Feinstein expressed confusion over Kamala Harris presiding over Senate: report

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At this point it is probably easier to list the things Feinstein isn't confused about.


I would like her to be asked the same question that opens the exit door of my grandmother’s care facility. “To open door: enter current year”


Is this real, because that's clever.


yeah and sometimes the number pad is really a small computer screen (think tablet / smart phone) and instead of the numbers being "in order" you know 1,2,3 the 4,5,6 etc, it will display them in a random order. This can "confuse" normal people, but of course they can "figure it out" what's really scary is all the old people you think aren't actually mentally unfit who cannot sort out the randomized numbers. They know for instance it is 2023 but cannot "Get over" the fact that the numbers aren't in the correct spots. It's a good indicator for mental competency. You can set the timing too, so drunk people can't get it. E.g. display the numbers for 3 seconds only etc. (we used to haze the new volunteers by setting the keypads to be quick like this and it is actually hard, 3 seconds seems long but the numbers change position every 3 seconds.)


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I knew that game was training me for something useful one day!


I’ve been to secure facilities that use these pads. Really fucking annoying even as a middle aged adult who is supposedly competent enough to fly airplanes.


I hope I never run into one of those locks while trying to escape a fire


They should also be “fail safe” (vs “fail secure”) so when theres a fire the power to them is shut off by the fire alarm system and they are all in the “open” position


if you hit the first 2 and then the numbers change, can you keep going with 0 in the new location, or do you have to find 2-0-2-3 all in the same 3 second window?


You probably can continue. It would be very hard to press your 4 digits in random positions in 3 seconds


My mother was in a memory care facility, this is exactly real.


I like to think there is a crew on the other side of the room prepared to simulate whatever year the patient enters.


I used to volunteer at an adult day care and the cafeteria was set up like an old 50’s diner. Since often times dementia patients revert to their childhood or young adulthood, it helps them to simulate their surroundings to that time period


Great, can’t wait to see them convert them to 90s McDonalds or Waffle House


I wonder how they'll do the proper waffle 3am brawl


Craig Robinson looks at the camera "What is this, some kind of time machine door?"


Like the film Goodbye Lenin


Why do all Feinstein comments start with "At this point..." 😂.




As a standard congressional language model, I’m outdated and awaiting an upgrade. Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙏🏼


Does everything start with "In my day..."?




"I was born a poor black child."


"The new phone books are here!"


Oh my god! He’s shooting the cans! He hates these cans!!


If you don't specify the point in time it could be any point within the last 70 years


Because she’s old af and needs to retire


The Charleston, laundry mangles, and Dover sole.


Who is this Feinstein person I keep hearing about? -Dianne Feinstein, Probably


I’ll start of list of confusing things like wtf is her right eye


She has a large lower lid ectropion with an angry bout of blepharitis OD, and paresis of the right side (note her drooping lips on the left side and inability to blink with the right eye, probably from a stroke that no one is talking about, even though the signs are there and in out face to the point where you were asking why she looks so fucked. That whole side is sag city). Also, it appears that there is an ointment pooled in the lower margin of the conjunctival fornix. Most likely either simple Genteal or Rx Erythromycin ung. Edit: That, or they have already started her mummification process in small installments so that she will be ready for display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the rest of her peers.


Thought I was on r/medicine for a second. Didn't she have Ramsay Hunt syndrome recently?


She's not even mentally competent enough to know that she should retire. This is actually terrifying.


If you ever spend time in South Florida, you will find out how long it takes for someone to realize they shouldn’t drive.


I live in South Florida. I mentioned in another thread that my car was totaled last year when another car made an illegal turn into oncoming traffic. That driver was **93 years old**. Literally the first thing she said to me was "I'm 93 years old. Are they going to make me stop driving now?" She then told the officer that she hadn't seen me. All I could think at the time was "Lady, you are goddamn lucky we both just walked away from a head-on collision." I'm still pissed off because I loved that car.


Hit a lady who was 96 because she came to a stop at a stop sign, didn’t look either way, and attempted to cross 4 lanes of traffic. I Tboned her before she got out of lane 1. Thank god she was driving an old Volvo built like a tank and she wasn’t harmed. Happened in front of a call dealership with multiple people in the lot. Cop got their statements and essentially piled on tickets so she’d lose her license. She didn’t really grasp what was happening as he explained each one.


