc before it’s release (or you know will have big dlc), I pretty much avoid that game. I hate the feeling that they cut off parts of the main game to sell them separately. I’m not that hardline about it, but a game with dlc is already a huge negative for me I completely agree with that except I wait for a complete edition instead of avoiding it. Otherwise it feels like I am buying an incomplete product. I think DLC is technically a neat concept that just sadly gets explouted for profit. Instead of making a finished game and then making more extra content it feels like most Games are just broken down into pieces to sell


Yeah, complete editions are fine, plus by the time you wait sometimes you get them for cheap. That’s why I’m not super rigid about it. And like you say: they are a neat concept, but so exploitable. And businesses will always try to squeeze as much money as they can out of something, which results in scummy practices. Modern gaming is better than old gaming. There are far more options and the experiences are great. But something I miss from past gaming was that before it become a huge industry, it felt like it was driven more than passion than profit. It’s always a bit of both, but as the industries grows, it shifts towards profits more and more


I will never ever buy dlc for a game or even support a game that had a dlc like system. Either you selling me a complete game or not.


Then you're not gonna support any games


I don't know about that. I have a good amount of games on itch.io that I support that make 1 and done games. I'm not interested in what AAA is doing to the people that support them. I also still do locals so old games are on rotation every weekend.


I'm not a big fan of this mindset, it kind of retroactively makes games seem worse. Arkham Knight is a very fully featured game, but looking at the content in the Season of Infamy and seeing it as stuff 'missing' from the base game unfairly sours my thoughts on the title. I'd much rather be happy that new content is there than bemoan its' absence.


I think fan made content for games that allow mods is great. Company made DLC is extremely problematic for me. Did I buy the complete game or not at the outset? Mind you, my collection of game is very small. Under 10 games and been gaming since the 80's. I'm very picky about what I purchase. I'll play whatever for free (freeware, f2p, friends & family accounts, LAN, meetup groups, tournaments). As I talk with others about games DLC seems foul to me. Either the consumer is getting the experience of the game off the bat or not. Often times I see ppl talking about games with DLC and one person did not get them all or any, the other person(s) chime in you need to get for x, y and z reasons. It creates an economic divide among the supporters and that's something I can never co-sign.


It's a money scam now though. Why have me pay 60-70 dollars for n incomplete game? I just cannot support the concept. Imagine you go to the movies and 1/3 of the movie is cut out and comes out a week or a month later


So I'll use the example of The City that Never Sleeps expansion for Spider-Man. People were not pleased with the fact that DLC had been announced before the game had come out which is fair and depending on how cynical you are, you probably didn't buy the excuse that they ran out of time to include it in the base game. The added content was cool but I don't think you'll hear many people say the game felt unfinished until you could beat all the Screwball missions. Using your movie example, I feel it's less like a 1/3rd of the film is missing and more like I can pay between $5-$20 to watch the extended cut with deleted scenes. Hell, some movies have added opening shorts almost as good as the movie itself.


It’s not clear cut, but I guess it depends on whether you see DLC as extra stuff, or as stuff that was cut off on purpose to make more money. Since we are dealing with big studios, I’m on the cynical side. And regardless of cynicism, I think we can all agree that dlc conversations happen earlier on. So it’s hard to not feel like they are really independent things


Yeah it often doesn't pay to give big studios the benefit of the doubt. I can't be too mad at Insomniac, they released a lot of highly demamded suits for free as DLC and again, the base game is one of the best superhero games ever made. When content feels cut out, you can kind of tell **cough** pokemon dlc **cough**




I love this sun but honestly I’m just not a patient gamer. It’s a pretty big hobby of mine so I don’t mind spending the money to get something when it comes out. Usually I just buy the pass for all the dlc that will come out that year like Forza


I believe you are wrong about DLC releasing so soon after a game’s release. Only games that do that are GaaS and they better have content ready for release soon after a game’s release. I do think that those odd dlc’s that come out soon after a game’s release are nefarious and I don’t buy them. But they’re mostly an exception rather than a rule. I do enjoy buying a game that is content complete and if that takes 6 months to a year then I’m fine with it. But if it’s a game that I’m enjoying and I believe the developers did a good job then I don’t mind buying DLC on release. Most Soulsborne games count for that and the DLCs end up being almost a step up in quality from the base game.


