Astro's Playroom. It's basically a tech demo for the PS5 controller but damn, it's so good.


Feeling rain through your hands is awesome


THIS!!! Omg this game makes me so fucking happy. I feel like a little kid again whenever I’m playing this


The spring effect was so great. I wish more games committed as hard to the haptics as this one.


Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons brought tears to my eyes for various reasons and the use of the controller was really something special


This is the one I was going to bring up. And the way it switched things up towards the end was chef's kiss. There's a case to be made that game told it's story through its controls. Such a special game


“A button press will make you cry” sounds like a Molyneux/Molydeux quote but it is absolutely an accurate statement about this game.


Came here for this. One of if not the best examples of storytelling through gameplay where even the input method itself is part of the whole thing. Really recommend it to anyone. Ps. The village at the beginning of the game is like my dream place to live in, I fantasize about it constantly.


I checked and I have logged in 3.5 hours in it but somehow stopped playing it in 2015. I don’t remember why but will give it a try now that you praised it. Can you remins me in what way it was unique, controller-wise? Thank you.


The game makes you control 2 characters, one with each side of the controller. I think the really amazing part is when it uses controller rumble for storytelling. Still think it's the best use of that feature ever.


Oh now I remember it. Thanks! I am into a good story anytime.


You have to control 2 people at the same time? That sounds kinda cool, and kinda hard lol


From what I remember, you only need to move each with a stick and have the LT and RT triggers as action buttons for each. It is in essence a puzzle game where you have to figure out how to position and move your characters as they either do or stop doing an action. It gets a ton of mileage out of this mechanic.


Oh that does sound fun, I'm gonna look into that. Thanks!


To do so fully would involve a massive plot spoiler


You must have been close to finishing it, cause it didn't take me too long. My wife told me to play it, and i beat it in one sitting with her. It's so good man, I strongly recommend it.


Anybody who didn't instantly think of Brothers for this question didn't play Brothers.


Oh yeah that one got me good. Such a powerful usage of the media.


>In this topic let’s list some games that make you feel like your controller is an extension of your hands I'm gonna approach this question from a different angle and say that PS5 controller's haptic feedback is one of the the best gimmicks in videogames ever. The implementations of the feedback in Control and Returnal are amazing.


What I saw from the other comments is that it is really appreciated. I didn’t have the haptics in my mind when I started the thread but now I am intrigued. Good thing I have a friend with a DS controller. I am going to borrow it for a while.


I suspect most people are inclined to pick games with super-snappy, responsive controls for this, but some of the best-feeling games to me are ones that have a balance between responsiveness and naturalistic character movement. Two games that popped into my head immediately were Mirror's Edge and The Last of Us Part 2. While I think the controls in both games are pretty responsive, it's not an instantaneous, 1:1 feeling. What makes them feel so good to me is that you get a sense of weight and momentum from the characters you're controlling. That's what often feels the most satisfying to me, but it's tricky to get the balance right. If you go too far in one direction, it can make the controls feel too sluggish, if you go too far the other way, the characters feel floaty and insubstantial. First-party Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda also tend to have this balance really well-tuned.


Yes! The games that nail that balance are much more impressive to me than something that's very snappy. Death Stranding was another game that did it really well. When you're carrying a tower of packages on your back it genuinely takes like 1-2 seconds to come to a stop, but it just *feels* right. They did a fantastic job translating the sense of the weight Sam is carrying through his movement animations and the input responsiveness. TLOU2 is just on another level, though. No other game has superseded it in that regard yet. It's my response to every person claiming that you can't have realistic animations and reactive input. It's clearly possible, and it has been done.


Yeah I feel like Naughty Dog has been refining that since the early Uncharted games, and you can feel it getting better each time. The original Last of Us and Uncharted 4 feel pretty good as well, but I think they really nailed it in TLoU 2. They've also really refined the way they work in contextual animations (like slamming someone against a table or wall during combat), which also adds to that feeling of controlling a real, living character.


>The original Last of Us and Uncharted 4 feel pretty good as well Wow, I'm surprised how much I disagree. I haven't played any Uncharted, but I bounced off of TLoU1 because the controls felt like dogshit compared to RE4 (which was the inspiration for the controls in that game). Everything just felt so imprecise and clunky. I had just re-played RE4 and RE5 (don't judge me) right before that and was very disappointed.