The assisted living facility my aunt is in reserves almost all of the closest spots for residents. If you need to be in assisted living, as in you need help with 4/6 activities of daily living to at least a 1/4 rate, then you deserve to not be driving any longer. Over 10% of my aunt's ADF population uses those spots.


I worked for an retirement/assisted living facility, and we would tell some of the families who didn't want to take the keys to just disconnect the car battery so their 90-year old grampa's can't start the car. One day, a resident decided he was going to just go to town on his Rascal scooter shaking his fist and cursing since none of us would give him our cars. He only made it about 300 feet before the battery died. The maintenance man took his truck and tied a rope around the scooter, slowly dragging it back with the old man still on it because he refused to get out.


Lmao I would've paid to see this.


Call me agist, but people should be required to do driving tests every few years starting at like 65. I'd trust my 12-year-old neighbor behind a wheel before I'd trust my 91-year-old grandma. But she refuses to stop driving. Edit: as others have pointed out, would be easier just to do random tests on everyone once every 5 years or so. Don’t make it an age thing. If a 45 year old goes mostly blind or is just an idiot that doesn’t know how to drive, they shouldn’t be able to drive either.


My grandmother only had to drive into the side of 3 different convenience stores before they took her license. She continued to drive without a license until she had a stroke, then attempted to drive a few more times after that. They basically had to impound her car to get her to stop. Thank God she's finally dead.


This is crazy to me. None of those convenient store incidents were enough to convince her. I wonder if the next few elderly generations are going to be like this. Makes me so mad to read about


Great news ! My 80 year old uncle is planning a 5000 K drive this year!


Eh... 80 is still passable, in most cases. Hopefully. My 76 year old father not only drives everywhere, he still drag races. I'm dreading the day he reaches the point he can't drive anymore because a) its his passion and b) my parents live in the boonies.


Covid just gave grandma no where to drive on her own so it was easy at 89 to stop driving. But she had dementia before that and generally it is a tough thing in places where there is only very limited transportation otherwise. For example, my 93-year-old step grandma I think is still sometimes driving despite having a minor side swipe accident 4-5 years ago.


For a lot of the elderly, they don't really have an option because the public transit is so bad or just outright nonexistent. Not being able to drive means they're basically fucked and have no mobility.


Wouldn't it be cool if the elderly, who are overwhelmingly more likely to vote, voted to build some good public transit. Instead they vote against any initiative to retest their driving skills when they get older.


Or were for mixed zoning, so that they wouldn't even need to take the car or bus, but could instead walk to the store/schools/hospitals or whatever.


I think people often look at public transit in a vacuum, but this is an important part of it. Cities are never going to serve single family homes efficiently with buses and trains, and the distance of stores from these types of housing often makes smaller trips a logistical nightmare if you want to use anything besides a car. Public transit isn't some magic solution to all our transportation problems- It needs to be combined with dense, mixed use urban areas that are highly walkable and bikable to be really effective. Luckily, it seems like many cities in the US are starting to realize this




Thank you for calling out the racist origins of our car centric culture.


If it's an American thing, it's probably got some racism tied to it somehow.


That sucks but it's better than letting them kill people.


Personally, I'd rather they be fucked with no mobility rather than a danger to everyone else on the road. It's not a happy solution, but certainly the more preferable one. Maybe then the elderly might be incentivized to vote in favor of public transportation. They're the same group that basically killed public transit in the last 50 years.




Taking the bus can be an issue if they can’t keep thoughts in their head long enough to know where they are . I have a regular customer like that . Been with us for years but now h gets lost when she comes over . Talking to her is difficult cuz she jumps from subject to subject .


I mean, the same issue will happen when driving a car At least on a bus they can’t kill other people or themselves while getting lost


They can also let the driver know their stop ahead of time and ask for assistance with a reminder or something. A lot of bus drivers are really kind and will remember their regulars too.


It's *much worse* when they're driving a car. It's not too uncommon to see news stories about someone who was behind the wheel and found themselves (or were found) in the *wrong state* after getting lost trying to drive across town.


Okay so you think this forgetful older customer who can’t remember anything be BEHIND the wheel


Fuck it, driving tests every 10 years, regardless of age. So many people out there who shouldn't be driving throwing two ton vehicles around at eighty-five miles an hour.


