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Looks pretty much like Chuck McGill the Saul Goodman’s brother.


I AM NOT CRAZY! I am not crazy... I know he swapped those ballots, I know it was 538 points, one after 536, as if I could ever make such a mistake, never! Never! I just... I just couldn't prove it! He, he covered his tracks, he got that idiot at the DOJ to lie for him... You think this is bad this, this malarkey? He's done worse! That protester! Are you telling a man just happens to fall like that, no! He orchastrated it! Joe! And I let him! I shouldn't have, I let him into the White House! What was I thinking? And he gets to be a president?! What a sick joke! I should have stopped him when I had the chance! And you, you have to stop him! y-


I was expecting this to be top comment tbh, first thing I thought of when I saw this!


Greatest legal mind i ever knew


So, then, **nothing** like Chuck McGill.


Why does he think the spray tan looks good. Like really…. I want to understand.




>dude was practically transparent That's because he was stabbed my a Morgul blade. He will soon become a wraith like them.


I... I literally just watched that scene. I've got the film on TV right now. Wtf.


It was intentional, we can all see you. :) x


Hey can someone reset the link on the u/Raxsah housecam? I keep getting disconnected.


The overall housecam link is down currently but you can still navigate directly to each room through the sub-menus


y'all are monsters. lmao


That's as maybe, but at least we don't put our mugs down without a coaster. Unlike *someone* we could mention...


*shifts guiltily*


I just got the bathroom working my dudes! You guys should see the massive turd in here holy shit.


That was me. I just left. Key under the mat, my bros. I drank the last sprite though.


Shhhh. Shut up. Someone of us don’t want him to know.


Could that be because of the spray tan? As in the tan acts as sunblock making him whiter?


Spray tan offers no spf protection, just fyi, you still need to wear sunscreen. edit, it's not like a makeup or lotion on top of your skin, it changes the color of your actual skin, which eventually schluffs off as your dead skin cells shed. Spray tan takes a day or so to seep in and shade your skin, some solutions can contain bronzers in addition to the agent that changes your skin tone, so it looks like you are tan immediately, but that's just makeup that will go away after your first shower.


The makeup in it is also slightly functional to the product, because it tells you how evenly you’ve applied the tan before it develops Beginners should use the ones with makeup, but they make untinted versions too


He’s probably way sicker than he lets off. My husband is a doc and we’ve tried to analyze what we think he has. At the least, high blood pressure.


I mean I’m not a doctor and after a diet of McDonald’s daily and being the age he is damn I could have told you that anyway


That's simply not true, his doctor said he's the healthiest president in history, maybe ever. He's a virile man with a strong heart, 0 cholesterol, functional penis that is not weird shaped. His doctor said so.


His doctor’s note also said that he was “positive on all the tests,” which means he’s the live action version of the Mr. Burns-diseases-stuck-in-the-door joke.




He’s actually the healthiest person on the planet. He’s the most fit anyone ever was. A lot of people don’t know this…


Many such cases. Sad!


And, Barron was NOT conceived through artificial insemination, I don't care WHAT Melania says.


Covfefe, Diet Coke, and hamberders is the diet of champions.


Fair, it doesn’t take a medical degree to look at him and guess.


Man, when he got covid and came back ripped his mask off like it was nothing, breathing like a guppie out of water. I don’t know about anything else but I know covid knocked him down a peg


Yet he made it seem like it was no biggie. He received probably the best medical care ever. Anything to save the president.


He tried to pretend like it was no biggie but I distinctly remember the late night news shows ripping at him huffing and puffing up the White House stairs


Someone on Meet the Press this morning said he had lost a noticeable amount of weight. That coupled with the adult diapers, I wonder if he has some form of digestive system cancer. At the very least, he has diverticulitis.


I thought the adult diapers were a joke. Love that for him 🤣🤣


Nope. Just look at any ass end shot of him walking and it's obvious. He was already wearing them on that freakish reality TV show he did. The crew, despite having signed stringent NDAs, has been saying for years that they often had to stop shooting so Ivanka could herd him back to his dressing room and change his diaper. She had to be summoned as The Diapered Orange Shitstain had so many drugs in him he didn't know when he had shit himself.


Most the time when you see him stop mid sentence and look off to the side and furrow his brow as he appears to be thinking really hard for the first time in decades he's actually de-pooping his diaper mentally.