To be fair, it's been a while since I played the original Last of Us, but that's how I remember it feeling at the time. It's been a while since I played RE4 as well, though I don't remember the controls for that clicking with me the same way. It's definitely a balancing act, and I don't think there's a solution that works perfectly for everyone. I tend to like it in games (particularly story/character-centric third person games) where the characters feel "real", even if it comes at the expense of snappy controls. I love little touches in The Last of Us like how characters will put a hand against a wall if you walk up close next to it, or just the way they move when you make them turn around or start moving in a different direction. Sidenote: Just came across this [animation reel from TLoU Part 2](https://vimeo.com/474306261) that highlights a lot of this. Anything that makes it feel more like I'm controlling a living character rather than a game object. It always takes me out of a game when you move the analog stick and the character sort of rotates around like they're standing on a turntable.


along this line, I'd mention Team ICO games, especially Shadow of the Colossus. Controls in that game feel a bit sluggish and, in the original PS2 version, even somewhat erratic. But they do a great job of conveying the terror and randomness of battling a gigantic creature and being thrown around by them like a feather. Holding onto a giant eagle statue robot thing's wing and gripping that R1 button like I was actually gonna drop to the ground if I let go. Or being thrown in the air and holding a button to grasp onto anything I could get within reach of, but falling anyway because I couldn't reach far enough. It's a weirdly engrossing experience.


I haven’t played SoC yet but played and loved ICO. Really conveyed the feeling of isolation. Thanks for reminding me of them.


Oh, yeah, Shadow of the Colossus. I've never played a game before or since that made me feel like more of a badass. It's so visceral to take out those giant things.


Oh I have been eyeing the Mirror’s Edge since it is on sale on Steam right now. I think realistic use of the controller is also a good experience. I think I get what you mean. I never had a nintendo except the original NES but would try the games you mentioned on an emu. Thanks.


Mirror's Edge is definitely worth checking out! It's not everyone's cup of tea, and the oft-maligned sections where you're forced to engage in combat aren't great. But it's still a pretty unique game in terms of the way it feels to play. You get a sense of momentum and presence in the world that few FPS games have been able to achieve.


Okay, I've scrolled far enough. Smash Bros. Melee on GameCube. Honestly, any smash game with a GameCube controller, but I'm picking Melee due to it being the first one to be playable with that controller.


RE4 for me. You’re pretty much always using some combination of A, B, L, and R and it feels perfect.


This was going to be my comment too. Literally popped into my head before I even finished the prompt!


I want a modern gamecube controller so bad. Everything that currently exists is missing some feature. Usually build quality or analogue triggers are missing. The panda controller shown over a year ago would have been perfect.


I’ll be a heathen and say I prefer a pro controller for ultimate. If it had the 8 directional notches, it would be perfect. But it just feels more natural to me.


I only briefly used a GameCube controller years ago at a friend's house. Maybe I just needed more time to get used to it, but I immediately hated it. 💀


Sekiro still remains, to this very day, the most smooth game I have ever played. Every single aspect is just so damn responsive, weighty, precise and snappy, to the movement and the combat. It is unparalleled and unsurpassed when it comes to overall feel. So good. So *good.*


Sekiro is my favorite Fromsoft game and easily among the top 5 GOAT for me. The combat is so REWARDING and the responsiveness is just \*chef's kiss\*


I love and have completed all Fromsoft games several times apart from Demons Souls and Sekiro. DeS because I don't have a PS5 right now and it seems like the best way to play it nowadays so I'll wait for that. Sekiro, just because it's so utterly balls hard imo. I feel like it's trying to play a souls game as SL1 with a dex weapon. Maybe I just suck or maybe it just needs to click for me like the classic souls formula did but man does it seem tough as nails.


I suck at Darksouls but can no hit bosses in Sekiro. Sekiro is a rhythm game. Darksouls is hit and dodge.


All rhythm and when you get it finally it's an unmatched feeling


The Genichiro fight on top of the castle is one of the best fights of the game!