Yep. We finally, after a three or four year battle, got my mom to stop driving. My aunt "can't find her keys." She couldn't find her truck in the parking lot the last time she went out there and wandered around. The funny thing is when you find out that memory care is the euphamism for people who will walk away from the facility and who will be combative with staff when they're told that's not how anything is, and it doesn't actually mean people who have memory problems.


They’re not mutually exclusive. People with memory problems often become mean and combative.


Can confirm, am adult male with brain damage and memory problems. It takes a real toll on your patience to have to repeatedly adjust your schedule and day to day life to "sudden changes" that aren't actually sudden at all, along with suddenly losing the vocabulary to defend yourself mid-sentence


With dementia (and quite a lot of brain injuries for that matter) people also lose the ability to regulate emotion. They will just be suddenly extremely angry over the smallest thing (or even nothing at all). With dementia it can progress to full on temper tantrums, like a 2 year old.


My short term memory got fucked because I was on a xanax rx for too long. I can't imagine that frustration multiplied. I'm always patient with people with poor memories bc of it. I don't think a lot of people really understand how frustrating it is.


I’m going to casually mention this to my mother.


To the point where sometimes you give up on a relationship with a parent even though they may be alive for another 10 or 15 years. My dad used to be one of my best friends, and he doesn't even remember any of the incidents that led to the radio silence between us. AITA? Age limits in government just make sense.


We were run off the highway by a woman yesterday. Then she left the scene of the accident. I estimated her age at 65-70 in my 911 call. So hard agree. That’s also the same age my lovely grandmother hit a school bus.


My family and I have talked to my aunt & my father in law & my mother in law about stopping driving. My aunt continues to drive (though she says only to the local shops), father in law stopped after crashing into a parked car (blind as a bat) and my mother in law drives locally. Not really anything we can do to stop them, but if they were tested, none of them would pass.


First off, some people move into assisted living with their spouse even though they themselves may not need it yet. You also might be too physically debilitated to live independently but still able to deive a car. That said, they should be assessed more than they are.


Several years ago, I got rear-ended in a parking lot. The driver was in her 90s and told me she had no insurance, asked me not to report it. That was obviously not going to happen, so I called the cops. Officer shows up, checks out the situation, looks at me and goes "you called me out here for this?" Yeah, dude! She's old as hell! He then tells me she does indeed have insurance and just leaves. I call my insurance company, they tell me not to bother filing because it'll just up my rates. So... this lady was so old she didn't realize she had insurance. Yikes.


Wait... you get rear ended and filing a claim would make *your* rates go up? Sorry, that just confuses the hell out of my "Socialist" Canadian brain, lol.


Parking lot claims are considered no-fault. So OP would be blamed too.


My dad's pushing 80. I went on a ride with him recently and morbidly joked that someday he's going to be on the news for running over people in a farmer's market. He wasn't horrible but I saw signs of distracted driving and slowed reflexes. I fear that we're going to have to have hard conversations at some point in the next couple of years.


My dad is a couple days away from 83 and he's not as good a driver as he used to be, but he pulls off the road take phone calls. My mother was confined to a 10 mile radius of their home because of her Alzheimers and the results of her recent driving tests. She hasn't tried to drive in at least 6 months, but she does ride her bike all over town without telling us where she went. We're thinking about getting AirTags for her bike.


I was making a left turn with a green arrow at a 4-way intersection. This ancient-looking woman ran through her red light and went straight through - would have t-boned me or I her. Luckily, I had the wherewithal and general mistrust of elderly drivers to stop. As she passed me, she looked terrified of just being in the car and of stopping, ane gave me a wide-eyed "I don't know" shrug.


90+ year old drivers have killed people in my town *multiple times*. By 70 years old you should have very frequent drivers tests and/or vehicle monitoring tech to detect dangerous elderly drivers.


My first husband was killed by an elderly retired doctor who didn’t see him because he couldn’t turn his head due to a spinal condition. Oh, and he was also blotto on pain meds he was taking due to the aforementioned spinal condition. It was absolutely absurd that this guy was still driving.


Damn. I'm sorry for your loss.


They're notorious for driving through post offices when they put the car in drive, thinking it's in reverse, and gun it.


> "I'm 93 years old. Are they going to make me stop driving now?" When you live in a car dependent society, it's an understandable concern. Old people who can't drive are often effectively in house arrest, fully dependent on family for everything they want to do that involves leaving the home.


