Article also says Barca is interested in Cancelo next season


We will be linked to every possible RB in the world.


to every possible city player in the world*


Stoke City shaking rn


God knows what we'd do if we lost... *checks notes*... Ben Wilmot?


I was about to say Shaqiri, but I remembered it’s 2023…


and he's on WC-hopeful Chicago


Birmingham City meanwhile could use the extra income...


Well City did take our former ceo, our former director of football and our former manager lol, I think we are due some good players from them haha


You will take Eric Garcia and Ferran Torres and like it!


In fairness we took Garcia from Barca before Barca took Garcia from us.


We also didn't let Garcia go to Barca when they offered 10mn for him, Pep was obsessed with Garcia lol.


He’s decent at playing from the back, but everything else he’s meh at best, everytime I see him play I know we are getting a goal scored against no matter who we are playing, and I am pretty sure out of the 8 goals we conceded in 20+ league games he was at fault for like 50% of them ( 3 came against Real Madrid last year I am not sure if he was playing )


At that point we were also injury ravaged at CB.


We still have a RB who wants to leave after this season, a hidden gem really. Some facts about Milan van Ewijk: - 5 goals in 24 appearances - Fast and high endurance - Extremely high duel winrate - Never injured (0 minutes missed this season) - Third most succeeded tackles season 21/22 - Fifth most interceptions season 21/22 - Fullham and Sporting already showed intrest - Relatively cheap


I personally don't know about him. If you are serious, it might be possible he will be good. But honestly, I am not sure which players we will get or remain with us. As a fan, I care less about transfer business or rumors. If we sign him, I will support him.


He has looked good, but Barcelona is a little too early


A versatile RB that can play in other positions you say?


He is the reverse Sergi Roberto


On top of my head, list of RB that played on non-RB positions: * Dest And non-RB playing as RB: * Roberto * Aleix Vidal * Araújo * Oleguer * Balde * Firpo * Kounde Ever since Alves left its been a mess, even with him backup was Douglas. We literally called him back in early retirement fase... Although its best not to mention Alves much anymore.


+ Kounde Also, isn't Firpo an LB? I swear I can't remember any proper RBs that we had. Was Sergi our go to RB since Dani left?


Bellerin lol


We don't talk about Bellerin 💀💀


Semedo then Dest were options for most of that period


He was improvised when Dany left, before it was Dany + Douglas (one left and the other was loaned out until his contract expired, both in 2016) Roberto's backup was Vidal, but he never adapted and was more used in the wing. In 2017 Semedo arrived, and had his chances but as a native RB never managed to steal improvised Roberto's place. Wague was promising circa 2019 but had terrible injuries. In 2020 Dest flopped, just as Vidal ended up playing some times in the wing, and also - unfortunately - as improvised LB. So yeah, improvised RB and LB... Emerson Royal also looked promising in 2021, but Barto sent him off right after bringing him back from loan. Then Alves arrived. Now this season, with all our spending, our RBs are improvised CB (Kounde and Araújo) with Roberto back to playing in the midfield more regularly. Btw, thanks, fixed Firpo


Andre gomes played as a rb in one game


As scummy as Alves is he was a fucking critical part of Barca, incredibly potent and always performed


Gonna have another go at Azpi?


With modern asymmetric defending its just doesn't makes sense to go big for Joao. U need Strong defender as RB and give the free time for attacking to Balde. Even if Pavard is happy to play as RB-CB its makes more sense than Joao.


Easiest link ever besides Man Utd


Chelsea has entered the chat.


the reason I believe we get Bellingham is that there are no Chelsea links


His meltdown against them can surely only help there lol


Was actually somewhat glad he was meh against them haha Imagine he scored a screamer or sth. Boehly would've probably bid 200m on his way home


Reports already came out in ESPN a few weeks ago they boehly would be prepared to pay 200m lol.


ESPN...Might as well ask my kebab guy.


Wouldn’t even be mad


Seems like an unnecessary gamble, considering his immediate history. We have enough players with questionable mentality.




it's sport.es, this Catalan websites only purpose is to make random rumors about Barça to keep their readers interested


> this Catalan websites only purpose is to make ~~random~~ paid rumors about Barça FTFY. You can add MD also. For random rumors that's Marca and AS. Throw so many, one might stick.


Wow I was jokingly going to say here come the barca rumors


We can offer 1 kilo of our finest jamon as a loan fee


Concrete possibility?


Cancelo cancelled




oh that's better!






ok i love this one. poor joao


Cancelo culture gone mad


Consider your contract... *Cocks gun* Canceloed.