It's so weird, I actually just typed this out yesterday for someone else but maybe it can help you too: Just to help you out maybe, I know some people said be defensive, but in Sekiro, hesitation is defeat. It's a game where it pays to be aggressive and to pay close attention the audio and visual cues. You may have already picked up on it, but when and enemy is about to counterattack, their deflect of your blade will sound different and spark differently. This is when it's time to be defensive and prepare for your own counterattack. Also, make use of your Shinobi tools. The umbrella in particular (especially when upgraded) can really help on bosses that have a hard-to-deflect combo. Also, the firecrackers stun bosses that contain an animal such as Gyoubu's horse. Make sure you get the Ashina arts from the masked guy right before you enter the Ashina castle gate. It has some of the best skills you can get in the game. Also, try to blan backstabs wherever the game will allow, which is most field bosses, especially if you use a Gaachins sugar. Speaking of sugar, don't underestimate how helpful the different ones can be if you're having a difficult time with a boss. And lastly, if all else fails, you CAN play it more like a souls game with some bosses but the trick is to *not* lock on in these instances. If you lock on, the enemies track you much better, but if you don't, they have a very hard time deflecting you and keeping up with you. Keep at it buddy, you'll get there! Elden ring is my fave game ever, but I think Sekiro has the best combat of all time. You just have to remember, hesitation is defeat, Sekiro! Ed: also remember that the deflect is very generous and you can even use it before fully committing to attacks.


It's a completely different game, different playstyle. I had a tough time learning but when I did it was so much fun.


Yes, I finished it a couple of weeks ago. The best thing about it is it teaches you how to play it throughout the game. The final boss was as easy for me as the first mini boss. If there is no terrain difference such as you or your opponent being on a stair, fights are seamless. So good!


I think you just sold me to finally try Sekiro. If you think it's great, Returnal is absolutely tight with great haptics.


I think the argument for Sekiro being the best game ever made is super easy to make. It's simply quality from top to bottom.




Absolute best use of the DualSense until now outside of Astro World


I was scrolling to see Astro world. Wouldn’t expect a tech demo to be so engaging. But, that just shows what the new duelsense can do if a game is built for it. To bad almost none are. There’s some pretty awesome DuelSense stuff in Demonsouls. I just wish that game wasn’t so damn punishing.


Every time I'd play a game, I'd do 2 things: turn on subtitles, and turn off vibrations. Astro's Playroom made me stop doing that on PS5. And I'm glad it did, because Ghost of Tsushima makes amazing use of that controller.


Proof that next generation gaming is possible yet widely ignored still. Stellar game and best use of the DS5 so far.


*What Remains of Edith Finch*, specifically the cannery sequence. I really think everyone should experience it for themselves, but basically you play as >!a character who is working a mundane job and starting to dissociate and become lost in his own daydream. As it progresses your left and right hands are doing different things with one side in the dream and the other still going through the motions in the real world.!< I found it unique and effective, with the controls elevating the storytelling masterfully.


Came here to post exactly this. It was masterfully done.


Yup, first thought


Qwop. Can bring a tear to a grown man's eyes for sure


I'll take your Qwop and raise you I Am Bread!


I have a 30 minutes playtime of it. Happy times…


Haha. Were those happy tears?


MX vs ATV reflex. Never found another motocross game that feels this amazing to control. I used to ride regularly and it was mind blowing a game pulled this off. buttons for clutch, front and back brake, one stick for rider control one for bike. So many little things all added up and made it so smooth. That being said so many of our friends back then while they enjoyed the game, couldn't get into it like my sibling and I. They had a hard time realize you can't just hold accelerate when in the air, you have to control both rider and bike for corners, rough terrain or in the air. So I can see why people who aren't familiar with that world might have been turned off by it and why they never really followed with the same formula afterwards.


My first purchase after posting this thread. Was 0,41 USD on steam in my region. Seems like I won’t be disappointed. Thanks!


Its an older game I fired up recently so when I was this thread I had to say something!


Super Mario Odyssey with split joy-cons. Only way to play it. Incredible how fluid you can get with throwing that damn hat.


Death Stranding just hits so well on a ps5 controller.


Because of the touchpad?


The triggers have aptic feedback, it's used to simulate how weight shifts around while walking (some of the audio output should also come from the controller) The director's cut on pc works the same


I am definitely borrowing my friends DS to try it out! Never thought the its haptics would be liked this much.


I'm surprised that works on the PC version. It's about time to replace my worn-out DualShock 4. Sounds like I'll be upgrading.


The only thing that is a shame that you need it to be connected by usb to have haptic feedback working for pc. But it does feel nice I agree.


Loved it but the baby crying coming out of the controller speaker scared me every single time it happened!


It's been a long time but I think Sleeping Dogs maybe fit this with the combat (well maybe not tears in my eyes)


Haha. Never heard of it but will check it out. Thanks. EDIT: I checked the steam page and it is full of praises! Bought it at 85% discount.


I can second this! Sleeping Dogs is really fun to play with a controller. Shooting can be a bit troubling, but personally it’s not super off-putting. Most of the combat is usually fists anyway.


Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation. The fight against Psycho Mantis >!where he anticipates every move you make and you have to use the controller in port 2 so he doesn't "read your mind" and you can finally beat him!<. Completely blew my mind. Never again have I seen such a creative and unique controller mechanic.


Most people are mentioning games with good controls not games that use the controller itself as a means to enhance gameplay. I'd say apart the top comment which I wholeheartedly agree is the best example, the other one I can think of is **The World Ends With You**. It uses the dual screen of the DS perfectly to come up with a unique asynchronous control of two characters. It's different from everything else.


I'm gonna be that annoying guy who recommends that you try a controller with gyroscope aim. It makes aiming with a controller much nicer. You won't necessarily get mouse-level precision but it's about 100 times better than stick-only aim. Unfortunately Xbox controllers still don't support this feature. PS4/PS5 and Switch Pro controllers do, though, as do a number of third-party controllers like the 8bitdo Ultimate.


I learned to like gyro aiming in a couple of switch games, but I don't understand how you'd make it work properly in a PC game using Steam or DS4Windows. Would every little movement of your controller mess with the camera when you're **not** aiming? That would drive me mad.


It is quite common for people to setup gyro to activate when aiming (left trigger pulled) in shooters. This is how I play. Stick for big movements, gyro to finesse your aim. Look up Nerrel on youtube he covers how to set up such a scheme with Steam!


Well, some people do like to use always-on gyro, but you don't have to do that. I prefer to have it set up so that in only triggers when you have a modifier button held. Steam Input allows you to program this. The most common choice would be to have the gyro activate when you're pulling the left trigger to aim down sights, but to be off otherwise. However, what I like even better is the option that's available on the Steam Controller or Steam Deck, where the gyro can be activated by simply resting your finger on the right track pad (or right stick in the case of the Deck). This sounds weird but is actually extremely intuitive, since you're either making coarse camera movements with the pad (in which case you're not using gyro) or you're making fine camera movements with the gyro (in which case you're not turning the camera with the pad). IMO this is better than the left trigger method because then you're not tying two actions to the same input, but on a traditional dual analog controller the left trigger method still works OK. EDIT: AFAIK you can also manually adjust the gyro deadzone so that it doesn't activate on tiny shakes, but I have not messed with this so I could be wrong.


Personally I tend to prefer having the Deck gyro activation on one of the back buttons, usually L4 or L5. I do coarse aiming with the right stick and use the gyro for fine adjustment. Having gyro on the capacitive top of the stick makes it hard to use the right stick without gyro when I need to. I use the left buttons so I'm not carrying the tension in my right hand trying to use the stick and hold the back button at the same time, often while want to use shoulder buttons. I also tend to use the gyro by anchoring my left hand and moving my right around it. I love how customizable the Deck is.


This is why I want a Steam Controller 2 that's just a Deck without a screen. I try to use my current Steam Controller as sporadically as I can manage to extend its lifespan since I don't know if I'd be able to get another one!


I am in initial stage of experimenting ds4 gyro with doom eternal on steam. Still not getting the hang of it :( Trying flickstick is even more confusing.


Are you using gyro always-on or only when you pull a modifier button (like the left trigger)? I find it to be much easier to understand if you set the gyro to only engage when you hold a modifier button like the left trigger. (I don't know the controller layout for DE, though, so maybe this wouldn't work - I played that game with M+KB.)


This is the key, you'll make yourself sick keeping gyro always-on. The Zelda games on Switch default to gyro-aim only while zooming in with a bow or other similar items


I hate hate HATE the gyro aim in Breath of the Wild on Switch. No more for me, please. But to each their own, I just thought I’d throw in a dissenting view.


Yeah, I get that it's not for everybody (that's why it should always be optional and not forced). I personally found it to be pretty confusing at first, but once I got used to it, it actually started to feel like the most natural aiming method to me.


i hate gyro aim in general. i basically had to quit splatoon 3 because i refuse to use gyro and everyone in that game can aim 1000x better & faster than i can and it’s just extremely disheartening & unfun not being able to keep up in any given match and i hate when i express this and people just say “oh you just need to stick with it you’ll get used to it” because they don’t listen to what i’m saying lmao. it’s not a matter of not being used to it, it’s a matter of liking it. i hate gyro aiming and i always will so i’m just gonna have to cry about it


1000%. Gyroscopic aim is a complete game changer and it makes Controller vs KBM much, much more competitive. It blows my mind that it was left out on Xbox. Although its not that popular (yet) and theres not a tangible hit to Microsoft's bottom line by excluding it, I personally think excluding it is Microsoft's biggest mistake this generation. I know that I'm in the minority, but I will not buy a console that doesn't support gyroscopic aim.


