[Shipwreck Museum](https://visit.museum.wa.gov.au/shipwrecks). it's free and contains many archaeological artifacts from the Batavia shipwreck. Could also wander down to the [Round House](https://www.fremantleroundhouse.com.au/) nearby for a look. The [Maritime Museum](https://visit.museum.wa.gov.au/maritime/under-dome-cinema-experience?utm_content=sitemenu&utm_source=visit) is also not too far away and is worth a look if the teenagers are into museums. [Timezone](https://www.timezonegames.com/en-au/locations/timezone-fremantle) in Fremantle. Can't go wrong with an arcade with teens. [Escape Hunt](https://escapehunt.com/au/perth/how-to-play/) \- Escape room


Thanks for the suggestions!


There’s an “ancient marine predators” exhibition at Maritime Museum right now that’s apparently pretty awesome


Go Karts in Bibra Lake.


Snorkelling at Omeo


Fremantle prison night tour.


How far you willing to go? There's a newish electric go-kart track in Bibra Lake that looks pretty sweet.


Escape room.


The Glowing Rooms indoor 3d mini golf is something good and different. You may need to book though or be prepared to wait a while to play if you just turn up. We have an unmotivated teenager who only likes gaming but he really enjoyed this.


Ooh that looks interesting, thanks!


I guess it depends on their interests, but Maritime, Shipwrecks, and Roundhouse museums are all pretty close to each other - and close to plenty of food options for lunch. Freo Prison and the Military museums are also cool. Been a while since I've been to Freo though, so otherwise not sure.


Thank you, appreciate the suggestions!


Bum around outside Hungry Jacks for a few hours. It what I did when i was a teenager. ​ WHADDAYAMEANITSCLOSED?


Holey Moley crazy golf is in the centre, pretty sure there is a bowling alley there too


Fuckin' lots. * Museums/History: Shipwreck, Maritime, Roundhouse, Freo Prison * Games: Escape Hunt, Timezone, Strike (I think there's more at FOMO but I'm not sure). Also the skate park if they have stuff with them for that * Markets are worth a wander, but personally I'd wear a mask, it can be a bit of a wretched hive of scum and hippies at times. * Lunch is still important. Varsity is a bar so it will feel cool and adulty to them, even though the food isn't as good as other places. Don't get the wings; they suck. Get the tenders instead. * Other options outside of Freo per posts in this thread (Omeo, Glowing Rooms, Powerplay etc). Bit of a shit weekend for the beach unfortunately, or South Beach could have been ok.


Thanks that's super helpful!


there is an arcade place in freo in the cappucino strip


Do you know anything about these specific teenage boys? By that age they have their own interests and personalities and it's not really one size fits all any more.


Unfortunately I haven't seen them since they were really little (they live overseas) so no I don't really know their specific interests. Of course I can ask the parents for a bit more guidance but thought I'd see if anyone here also had some general suggestions and I can then ask the parents what they think :)


As mentioned in the other comments, theres alot of museums around the area. I especially liked the army museum. There are some vehicles that you can look inside and lots of exhibits in the building too. If they like it, theres also the aviation heritage museum in bullcreek which holds one of the worlds last intact lancaster bombers


Fremantle prison 4 sure


- Snorkeling at Omeo - fremantle prison tour (creepy) - cycle loop along the beach path from the Coogee surf life saving club - port beach for the day (I think the pontoon is still out?) - hire surfboards and try to surf at Leighton beach