Next PerthNow article. "Redditor annoyed at people walking on path"


“Walk path debate DIVIDES the internet”


Ooooh , I like that one


You won't beleive what this pedestrian did!


This one TRICK drives cyclists NUTS!


"7 things Perth pedestrians do. Number 3 will make you cry"


Path people walking on Perth


It's only 10am but that's Reddit done for the day.


As inconvenient as this is, Was it worth pulling out your phone, taking a photo, and then posting it to Reddit?


That’s fine, so long as you move the left when people are coming the other way get a life


They don't have to go left, just out of the way


Great point well done


Fucks sake OP, seriously? Get a life you sook.


These people were walking down the middle of a cycleway, half a dozen bikes had to go around then and they were oblivious to it. Self centred pricks.


>half a dozen bikes had to go around I pray for their recovery.


As a cyclist I'd just ring my bell or go around, not that hard mate.


imagine a cyclist being upset about people hogging a footpath and being too wide across the lanes. Its not like drivers have been screaming the same thing for years. The selfawareness


So are you suggesting it's ok for drivers to complain but not cyclists? Or are you pointing out that ignorance uses many forms of transport?


im pointing out the complaint by OP as a cyclist are exactly the same as the complaints made about cyclists by drivers.


What did they say when you brought this to their attention?


That would assume OP is an adult when clearly they’re not.


Yet another r/Perth miserable cunt


Grow the fuck up op.


It’s a SHARED thoroughfare, the clue is the name. Sharing is about compromise, not confrontation. You should try it sometime - it’s remarkably easy once you get the hang of it. Oh, and have you thought of a bell?


Lol it has a line down the middle. Two people can walk side by side on one side of the line. It’s not hard.


And cyclists can slow down below their usual 40kmh cruising speed when they’re close to pedestrians. That ain’t hard either.


Of course not. But Not many cyclists would ride at that speed along there. They would be asking for an accident and it would entirely be their own fault.


Well, you’re certainly right about the last part of your comment!


Being a shared path doesn't make it ok for 2 people to stand in middle blocking the whole path. Theres no reason people can't walk on the left side. It pisses me off when cyclists block the whole road for no reason, walkers are no differnt.


Sorry but this post is just sad.


In my experience, people walking in the middle of a shared path are also the ones to ignore bells.


I'll walk wherever the fuck I want. I'll walk in the middle, I'll walk on the right hand side, hell I'll walk *off* the path.


Did you grow up in the UK or something?


I second that


Go back inside the world is too much for you


I'M SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS! WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?!? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|flip_out)


That’s like asking the Lycra brigade to not block traffic!






if you ring a bell they get annoyed at you, if you dont ring a bell and just go past them, they get annoyed at you. ​ I've been in this situation daily for years. I find ringing a bell causes confusion, they will often swerve to the right or all over the path if they hear a bell. So now I don't ring one, but then get angry shouts and swears behind me when I pass them


100% prefer a bell than a silent cyclist blasting past at 40km/h and nearly taking out my dog


I once had a lady who was walking to the left on shared path (along swan brewery) just swerve right for no reason as I was passing her. We almost collided. From then on, I always ring to let people know I'm passing them. You never know if some oblivious soul is going to change course without taking a look at what's behind them.


I've had this happen a lot when walkers or joggers get to their half way point and do an abrupt u-turn without looking. It scares the shit out of everyone.


Yeah I wish people looked first, but until then, I will continue ringing. A quick thank you as you pass also usually prevents anyone from getting annoyed


Yeah I also do the 'thanks' or 'good morning' thing to offset any aggro.


Yeah, understandable... but still you should definitely go back to ringing the bell, the people who get confused are the minority, not the majority. Cyclists sharing the footpath are supposed to use the bell to alert your presence when passing.