Yeah I don't get it. It wouldn't take much to implement and there's a sizeable group of players who would like to have it. Sure, some people don't like it but that's not a problem. Just have it be an optional toggle you can turn off if you don't want it.


It's a crime that the Xbox controllers still lack a gyroscope. I have switched my PC gaming over to a Dualsense 5 recently and really love it.


Which games are you using the gyro in on PC?


Just started playing TF2 on Steam Deck with gyro aiming


I will definitely try it. Maybe not this generation since my xbox controller is one year old. Also, there will probably be more games which support it in the future.


Mario Odyssey Metroid Dread Hollow Knight Hades To me they all felt buttery smooth, fluid and perfectly responsive.


Agree on everyone of these but metroid dread, which was a little slippery and twitchy.


good list, I'd add Celeste and SMB for 2D platformers




Oh I have it for the time being but never got into it. But if it isn’t rose tinted glasses of time, I remember MGS 1 had solid (pun intended) controls for its time.


Make sure you play MGSV in offline mode when you get around to it, the online rewards added by Konami ruin the balance. The old MGS game’s controls feel quite dated to me, but I didn’t play them when they released.


How does offline mode affect the unlocks/researches that are otherwise online? The gold colored ones, iirc. Also, does it remove the online portion of your resource pool? Does your offline resource pool increase to compensate? Are there any other differences?


It removes the online weapons and resources, and you can’t access online dispatch missions of challenge rewards. If you ever need then you can just switch online mode on and it will all be there anyway


Thanks for elaborating! :)


They felt perfectly executed when it released. It was the best game I had ever played when I played it and held that title for many years.


Thanks for the tip!


Zack and wiki for the Wii. Perfect controller usage


Either Mario Galaxy game and Mario Odyssey




Warioware - Nintendo DS Prince or Persia Sands of Time - GameCube Scribblenauts Showdown - Switch DragonBall Z Budokai 2 - PS2


What I always loved about WarioWare was the multiplayer games where each player takes control with just a shoulder button. I got the first one on my 3DS and when anyone else is around I'm just like "yo wanna play a game?" Such a great idea that isn't implemented everywhere else.


I only played Prince of Persia while it came out and really liked how good prince moved. It’s been a while now though, I may try it alongside the others you mentioned. Thanks!


Hades work with ps4 controller on epic on Bluetooth without ds4.exe with ps4 symbols Mind blowen


I love Hades. Nice of you to mention. My only gripe with it was I had some trouble aiming while not moving with certain ranged weapons. But overall a it has a solid gamepad action!


I found that in Hades, re-mapping the reload button made the rail a lot easier to use because it wasn't conflicting with other inputs as badly.


Cool to know. Which button did you bind it to?


I honestly can't say I've really had any issues with using controllers in games. The axe in god of war sucked ass to aim on the ps4 as well, spiderman felt the same in terms of responsiveness on both ps4 and pc to me, and i had absolutely no issues with sekiro and got all achievements on both steam and ps4. Personally i find any shittiness with the controller to just be the game itself and not the porting or pc optimization.


Exactly this. The only PC port that I remember that messed up controller support on PC was Devil May Cry 3. Movement and camera were split between both stick (so left stick X axis was movement, Y axis was camera and the other way for right stick). You might also consider no PS button prompts to be annoying, but that seems more like UI problem than anything. For now I'm the person that has to fully utilize my controller in games. My controller has gyro and 8 additional buttons, so I started playing around with different control schemes or gyro+flick stick for FPS games.


Rdr2 and w3 had their issues too. Trying to aim the cross bow manually while racing on a horse was a nightmare for my busted wrist.


I have just played rdr2 for an hour to try it out. First deer hunting mission was ok, but haven’t got to the point where you could hunt on horseback. Interesting.


W3 dlc has the horseback archery bit actually. In blood and wine story tournament. Rdr2 I just…. Man I’m trying. It’s just soooo slow. Controllers over keyboard is definitely the way to go. And I’m not like feeling the need for constant action, but I still haven’t hit a part in the story that grabs me. I hit that early on in w3 and some of the story scenes like the “world hopping” made me so hopeful for what they could do with the Netflix series. I guess we’ll see. I’ll pick rdr2 back up at some point and maybe it’ll hit me….? Or I’ll have so much free time in a hospital that I can play it for as long as the creators intended? /shrug.


