I thought it was a giant half of an avocado


It's like the perfect bowl for guacamole. 🥑


And…potato chips????


That’s a violation!


Look out it's the Quacstapo.


We have ways of making you talk... *squeezes lime juice in eyes*


>squeezes lime juice in eyes *Blinks eyes while licking wildly*


Prisoner: Oh God! Why are you doing that to yourself?! Interrogator: -*squeezing lime juice into his own eyes-* GAH! It's tough to watch isn't it? Ow, fuck! What do you think, want to talk now? Prisoner: What? No! You're insane! Interrogator: Well, we'll see how "insane" you think I am after a few papercuts! *-sticks out his own tongue and begins raising a particularly sharp looking piece of paper-*


Are you a canine? On the Internet no one knows you are a dog.


> Are you a canine? You'll never make me talk however if you rub my belly in just the right place, I'll kick my leg.


Gestapo already starts with a g.


wtf is quacamole?


I think it's that game where things pop up and you hit them down with a mallet.


These would be great with some gwack-a-mole. Stop eating our young! And it's pronounced guacamole!




Underground fight clubs involving ducks and moles.


Believe it or not, straight to jail


I bet he puts bbq sauce on his hotdogs too


Ngl, that sounds pretty good.


This account is kinda weird. It posts this exact post annualy: https://i.redd.it/206o69ssqjo61.jpg. Or uses other sources for karma. Whats going on here? Edit: link was supposed to be to rhe same post but a year ago. Its in their profiles history.


~~A bot, possibly?~~ okay, likely not a bot. So just a karma spammer then? https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/maj559/got_tired_of_fighting_with_the_dipping_so_i/ There's the link for you.


That or someone who is very dedicated to trying to get people to use potato chips for guacamole


Oh God I hadn't even noticed that. What kind of monster....


They’re subconsciously normalizing it, the fact you didn’t notice is proof!


Dip State.


Not only that but they are scraping guacamole *off* the chip. That takes it into the realm of unbelievable horror movie. With most of the people I’ve met the chip only breaks because they are trying to convey a half a bowl of guac to their mouths.


This must be stopped.


I could have sworn I've seen this a thousand times. I downvoted that one too. Its a stupid fucking design that makes top page all the time.


I saw this exact pic posted to Reddit in 2014. So the poster is a karma farming bot.


Yeah, same for me, I remember this from a long damned time ago


We need to go deeper in this rabbit hole.


Maybe. But they also posted in a bunch of other subs last year and with different titles (one tip-off for bots is they often don’t bother customizing titles for different subs). I think this is just someone who doesn’t comment much and really loves their bowl, lol.


Looks like you melted a bowl in the dishwasher and then found a great use for it


Top rack only isn't a suggestion.


It’s a law. Put a plastic container on the bottom rack? Straight to jail.


Put a ceramic dish on the top rack? Believe it or not, straight to jail.


Or he took a ceramics class and did really poorly.


The old not a bug it's now a function.


Didn't realize this bowl was made by Bethesda.


Walls look pretty even and the “curl” is definitely intentional design. The glaze is evenly applied as well. If this was the result of 1 ceramics class I would say they did pretty good


The weirdest part about this post for me, multiple people from Texas that seem to think dipping things is a uniquely "Texas" thing. I mean it's on brand that they would think this way, but it's so weird.


[context for others 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/uszy17/_/i96v6x8) [context for others 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/uszy17/_/i96wo6u) Really just the two but it's still really weird that anyone would think dipping chips is a region specific thing.


If I had a nickel for every time someone from Texas thought dipping was unique to their state, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.


I'll always upvote a Doofenshmirtz reference


I’ll always upvote funny words that I don’t get


I like your funny words, magic man


I'm a simple man. I see Doofenschmirtz, I upvote.


Lived in Texas for years...never have I heard anyone say that. That some east Texas shit. Don't tie us in with them.