>Sometimes DLC just feels like they made a complete game and decided to section off parts of it It is that way in 90% of cases, Gears of war 3 actually included the maps on the disk but you had to buy the DLC to access them, talk about greed I feel monster hunter MIGHT be different but they typically release expansions rather than dlc and its around $40+, its certainly possible they just cut the expansion from the original and wait a yr to release it For many games i just wait till the anniversary before i even consider playing since many games are in beta state, by the anniversary the game is typically stable and all DLC has been released and its on sale


You’re asking a patient echo chamber if they wait or not. What do you think?


I typically end up getting the base game while DLCs are still being released and if I like the game then I'll go purchase the DLC or season pass to get more of the game.


Premiere Holy $#!% Edition with every season pass, extra DLCs and microtransactions, and then wait for it to be on sale if it's from a big publisher. The only games I buy at full price are indie titles.


The only DLC I ever bought full price in my life has been multiplayer DLC from Halo 3, Gears of War 2, and Call of Duty. For singleplayer I always wait for a sale.


To be honest, I find (if I buy DLC later), I never get around to playing it so it's wasted money. The only DLC I tend to enjoy is that which is merged into the game, like in Mass Effect or Fallout 4 where it's so well integrated, I don't notice that it's extra. But I'm being hypocritical because I'm currently playing Dishonored's Brigmore Witches DLC at long last.


Newest game I bought is 5 year old I think, so I guess I wait for GOTY or whatever


I aways get GOTY/Complete/whatever edition because it means the game is finally settled. I buy it once. Also, it means any bugs, hype, or false anger died down and you get a real view on if a game is worth your time.


My iron rule is to follow the Path of the Patient Gamer and wait for a big sale on the Enhanced Edition. The only exception I make are games made by smaller devs (so-called indie games) which I find particularly impressive, especially if said devs show a proper attitude towards their fans instead of treating them like cattle to be milked, and that's the usual modus operandi for megacorp game companies. I paid the full price for the recent The Long Dark DLC, it was the biggest money I paid for video games in five years or something, and I don't regret anything. It's more than just getting fresh content, it's about sending a message.


At this point, often the deluxe or GOTY edition is the only one available. But whenever I have the choice, I only buy the base game. A lot of modern games, DLC is just more stuff, and most games I don’t even 100% what’s in the base game. I try and complete the campaign before burning out on the game, and any DLC campaigns that are still there just get wasted. DLC is often designed to come out months after the original release, when the original game is a fond memory and another 5-10 hours of it would be a nice treat. Playing it right after beating the base game is trying to eat a sundae after you just had a full meal that already included dessert.


95% of the time I wait for some kind of "complete" edition to come out. The last 5% are games that I was hyped about and loved.


DLC is often better than the actual game or completes it, MHW's Iceborne or Bloodborne's Old Hunters are examples. If I *really* like a game I'm buying it's DLC, other than that most of the time by the time I decide to buy a game there's already a complete edition for it anyway.


To be honest depends on the DLC, if it's a new campaign, gamemode etc. I'll probably buy it right away, if it's a skin, new weapon, or just a character i'll probably just wait for a bundle


> Do you buy DLC as they come out No. But I have gone back and bought DLC for games that I liked that I didn't initially get the DLC for. > just be patient and wait for the Game Of The Year/Complete Edition Yes. This is how I do it now.


Depends on what the DLC is. Like, I'm gonna buy Elden Ring's DLC, as I think that From Soft handles DLC very well. Almost reminds me more of the expansion packs from the early 2000's, which actually expanded on the game.