Oh I remember the W3 horseback missiob. I tried it like 10 times then looked up on youtube. I love Witcher 3 but man, the controls are shit. Just learned there is a movement mod and I will use it on my next run.


Oh, which controller are you using?


Flydigi Vader 2 Pro and I use reWASD for remapping.


I looked it up. Looks really cool. I never considered gyro until now. I may be missing its point in games other than FPSs. Will check it out. Thank you.


I've gathered that it is not optimal, but I sure do love piloting my Rocket League cars with a controller. Sometimes that is like the essence of video games to me


Rocket League is THE answer for me, 100%. It's as though my controller and my car are one entity.


The Yakuza/Like A Dragon games are meant to be played with controllers, so much so that when you boot one up on PC the first thing you see is [REAL YAKUZA USE A GAMEPAD](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/037/734/Real_Yakuza_Use_A_Gamepad_0-1_screenshot.png)


Elite: Dangerous is one I've always appreciated. Or at least I used to until Fdev pulled the plug on console. Being able to control a spaceship with ease in a space sim impressed me. Also a shout-out to Bloodborne and Sekiro. Those control schemes work brilliantly imo.


Elite and Ark felt a little clunky to me, but both squeezed an amazing number of inputs into a controller.


I sucked a lot in Elite :) Wish there was an easier mode of it 🥹


I love how the arkham games allow you to quick-fire a bunch of your gadgets without having to go to your utility belt. It really took advantage of using two button combos so it wasn't limited by the amount of buttons on a controller.


I loved Arkham Games


This may be cheating, as the game was actually made to showcase the controller, but Astro’s Playroom.


Ape Escape


For me it's SUPERHOT VR. I played it on the Quest 2 and, in my mind, it's still the absolute perfect use of that platform. If you've played SUPERHOT, then you know it's ~~the most innovative shooter I've played in years~~ an FPS where time only moves when you move. And in SUPERHOT VR...that same principle applies to your actual human body. And "movement" encompasses everything from striking an enemy to BREATHING. Which means the game is simultaneously more reflex-based AND more cerebral than it's predecessor. I don't think I've ever felt more badass for completing a challenge in game than I have while doing pretty much anything in SUPERHOT VR. Hell, I'll just say it: if SUPERHOT VR is the only game you're ever going to play on your VR set...then it's still worth the investment. I promise you won't find that same experience anywhere else.


The Godfather Black Hand edition. This was the version of The Godfather game released for the Wii, and it made wonderful use of the motion controllers. It was an open world GTA style game in which you can shake down shop owners to rise in the ranks of the mob. In the original PS2 release of the game, threatening shopkeepers was a basic grind using the action button. But on the Wii it was a revelation! The motion controls elevated this basic part of the game to a creative form of role play. Grab a guy by the collar with both hands and shake him a bit, throw him on the floor, now grab him with one hand and slap him around, shove his head against the counter and hold a gun to his temple while he begs for mercy, then bang his head against the cash register. Still not done? Use both hands to choke him. Now throw him through the plate glass shop window for good measure. Fights with rival thugs or cops involved Wii Sports style boxing, and often took place on rooftops where you could grab a guy and throw him off the edge. Such a fun way to use motion controls, and it was a great game with amazing voice acting. Including Marlon Brandi’s final performance ever.


1/ Mario 64 2/ Mario 64 3/ Mario 64


Seriously? The N64 controller was always utter garbage. It felt like they mounted the joystick in a bowl of oatmeal.


You are garbage Edit : Don't get mad I'm just kidding


Monster Hunter World's controller implementation was very well executed imo.


Monster hunter in general feels great on a controller. I wouldn't play any iteration without one


Diablo 3 blew my mind when I played it on switch, did not think they would be able to figure out the controller for it


Like really? I am a long time D2 fan and never thought of playing it with a controller?!? SIGN ME UP.


Seriously, it just works for most builds. Some that are specific to skill shot aiming suffer slightly


Honestly, Nioh 2, on controller... excellence. On keyboard... castration. I've 100% that game, and it still remains my favourite souls-like just because of the combat system alone. Especially once you get a couple of NG+++ in there and can't cheese the massive HP pools and are forced to learn how to dodge and counter properly. I was by no means an expert, but if you give it the time and learn and customize your movesets, it's insanely fluid on the controller. So much so that once if I started intentionally thinking about the individual inputs, I'd instantly fumble all of the controls, but if you let your muscle memory do its job, it's masterfully done.