Thanks for the Cancelo


No way we would have ever bought him for 70mil, so it's non news really. If we would buy him, the fee would have to be negotiated again


give us Sane and you can have Cancelo :)


Fell like people outside of Germany are overestimating Sane greatly. He has learned nothing in the last years, zero progression. In terms of gameplay decisions one of the "dumbest" players out there. If there are 9 good options and one bad one he will surely find the bad one.


Someone recently said that the excuses of "sane needs time and he will match our system and mature into a complete footballer" Well the fucker is 27, how much longer do we gotta wait? He's in his prime ffs


I was one of those. I always assumed he will become. But as you pointed out he is 27 years unless a miracle happens this is likely as good as he gets.


I feel like in football age and experience only really applies to tactical things and positioning in terms of reading the game. And it's definitely less important for attacking players. When it comes to fast paced decision making you either have it or you don't. If you constantly make shit decisions at 21 you're going to constantly make shit decisions at 30 no matter how good you are. You see amazing players with great technical ability and physicality. They can have great careers but you think if they just had that extra decision making ability when it mattered they'd be that next level up but they never reach it because it's not really possible to learn. A player like Sterling or Sane is the prime example imo. I can see others like Foden having the same issue honestly. Tl;dr: You might get better at getting in good positions but making decisions in those positions just doesn't improve.


You can’t count Foden in that. His decision making has been class through his come up and he’s only had a slight drop in form that was extremely exaggerated this season. It’d be stupid to say his potential is capped due to not having quick decision making skills.


Fair, I don't watch enough of him but sometimes he just seems to make the wrong decision at the end.


He does sometimes but every player does. I believe more often than not (especially in previous seasons) he knows what to do


To some extent some players can condition themselves into making simple decisions with their own limitations in mind, but this is obviously much harder if your job is to be a progressive attacking player. Risks are inherent to that role


Lets just think about what Robben and Ribery did at 27 while being injured half the time.


I always thought he was gonna be a superstar when he played for us at City. Was absolutely gutted to see him leave.


This is really sad to read, but actually is true in some way. He did not fulfill his potential.


i really miss quick wingers, so im a bit based


Does the team miss them? I feel like City constantly get on still without them because of how good the creation is


the 100 point season was alot of "Sane Aguero/Jesus Sterling" up top


With a Striker like Haaland, yes they do miss them.


Imagine selling all the fast wingers only to then get the best number 9 out there. Stupefyingly bald decisions.


Is Pep trying another style? Seems he is getting rid of pacey wingers over the years for more possession based wingers like Mahrez and Grealish


Maybe he just needs to be reunited with Arteta


Youre completely right, its incredible watching Sane make the wrong choices over and over again with absurd consistency. the talent is clearly there but hes beyond frustrating to watch.


Yeah his "visible attitude" doesn't help. Obviously we can't look into his head but he doesn't really look engaged especially after mistakes. And you are very right on the frustrating part, very few players are so irritating to watch, you are just expecting the final pass and he does some stupid shit you have trouble seeing the rational for. I get missing passes and stuff like that but he rarely sees the "right" play. So in the end the talent doesn't convert much into value.


I watched him against PSG and was thinking he was really bad. Bayern could've closed the game much earlier without being threatened by a sudden Mbappé/Messi brilliant moment or a Ramos header. But he just decided the shittiest way possible every time he had the ball. That guy has already topped his ceiling, players like him don't get any better. I don't see him aging like Robben or Ribery. Those guys had dedication for football. And were much more talented too. Sané is a Julian Draxler of life


> But he just decided the shittiest way possible every time he had the ball. Yep that's him


Not even just his mistakes. His lack of enthusiasm is very sad to see. Once he makes a mistake he will go completely invisible, looking in a strop and doing very little to get involved. Then he will just keep giving it away. I really wanted it to work out for him but I am tired of his performances and attitude.


I mean if I can say to my female friend who has no idea about football that Sané is on the pitch now and his decision making is shit and it doesnr even take 5 minutes for her to say "oh I know what you mean." Really tells you everything. One of the least balanced players I have ever seen when it comes to his technical and physical abilities compared to his decision making and vision.


Sane is what we brazilians recently started labeling as "dumb wingers" or "run or think wingers", cant do both at the same time


He has the phsycial and technical abilities to be worldclass but mentally he is just not that great. It feels to me like he has a mental blockade because he rarely looks happy or annoyed or anything except lethargic. (Or he is just not that good at decision making. He plays dumb for a lack of a better word)


I think getting that unironic steve-o-esqe self back tattoo was a big enough red flag. The guy is dense as pigshit.