I buy game so long after the release, there's only the GOTY :)


Come in in this sub there’s only one answer. It’s why I don’t have the latest assassin’s creed or far cry game yet, waiting for the GOTY editions to get down to $20


Almost always wait long enough to buy goty, once or twice I've had to buy the dlc once they all get bundled together ( did this with Forza. Been waiting so long for pillars of eternity expansion to be dirt cheap that I'm not sure I even wanna play it anymore). Usually the goty is already out just not sure I'll like the game enough to justify the complete/goty


If it's a Nintendo game they don't really have GOTY bundles with all DLC included, I'm also more likely to buy their games closer to launch. If I do buy DLC, often I'll wait for all the DLC to come out before buying. I'm more patient on other platforms, so there's a higher chance the game I get will have DLC included. It's really not something I put much consideration into. In fact other than Nintendo games, if the content isn't there while I'm actively playing the game, I'm not going to come back to play the DLC.


Depends on if I played the base game, what I thought of it and what the dlc is/adds.


GOTY versions from the bargain bin 2 years after release.


DLC unlocker if possible, other GOTY editions every time. Miss me with that drip-fed, seasonal release content


I've only ever bought day 1 dlc when it came to music videogames really. or if it is the last expansion / dlc of a pc game , especially one of those where you can share the dlcs / expansion with friends. Otherwise, i'll even wait to buy a full game untill goty / compelte / Definitive / Reforged


I will usually wait a year after release so that almost all DLCs have been released. The exception are games I really want to play then I will start the game before the last DLC is released.


I used to, in that brief period of time when a $20 season pass gave you 50% more content (Dying Light 1, Arkham Knight), but I will only buy dlc if it's on sale now


Depends on the game If I've already been established with the series and already like it I'm probably buying the season pass at launch just because I already know I'm going to play it as well


Depends! My friends and I were really into Blops1&2 zombies so I tried keeping up with the DLC schedule. I have bought premium passes for Battlefield too, although they dropped that business model with BF5. I can almost never afford to buy season passes at launch lol or like if the card reader says the total is over $100 I might as well just buy another full priced game at that point. There’s never any guarantee the content is going to be any good or meaningful especially if the game releases in a poor state as is. I still don’t play through a lot of DLC even if I own it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I always see sales where the GOTY edition happens to be cheaper than the standard edition, so it’s a nice bonus but nothing I feel obligated to go through. I’ll play the waiting game for anything that I do want (Witcher, Borderlands, Fallout, Mass Effect) but I don’t mind skipping most stuff that gets released. I get that developers want to extend the longevity of their games but that can lead to games overstaying their welcome. To that point I’m also the same with live-service content? I’m not usually the type of person who is compelled to return to a game when they add new content. It’s almost overwhelming how much stuff has been added to games like No Man’s Sky and Minecraft but at you know most of it is here to stay. I give up on a lotta FOMO games because I don’t have the attention for them. Then we have scenarios like Destiny 2 vaulting content where it feels a bit pointless jumping in at this point.


I've bought DLC for games that I've enjoyed such as Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (excellent), Horizon Zero Dawn and KH3. Spider-Man on PS4 had a fun expansion as well. So I'm not completely opposed to the idea. More recently I got the RE7 DLC which had a good extra scenario in End of Zoe, though I've not played most of the puzzles as they don't really interest me.


Wait until GOTY comes out. Play main game content. Get burnt out. "I'll come back to the DLC later." (lie) Repeat.


$20 for the game + all DLC


It really depends on the game. If it's something that I strongly feel ill enjoy, then I'll buy the game close to release, play it through once at default, and then after all of the DLC is released, get it and go back through a second time with those new areas/quests and patches that have been put out since. However getting a game at a discount with everything included later on certainly has its appeal. Fewer bugs that way too. The only risk is that they'll change some elements of the original game in a way that I dislike, which happens from time to time.