Not to sound like I'm trolling but... Vampire Survivors. Full stop. It's input is so reductive yet succinct, that it allows you to focus on weathering the waves of chaos coming your way. Bonus point for it's very low threshold/barrier of entry. Friends/family that do NOT game got properly hooked in minutes.


I only play it on the throne on my phone. Interesting.


Trying archery and lockpicking with a PS4 pad in Kingdom Come did bring tears to my eyes. As well as immense hatred for C*mans and l*cksmiths to my heart.


Batman Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Every single button (and combinations) is useful and challenges your mental stacks while fighting tons of enemies.


Not PC but The World Ends With You for DS. That game was so intentionally crafted to leverage every aspect of the DS hardware that the ports simply can't compare. Touch controls, button controls, microphone, and you control 2 characters at once, one on each screen. It's hectic but once you get in the flow, it's an experience unlike any other. The OST is bumpin' as well. My number 1 game of all time.


You need a Steam Controller, friend. The trackpad is a godsend compared to a shitty analogue stick for camera control, that way you wont be fighting as much. I for one almost exclusively use a mouse though, because that thing is the only device that truly makes me feel "in control" of everything. Literally the most precise extension of your hands youre gonna get.


Yeah, I cosidered steam controller but is is not available in my country. Good to know that the trackpad is a good option. I am too lazy to use a mouse though.


Returnal, that is all.


Hi-Fi rush. I just started it recently and it is one of the most "flow" games I've played. The way the whole world and attacks move with the beat really gets you into it. I know this is patient gamer so this one doesn't count, but you asked for any year. You can play on PC with game pass and cloud gaming though I'm not sure how good the timing will feel depending on your internet connection. My connection is pretty good and I was able to adjust to pressing the buttons just a little early to stay on the beat.


I am very much into rhythm games. From Crypt of the Necromancer to mobile gacha traps like BanG Dream, I am a slave for them. And I am considering getting Xbox game pass ulti for Hi-Fi Rush and maybe jedi survivor if it drops to the pass.


Great game, but I thought it had terrible flow. The dodge and jump limit just destroys flow.


It Takes Two it's a joy to play thx to the controls feeling very snappy and responsive


I will definitely play it with my wife after she finishes her doctoral thesis. It is in our shared backlog, thanks!


I played it with my wife after she returned from her low earth orbit mission.. amazing game.. A Way Out is also a fun one


Well, your avatar checks out… Forget about the friggin controllers. How cool is it to be married to an astronaut?!


* The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for Wii: the motion controls are surprisingly intuitive when extorting businesses. * Half-Life Alyx: telekinetically grabbing objects, casually dumping extra ammo in the backpack behind your back


Godfather on Wii is so great. The free aim using the pointer controls works fantastically as well. It will never not be funny to me that you can use waggle controls to strangle people to death in a Wii game.


I'm going to go with the Wii (and presumably Switch) versions of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The motion controls are smooth, have the right amount of sensitivity, and "feel right" more than other motion controls because Samus's whole arm is the cannon in game.


OG Splatoon with WiiU controller


Hah, agree with Dead Cells- I often get deaded because the game is so fun to blast through wiping out everything that I'll get ambushed which I could have avoided by pacing myself. The controls do work very well for that one. I am having trouble thinking of others that felt near flawless. I enjoyed the first Ori game for its simplicity and responsiveness but know others don't agree. I think most fall into the "fine, I can adjust to this quirk" category (or change the bindings of course, but that won't solve a design problem such as needing to access a menu for a common action which I think is more your point)


Anything that isn't FPS or strategy/rts, I will always play on controller. 3rd person action adventure especially so.


Returnal is amazing, I'm playing through it right now and it's the first game that has really sold me on how awesome the Dualsense controller is. The haptics and adjustable triggers create so many new gameplay options for shooters, it's an incredible little piece of hardware.


The Last of Us part 2 did feel so good to play, it felt like you were flying on the field, controls were a lot more responsive and smooth compared to the original in my opinion.


I've been replaying The Witcher 3 on PC using my limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One controller and it feels pretty fantastic. That controller is the first controller I've owned with the textured grip on the handles, and it's phenomenal. My hands don't get super sweaty/clammy anymore, even after playing for hours.


Rocket League. for high level players, the things that you can pull off in that car are insane given the inputs of a controller. Splatoon 1, 2, 3. Gyroscopic aim just works so incredibly well.


I was looking for a controller for pc. Would anyone direct me to a good one?


I think most people here like their PS5 controllers. I have an Xbox series controller and I like its native support on pc and steam big picture.