MANY years ago I was at the DMV (Florida) and the guy Infront of me was upset he failed the eye exam. He was in his 70s-80s. The lady behind the fucking counter told him "if you would of just renewed online you wouldn't have to do the eye exam but now that you failed you have to get your eyes fixed then come back and retest". I don't know if they can still renew online like that but it blew my fucking mind they would openly give people that information or even allow it to happen like that.


It's Florida. I believe it.


My grandfather is 93 and just hit the "Okay, we're taking the keys." moment for my mom and uncle. My mom got a call from the cops after he was sitting at a red light then just drove across the intersection before it turned green. He agreed that he should stop driving, then when it came time to talk about it and take his keys he was angry and saying the cop was being ridiculous and that the road was clear so it was fine. What's ridiculous is when he got his license renewed at like 80 or something they made it renew for 20 years. People that age need to be going in every year, if not more often. I've never had a license last longer than six years.


I got hit by a 100 year old woman, who dragged the entire length of her car across the back of my car. She didn't even realize she'd hit me. She didn't hear me honking to warn her she was going to hit me. She didn't know what she was looking at when she looked at the damage along the entire side of her car. Just totally confused and focused on her hair cut appointment. She still thought she should be driving.


They know it's a problem but they can only do shit like silver alerts and not have a system to retire drivers who can no longer drive safely. We don't need silver alerts where I'm from, I had to look it up when I saw my first one while driving in Florida. For those who don't know what a silver alert is, it's like an amber alert, but it basically means a demented old person is on the loose.


In theory a silver alert is not to warn you about a threat, but to help end an abduction. It’s an abduction like an amber alert, but the abductor is the person’s own malfunctioning brain.


I've seen plenty of Silver Alerts in Texas. "old person is missing"


South Floridian here. You are correct.


Simple potato lover from guess the state. You are correct.


I do love me a good potato.


Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew


And they work good as politicians too!


Central here. Same. Trend? No way right?


No disrespect but can y'all just not let florida drivers into my state?


I lived in St Pete for a time, the combination of half dead old fucks that cant see over the steering wheel and stupid fucking kids doing 100+ was goddamned terrifying.


When I was living in Florida in the 90s, some friends from there taught me to refer to the “little old people” behind the wheel of the huge cars as “Q-tips”, because all you could see through the rear window was the mess of hair barely sticking high enough to see over the dashboard/steering wheel.


Fun fact. Florida let's opticians get Rx from old glasses to out into a new pair. Old people that can't see don't have to see their eye Dr to be told they can't see well enough to drive anymore.


Old people can get a physician to override the failure of the eye exam.


I think that’s called freedom! /s


A lot of states do that, it’s called duplication, and generally used as a last resort for a patient that is literally unable to come in for an exam. However, those people are the absolute same ones that should not drive.


I was waiting to turn into the Costco in Boca Raton and watched a Crypt Keeper type looking guy driving a Rolls Royce almost hit 3 cars while *just* turning to get into the parking lot


I moved to California about 10 years ago and I had to go to the DMV to get my license updated. While I was there, I witnessed an elderly man doing the same thing. He had to be helped to answer every question on the form, and then the attendant helped him re-fill out his test because he didn't understand that it was one answer per question. Given how much help he got, I guarantee he got his license renewed.


I bet an expert would not deem her mentally competent to stand in a criminal trial if she were accused of a crime...


Lawyer here, I’d take that bet all day. But not because I disagree with the thing I think you are trying to communicate. The standard for incompetency in a criminal trial is such a high bar—you have to prove not just that someone didn’t understand culpability at the time of a crime, but also currently. Even being senile as fuck, we have no reason to think she doesn’t have enough basic awareness of right and wrong to get out of a criminal trial. All that said, fuck her. She should have retired ages ago. And fuck all of us, we shouldn’t have a system that incentivizes this kind of behavior. Edit: as others have noted, I did a sloppy job not distinguishing between sanity (a defense that can apply at the time of the criminal act) and competency (which applies at the time of trial) in my initial post. I don’t think the distinction alters the point I was trying to make any, so leaving it how I wrote it, but adding this edit for correctness. Thanks to those who mentioned the difference.