I don’t buy dlc until I’ve finished the main game and still want more. If a game still has my interest at that point, I don’t really care what the price scheme is.


I only buy DLC if I complete the game and still excited to play it and that rarely happens.


Generally I only buy DLC if a cheap bundle exists. If it's a game I have yet to play and the DLC is expensive, generally I just play the game normally, and by the time I finish unless the game was absolutely incredible I'm too tired for any DLC and will never get it.


GOTY/Ultimate Edition, etc. But I've been burned too many times (like AC:Odyssey's useless DLC) so I honestly think twice before DLC purchases unless it adds something different to the game or true post game content.


I rarely buy DLCs, even if I loved the main game. I find them artificially closed behind paywall, too expensive and unnecessary for the main story. By the time I finish main game I will be too tired to continue and force myself to keep playing same shit. However recently there was one exception - Lost Judgement, I bought together with DLC and it was actually very good and I didn't feel burn out. Anyway I prefer good old days, when instead of DLCs we had one or two big expansions. That's another story.


I always wait. I want the full game like I used to buy back in the 90s and 2000's


Usually the second.


Depends. If a game has been out for a while and is coming up to GOTY edition, I'll wait. Other games like Dead Cells have been releasing paid and free DLC for years. So I buy it as it comes. It might be years before it's complete. Rain World just dropped DLC last week for the first time since release. I've already got the base game so I'm not waiting years to see if it gets a bundle, I'm buying it now.


I mean, this is r/PatientGamers. A game usually already stopped releasing content by the time we play them. And most modern games already release with a Deluxe Edition anyway. As for me, the only times I got a DLC on day one were with Doom Eternal and Cuphead. I would pre-order an Elden Ring DLC if they made one, but that's very unlikely.


I used to buy COD DLC when it was new and I was big into COD back in 2012/13, now I just wait for the GOTY. I’ll never forget my first DLC purchase, Fallout 3, had the UK version playing in Canada. I purchased the DLC with some money I earn as a kid, and couldn’t play it due to incompatible versions. To this day have not played broken steel.


Depends on the dev. If its UBIsoft then its wait for the full edition. From software I give them day one bread.


I put off playing cyberpunk, despite the huge hype I still have for it, because of the bugs. Now they announced the dlc, which is probably also going to bring QoL features and improvements, and possibly a discounted edition etc. Might aswell wait another year!


>or just be patient Checks the name of the sub...


I'm finally playing the fallout 4 dlc after buying the season pass for $7.50


Sometimes games get released with a lot of DLC, but they don't re-release the game as a "Complete Edition." I don't think Castlevania: Lord's of Shadow, or Asura's Wrath got a complete edition, but they both did get DLC that essentially did finish their respective storylines. And for back on topic, I feel funny about DLC. I like to have the game "finished" or "completed" before I buy it. Because I know as a Patient gamer I can wait a year or more to pick up a game but it's the vanilla version for much cheaper, but it bugs that reptile part of my brain that says I essentially bought an "incomplete" version of the game, as it's missing the DLC that was added to it (even if it's just minor things like costumes or different weapon colors).


How do you guys feel about DLC that could unlock post game stuff immediately? I am considering getting the DLC for Resident Evil 2 remake that gives me all the unlockable, infinite weapons, since it can turn the game into a quick, arcade like expert for me


GOTY. I have zero interest for new games so I just buy the "definitive" edition of the games I want to play. It's usually pretty cheap anyway.


Depends on the game. GOTY editions can take 3 -4 years to come out; and there are some games I won’t wait that long.


It depends on the game and the sale to be completely honest. 9 times out of 10 I don’t care about DLC at all so I will buy whichever version of the game is most cost effective/less intensive on my console’s storage. But occasionally a game like Bloodborne comes along where I love the game a ton and the DLC just adds on that and I have to play it. If I end up with DLC otherwise, it’s because it came bundled with the game.


