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and the fact we are obliged to sell most of it


It also takes time to be healthy..which gives you even more time. If you can't dedicate the time you get less time. Its hard to dedicate extra time when working 40 hours a week paycheck to paycheck while still having a life with interesting hobbies. With a full time job, working out, and planning healthy meal options, I feel like I have no time for hobbies or happiness. I feel like my entire life is lived for someone else or my future health/finances but never for the present me. Just feels like a race I'm never going to win but can easily and eventually lose.


And that future time/heath is in no way guaranteed. There is something to be said for fully enjoying the moment. It's the only time that you really have.


This. I even have a fairly low stress job now, wfh 50%, and plenty of time off. Honestly, I think times have changed since Seneca. While the sentiment is good the reality is rather difficult. Modern expectations are tough.


shit isn't it






I am sorry you feel this way. I will most likely get down voted here but you completely missed the message. You must find purpose in everything you do and always act with "virtue". Only then will you find true happiness. The pain is part of the process and everyone goes through it.


>The pain is part of the process and everyone goes through it. Not everyone goes through it. Some people the pain kills. I am a big fan of Hemingway, and I've always liked his reflection that the world breaks everyone, and afterwards they are strong at the broken places. However, he continues, those it cannot break it kills. It kills the very good and the very brave and the very gentle impartially. Hemingway was a veteran, and I am a veteran as well. Let me tell you, the pain can be more than a process, sometimes it's the end. People who are suffering aren't guaranteed a catharsis, sometimes everything sucks and then they die. Telling people that suffering is a process, and to go through it to get to the other side is naive. Life doesn't always work like that, and suffering isn't a trade with the universe for something of value. [Hemingway from Farewell to Arms](https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/farewell/quotes/page/4/#:~:text=The%20world%20breaks%20every%20one,will%20be%20no%20special%20hurry.)


Wow thank you. That’s powerful.


I agree, and I think about it often both as it relates to myself and the people I've lost.


I love your insightful take on this, thank you.


You bring up a valid point, sometimes people cannot handle the pain and that is OK. Sometimes the pain is to much. It doesn't mean that pain is not a fact of life because it is. It is not a matter of if we go through hard ships, only a matter of when. Seneca was a stoic and this video is reffering to stoic teachings. Stoicism, in many ways, deals with being able to focus on things within our control. Many times, life is hard for reasons outside of our control. Stoicism teaches us to focus on things we can control, including how we react to pain and suffering. My argument was that the comment above missed this point. Personally, I have experienced the most growth from some of the most darkest times and I am thankful for having gone through them. I know my experience is different because I do not have suicidal urges so it is easy for me to make that comment.


I am saying that dark times don't always produce growth. Sometimes pain and suffering are meaningless and there is no insight or lesson. You grew from experiencing suffering, but that isn't causal. You can grow without pain, and suffering isn't always a lesson, sometimes it's killing you.


I get you, I hope you enjoy your day to day life brother, like your job


Fuck, this is so relatable.


But weren't people always doing that? Isn't living a ever tilting trade off of options and choices that have no clear path after you realize the hand you've been dealt after childhood?


There are various cool things you can do to “slow-down” time. It seems we are always running and looking toward what is going to happen next without fully understanding and appreciating the present moment. Meditation, Exercise and other things can help us fulfill the time we have in this life. Thank you all and have an amazing day. 🙂


I just go to work. 8 hours feels like 12.


I wonder if Seneca thought that slaves were wasting their lives, because most likely, the Romans would not have considered waged laborers to be freeman.


Seneca has helped me through some tough times


Really though. I’m actually reading this literature now. This post is highly coincidental


I mean, clearly it's both.


Both? Both. Both is bad.


Abstract: This video (1:52) is a meditative reflection on a quote by the Stoic philosopher Seneca and deals with the limited time of life.


Bullshit, how did he know about Reddit?


Did you make this with AI art? That's beautiful -- what a great use-case.


Yay! You noticed! It took such a long time to compose it with the story, I worked about 5 hours on this. I had the idea while reading yesterday.


Unless you're one of those people who really does have a very short time to live because of bad luck


Question to everyone: Do you want to see more of this type of content in the future? It's the first time I made this style and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the positive response. If I come back with one from time to time, would you like that?


And he said this BEFORE the internet existed 😳


Evolution balanced out humans who run around and never stop, as that, historically was a bad idea. Humanity is only about 300 generations old, about 6,000 years since the last time everyone was related to a common ancestor. Apparently that common ancestor was the horny one who liked to play it safe, which is why we're all angsty in our modern, safe, environment. We find things to worry about and don't move around or accomplish what we could now that wolves and starving aren't a thing anymore.


Damn he strolled into the 21st century and decided to nope the fuck outta here to go back and say this.