You think that's a joke, every Bayern fan would accept that


I don’t understand why so many city fans want sane back. I’m glad for all he did for the club but he’s so hot and cold I’d rather we looked elsewhere


I think it's just that when he was hot he was so direct and impactful that it often feels we've never replaced that in our game since he left. Sterling's decline and the move to wingers with a preference for cutting inside and recycling possession has meant we haven't really utilised a blitzing pace direct winger in the mould that Sane was for us. That isn't to say that he'd be an improvement if he were to join, but I could see us getting stronger with someone in that similar mould.


Crazy what a year can do for you. A year ago at this time he was maybe the best and most versatile fullback in the world and now he can't even get into our XI over a winger-turned-wingback and a 22 YO rotational defender.


To be fair, Stanisic starting over him was the more defensive option - a choice that Nagelsmann might not have made against a different opponent which isn't as deadly in transition as Mbappé.


Stanišić has had Mbappe in his pocket ever since last summers Nations League.


He’s never been the best fullback in the world. Watch him weekly and really liked the bloke, but he’s probably the most overrated footballer I’ve ever seen. Can’t defend one bit, fragile mentally, gives the ball away a lot, and is *very* streaky when it comes to his form. I’ve never seen a player like that get so many votes into TOTY both domestically and internationally. Walker has been twice the player for years, with half the recognition because he plays a less flashy role on the opposite side. Whoever gets him in the summer should be wary, especially with his attitude.


Dunno mate, I think Walker flashes quite a lot




You're taking the piss


I agree his defensive ability lets him down but he is an incredible player that allowed the team to play in completely different ways and last year had a really good run of games when other players were not at their best. The man also played both RB and LB constantly and performed well.


This is some backtracking crap. He was outstanding last year for City. Fully deserved the ToTY nominations and the plaudits for his performances. He offered so much going forward and he was THE OG inverted wing back. Easy to slate him now while he's out of favor and form but he was genuinely world class at his best.


> I’ve never seen a player like that get so many votes into TOTY both domestically and internationally. He's good on attack and can make some very flashy plays on good days. Players like that generally attract votes, especially when some of the more solid alternatives focus on defending, which doesn't look spectacular. Stanisic vs PSG on Wednesday was a world class defensive performance but you won't see any of it in the highlights.


Yeah but cancelo did pretty much create a goal on his own from deep within bayerns half. He was really good too and funny enough that seems to have gone unnoticed as opposed to stanisic, who everyone is currently praising.


Is his attitude really that bad? I remember Bayern fans praising his initial performance. I mean has he had bad matches at all of all the games he played there?


I think of two reasons for Bayern not to buy him: - €70m is a lot for Cancelo - their back 3 works really well and they view Coman and Davies ahead of him


And intending to keep Pavard (for those back 3 you mentioned) which is probably quite costly already.


Last i heard Pavard is on his way out aswell? Did they change their mind on that?




I see. Didn't know that so thanks.


Bayern wanted to keep Pavard, the desire to leave was his because he wants to play CB. But since he started playing as a RCB this year, seems like he changed his mind and is okay with staying if he keeps on playing that position.


and with Mazraoui coming back, Pavard is pretty much locked in at CB now. He got his wish in the end.


> the desire to leave was his because he wants to play CB. I think he also had a really bad time with his depression around then and might have wanted to try a change of scenery. But that issue also seems to have gotten better since then. Probably not something that's ever 100% solved but he seems to be happier right now.


Yeah there were plenty of reports about his mental wellbeing around that time. He seems better now from the outside, even yesterday he got down to celebrate with the team.


He appears to want to stay now, he likes RCB.


Stanišić is also making a strong case to play ahead of him. Not as strong offensively and not very flashy, but a smart and composed player who can play in a back 3 or back 4 equally well. And he doesn’t complain about his playing time.


That's key for Bayern imo. We've had difficult players in the past that complained about "being left out" aka rotation. It's for the best honestly to let him go. His mentality doesn't fit Bayern and especially his quotes shortly before the PSG game (iirc) were quite telling imo.


I think I have read something like they prefer stanisic on the right, because as Davies goes forward he drops to third cb?


Pretty much - they’re basically a 3-1-[Davies + a whole mess of attackers] when they have possession.


Pep alluded to him possibly not being happy for Ake when he scored against Arsenal So yeah, his attitude is toss


Nagelsmann just today mentioned him not training properly and having to have a word with him lol


It was one training session apparently. And according to him, the talk “did a lot of good”. If his attitude was so bad, he wouldn’t be receptive even to his coaches


That guy thought he could bully pep into more minutes..he probably has attitude issues and also isnt the smartest


tldr: Joao Cancelo has not impressed FC Bayern staff in training or in his limited appearances. It's thought that he doesn't suit the mental profile expected of Bayern players and as such will be returned to City come the end of the season. A source close to Cancelo says "He always wanted to go to Ipswich anyway. When he said he wanted to be a farmer and ride tractors, he didn't mean he wanted to be sent to a farmers league".


