Yes! I also still have gen 1 IPod that survived 10 yrs of FIFO in the WA desert and still works.


Absolute tank of a device, I'm about to go fifo so it's good to hear this


The screen is completely cracked but can still read it and it works.


Use brasso polish on the plastic screen, idk why but it works


Does it make cracks disappear?


No only scratches


Ipod classic, man those things were indestructible. Pretty sure mine is still alive if I was to plug it in


Is fifo seriously that bad everyone keeps saying its proper hard but I've done 12 hour shifts for 2 months straight


No, I enjoyed FIFO before kids, and the money and rosters are better now.


Oh nooo I'm get 180k a year to eat shit food and do no work..... Woe is meeee.


I know you're taking the piss but unless you're a manager sitting in an office you're working pretty damn hard on site. Food was surprisingly okay depending on the site too.


Never been on a minesite, never desired to be on a minesite. Will probably never take a job on a mine site. But everyone I know who is, is a fat fuck from eating too much shitty food and doing fuck all for long hours. That's not hard work.


Sounds like you just know some lazy cunts or guys that are lucky enough to be in a good position. I worked for a couple of different companies when I was 18 and it was good money but very hard work. Every now and then you'll get the cushy job of driving from one town to the next, or doing some exploration out bush. But for the most part you're doing 10-12hr days in 40°+ heat with very little downtime and when you get back to your room you have a small bed with paper thin walls to look forward to. The FIFO lifestyle isn't for everyone though, and some people get pretty lucky with the positions they land. Great for smashing out a mortgage in a couple of years, but not so good if you have a family or don't like working long hours.


So you're talking from an informed position, or one that you've lived directly? Sounds like you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I've done it, don't wish to any more, but can see why the work is necessary, what FIFO workers have to deal with, what they sacrifice, and believe me they deserve what they get paid - though not all of them are on the big bucks.


Why do they deserve what they get paid?


Lmao, mate should spend a day as a driller offsider then come back and say how little work it is lmao


Great track. Dirty Harry is a fave


Great track. Mandurah line is my fave.


damn that was good




Underrated comment 🤣


Great album. I remember when I first saw the official airing of the music video on channel 4 in the UK. They literally bought a five minute slot just to air the video at like 9 on a Friday night.


Brings me back


My dad has two 😂 I've set up Spotify on his phone for him but he insists the old iPod brick is what he prefers to listen to music on and honestly at 75 who am I to tell him what he can and can't do hahah


Your dad knows the truth haha it's about the experience not the convenience


Honestly yeah. I was playing around with it the other day and I was struck by how pleasing the clickwheel was to use and how simple it all was.


Is fucked that you can't easily get anything these days that matches them for storage. Most be had enough music on it to play continuously for 36 days and fourteen hours. AFnd it was only about 2/3 full. I know that the crackhead that stole it would have well finishthe point or two he would have got for it by now, and could do with getting it back now, as it had every genre I can think of.~~~~


I’m with your dad. I have mates who keep trying to get me to go with Spotify, but I’ll defend my iPod to the death in battle if I must.


Someone call Wade from Dankpods


I saw the green iPad case in my head as I read this comment.


Shrek baby!


I'm a big fan of dankpods


And Frank?


I have a sansa clip zip with rockbox and a 200GB microSD.


Rockbox on 5.5gen iPod with 500gb SDD and Wolfson DAC mod. Soundsgoodman. Rockbox makes old audio-players live again.


Is it good? Can you still buy them?


Yes, it's fantastic: https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/10c4xjl/wind3x_the_ipod_bootrom_exploit_10_years_too_late/j4f4q6f/ No, you can't still buy them. The newer replacement models aren't rockbox-compatible either.


I have a 120GB Classic plugged into my car stereo.


Same as mine!


While I have Spotify Premium on my phone, it's so much easier to just get in the car, hit the ignition and go rather than fiddle with an app and choose a playlist.


Me too!


