I find if I'm prepared, it makes the flight experience much better. I make sure I have something warm as I'm always cold on flights. I wear comfy clothes, pack noise cancelling headphones, load up my Kindle with books and add some things to watch on my tablet if I find I don't want to watch any in flight entertainment. Staying hydrated has been an absolute game changer. I don't drink any alcohol before or during the flight. I bring a large water bottle and refill it throughout the flight. Depending on the airplane, some now actually have bottle refill stations, or you can kindly ask the flight crew if they can refill it for you. I also crochet, so sometimes I'll pack my crochet hook and some yarn with me. Get a comfy neck pillow and eye mask. I have created a relaxing music playlist on Spotify for myself (make sure to download it so you can access it without internet connection) which I play when I try to get some sleep / rest. It helps to drown out the noise and also helps me to relax (I'm a very nervous flyer). Make sure to bring some moisturiser (the air in the cabin is very dry) and apply generously throughout. I usually find between reading, watching shows and crochet time tends to go quite quickly. I also try and force myself to have some shut eye. I usually don't sleep, but closing my eyes for a bit definitely makes me feel less zombie like when I arrive. Pop a podcast on or listen to some music. Once you get here, jet lag can be a bit of a pain, but I find getting outside in the mornings and avoiding naps during the day works best to help me get over it quickly. Good luck with the flight and I hope you have a lovely time visiting!


Buy a nintendo switch and play some games. It's the perfect size for flying.


Which route are you flying? I always try and watch two movies back to back while I still have the attention span. Then start picking away at all the sitcoms. A book is handy. And bring a jumper in your carry on luggage, the air con on planes can be bloody freezing, especially when you're not moving around. You can download Netflix shows to on your phone/tablet before you fly. And if you have limited wifi, text based Reddit subs, and chatting to friends on WhatsApp helps pass the time...


Intellectually we know that commercial flying is very safe -- safer than driving to the airport. Emotionally, things may be different. Some airlines have a programme to help you deal with this: a tour of a parked aeroplane and a discussion, that sort of thing. Check with your airline to see if they have anything. Consider melatonin to help you sleep on the flight and adjust to time zone differences. Only do this if you know your body's response to melatonin, though. Bring a USB cable to power your phone/tablet/etc. on the plane -- there's likely a USB plug on the back of the seat in front of you.


I used to fly between Perth & London regularly & found it much less exhausting when I could stop overnight in transit and sleep in a real bed. If you can’t do that I recommend dressing comfortably in soft/stretchy clothing, and bring thick socks & a jumper. To entertain yourself get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, some interesting podcasts/audiobooks for when you feel awake and some soothing music for when you’re tired. And if you’re a fidgety person bring something to do with your hands, a crossword, sudoku or colouring book is good.


Heavy turbulence is the best part of the flight.


Words of encouragement? Too many participation trophies I think 🤔


Bring a book.


Think of it as sitting in a sofa for a few hours and when you get up, the sofa happens to be in another place. And sleep as much as you can of course, download a few episodes of your fav netflix series and noise cancelling headphones make the trip much less tiring and stressful too as you dont get the noise. Definitely worth it.


There's no reason at all to be scared of the flight. Flying is far safer than driving, or taking a shower, or heaps of things people do all the time without thinking of the risks. Try and keep yourself occupied with a book, movies, sleep or whatever you want. Don't dwell on the fact the you're flying.


Download the time shift app, I found it really comforting to have a schedule to follow when I flew over. Invest in some decent headphones, I also switched between my nose cancelling and AirPods when my ears ached. Download films, TV programmes, podcasts, music so you have plenty of choice. Visit a pharmacy and see what they recommend to take to help it all. I also put a foldable bag inside my personal item, then divided it all up once on the plan to give myself easy access to things I needed rather than digging in luggage boxes. Invest in some fight socks, I changed into sliders while I was in the lounge. Honestly, as someone who was in the same position nothing can comfort you until your safely back on ground! Enjoy Perth, it’s okay. Message if you fancy a drink!


Once you get here, invest in some good sunscreen. The sun is pretty strong here so you'll get burnt easily.


I've done this trip a few times. Be early. Have a big zip up tote or handbag. Keep your passport/ boarding pass and a pen in a zipped pocket so you can't lose them. Take a blanket or hoodie, a neck pillow and a spare pair of undies and socks/T shirt in case your luggage gets lost. Take a small amount of toiletries in mini sizes like comb/ toothbrush and toothpaste/ lip balm and hand sanitizer/ painkillers, tissues, moisturiser, wet wipes. Recommend to only have one bag. It will keep your stress level down compared with worrying about losing things if you are carrying a small handbag and a plastic bag and other loose items. Once you have checked in, relax and spend some money on self care things for the flight - whatever you want, airport money doesn't count as real money. I usually buy a book, magazine, mints, water. Maybe an overpriced Moleskine notebook or giant Toblerone for a gift at the other end.


Bring a spare pair of brand new socks and change into them half way. Best thing everrrr on a flight


If you’re in Pommyland, get some of the Boots Cucumber wipes. I love those damn things ! Best. Thing. Ever. to wipe your face, hands, neck etc on a long haul flight.