I usually get the Game of the Year edition, not from seeking it out, but as a consequence of waiting for the price of the game to drop. There's a lot of games that I hear good things about or that look interesting to me, but very few among those that I'm willing to pay full price for, especially when there's a risk that I won't end up liking the game. The only DLC that has ever tempted me to buy it a la carte is story DLC for games I really enjoyed. I can only remember actually buying the DLC on two occasions: first, with Bioshock Infinite, and second, with Dishonored. But I discovered the risk with story DLC is that it might taint the experience of the main game. That happened with Bioshock Infinite, so I pretend that Burial at Sea doesn't exist; but on the other hand, the Knife of Dunwall and the Brigmore Witches were fantastic and made me obsessed with Dishonored again after a long hiatus.


Most of the time I wait for GOTY’s. Except Bethesda-developed (not published though I bought all of New Vegas as released) games. They’re worth the money usually. I did get Fallout 4’s season pass before they upped it after like two months of release. I think it was due to how massive Far Harbor and Nuka World would end up being.


I've never bought a Bethesda DLC. I played 3 and New Vegas standard edition until very recently. I disliked or didn't care for all the new vegas DLC. Far Harbor is better than the main Fallout 4 plot. It was the same with Skyrim. I played Standard since 2011 but only last year played any of the DLC


Game of the year / complete edition. I was very happy to recommend Assassins Creed Ezio Collection for Switch to a friend new to AC. All DLC and even some bonus videos included. Great package! He’s loving it!


I try to go for GOTY editions but I've notice over the last few years some games still don't include all of the game's DLC (Frontier Dev comes to mind) so I'll just buy the game on its deepest sale and collect the DLC over time.


I usually wait for all planned dlc to release before purchase, but I'm in no rush. One exception was Mario kart dlc and smash bros dlc where I waited for enough dlc to release. I didn't wait for all the street fighter dlc to release and kind of regret it, but the costumes were cool at the time.


It depends of how much I like the game relatively to how long ago I have played it.


I usually only look out for GOTY/complete/gold/definitive editions of games. But, I also do strike gold when picking up the entire collection of a series that has every DLC for the game like the Bioshock Collection, Ezio Collection, and Arkham collection. I'm extremely patient as I get all of it for a great price. The only time I've purchased DLC separately was for Witcher 3 and that was a season pass at a discount. There are a couple of single-player games that have an unnecessary deluxe edition that only offers a few cosmetics. I ignore those and just buy the standard edition in those cases.


Usually always wait for a complete edition or get an edition where it comes with dlc when it’s on a sale, like the Gold edition of the AC games, but if it’s something I really wanna play & price drops before the DLC is released I’ll get it e.g Doom Eternal


depends. goty mostly but with microsoft games on game pass i will buy dlc. like for forza horizon. i love forza horizon. i have it with gamepass. for 4 i got the lego dlc and for 5 i am getting hot wheels. bit i will NOT buy the minecraft fungeons dlc because for some sillybreason they have a pc version and an xbox version. i shoukdnt have to buy them twice.




Haven't bought one in a very long time, will buy the DLC for Elden Ring as soon as its released though


I almost never buy DLC, period. Outside of MMOs and MMO-ish games (e.g. Destiny) where you need to buy the new expansion to keep up, I think I can count the number of DLCs I've ever bought on one hand. The only ones I can think of are Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and KH3: ReMind. And even in the MMO-ish category I think the only ones I've ever gotten deep enough into to start buying expansions are Destiny 1/2 and FFXIV. Edit: I guess I have bought a few GOTY/Complete editions over the years, but it's always because I wanted the main game and that was the easiest/most efficient way to get it. I rarely even end up playing the DLC in those cases.


I just ignore DLC in most cases.