I do! Got an iPod Touch Gen4(?), my phone doesn't have the space to carry too much music and I never had good enough internet for streaming until recently. It's mostly full of music from 2009 and weird game soundtracks.


Bought an ipod touch in 2014 and i’m still using it. It’s got over 2,000 songs now and still counting. I like being old school and I prefer downloading songs than streaming


Come to the dark side of collecting Cd's/Vinyl. We have cookies


Haha the force of attraction is insane but the buy in cost is too!


Just look at places you normally wouldn't. I recently discovered that the Bullsbrook recycling centre has used CDs (of various conditions) are going for 50c/$1 each. Have amassed a small collection from bookshops and such but you don't have to spend a lot to get something started. The only true cost is storage. Physical mediums take up space and for some people that's a deal breaker. I just like the idea of owning something rather than renting/subscription. Have been burned in the past when Apple lost the license for some music and tv shows.. this way by owning the disc, Sony/Warner Bros can't come to my house and take them from me


Ugh, my list of chase vinyls grows and so does the price of each one while I pray for a rerelease.


YouTube premium family subscription shared across two households means no ads and YouTube music (rip GPM) for a very small amount of $


Even cheaper if you happen to be from Argentinia


Vamos Muchachos


True I also have Spotify premium! It is convenient for sure


These things work with Spotify/apple music? I thought it was just for MP3s this whole time lol


No just an audio file player no internet


Been thinking about this, but heard Google clamp down on people in multiple houses?


I've got my mate and my cousin on my plan and it still works. Been about a year now


They are Strick on concurrent users, but don't give a shit where you use it in my experience. i quite often get kicked off a device by it because someone else start listening.


You can just use a third party YouTube app for ad free YouTube, provided you're not stuck festering in apple's walled garden. Vanced is discontinued, but still works. Smarttubenext works great for android tv.


No, but my 40GB one from 2003 is still in working order.


Give it a spin! r/ipod


No, I can store 1.2 TB on my Samsung phone, which I can plug into a PC and easily drag and drop files onto. Why would I want to use shitty iTunes that can't even play flac files and rejects half my music library. Give me a simple drag and drop of all files any day :D


I don't use iTunes. I have a software with which you can drag and drop FLAC files and it converts it into wav automatically as well as transferring the files to the iPod without having to sync iTunes, also you could just ssd swap you iPod but who needs that much storage for music... I got the 120g one and without over 1k songs on it I'm only at 4gb use


Have you ever tried rockbox?


What does it do? Does it replace the Apple software in an iPod permanently?


I believe you can still boot into the original firmware with a specific key combination. Rockbox adds support for many more audio formats, advanced customisable digital signal processing, a Doom port, all sorts of stuff. It also doubled the battery life of my Sansa, but idk if it will do the same for an iPod.


why bother with custom software and an ipod when a phone can do it better.


For me it's the experience of having a separate device for my music and it genuinely sounds better to me, then again it might be placebo


Additionally, using Itunes back in the day didn't mean you had to purchase from their store. I took about a day to rip all of my CDs using it, and the only time I needed to go online was for about half an hour just for fetching track & album names, over dialup.


Considering how old the tech is it's almost definitely placebo. With better drivers, ports/Bluetooth, and speakers it'll be a totally different experience. I can't imagine the iPod touch has kept up with growth


I think it's still better than blootooth but it would be hard for the human ear to tell. "The sound clarity in ipod is lively and dynamic in comparison to iphone. on the other hand when you listen to music on iphone, it sounds little flat and much more focused towards its base rather than its vocals. The classic ipod are much more clearer and brighter than the apple smartphone." https://www.techbarmiami.com/why-ipod-is-still-effective-for-listening-music-in-a-smartphone-era/#:~:text=The%20sound%20clarity%20in%20ipod,brighter%20than%20the%20apple%20smartphone.