Staying with my grandparents in east Texas right now. Nice people around town but this is definitely an east Texas thing to do 😂


So, what are the regions of Texas. Is it strictly east vs West? Or is there like a north south, and central thing to it. I want to know more about the rivalry


So strange. Texans are like cross fitters, just cannot help telling others about themselves




As someone who's been in the army, it's extremely easy to notice other people who had been in the military because all the stories start like that.


You can also tell because they always start by telling you they were in the military.


When I lived in california I had a girlfriend from Texas, it is true her and her *entire* family could not go more than a few hours without somehow bringing Texas into the conversation. *This is not an exaggeration.*


I dated a girl in college from Texas. She was literally a real life Sandy Cheeks. I never heard her have a conversation without mentioning Texas and how it was better in some way.


It's kind of a thing where if you say it enough it makes it true right?


If there's 1 thing Texans hate, it's California because California is better in every way.


Q: how can you tell if someone is Texan? A: don’t worry, they’ll tell you. *(also applies to vegans and New Yorkers.)*


The fact that they get absolutely roasted should be on /r/bestof


Would’ve chalked it up to a weirdo if it was just one, but it IS weird that it happened twice.


I moved to Texas 10 years ago and their sub is pretty silly. Constant “only in Texas”posts about things you see anywhere else. Riding horses, BBQ during the winter, deer antlers, whatever.


Chip dipping?


Some things are just region specific. I’m from Washington, and we have this thing called leftovers. Basically, you save food that you made and eat the rest tomorrow. It’s crazy, never seen it anywhere else


It's so obnoxious when users write their own parent comments instead of just replying to whatever comment they want to contradict.


the fact that they’re using potato chips and not tortilla is maddening.


I came here expecting to jump on the dogpile, but apparently people are just ok with that? What the hell.


Plus potato chips are structurally/materially the worst thing you can put in there. Instantly soggy, and that's assuming the chip can survive the guac, being flimsy as hell. Also, all that salt content???


Ruffles. Potato chip built like a brick shithouse.


Potato chips are good in an onion dip, but you've got to use Ruffles because they have the strength to handle a good dipping


I like a good kettle chip, that way it feels like I'm chewing through solid concrete


i prefer kettle chips because it gives my periodontist job security


I prefer kettle chips because then I can give gummers.


I prefer Gummers because grandma’s have more experience


> Plus potato chips are structurally/materially the worst thing you can put in there. I pose those little Jesus wafers as a challenger for structurally/materially worst thing to use.


Dipping potato chips in guac can stay in Texas if that’s what they mean


No one from Texas uses potatoe chips with guacamole. Julios is the best, but you need a tortilla chip.


Yes wtf is happening Fuck your big ass Texas chips


Texas is the biggest state (don't tell Texas about Alaska though).


Everything is bigger in Texas … except land area, population, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc etc. They do have some big toast, I guess. And the people are often occasionally massive. The biggest thing really is the “Texas-sized” ego.


“Often occasionally massive” Lol


>They do have some big toast, I guess. You mean [New York brand Texas Toast made in Columbus, OH?](https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/a6a09891-96b3-43d6-9da1-ba3770845ead_2.67ccf1cae8340c961ec6b7537339315c.jpeg?odnHeight=768&odnWidth=768&odnBg=FFFFFF)


[NEW YORK CITY?!](https://youtu.be/vbp9UrwC-mI)


I love that I knew what this would be before clicking on it


I hate that it’s so grainy like my childhood is a long long time ago. How did we watch tv back then? Will 4K look like this in 25 years?


Video looked way better in the formats and hardware they were intended for.


Right? I was shocked to see that commercial was from 94. I remember that ad like it was yesterday. I guess I am old now, haha


I can see why the [1992 Version](https://youtu.be/j3nRLC6PlP4) was changed…


lmao wow


You forgot women's rights. Those are not bigger in Texas either.


From personal experience, their vocabulary isn’t the biggest either. As a Canadian, a Texan once said to me, “Y’all use some big words up here!”