Obesity, likely diverticulosis, gerd, metabolic syndrome, coronary artery disease etc etc


To be fair, most people with his (edit: incredibly advanced) age have high blood pressure.


Dude has the diet of a college freshman who can only afford to eat fast food


The corpse-like pallor is still preferable to looking like an Oompa-Loompa.


In his mind it is still the 1980s. The heavy tanning look was popular then. Don't ask me why I think a lot of 80s fashion was not very good looking.


yeah, every dad is basically a time capsule of what period of their lives they were most cool. Sadly its happened to me too. i'm forever living in 2012. So far no issues, but slowly i'm fading out of style.


Same brother stay kony


His only regret is that he has boneitis.


The 80’s may have been the last years he was successful? Edit: OK FINE I will agree becoming president was a successful thing. Second edit: HE WAS TWICE IMPEACHED!


Probably! it was before his shams fell apart, when his skeevy rip everyone off by just not paying for work tactics were the norm, and when there was no way for the little guy to ever say anything to him or get anything from him because he was rich. Worshipping the rich was even more normal then, and there was very little condemnation of the rich. It was the 80s baby. The rich are the heroes of the capitalism vs communism story lets go


Honestly, it was before his father died. His dad bailed him out of everything. He went crazy when he became responsible for himself.


Trump Inc would have been an incredibly simple company to keep profitable, too. It's not like he inherited some challenging company, Trump Inc had been buying land in and around NYC and developing apartments and condos on it. They'd been doing it a long time, had a large portfolio with tons of paid-off properties that produced good money and basically always gained in value year after year, and they had a lot of qualified people working there to make this keep happening. Don fucked all that up, he sold off a ton of profitable properties that generated lots of revenue and took out loans in order to build vanity projects that sucked huge amounts of money out of the company. If Trump had more patience he could have gotten his skyscrapers and golf courses without using absurd debt. If Trump had gone into Trump Inc way back whennand fired everybody and just put all the property into a holding company and then fucked off and done other stuff those apartments and condo buildings alone would probably put his net worth in the few-billion dollar range that he lies about being in. If his company still had them, or was at least able to realize a decent amount of profit on them instead of selling them off prematurely, he would be worth $10+billion or more.


Didnt he also take a Casino that was just printing money hand over fist, and run it into the ground because he couldnt stand his wife was running it successfully? Its like, whenever Trump has a fork in the road infront of him.. He habitually spurns the easy road littered with tons of money and positive attention, and instead chooses the stupid as fuck road that makes no sense that but is littered with self destruction and comical ineptitude. If he wasnt a (perceived as) rich celebrity, this shit would have probably been grounds for a guardianship order.


Old Seinfeld joke Men freeze their wardrobe/look at the moment they were happiest in life


The 80s was Trump's personal Vietnam, apparently... https://people.com/politics/trump-boasted-of-avoiding-stds-while-dating-vaginas-are-landmines-it-was-my-personal-vietnam/ > Also appearing on Stern's show in 1993, Trump bragged about his promiscuous lifestyle while single and stated that men who didn't go to Vietnam didn't need to feel guilty because dating during the AIDS epidemic in the '80s was also dangerous. > "You know, if you're young, and in this era, and if you have any guilt about not having gone to Vietnam, we have our own Vietnam — it's called the dating game," Trump said to Stern in a 1993 interview. "Dating is like being in Vietnam. You're the equivalent of a soldier going over to Vietnam."


Did you see the photos of him when he was being a craven little bitch at his Saudi funded golf tournament? He looks like love child of the Crypt Keeper and Smeagol


Links. LINKS


We get it! You know some golf slang!


Jesus - in not a single photo from that tournament does he look like he knows where he is.


I just looked it up, and honestly, to me, he's a haircut away from looking like a normal man his age in those pictures. He generally seems less off-putting because he looks like any other old man. I also think he would not be nearly as popular within his crowd if he looked like a generic old man. If I had never seen Trump-as-Trump and only saw older normal man Trump, two minutes after he was off screen I would forget what he looked like. His look is part of his brand, and even as strange as it is to many of us, it works for what he's going for. Just like I can recognize Lady Gaga when she's wearing a meat dress or something, but if I saw her plain-clothed and make-up free, I wouldn't notice or pay much attention to her. Her various looks are part of her whole thing that makes her her. Same with Trump and spray-on tan and... whatever his hair is doing.