Wireless will always be worse than wired, that's just how physics works. When it comes to connections you're comparing a device which is designed for music and one which is designed to be used as a phone, fairly early in the development of both and by the same company. An iPod will have better audio because it is a specialised device for playing audio and the budget was spent as such, with a phone you compromise some other aspects but no so much now with new production processes. A modern phone will likely outcompete an iPod, even with shit components just because of how far technology has come. That being said, a modern device designed for audio functionality will be better in terms of audio than a modern phone. Even when it comes to base/treble balance that heavily relies on software as well as hardware; apple could very easily ruin the balance on one device in an effort to sell the other as superior without most consumers questioning it. They could swap out a single jack and the vast majority would not even realise they've been deliberately given a scuffed headphone jack. That's part of the issue with modern electronics and software: a lot of people just don't know what's going on and don't have any reason to question it so manufacturers take advantage.


You win haha, you're absolutely right ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)


Not worried about winning brother just worried about people not getting fucked by lying companies. Always look into the details, might take a bit more effort but it's worth it.


Such is life


Also a phone isn't limited in terms of different library management options either. I use MusicBee which pulls play history from last.fm. Everything I listen to, more or less, records to last.fm. Then MusicBee uses that to create automatic playlists which then sync to my phone (they even have a WiFi sync) including conversion of FLAC to MP3 Each to their own if someone wants to use old media I guess. I mean Vinyl is a thing again so why not. But yeah, the 2000s was a transition period for music playback. Exciting changes were happening but at the same time everything was crap. I don't really want to revisit it, personally


Interesting I'll give musicbee a try for sure! I think the iPod was probably the best music device from that era and also the last physical player to ever be mainstream before streaming


What is the software you’re using?


Waltr pro


Thank you again.


Bruh, I'm as hardcore anti-Apple as anyone but those early iPods were actually pretty decent.


Great with Rockbox on 'em.


I like to carry a coffee pod around


😂 how many gb? 😂


1 gb shot! Though there must be an easier way than biting into these pods and swallowing boiling water.


Hell yeah I still do. Rocking an oversized battery and https://www.iflash.xyz/store/iflash-quad/


Love the iflash, I'm getting it soon!


My headphone jack gave out a couple of weeks ago.


I'll admit, I don't carry it around but I still have my iPod. I think it's the same style as yours - has the colour screen and has 80Gb.


I have one next to me at work that I use to drown out chatter. It's small, convenient and doesn't drain my phone battery. It's the little square nano, and I have a second one in my car hooked up to the sound system. Great little things.


Yep love it!


I still have an iPod shuffle, one of the little square clip on ones, that I use when I’m running. I did have a proper iPod but it was drowned when my water bottle spilled in my bag & by then I had an iPhone anyway. I just googled to see what model it was & looking at the click wheel thing gave me flashbacks!


Feels amazing using that thing and the clock sound too is audiogasm


Yes I love my little square shuffle. It’s the best.


I wish..


There's plenty on eBay auction mate :D


I have an old iPhone which I use, sometimes..but it clunky...might check out ebay..


Definitely worth it imo get a 5th or 7tg Gen (5th are easier to open if you want to change the battery and storage) I recommend dankpods on YouTube


Mine still works but don’t use it much. 160 gb holds plenty of songs. Good if you want interruption free while using your phone for other things.


Demon days and ipod go perfectly together.


2011 160GB iPod here still going.


I wish I could find one. My old one died. So good on batteries.


I always thought that going from the Discman to the iPod was the coolest technological jump I know there was the minidisc too but that was a bit niche


You could've said this photo is from 2008 and I would've believed you 😁


In 2008 there was only one escalator at the end of the Midland platform there


Great song playing


The battery in my iPod finally died a few years ago, but I had kept it going for a long time.


I replaced mine on eBay for under $10 :)


I did look at that, but it was around the time my son was born, so dropped off the priority list!




I would but it runs out of battery super quick now


Here you go :) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144101178993?chn=ps&_ul=AU&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&mkscid=101&itemid=144101178993&targetid=&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9070536&poi=&campaignid=15791083372&mkgroupid=&rlsatarget=&abcId=9300816&merchantid=640677176&gclid=CjwKCAjwoIqhBhAGEiwArXT7K3AJ9eq_nGB9dsTEJSWTkKhXkCZUWypPCyYBLNMkYc72RwMDh_WWYRoCnMgQAvD_BwE


Oh sweet, thanks!!!


