If anyone's wondering exactly where, Lot 800 & Portion of Lot 801 Prinsep Road & Portion of Lot 9001 (#45) Knock Place, Jandakot. Literally right next to the train station.


The same way the shoping centre is right next to the train line. Let me just call that uber to get me to woolworths.


Nah, the shopping centre is only *kinda* right next to the train station. Straight line this is gonna be ~200m away, to the shopping centre's ~400m (or ~800m to woolies cos that's on the far side).


You could call it "one block over" since there's that row of shops in between, it's just that an unfortunate side effect of these massive parking lots is the 10 minute walk between "front doors"


Man I hope they go with “Perf Surf” for a name


Why not just Purf?




Perthect Waves


To the shallow thinkers on here going on about why a coastal city would want a surf park. 1. Most of us don't know how to surf and don't want to buy a surf board and don't want to wait around for the best conditions on a beach. Don't want to worry about the small possibility of sharks or just the fear off open water. 2. Thousands have their own swimming pool or go water skiing or can go to the beach but most of these people still go to Adventure World, ski parks or public swimming pools in their thousands. 3. We have the weather for a Surf Park. 4. It creates jobs. 5. It's private money. 6. Seasoned surfers will use it for that constant reliable perfect break when they don't want to pack up for a day at the beach. 7. Tourist will come, maybe not just for this, I'm sure some enthusiasts will because that's their thing. 8. Building a surf park in a coastal city is the ideal place as there are thousands of surfers already who love surfing and now have not a replacement but another option.


Its mostly about energy use and water use. Wave parks generally use a shit ton of both


Nothing compared to the carbon footprint of Gina or twiggy I bet tho. I’d prefer to ban them.


Fuck oath. "What about the destruction of natural landscape and use of local resources?" Asked the local man working for Rio.


I'd prefer to nationalise their assets. Unfortunately mining is required for modern society (unless you are willing to live with no electronics, cars or buildings with steel), and id rather we do it than some random third world country that has exactly 0 environmental laws and oversight. The wave park is just inane.


Well said mate. And the Aventuur guy literally said in an interview that they plan to extract millions of litres of precious groundwater to supply water for this wave park. Isn’t that going to significantly lower the water table in the area which contains a plethora of large lakes, ponds and seasonal wetlands?


True, like any development. I'm putting my trust in the planning approval and environmental authorities procedures have scrutinised this application and did not just over look the need of the place to access water. I presume this was a key factor and an acceptable approved solution is in place. If they solar the fuck out of the place then this could contribute to lessen the energy needed.


as an envrio, I'm slightly amused at your trust in the state environmental approval system The reality is, they will be primarily using groundwater. We have a rapidly growing population in a drying climate, the aquifers are a finite resource. As for solar power, there's no enough room for panels to run the park, its quite a tight area and the the wave park will take up the entire empty land


Well if your not going to trust the formal processes of approvals then tell me who would be a more reliable source or instituation to approve development of any kind that can be trusted 100%. The trust isnt blind trust. An environmentalist would in its purest form reject any form of development without compromises. Car parks can be covered in solar panels, any building can accommodate solar. Any sun shelters can be panels.


Oh the old tourists will come 😂 give up on that one ffs - tourists go to Perth if they have friends/family there or on their way to Broome,Ningaloo,Margaret river or Sydney. But i still think its a good thing for locals & thank feck they have given up on the Melville forshore . Ecologically ??? Huge questions . & Before you start Perth person living in London who goes back every year.


As a beginner white wash warrior living in Cockburn where there are no waves am so looking forward to this !


Great !! I have said for years Perth needs something like this !


Any time frame for completion?


Pretty sure it was suggested would be open this year in one of the previous threads. That seems, to me as not in construction, to be incredibly optimistic


Haha yep definitely. Based on how long it’s taken them to upgrade Tonkin I’d say 3-4 years.


Out of interest what is the water turnover volume and energy use of this sort of thing? My understanding of most surfers is that they’re pretty environmentally conscious folk, hopefully the park is catering to that with PV arrays and a wastewater plan


Evap losses is about all they see water wise. Power will almost certainly have large solar arrays because solar panels are cheaper than grid power, and the facility will run mostly while the sun is out.


Not sure how much of it is marketing vs action - but the last four paragraphs here: https://wavepoolmag.com/perth-surf-park-gets-the-green-light/ touch on it a little bit :)


Literally fuck this wave park. I don't care how many downvotes I get, it's a shit idea designed for a bunch of bogans.


It’s a great idea for a thriving surf community that has generally poor/average waves year-round. Nothing bogan about it.


Bogans deserve fun too


Perth residents try not to ban everything fun challenge (impossible)


Why is it such a bad idea?