Ringing the bell means you won't be able to predict what they are going to do. Some people will go to the right, some will turn and swear at you, some will just stop walking and stand in the middle. Some will swerve left then swerve right. I think its better to just go past them when they don't know you are coming, at least that way you know where they'll be


Dude, I get it. But as I said, they are the **MINORITY,** not the **MAJORITY.** Not everyone thinks and operates like those people you have described, the majority of people will understand that the bell is used to alert the presence of an approaching bicycle. It is **NOT** better to go passed them when they don't know you are coming. It's literally in the guidelines for using a bicycle on the footpath from the DOT if you'd prefer an official statement instead of my opinion, you are required to have a bell on your bike for that reason, so just **Use it.**


it **IS** better to pass without ringing the bell, it **IS** far safer for all concerned, also, why are you capitalising and bolding some letters like a psychopath


Why? Because you are missing the point. I'm just trying to help you visualise it better because clearly, you cannot distinguish it yourself. It is NOT better to pass without ringing the bell, the whole point of the bell is to use it as a signal/warning device that you are approaching on a bicycle. What I don't understand is why you're so adamant about thinking you're correct. For an official statement instead of my own opinion. Legally you have to have a warning device on your bicycle AND it is a part of the guidelines for using the shared paths in WA that **YOU SHOULD USE YOUR BELL TO ALERT OTHERS OF YOUR PRESENCE**. We don't have rearview mirrors or eyes in the back of our fucking heads. I had already agreed with you that I understand that there are SOME idiots ( and now after having spoken to you, that list grew by 1). But just because you had some bad experiences means you are doing the right thing. **Just use your fucking bell** you dunce.


The outrage you're coping with is ridiculous. 😂 I ring when there's a pedestrian ahead/I want to overtake someone and say thank you as I pass, so far everyone's been pretty civil. Would rather cop verbal abuse than end up in a collision any day.


Maybe its because you are annoying. Get an indoor exercise bike. Easy.


well thats rude, isn't that in breach of the sites rules? 2. Be Civil to others. you don't even know me how would an exercise bike help get you to work


I recently had a pair who looked my way and saw me coming on bike - walk onto the shared path and cover both lanes. I went off the path and around them on the grass on the side and got a puncture. It was the one day where I went for a ride without phone or smart rider too because I wanted to go light. I didn’t mind the 7km walk home too much, it was good exercise, but still, not happy Jan


That means you’re ringing your bell too late. Doing it when you’re right up their arse is unhelpful.


What makes me think this was posted by an LCT (Lycra Clad Twat = cyclist)


If it was two cyclists, not a problem for them. Standards eh


Jesus . This is the saddest thing I've seen today. Can't wait to see it on Perth Now later today. SHOCKING footage of PERTH MAN'S disgusting BEHAVIOUR


Life. Get one.


Oh nooooo , I bet your one of those people that take pictures of peoples parking and say oh noooo look look sombody parked bad I'm upset


Shut the fuck up karenn


The thing about cyclists... they want to be treated as both pedestrians and cars and they annoy both.


Op is a nitwit


Truly First world problems


*-DINGGG-* "Oooh theres a cyclist inbound Jerry, better make some room" "Jolly good ol' chap, we shall move apart, the cyclist can come thru the middle" *-pedestrians move out of the way, cyclist blazes thru, everyone carries on with their day-* Is it really that bloody hard?


Waiting for Perthnow to spin this into a story


Stand back Footpath Police on patrol


Fuckin loser OP, harden up


OP is a certified dingleberry


I've seen some cyclist screaming at these ppl to keep the F to the left!


Why don't you have ago at the other man for wearing a Hawks shirt in Perth???


Because it’s a Bolivian teams soccer jersey.


How do you know that??? Not doubting you but that's some niche knowledge


The big EGUINO.


It’s a team called The Strongest and I don’t really know why I know this.


Another team uses the shit brown and piss yellow colours?


The cheek of some people. They drive cars on the roads here.


It’s safer for pedestrians to take the lane so that cyclists don’t try to pass when it isn’t safe.


Probably shouldn't have looked at your previous threads. Were you cycling with that gear on ?


YES we should all walk single file in a line marching so that everyone knows we are a force to be reckoned with on our footpaths. Grow up.


You seriously don't have anything better to complain about?


This was such a PITA when I rented one of those scooters recently