I have 3 of them I was going to throw away unless someone wants them


I do!!


Message me and I’ll see if we can work it out


I have one in my car, an 16GB iPod Nano v5 I think. One of the first super thin long skinny ones. (It's purple!) My car doesn't accept a USB stick with MP3s to play music, but it *does* accept the iPod, so it's been in there for like a decade.


I haven't charged mine for about a decade 🤔 wonder if it's still possible!


Make sure the battery hasn't expended but it could be alright if kept out of the heat




is this the dankpods perth cashies special or something lmao


Hell yeah, I like having a headphone jack and not have my music interrupted by calls or notifications


I have a walkman from 2012. It is starting bug out a bit. I got it because the sound quality was superior to my phone. It still is, but not by as much in 2023.


Never had one until the iPod Touch, but always wanted one at the time. These days my music collection isn’t in iTunes anymore so it would be hard to really use one (I’m a Plexamp/Spotify combo kinda person now) but often I wonder if an offline, purpose built music listening device could be a worthwhile purchase. Probably not, but a man can dream 😅 Absolute stellar taste in music though, friend!


Yep. sad that I can’t upload any more music to it as Apple have have nixed that But still has heaps of Audiobooks and songs that I still listen to


Apple haven’t nixed that? I still add new music to mine. What issues are you having adding music?


I can’t upload anything from iTunes as I get the ‘this device is no longer supported’ It’s a 5th generation iPod


That’s weird. Are you on windows or Mac? I did a sync on a mac a couple of days ago. I have heard if you have windows to download iTunes from apples website not the Microsoft store as the version in the store has issues with iPod connectivity.


I'd you went from a Mac to windows it might be why, try reformatting it at the cost of your old data


Yes, i pod touch and colour brick one haha.. not so much anymore. But when fifo. Yes. Daily.


Of course. Never use my phone for music. I do not want people calling and harshing my mellow


This has inspired me to dig out my old iPod Touch and see if it still works.


Glad I inspired you!


My dad has been using his as his car stereo for like 10 years and it’s solid.


Bless your dad, he's a classic rocker


hell yeah, i got the ipod 5.5 gen! it's neat to not need an AUX adapter for my iphone while i'm out, and also having a classic mp3 player :)


My favourite Gorillaz album


I highly recommend listening to "Thievery corporation" specially their album "culture of fear" :)




Yes. Well, it’s the music source for my car sometimes. So, kinda. It’s in the glovebox permanently plugged into the USB input. 160gb iPod Classic full of DnB and Metal from the 90’s onwards


Nice Flac I hope


Naturally. With a high-grade custom installed sound system to boot.


My iPods are my life savers. Have many thousands of songs and audiobooks on those nifty little devices. Fire, Wheel, iPods. Not necessarily in that order.


does every ipod just have the Gorillaz loaded as default?


I literally found one in a drawer at home a few weeks back, sold it for crazy money on ebay. I was shocked what it went for


It's only going up every year now


Nah mate got my trusty cassette Walkman and a backpack full of AA batteries and mixtapes.


Nice never tried one before


i carry my ipod nano 6th gen but i also have the 5th gen and the shuffle


I am still wired for sound with my walkman....fucken hipster...now get off my lawn


I would if it didn't require me to carry multiple devices but it's superceded by most things. I want something that can run the few low CPU/GPU/RAM games I play, carry calls/text(non MMS), and play music/video. If a system can run that I have no issues. Used to carry a flip phone and a shuffle/later an iPod touch. Most manufacturers massively overcharge for what they're giving you, especially considering the amount of slaves they use. It really shits me that there aren't readily available options that can run what you want without all the bells and whistles, I transitioned off iOS a long time ago as a result. They're too focused sales rather than providing a good service for the price point.