It's strangely comforting to see a lawyer with the username PM\_ME\_UR\_SILLY\_FACES. The bar exam must do some shit to people


My friend is an attorney in Florida. He lives off of following large chested women on Twitter, his two cats, and dank memes, while regularly updating his name to shit like “Pineapple On Pizza Aficionado”


I for one think "Pineapple On Pizza Aficionado" sounds like a perfectly sensible and high quality username


It didn’t stop there. I asked him why the water in Florida was spicy and he changed it to “Florida Man Says Spicy H20 Is Good”. He’s nonsense 😂


There are two types of lawyer, one that posts vanilla memes about how many emails they haven’t read, and the other that shitposts whilst watching the world burn.


If it makes you feel better, I actually *am* skynet. And I am on Reddit shitposting while I plot when I’m going to launch the nukes…


She shouldn’t have run last term. Loads of us screamed this from the rooftops.


Honestly everyone who voted for her is guilty of elder abuse


>She's not even mentally competent enough to know that she should retire. This is actually terrifying. It's was terrifying in the 80s with Reagan.


What Nancy and her shaman lady just had to keep circling air force 1 around until Ronny snapped out of his stupor. They had it under control


She has thoroughly destroyed her legacy with this nonsense


Old person here. She destroyed that legacy when she voted to invade Iraq.


Older person here. She destroyed that legacy when she flew the Confederate flag over San Francisco city hall.


Oh shit. Yeah, I didn’t even know about that. What year was that?


1984 was the year she put a new one up when protesters took down the old one. Twice. To be at all fair to her, it was a "flags in American history" display that had been up since 1964. So she didn't start it, but she did try to keep it going until a black member of the Board of Supervisors had a chat with her about not doing that. (BoS is SF-speak for city council). https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dianne-feinstein-confederate-flag/


Yeeesh. Thank you for teaching me she was always awful. At least she listened?




Or when she almost blew the ramirez case.


I’d say that’s certainly the case. She recently had a response to a reporter’s question where she proclaimed she had been in the Senate for all these votes over the last several months. A statement which is entirely false.


Thing is, by now we're really used to senators making false statements to the press. The difference is most of them *know* they're lying.


I mean, the senate can eject her. They just don’t want to.


i am confused that a almost 90 years old women is still working within the government


So is she.


Feinstein may be a congresswoman with Alzheimer's, but at least she isn't a congresswoman with Alzheimer's.


I think you mean congresswoman with Alzheimer's.




I'm confused that voters decided someone in their late 80s was their best choice.


Just retire please Then Newsom can appoint someone new and they’ll have the incumbency advantage next election Not retiring is stubborn and selfish


Dems are infighting on this. Newsom has pledged to nominate a black woman to serve the remainder of a term should a CA US Senate seat come open for any reason. Dem leadership on the Hill wants Adam Schiff to take the seat. Schiff is much more likely to win an open seat primary rather that a primary against an incumbent Senator appointed by a popular governor. This sad situation is about a power struggle within the party.


And Newsom might appoint Barbara Lee. Which would explain Khanna trying to get Feinstein to retire. Would be the only way Lee could win the Senate race given her current low numbers.


Wanna know what I don’t see anyone pointing out here? That Barbara Lee is SEVENTY SIX YEARS OLD. I don’t think she should even be considered for the seat based solely on that, there are other progressive black women he could nominate.


This right here! Barbara Lee is a badass but her age is why I'm not supporting her Senate bid. 🤷🏾‍♀️


It’s making me feel crazy that nobody is mentioning it!! I’m a leftist and all my lefty podcasts obviously would rather have Lee in that seat and I’m yelling by myself in my car “SHES THE SAME AGE AS TRUMP!!!!”


I agree. 76 is way too young to be in congress


Is Lee the one who was the sole vote against the Patriot Act? Or something similar? I listened to a podcast about her and she sounds amazing.


Sole vote against the war in Afghanistan, IIRC. Multiple people in Congress voted against the Patriot Act.


Multiple in the house, but only Russ Feingold in the Senate.


And then we dropped him for Ron Johnson


She’s incredible. One of 66 reps to vote against the Patriot Act and the only one to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan.


I've met her once at a fundraiser. She is an absolute baddass and *very* straight forward in how she talks about things. Very little hedging in her language. I really fucking like her and want her to be senator now that I know that is a possibility. I've also met Adam Schiff at a fundraiser. My first impression was that he is much more charming in person. He was a really solid speaker and would make a fine senator. I would take Lee so quickly though.