I agree, its rather absurd, to put something that requires so much energy in a place that has huge number of beaches and surf breaks


Perth surf is pretty shit to be fair. There are a couple of reef breaks that aren't bad, but the beach breaks suck compared to decent places. You really need to go north to Lancelin or to the south west to get a decent wave. And Trigg point is a fucking zoo


For a city it's pretty damn good. Need some perspective.


What are the energy requirements to run this thing though? It is ridiculous that we as a community are pandering so much to the surfing hippies and junkies when climate change is literally frying and drying out the south-west of WA at an alarming rate and winter rainfall is decreasing year on year. What are the energy requirements to keep this thing functional and how much water will it use up? Is the water in the lagoon recycled? I want some answers.


> pandering so much to the surfing hippies and junkies You just make me discredit anything you say when you resort to attacks like this. Surfing and hippies hasn't been a thing for many many years. And not sure how it's pandering to junkies, unless you're calling surfers junkies too?


Forget the terms man, they are not important. Please don’t avoid my main question- how can one justify building a surf park which will use extract millions of litres of groundwater in a rapidly drying and warming climate? I have a valid fear that groundwater extraction there will drop the current levels of the many large lakes we have in the area nearby such as Bibra Lake, Thomsons Lake & Forrestdale lake as well as numerous other small wetlands. Let’s face it man, a surf park is a luxury item & not a basic necessity.


>The park’s buildings will be 5-Star Green Star rated, making Perth the first surf park in the world to achieve the classification. The Perth Surf Park’s design incorporates a range of other market-leading sustainability initiatives, to ensure the project delivers net positive environmental outcomes.


But they would say that wouldn't they? A little bit of skepticism is required my friend. As I said, I have a genuine fear that groundwater extraction there will drop the current levels of the many large lakes we have in the area nearby such as Bibra Lake, Thomsons Lake & Forrestdale lake as well as numerous other small wetlands. And the Aventuur guy literally admitted in an interview that they will extract groundwater for use in the wave park.


You can have my up vote.


How do you plan on “literally” fucking this wave park?


One wave at a time


Can’t wait to see the hourly cost to surf it. Anything under $150/hr I’ll be very surprised. Fingers crossed!!!!!


$150 per hour seems a bit steep for Perth. From a beginners pov Surfing lessons on Perth beaches (group 3-6) cost $55 for 1.5 hours. Here is a list of similar places/prices around the world: https://wavepoolmag.com/the-big-list-prices-times-notes-for-all-the-worlds-wave-pools/


People spend 5 grand on a boat trip to mentawais and only score a few proper barrels. I’d do an hour, get 10 bazzes for $150


I mean if it’s cheaper - you can still offer to pay more I guess


Haha. If it’s less all the better. From what I’ve heard, to surf the advanced waves it’s more exxy than just flopping around in the beginner wash. Cheaper is always better, just stating the top price point I’d be comfortable with


That list also has the Melbourne surf park prices for more accurate comparison and they start at $69. 3 beginner multi packs $210 - $240


https://urbnsurf.com/products/ Should be similar/same


10 years I give it before it goes the way of Cable Ski and other white elephants that have come and gone over the years


Are all the beaches closing down?


In a coastal city with water restrictions lol


Ah, so the nimby's in Melville got it moved.


They wanted to be given river frontage land for a peppercorn rent and the council understandably said no. It was in a location pushed against the river, nowhere near a train line. Access and parking would have been an issue, let alone the noise.


and the environmental destruction to the marine park that it would have been attached to. this location is not too good for environmental destruction too, but at least its in a more accessable and already isolated and degraded location


False. Council said yes, the state gov said no


And is the gov gonna upgrade the surrounding road system to account for this increase in traffic? The spaghetti junction they have completed with North Lake rd, Armadale rd and kwinana has only just been finished and its already 5 years behind when it should have been put in. Are we gonna be waiting until 2030 before they finally upgrade the roads to support this new project? Berrigan dr, jandakot rd, solomon rd and the 3 mentioned above are the main roads that will be impacted. Berrigan especially is barely capable of handling its current traffic level going to and from the freeway. Jandakot rd is being upgraded but its still a bit shit especially with new houses still appearing in Treeby and those parts. And lets not forget the shit show that is cockburn central shops and that lovely stretch of road where the entrance is. Having another few thousand cars trying to get through there on a weekend is just peachey. The park isnt a bad idea, good for tourism and improving the suburb/area is a whole. But fuck me the government/mainroads aren't fit to decide on street names let alone orchestrating a system that allows for efficient traffic flow around this park. Now I'm not qualified to design a functioning road structure, but neither are the cunts at mainroads. So this is gonna be a shitshow regardless


I'm not sure this is going to add the heavy traffic that you think it will. The best times for use are times where people can just go to the beach anyway


Geez Louise, I used to live in North Lake and regularly had to do that rat race pass the apartments all the time... what is in place in ridiculously better. Exceedingly so, be a bit positive hey?


The council approving something fun? Impossible!