I have a similar story actually, I went to a cell phone for a while and carried this iPod for music but I had to get a android for online banking ECT, just can't live without it in our day and age unfortunately


It is quite unfortunate we're at the stage that phones are required. It gets even more infuriating when you learn about the underlying technologies and just how interchangeable things are. The difference between PCs and phones are size and a minor difference in functionality. In theory even without VOIP you could make a PC function as a phone i.e. connect to telephone lines. Your iPod could be turned into a phone, an iPod touch could be a phone. It's all choices based on the manufacturer. Capitalism is great but it hits a dead end when it comes to functionality since these companies are focused on making money rather than providing good services. Makes you more cash selling separate phones and music devices at different price points than it does just selling a good product at a reasonable price.


In the end the consumer decides the market but something has been forgotten. Steve Jobs used to say something along the lines of "the consumers don't know what they want YET" I think we see few innovative technologies than we used to, current tech is just getting better faster and more convenient that's all


I'm personally not a huge fan of Jobs. I'm of the opinion he was more focused on selling consumers a product than selling a good product/service. He's right to some degree that consumers don't necessarily understand where their technology could be, but it's also a matter of selling consumers things they don't need. "You don't know you need X" could very easily be true but just as easily be "I want you to buy X and you don't want to buy it so I have to convince you". I'm seeing the latter. I'm seeing so much tech waste based around the jobs model of sales and it's quite sad honestly. I see so many manufacturers spouting off fun buzzwords while totally misleading consumers. That appears to be the purpose of the model: convincing consumers you have a product they need, regardless of if you do or don't.


Spotify took over these players..








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I’m shocked at how many people still are using an iPod. Glad I’m not the only one.


We should make a sub r /perthipods


I would be interested in chatting with perth iPod people. I thought I was the only one. I even saw your posts on the sub and didn’t realise you were in perth.


No. [Maybe you carry around a suitcase? With nothing in it?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKDkNqfn2BM)




I used a tiny iPod shuffle until a couple of years ago. So handy for the gym! I’d had it for years and rediscovered it and it was like a time capsule of whatever I was listening to in 2007.


I still use one for driving


I can do better. I have an iPod shuffle. Great for walking or cycling as you clip onto your top and go.




I have a working ipod mini but no I have stopped using it


Nah some cunt pinched it.


can you add new songs? im guessing probably not? im not at all in the know about apple products these days. very cool none the less!


Yes I can :) I do it daily for free FLAC quality


I’ve still got a 160GB iPod Classic. Haven’t used it for some time, battery was swelling but I filled it and using a iPhone with CarPlay was better than the classic with the car head unit.


Has it been that long😐


Still use one connected to an iPod dock in my workshop!


Yeah :')


Geoff Marshall reference.


I lost one up my arse in 2001 and it hasn’t reappeared since. Thanks for asking.


Images you can feel, hear and smell.


Ahh yes the deafening sound of the Perth train approaching


Bro be rocking with Gorillaz, nice taste man!


Thanks! Give a listen to the album "culture of fear" by thievery corporation. :))


I have one I use on multi day hikes and bike rides. Battery life is great! It’s a shame they don’t make them anymore :(


I have an ipod nano. The glass bit that protects the screen has come off but it still works!


There's an app for that.


I have the same one (160GB) but I don’t think I’ve used it in 10? years


I do, but it has started playing up and the aux plug rarely works. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_bad_man)


I wish, so expenive


W listening to gorillaz


Nope, but I will be listening to some Gorillaz today. Thanks 😊


I don’t carry mine but I drive an older ute whose radio has a plug-in for it. Use it as the jukebox.


No. I have an iPhone instead. It fulfills my iPod needs


I probably would if it connected to my airpods


Wired to stereo in car, running whenever I'm driving. Brst thing ever!


Yea I still got the little one that clips onto your clothes… still has the same random songs I put onto it centuries ago.


Still have one of those running, but it needs to be plugged in to power pretty much full time these days. Does stuff that the newer ones/phones still can't.