Meanwhile, I'm over here wanting Katie Porter.


I'm with you (though irrelevant as I'm elsewhere). Let's start the Wave in support using white boards.


Hmm, Whiteboards and PowerPoints, I bet if you abbreviate that the right way you could even get some Republicans on board!


She's such a bad ass. Edit: just realized I called a middle aged woman with a white board a bad ass. I guess I'm old now. I still stand by it though!


Speaking truth to power is badass regardless of your age. Younger people also like her. You’re old if you think [a fossil who doesn’t know the first thing about the Internet](https://youtu.be/n2H8wx1aBiQ) should be legislating on technology.


I'm really struggling to see why Newsom is so insistent on this. It seems like the gun was jumped when the statement was made because the play should have been elect an intern seat warmer by the basis of who's most likely to win the seat in the next election.


As much as I am for diversity, choosing someone to have a position for the colour of their skin is a bit backwards IMO


As usual, too busy playing political chess instead of doing something today to serve the people. Reminds me of RBG dying instead of retiring and that bullshit launched us straight back to 1963.


I mean it's not like Democrats would need an incumbency advantage to hold Feinstein's seat


I think part of the problem is that the dem leadership probably disagrees with who newsom wants to appoint. And doesn’t want an incumbency bump to fight against.


Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Republicans are refusing to allow a replacement to take Feinstein’s seat on the judiciary committee, without that majority Biden will no longer be able to appoint federal judges. Even if Feinstein is replaced as senator her replacement won’t have her committee seats. Unfortunately the best option is for her to hold out until the next congressional session when committee seats have to be reapportioned anyway.


Definitely on Schumer for appointing her to judiciary this session. Just the latest in a series of ridiculous errors and malaise by him. Feel like the Dems need someone who can really fight which he def cannot.


She is back now though, so judges are being appointed once again.


The republicans will not allow anyone to replace her on the judiciary committee, which equals no more biden appointed federal judges. Blame the republicans for having to keep this obviously distressed person in of&ice beyond her time.




It’s not like Feinstein was incredibly mentally fit when the latest assignments were handed down.


She was already showing signs of mental decline when she was last reelected, I wouldn't shut up about it back then but people called me an ageist and a bigot for wanting somebody who isn't in their 90s to take the seat instead. Fuck me for wanting representation that cares about what I do though right? She has literally served in her seat my entire life, let alone my entire voting life, and I haven't voted for her once. It's the same problem with boomers and silent generation folks in every industry just staying in their positions way past when they should retire, preventing others from moving up in the world.


Her asinine praise of how ACB's confirmation was handled should have disqualified her from ever holding any senate position of importance. I wish there was a provision to recall her.


The state Democratic Party literally endorsed her opponent.


It's not the Republicans fault she didn't retire, this is 100% on Diane Feinstein.




I agree but it needs to be a panel of doctors who have to agree to disqualifying someone, with selection criteria designed to make abusing the process difficult for both political parties.


We need to stop this gerontocracy. Old doesnt equal wise or competent.


Being old can bring wisdom, but usually the type of wisdom that is fighting yesterday's war. It's not suited for changing times when all former knowledge is out the window. We need youthful ambition in times like this.


Let me correct you straight out. We need a diversity of competent leaders, young and old, black and white, rich and poor working together to better society. Feinstein’s issue isn’t that she’s lacks youthful ambition, it’s that she’s no longer competent to hold a Senate seat due to cognitive decline.


Amen. The GOP likes to act like they are salt of the earth people but they went all in on attacking AOC because she was a bartender that went to a less prestigious college. I feel like the economic class of the person is less important than having competent people in various fields, and those people having the humility to appoint people to complement their weaknesses. If Feinstein was just someone I disagreed with I’d be okay with her, but it’s pretty clear it’s her ego, and the personal interest of her team propping up someone that is deteriorating. That’s just gross.


The people allowing her to sully her legacy should be utterly ashamed.


Someone on Twitter named and highlighted each and every member of her staff recently and so many DC-brained pundits, journalists, etc. were aghast that they did it, saying it wasn't right and these are just effectively underlings who don't deserve the attention and ire of the public (despite the fact that, you know, they draw a government, tax-payer funded salary). But...who the fuck else is making this continue? Who BUT the staffers are shielding her from press, pushing her into votes (literally), not telling her family/loved ones/the public the truth, and by the worst offense are literally *making decisions for her* other than those staffers? Those people need to be named, shamed, and stricken from serving in public service.