Similar with Boris Johnson. The stupid haircut is just a way to stand out. The man obviously could go to a proper stylist but it's his brand.


He deliberately presents himself as shambolic and unprepared, when it's actually all thought out in detail. He once gave a speech where he pretended he'd not written a speech and was making it up on the spot, but made the classic liar mistake of doing it twice.


Well in the end it turns out he was indeed shambolic and unprepared. He played himself into the character he tried to fool us with.


Neither of them have the weight or hair. [I can only be offensive to include him in a group, so here](https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/11/sport-preview-trump-golf.jpg?w=1320)


>the Crypt Keeper It's puppets all the way down.




It is surprising that he hasn't done many cosmetic surgeries


His last surgery was replacing hair from the back of his head to his forehead or something like that. The surgery failed and left a horrible scar, so that's probably why A) he wears his hair like that and B) he hasn't had more work done.


It's also why he *allegedly* raped his first wife. She suggested the doctor.


He’s not known for his logic


the alternative is darth vader sans mask… it may just be the lesser of two uglies


Same with the hair… he could afford a wig that isn’t made out of orange cotton candy


Because he's dumb as fuck.


Stuck in some stupid 80s mentality where George Hamilton was some fashion icon.


Man why you gotta drop dirt on George Hamilton... I mean, have you even seen "Love Bites"? He's a disco dancing vampire ffs, what more do you want?


Because he's got no taste and is tacky as fuck. He has the taste of what a poor person thinks a rich person would like.


So weird. He looks much more like a normal person.


Yeah, seriously. The one on the right actually looks more real. Which begs the question, even if he wants to keep the hair, why not quit the awful spray tan, or if he already has, why didn't he quit it sooner? People have been calling him orange for years.


[He did](https://i.insider.com/5f7981e62400440019129d8e?width=1200&format=jpeg) for a while after he got covid. Looks way better imo


Jesus there's got to be some body dysmorphia going on there. He looks like an insane person in the first picture. I'm not immediately repulsed by the untanned one. Of course, that all goes out the window when he opens his cat-asshole of a mouth, but that's a different story entirely


100% body dismorphia. He wears heels to be taller and that’s why he has such weird posture. He wears long ties because he believe it makes him look skinnier. All of the spray tan and hair and constantly commenting on everyone else’s appearance. Guy is extremely insecure.


I think it's more like megalomania or delusional.




putin is also a heel wearer


Heels wearing heels.


He also pretty obviously wears diapers. That’s not really a reason to mock someone, of course, unless they’re literally the worst piece of shit leader in America today. Then it’s fuckin funny.


Look at the latest sit down interview with Hannity. There’s a shot at the beginning that shows Trump looking like he’s sitting in a truck tyre. Have a look at [this clip from Fox at 2:21](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETJKm19g58Y)


He wears diapers because he routinely loses control of his bladder and bowels due to rampant stimulant abuse. Mock away.


The McDonald’s diet wouldn’t help either.


Even if he were just a garbage politician it would be a bit of a low blow. But because lies and bullying are all he knows, he's fair game.


He has daddy issues


Word on the street is that he's been making fun of Chris Christie for being fat, and he's been calling Ron Desantis fat. It's like he doesn't even realize that he himself is morbidly obese.


Pot calling the kettle black, for sure.


He thinks he’s in peak physical condition since that what he pays his doctors to say


> It's like he doesn't even realize that he himself is morbidly obese He's a narcissist. If you asked him if he was fit to run a marathon, he would answer yes without a moment of hesitation and really, truly believe it deep within his soul.


Why would you insult cat assholes like that? What did they ever do to you?


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks his mouth looks like a cat's arsehole


I don’t get why he can’t see how much better the right picture looks. Seriously, who looks at the left one and thinks, this is better?


Only a total fucking idiot. So here we are.


It's a brand now.


Like Luke removing Vader's mask...except the before shot looks worse.


The worst part of this is he actually looks better in the second picture. It's disturbing.


Just more human. Like we all have known and seen old dudes that look just like that. Not so many spray tanned like a tangerine under a mess thin straw.


Kinda human. He also looks like that Jeff Dunham old man dummy.


>Jeff Dunham old man dummy THATS who it reminded me of!! Thank you, that was driving me nuts.