Texas contractions are certainly some of the biggest in the English language. It's not uncommon to hear someone say something along the lines of "I wouldn't've but maybe y'all'd've." Though, these are of course not strictly Texan in usage.


>The biggest thing really is the “Texas-sized” ego I think it's time to sort by controversial


Everything is bigger except their power grid


Texans thinks they're known for being BIG. In reality, Texas is known for being stupid.


From Texas, such a thought would have never crossed my mind


Same. Don’t know where people are getting this from.


[i thought I was being bamboozled but jfc these guys really think Texans cornered the market on dipping skills](https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/uszy17/_/i974m1y)


Lol. Born and raised in Texas here. I have no idea what that jack waddle is talking about.


4th generation Texan -- we do not own dip. Especially guacamole! EDIT: It would be awesome to have the opposite side fold outward to run the bottom of the chip over to remove excess. 98.9% of the time I eat chips & salsa it ends up on my shirt.


This is why you have 2 hands. The only reason. One to dip with and the other hovers under to catch stuff that you then shove in your mouth. Yeah the ladies love me.


Just be a dip hog and hold the whole bowl under your chin while you use chips to shovel it in.


Fuck it, just crush the chips in there and eat it with spoon like milk and cereal


I can only do this if it's sour cream or some such. If I did this with salsa the wife would murder me and use my skull as the next dip bowl.


Talk about never leaving your state lol


We’re ain’t the smartest down here but we are the most proud of ourselves


Texas is America's America.


From an outside perspective, it seems Texans think they founded literally everything lol. From BBQ to margaritas, tacos, dipping, and anything large, it was all Texas's idea.


I was flabbergasted when I moved to Austin. Literally every taco place here acts like Austin invented breakfast tacos and tacos with eggs and I'm over scratching my head remembering all the tacos I had while I lived in mexico.


I was assuming there was more than just two guys. I assure you they’re not our delegates. Please ignore them.


The only thing really unique about Texas and Texans is their massive, unfounded belief that they’re exceptional.


Holy shit. There's bowls outside of Texas now?


It seems like every region has that. Here in Chicago, they think they're the only ones with thin crust, square cut pizza. It's obnoxious (like I'm sure Texans thinking only Texans eating dip is). I grew up in OK and we ate dip and also thin crust square cut pizza. Does make me wonder what I'm obnoxious about, but then again, I don't think I have any assumptions that any food is *only* available in OK...


Do you ever comment about how wild the weather is, and say something like well we have a saying here, don't like the weather, wait an hour! Hahah. Because people do that literally everywhere.


Swing over to /r/idiotsincars where each post has: "Is this in (state)? We have the worst drivers in the world."


One of my most upvoted comments was complaining about dodging pot holes on the way to work, which received tons of replies that I must live in (insert place). People really thought potholes after winter were unique to their city.


Is this post just a ruse to trigger people from St.Louis?


However, I am so sick of “you just don’t get sunsets anywhere else like you do in Oklahoma” from people that haven’t even left the state. They’re not that impressive.


I was going to question the need for this but came to the comments to see people love it... So i guess this is a real problem people have i was just unaware of? Edit: i have been informed of the use case of people with disabilities and i am now all for this bowl that i was correct in assessing was not made for me. I am sorry to anyone with reduced capacity who might have been offended by my offhanded take. (No one actually has said anuthing but i could see being offended and then just being upset and saying nothing.) I am actually really glad stuff like this now exists, when i grew up nithing like this existed to help people who struggle with basic tasks like eating. Everyone who joined me in making fun should think about how much this probably does help disabled and diminished capacity people. Good job inventer!


I used to work with kids with autism and other disabilities and some of our kiddos used plates or bowls like these to help them eat. They were plastic with the curved part being like rubber or silicon.


I was just thinking this would be perfect for my kids with autism! There are so many foods that I put into a bowl instead of a flat plate when they were younger bc they would push it off the side as they were eating. There are issues with fine motor control, visual-motor planning, and proprioceptive sense all at play when you are eating and all can be impaired to various degrees for people with disabilities. This bowl’s design would also be helpful, though I imagine that a ton of dip would end up having to be dug out of the ridge.