I either buy it as a GOTY or I don’t buy it at all, usually. If I didn’t buy it as a GOTY then that means this was a game I was impatient for and bought before GOTY was a thing. In that case I won’t buy the DLC separately because I already played the game, and individually I find DLC is rarely worth it to buy on its own. I don’t buy Season Passes for DLC that isn’t released because it’s far too easy to get burned with that. I remember breaking that policy for Borderlands 3 (since the 2 DLCs out at the time were really good), only for the last 2 DLCs to be shorted on content just as “Season Pass 2” was released. Wanting DLC is actually a good thing that prevents me from being an impatient gamer. In addition to not wanting to deal with bugs on release, I’ll also wait until the DLC is out so I can have a complete experience. Even games I was hyped for I still end up waiting 6 months - a year for DLC to come out so I can buy the complete edition.


I tend to buy older or straight up indie games, so I usually go for the complete editions, especially if they’re on sale


It varies game by game. I'll sometimes wait for the season pass to drop in price if I already own a game. Otherwise if I want to play it immediately, I'll just grab them at full price.


Only once have I actually bought DLC: I got the Cindered Shadows DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses (which was a Christmas present) before getting too far into the main game because I found out the new Ashen Wolves characters would be included there once the DLC campaign was completed. No regrets, I ended up making them a core part of my Black Eagles. I also fully intend to buy the Fatesworn DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning if/when it finally comes out on Switch. In other words, I only buy DLC if I already own the main game and like it enough to want the full experience.


Anything AAA is a wait. Stuff for a game I enjoy (looking at you, Deep Rock Galactic and Vampire Survivors) is a day-one purchase.


Depends on the game. Payday 2 I bought so long ago that they didn't have almost any DLC at the time. They've since put out about a billion microtransactions and a few bundles, but I think I've bought most of it one by one from sales. Hitman games I've always waited for a GOTY release. Especially with the newer games, where the whole game on release is essentially just the same game from last year, but with just a fraction of the maps available. The online component is still single player at heart. The only reason to get in on day one would be to use leveling exploits if any are discovered. Waiting for a GOTY deal gets you the complete game. ​ I'm not completely against DLC. When a game hits the final crunch periods, it's almost solely on the programmers. The art-staff would be twiddling their thumbs otherwise, so if a game has day-one cosmetic / extra maps as dlc, you know that at least they didn't fire their staff immediately after they did their jobs. It's shitty that they didn't include that in the release - most likely because physical copies had already gone out - but it's not the ultimate evil. To me.


Depends on if I am actively playing the game or not. If it's a game that I have played, found fun but haven't played in a while.. I might as well wait for a complete edition.


The only time I did Season pass was Forza Horizon. I had it Gamepass so bought the upgrade edition that had the Season Pass.


Depends on what my backlog is. I was churning through Inquisition and Amalur when W3 dropped, so by the time I finished those very long games, both of the DLC had been released, and I was able to purchase the GoTY edition with all the goodies. I’m patient with new releases, so GOTY always made the most sense to me. Very few games have I rushed to buy on Day One, and then immediately purchase DLC. Skyrim, DA2, Inquisition, Cyberpunk are about all I can recall.


Dlc's aren't usually that interesting. So far I've only played 3 dlc's. 1) Spiderman (the one with pp), I got the goty edition with the dlc's included for 10$ at a black Friday sale in 2019, I never realized that the game had a dlc until last year. 2) Cuphead dlc (brought it with my own money on release day) it was the only dlc I ever cared for. 3) Ghost of Tsushima iki island dlc I brought it out of guilt because i really enjoyed the game and played it on the release week but haven't given a single cent to the devs because I didn't buy it.


it depends on the game but rarely. i never really play games the year they come out so in those instances i just get goty. but that doesnt work for nintendo games. if its a game i really like (botw) ill just buy the dlc. if its a game that you like buying the dlc makes a lot of sense. dont have to learn a new game


Bro really asked that in this sub.


Depends on how much I like the game.