This, to me, is why it’s OK to make fun of Trump’s appearance. Usually that’s kind of a shitty thing to do because people often can’t help what they look like. He 100% chooses to look the way he does, and it’s the clearest possible reflection of his fragile ego and shallow vanity.


I still say we should judge him not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.


Tons of people put a significant amount of effort into their hair and appearance. There's absolutely nothing wrong with someone who is bald not wanting to be bald, or someone wearing some makeup like basically every single president has done since they started being televised. Hell, George Washington and John Adams wore wigs. Whats notable about Trumps particular vanities is not the vanity of it, but how *terrible* he is at them. You can get spray tan that's not orange! Hairpieces that fit your age and appearance!


He looks like an old man, but a real person instead of a clown afraid of aging.


And underneath it’s just a fat Putin


The thumbnail makes it worse hahaha uncanny


Them being the same guy - or weirdly related - would make an unnerving amount of sense.


I was gonna say Dustin Hoffman in Hook when he loses his hair.


I get more of a Palpatine vibe.


I was going to say. Looks like darth Vader with the mask off.


Funnily enough the image on the right seems like a much more credible person


Of course. The dude's like 77 at this point? It's frankly embarrassing for him to pretend that is how he looks. Everything about him is fake.


It's the same as Boris Johnson to me, the politician is trying *that* hard to look young/relevant I can't take them seriously to begin with


He did that on purpose. Everything he did was calculated to make the media talk about his bumbling nature and not his horrible policies.


Yes. See the bus as example. When people started reminding about the promises on the bus, he came out as loving to play with model busses, clearly trying to control the bus headline with some weirdness


Can the man not afford a barber or stylist? I could do a better job cutting his hair.


I heard he messed up his hair on purpose to look more relatable to the average British person.


Has he seen an average British person? Or an average any person?


No. Hence why his imitation is so poor. It’s how he *imagines* regular people look.


He does seem the type, he is a blundering fool, Bojo the Clown for the media. It didn't work so well in the PMs hotseat, but make no mistake he is an old school Etonian Tory it was definitely calculated to some degree


There’s tons of photos of him in his younger days where he’s dressed extremely well with his hair done nicely etc. The bumbling fool was always an image he chose to go with to be more relatable or whatever else. Whether it works is another matter but it’s most definitely a deliberate choice. Same as George W Bush, everyone thinks he’s an idiot and forgets that you know.. he isn’t. His early political career tanked because Texans weren’t interested in the fancy college educated city boy, so out came the folksy down to earth good old boy persona that he ran with the rest of his career. Then because “he so dumb” was popular the media ran that angle as hard as possible. Not saying he was a great president but he most certainly was not an idiot, neither is Johnson. Edit: and there are the replies of people mistaking politics they don't agree with or the occasional minor slipup (which every other president has made as well it just isn't focused on) with being an actual idiot. This is why it's so easy for the media to push a narrative I guess.


Boris can't even answer questions truthfully about his favourite food or what he has eaten the previous day. Weird creature.


He's also said some of the most outrageous shit in his time in the media and politics. The UK have made some serious blunders lately in who they have running the show


How do you do, fellow fascists?


I think it puts his senility into perspective, ironically


Yeah well, he's always been nothing but a snake oil salesman and he looks the part.


That’s what I don’t understand. He tried to run as democrat and failed. Then ran under independent and failed. So he settled on republican and found success. Does no one see through the act that this is? It’s just jargon and fanatical religious terms wrapped up in lies.


He wasn't lying when he vowed on live national TV to install judges that would overturn RvW. Too bad Clinton "rubbed people the wrong way" huh?


It’s harder to get elected if you’re bald. We are a pretty superficial society when it comes to just about everything.


I can imagine, I have male pattern baldness but I wonder is it a thing that it's a subconscious indicator of health/youth


Looks like Peter Creedy from V for Vendetta


‘Tis at this point in our story that along comes a spider…




My very first thought was *England prevails*.




Whatchya gonna do,huh? We've swept this place. You've got nothing. Nothing but your bloody knives and your fancy karate gimmicks. We have guns.


No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer be standing, because if I am you'll all be dead before you've reloaded.


Creedy: (shoots V) Die! Die! Why won't you die?! (gun clicks empty) Why won't you die?


Because under this mask is something more than a man, an idea. And ideas are bullet proof.