These are similar to the ones we used. I guess they're used for stroke patients as well. https://imgur.com/bW44At4.jpg


It looks like the food is nestled in a Jetsons-style bed. I love it.


… I think I’m just now realising why my mother favoured plate-bowl hybrids (like a plate with bowl walls) when I was a kid! I wasn’t diagnosed with autism until I was 17 and I’m relatively functional, but my motor control was definitely bad as a kid. “Catch” is a lot less fun when it hits you in the face 50% of the time haha


Very interesting. So many things for autistic kids these days, kids are so lucky, we disnt habe anything like that when i was a kid.


Now we have reddit


We did it, reddit!


It is when you're eating those flat flimsy ass chips with guac


How does this help anything? If anything it’s a harder surface than the guac itself to break your chip on


Right? The flimsy as hell potato chips is gonna break in half as soon as you try to scrape off anything. Ridges baby.


I’ve never seen someone dip potato chips in guacamole before. Doesn’t everyone use tortilla chips for that?


Personally yes. Sour cream and onion dip (or maybe artichoke) for potato chips maybe?


Helluva good dip with ruffle chips is goated. But guac just seems weird to me


No, the real goat dip is Lipton onion soup dry mix, mixed with sour cream. Refrigerate for a couple hours and eat with whatever. That shit is the tips.


What are some other great Lipton products, liptongtea?


🤔🤔 BRB, going to the store


potato chips and guac should be illegal


You never had trouble with getting a good chunk of salsa on your flat tortilla chips (more so when running low than a full bowl)?


I always make a point of trying to put salsa in a bowl with completely vertical sides. If the sides are sloped at like 45 degrees, then it’s much easier to spill the salsa out and also harder to get enough on your chip. Having an overhanging side is even better.


I really don't understand and think I need to see video of this.. it just seems like extra steps for me.


I was about to call you out on your bullshit because I remember this from about a year ago. Then saw it was you that posted it then too. Lol. This is a really cool idea.


So what you're saying is OP is karmawhoring their own post from a year ago?


In this case it is Karma Double Dipping.


It is called marketing young Skywalker


Same here. Was about to call out the repost until I saw this comment. I guess I'll let it slide. See you in a year when he posts it again.


Which reminds me…how’s the epoxy hot dog doing? Anyone know?


when's it going to be on shark tank


I’m asking for $1M in exchange for 2% of my company, DipBowlz. We’ve revolutionized the dip game. Super bowl parties, family get togethers, even baby showers, the market is endless! With your help, we can get DipBowlz to every house in America. So who’s up for dipping a deal with DipBowlz!?


What are your sales?


Oh, I'm pre-sales at this point


I think it’s bullshit because the design is definitely not new. I had a plate like this as a toddler 40 years ago. And my kids had them too, so it’s also not like rediscovering lost knowledge too. Yes it is nice to have such a thing made from ceramics, but I don’t see the need to hype it up as something new or even original. This is like a real life repost where they take something already existing and act like they made it themselves. It was annoying a year ago, and it’s even more annoying that they just keep repeating this bullshit. Nothing against the product. But the “my original design”-story is an unnecessary lie.


its also already a design for bowls made for people with difficulty using their hands Haven't seen it applied to dip though


Potato chips in quac? You're a monster.


Quac quac quac




Quac? Guac.


Quacamole, obviously.


Well you're in good company, Russel Wright, creator of America's most popular mid-century modern dinnerware did that about 70 years ago. I'm not sure he did it for chips and dip, though, probably more for aesthetic appeal, but I suppose it could help you serve up the spaghetti. Speaking of spaghetti my grandma left me her Russell Wright dinnerware and there were spaghetti/red sauce stains up underneath those lips when I got them. Granny's eyes didn't work so well at the end. So make sure you wash real well there! https://www.garmentory.com/sale/russel-wright/1137-new-node/1428776-medium-fruit-bowl


A. This bowl is great and I need one. B. Is guac with potato chips a thing? Ive never seen anyone do that...


came here to specifically ask "is that a fucking potato chip you're dipping in guac?"