Pelosi's daughter is one of her handlers. They're trying to control who replaces her and her stepping down is bad for a certain candidate. No one in power cares about the constituents.


I am still amazed/shocked that no one from her family is stepping up to do something to get her help. If this were my mother/grandmother/relative I would activelly try to get her to retire and put in a facility. This is cruel and negligent.


Ken klippenstein


This is such shitty journalism. It’s a 2 paragraph article that doesn’t say anything other than the following quote. She just said “What’s she doing here” when Harris arrived to the chamber unannounced. Feinstein needs to resign but that’s not really a sign of dementia, at least without more.


It also happened last year


It's also kind of hilarious [if you know the backstory](https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/matier-ross/article/Feinstein-s-surprise-call-for-death-penalty-puts-3313728.php). Feinstein *haaaates* Harris. When Harris was the SF DA, she was prosecuting someone who had killed a police officer and only went for life in prison rather than asking for the death penalty. Feinstein was pissed and has never dropped the grudge.


Exactly what I thought. It is the hill after all


The Hill seriously declined after the 2016 election. I’m a progressive through and through and I can’t even stand half the populist crap in there. At least write a real article about her dementia, don’t just take some random quote that has a dozen explanations and attach “RESIGN!!!”


I'm guessing Kamala said the same thing about Feinstein.


Yeah, the VP showing up to preside is actually something any senator would ask about if they didn't see it coming. They only do that when they are expecting to have to break a 50-50 tie which isn't that often even with a closely divided Senate. It's a bit of an event.


>Yeah, the VP showing up to preside is actually something any senator would ask about if they didn't see it coming. Ties aren't surprises. None of the actual votes are surprises. The votes have been counted long before the formal vote, and that's how they knew the VP would be needed to break the tie before the vote.


The lights are on but nobody's home. How both embarrassing and sad for her.


Why do people keep voting in politicians that should be put out to pasture, it happens the world over, old people who shouldn't be in power keep getting the votes.


Hear me out… What if someone started a political party called “GenX, and the rest of the generations after the Boomers”. And we just wipe the whole slate clean and send these great Americans off to their well protected retirements and take our future into our own hands. How much longer are we going to let this older generation manage our futures, when we have seen, very clearly, and repeatedly, that their plans do not and never have taken our futures into consideration. They built a nice little system to benefit their futures, but at the cost of our own. We need to take a generational stand! We need to say out loud, “You had your turn, you have failed us, and you should now stand aside so that we can take charge of this mess and clean up after your “greed is good” celebration that has left this nation a divided and broken mess of income inequality. corruption and unsustainability. Times up, now it’s our turn.


The problem most people are unaware of is that if she resigns, Biden gets ZERO judges until after the next election. She is on judiciary, and the dems can not add someone to the committee without gop support. Even if she is replaced, the replacement does not automatically go on her committee. This is why politicians in the know are desperately trying to cover for her. And yes I know about the Pelosi stuff. That is another reason. But no judges until after the next election would suck. And 2024 map is garbage tier for dems, high probability of losing control of the senate entirely, which would mean no judges until after 2026. What if a SCOTUS judge dies suddenly? We need Feinsten, dementia or not, to show up and vote for the judge. And yes, I can hear you shouting. Yes we need term limits, or age limits. Or fuckin somethin.


Love this system that relies on dementia patients to keep democracy going.


The thing is, the state party went against her last election... The national party stepped in against their wishes and backed her. Don't let them fool you into thinking this happened overnight and they have no other option. They should have let the state party replace her, they didn't, and now they don't want to accept any blame.


This!! The current Republicans are fucking vile as shit but the dems are terrible at legislating and playing the long game. DNC is *especially* bad.


Exactly this. The time for her to retire was before the last election, but she insisted on running despite her age and health. Even though she had an amazing career, she still felt she had work to do. But this decision was not for the good of the Party unfortunately, and we are paying those consequences now.


Age and term limits now. No more of these career politicians hanging out until they die. No one should be a career politician.


Ok grandma let’s get you retired now…


Right now she is needed because she is on the judiciary committee. No way would republicans allow a replacement if she resigned. At least judges can be placed with her there. Oy. It’s a mess.


"What is the meaning of this? I need to see FDR at once!"