Was gunna say this


Fuck! Yes! I've been staring at that image for like 10 min trying to place that face! Erie as fuck


This is weirdly accurate. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Peter_Creedy_(2006)


Creepy Creedy


Damn, I looked up the name and everything well played


That's what immediately came to mind when I first saw this.


That was the one! I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


Was looking for this!


Looks like a Putin that eats way more American fast food. Edit: Did someone seriously report this comment to Reddit's suicide watch team? Bro...


I was just trying to figure it out. He looks really Russian to me.


Donaldomir Trumputesky


That would explain a lot


It's like when a pet looks like it's owner.


Accurate! I can’t find what in his face “looks Russian.” He just does… I think you’re right. It’s the Putin of it all.


After that burn he's now orange again


Putin’s also evil fat twin


He looks like Putin minus the plastic surgery


Trump should have broken down and gotten whatever hair plugs/transplant that Elon Musk got. His before and after was crazy.


He's actually hiding a bad hair implant job. They may have taken a long strip from behind his head that left him with scars and with very sparse hair on top that he covers with his combover. . Elon is rumored to have the same scars from FUT procedures as well.


Trump had a weird hair surgery that involved actually removing the part of his scalp that was bald. Super weird and not popular anymore at all, and it didn't involve transplanting hairs afaik. Elon's FUT scars are super visible, strangely they pulled strips from two places on his head instead of reopening the first one. I honestly think he cuts his hair short on purpose to show them off. I have an FUT scar and it's invisible if I don't buzz the back of my head.


I think Trump's hair is real and he was going bald but stopped it using finasteride or something. That's why he combs it over into that big old mop, cause his hairline is fucked up so it's the only style he can really do.


He has had implants though, according to his last wife. He probably had some botched experimental treatment because he was dumb and desperate. Most of his scalp might be scarred and rejecting implants, so the parts where it's not are extra long to fold over his whole head into that wig look.


I thought the story in her book was he started to get implants and didn't go through with it cause the process hurt.


Oh right, I remember [Ivana saying](https://thedailybanter.com/2018/02/08/donald-trump-hair-rape-ivana/) that Donald was livid after the hair procedure, and in a fit of rage he ripped her hair out by handful before raping her.


Palpaline's Hair Club for Sith.


The difference is Elon will throw money at a problem to fix it. Trump will “what can I get for half that amount?”


Then skip out on paying anyway


[And violently rape his wife for recommending the hair transplant surgeon (true story).](https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/24/documenting-trumps-abuse-of-women)


I shave my head bald, but good lord i wish everybody would stop giving such a shit about peoples hair so much. I have much more important things to dislike about these people. lol


He looks like chuck mcgill from better call saul


Ain’t that some chicanery


And he gets to be a President, what a sick joke!


Him being in the white house is like a chimpanzee with a machine gun!


He defecated through a sunroof!


Been scrolling looking for this. I thought this was posted in the Better Call Saul sun since I'm not subbed here.


Is his hair fake? I thought it was just a really stupid comb over.


His hair is real. He even proved it on Jimmy Fallon’s show. https://youtu.be/kIGcosb22_Y


Looks a bit like the late Mikhail Gorbachev without the birthmark and accomplishments.


Looks a lot more dignified, for sure.


“Dignified” not a word I thought I’d see associated with Trump.


I mean, it is when it is in the context of "doing the complete opposite of what Trump normally does".


Ok, “doesn’t look as silly”. Is that better?


I think the phrase you are looking for is, "slightly less undignified."


Yeah, that’s correct.


If Vader and Putin had a baby…


He kinda looks like Putin


Looks like a combination between Putin, and Kevin O’Leery


He looks.... Human


Non orange bald Trump just reminds me of my grandpa. That’s kinda freaky.


James Spader




If I were him I’d lose the tan, and do bald + beard. Check out how much better he looks in this edit: https://imgur.com/a/GKl2zJ6 As it is he looks like a Ken Doll that got left out in the sun too long.


His bald head would not look like that. He would appreciate the compliment though I'm sure. I also doubt he can grow a full beard. Think about how lazy he is and how we have never seen a hint of stubble.


lol holy shit he does look better. also i think at this point this his signature look. its the same look as all the jersey shore fake tank fake blonde hair it all looks terrible but they love that shit. think of Bob Ross and Richard Simmons fuckers have had to rock the perm way longer then they should have.