OP might be from a region where they call guac "avocado dip."


:0 what?!?!


They have other kind of non guac avocado dips. They look like guac but have different flavor for sure.


Yes. It's delicious.


Jeff Goldblum voice: *When you gotta ~~go~~ dip, you gotta ~~go~~ dip.*


I didn't see that before and now I can't unsee it, I didn't think it was a thing. But me gate keeping which chips can be used with dip is kinda like texans thinking they invented dipping chips.


Does it stack tho


It can be the top of the stack.


A friend of mine had "scoop plates" for his disabled daughter they are available on Amazon Providence Spillproof 9" Scoop Plate High-Low Adaptive Bowl - 2-Pack - Dish for Disabled, Handicapped, and Elderly Adults with Special Needs from Parkinsons, Dementia, Stroke or Tremors - PSC 996 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087GBQRK2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_40V04CC2BD5MJWTDDXW9


Was this post made by an alien? Wtf are you talking about that having a lip solves all of your dipping problems? What problem? Too much dip so you need to undip the chip you just dipped? Is that what this bowl is solving? That on the initial scoop your eyes roll back like a shark and have literally no bodily control, plunging your chip as greedily and deeply as possible into the dip only to immediately regret how much dip you received? Add in the fact that it is potato chips dipped in guac and i now believe 100% that this "person", or more likely interstellar traveler, has never actually dipped chips


I'm with you, maybe I'm just an expert fatass but I don't feel dipping chips has ever been a painpoint in my life.


I have literally no clue what this lip is supposed to do and I just see people either asking wtf it's for or people praising it as a great idea. What the hell is going on lol


I guess its to scrape off dip? Maybe a built in chip breaker in case it survived the first scoop? I really do not understand even the concept of how it works, regardless of the merit of the idea. Its so bad i dont even see the base argument


I thought about it being for scraping excess dip off a chip, because it's sometimes hard to get the right amount depending on the texture of the chip and dip. But I saw another comment suggesting it's for when the dip doesn't stick to the chip. So you would use the lip to push the dip until it balances on the chip. Given that this heathen is using potato chips for guac, I bet that this is the intention.


> eyes roll back like a shark I love that


Thank god I wasn't the only one confused! Like how bad are you at dipping to need a bowl like this? I can understand if it's a person with Parkinson's or something.


Thank you, I honestly don't understand all the praise and love this is getting because I don't see how this is at all useful


🤣 thanks for the laugh


I'm already tired of fighting that bowl when I wash it.


Wait, who the heck eats potato chips with guacamole? Tortilla chips is the right chip to eat with guacamole.


What problem does this solve?


Seriously, what the hell are you guys struggling with? What am I missing?


>fighting with the dipping ...huh? What does this mean?


The issue is you're attempting to dip using structurally unsound crisps.


Sweet now you can drag your knuckles through all your dips!


Cool, but this kind of already exists: https://thechiplip.com/products/the-chip-lip


Cool bowl, but r/shittyfoodporn Is that a barbeque potato chip being dipped into mashed unripened avocado mixed with milk and whole honey roasted peanuts?


My brother in Christ, are you eating guacamole with potato chips?


Shark Tank this during NBA playoffs to Cuban...he'll get it and get your licensing deals too.


this guy didn't actually design this. it's been a thing for a long time.


They already exist, I bought one from ThinkGeek 13 years ago.


Lol right. These have been around forever


Are you that bad at dipping a chip?!


You posted this already a year ago that got like 87k views.... Karma farm much


These have existed for a bit now. Seen at a local Mexican eatery we got in town. Truly genius when fighting those dips.


What exactly is the fight?


It's called "the bacteria nook."


mold holder