This is rocket league!


Super meat boy.


No Man’s Sky implemented support for the PS5’s haptics and they’re *awesome*. Give resistance for take-off, when weapons are reloading, and when your mining laser is overheating. On top of that, they just added the ability to turn on gyro controls (separately!) for aiming and navigating menus.


tunic no spoilers 👀


Octodad (aka Impostor Syndrome: the Game). You play as an octopus disguised as a human man, you don't have any bones and are bad at moving in a humanlike manner, and the wonkiness of the controls is both an embodiment of this theme and the main source of fun in the game.


Any game that uses a controller with gyro and implements [Flick Stick](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5L_Px3dFtE), essentially mouse-like precision on controllers with the ability of instantly snapping to any direction like with mouse The list of games that [officially support it is currently small](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flick_Stick#History) but it's quite a few of big names and once games start shipping with it as the default behavior the era of aim assist for controllers will be near its end


Oblivion. Something about playing it for the first time on an xbox360 controller was magical. I came into it after playing a ton of Morrowind on an old PC, which couldn't run Oblivion. Then I bought 360 just to play Oblivion and everything about it seemed so next gen, including the controls on that fancy new gamepad - it felt smart and fluid, and something about pressing the bumpers to shoot spells and navigate the tabs in the menu was so satisfying.


House of Dead Overkill and Sin & Punishment both in Nintendo Wii.


You aren't talking about controllers feeling good, you are talking about good game design. God of War pretty much is bad game design but with high production values and eye candy to fool people into believing its actually good. Games like Nioh, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Hollow Knight etc are responsive as hell. You need to play good games. Spiderman is just a generic Ubisoft style open world game that got the story right.


Yes, exactly! That is why I wanted to start the thread with my favorite, Dead Cells. Sadly I didn’t like Hollow Knight but played the shit out of Blasphemous and Salt & Sanctuary. Played DmC 2 and the bastard remake and liked both. Thanks for mentioning Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. I haven’t played them yet.


Forza Horizon 4 - perfect simcade feeling on a controller. Redout - utilizing both triggers and sticks to smoothly control hovercraft. Mark of the Ninja and Borderlands 3 - both made with controller in mind. MGSV and precise stealthing movement on analog.


How is redout 2 compared to the first? I completed mark of the ninja before it is remastered. Awesome game


I will have to go with the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii. I can't describe the feeling of you beating the bad guys with it. I know it's just like any sword game on the Wii, but it just feels special to me, having to raise your controler in the sky to charge your sword and progress in a level, and not to mention the storyline.


Elden Ring is debatable, but I really how much you can do using the controller without needing to pause.


I like souls game overall. Just tried it recently after I got a new PC and it looks solid with a controller. Thanks.


Elden Ring is a game I’d say is *significantly* better with a controller than with m+k.


Returnal apparently retains all of the incredible haptic feedback and full and partial trigger points when paired with a duelsense controller.


Its graphics are also look stunning. I will consider getting it after the hype is over as how a patient gamer would do :) (I am on a budget with my gaming 😂)


I never understood the appeal of a controller over a keyboard when the game doesn't use an analog stick. In Dead Cells, for example: what advantage does a controller have over a good keyboard layout? I'll readily admit that the default layout, with mouseclick to attack although mouse movement does nothing in game, makes no sense.


Sitting back and relaxing. Hands in my lap feels so much more comfortable than hunched over a keyboard and holding a mouse.


Keyboards hurt your wrists and tend to make you hunch over your desk, especially for fast twitch gameplay. You also can't feel what button is which without looking at it so it's easy to slip and hit the wrong key. There's not much of a use for kb/m unless it's a game where you need the mouse for efficiency


>you can't feel which button is which without looking at it I legitimately can't remember the last time I had to look down at my keyboard. Some of y'all just have to learn how to type properly (home-row typing).


Halo is fantastic on controller. The MCC, which has Halo CE - Halo 4 and Reach, is on sale rn.


I have the MCC. But I think I got overwhelmed and maybe a little scares by the sheer amount of content in the package. Can you point out which one is the best with a controller?


Halo 3 has the best multiplayer but the stories are best played in order. All work well on controller.


I really love CE, though I think they're all roughly equivalent controller-wise. A good place to start are custom games (no wait in matchmaking and people are less competitive). I'll DM you details of a good one to join if you like CTF.


Qwop. Can bring a tear to a grown man's eyes for sure




Hollow knight. One of the best games I’ve ever played, hands down.