Do Ipswich want him at all? Takes two to tango you know


Cancelo shock transfer to Norwich it is!


I can't imagine he'd be too thrilled sitting behind Leif Davis.


More chances created than Wednesday's coveted Barry Bannan, what a man


Only took him 4 more games


He's only a left back :))))


Mind if we have him back yet 👉👈


Had me in the first half not gonna lie


Not only he can’t defend, dude can’t defend hes spot in starting XI


Fucking good one


A proper «had me in the first half» comment. I like it.


lol, Cancelo doesn't suit the "mental profile" of any professional team, really.


We should go for him right? Just makes sense; so we won’t.


sure but 70m and won’t accept bench role probably means a no go


He's better than all the fullbacks we have atm


Him and Firmino make a lot of sense so yeah it’s a no, we will sign Fran Garcia and Brahmin Diaz renew Asensio and call it a day


> Brahmin Diaz Pity. He’s not consistent enough to be Madrid level and even when he’s consistent I don’t think he has the ability to really improve Madrid. I love Diaz I really do but it would be a really poor choice for him to go to Madrid and for Madrid to go for him. Lad should stay at Milan. It makes sense for everyone.


For what Madrid are looking for, Brahim fits though. Madrid are looking to bolster the attacking depth for next season as once it gets past the first 4 forwards the options are pretty dire for Madrid currently. Especially in a season where 1 of those 4 has been recurring injury problems. Brahim will be brought back to give decent enough depth. If he can surprise people like Ceballos did, great. If not, he's still good enough as a depth option.


You people vastly overestimated how consistent Diaz is and what kind of system he thrives in. Then inevitably he will be rung out to dry by the fans and eventually the coach. Mark my words, if Diaz leaves Milan without Milan stupidly not taking the buy option or Madrid overriding the buy as per the agreement he will not succeed in Madrid. Doesn’t mean he will suck but he will not meet the expectations set as you just described it.


why Bobby? Genuinely asking.


Benzema is starting to have injury issues and his backup is Mariano


You guys not in for Oshimen?


I don't think Perez is gonna spend 100m+ for anyone not named Mbappé or Bellingham


they’ll sign haaland in a few years they don’t need osimhen


No not Bobby


Was just thinking, Madrid would be perfect really. Both needs filled


Even if Cancelo was great and Bayern want to sign him they were never going to trigger the clause, it was just too much money.


going from being considered the best fb in the game to this in a matter of 5 months. how


Shitty attitude. His quality dropped after the WC and instead of hunkering down and working to prove himself he listened to his oversized ego instead.


Aka his agent probably


We were never gonna trigger the option and that was said by Brazzo publicly from day one, doesn’t change the fact that you can still negotiate Brazzo said something like: „the sum is unrealistic but if all parties want the move, you will find a solution“


He'll do good at Girona.


What would sport.es know about what an English and a German club does when they can't even be trusted to make factual reports about Spanish clubs?


At this rate, Arsenal has to reluctantly sign him, lol. Winks in Zinchenko and Jesus.


We have a midfield depth problem but let’s leave Harry Winks out of this.


If he didn't have such a horrible attitude about being benched, I'd love him.


If he didn't have such a horrible attitude about being benched, he would still be at City


" Mr. Cancelo "


It will take a lot of money to sign Cancelo. He should just keep fit, play his role, and City can have a player they can sell. He can help us win what we need to win, and he'll get his trophies if we play our cards right and get lucky. We need the money to extend Pavard and Hernandez, and then possibly prepare a bid for a star striker.


His performance has been inconsistent, doesn't really fit out formation, plus we have mazraoui and stanisic


Cancelo doesn’t drink beer, I see.


His atttitude was pretty lousy at Juve too, and everyone laughed at Juve for getting Danilo and a bunch of money for him. Danilo has become a leader and a captain in the mean time.


Exactly, but also at Inter Spalletti kicked him out of a training session


"Nothing like a day after another day"


We should get him to play the 60% of games Reece James is injured


Strange. I’ve always found that rocking up to a new job and acting like a total fucking dick usually works out well.


That was quick, no? Come United, announce desire to keep Sabitzer


The hype got to him. His ego got inflated and now he cant break into the XI. He needs a reality check. Hes a good player no doubt but should be a bit more grounded.


I echo many of the sentiments discussed here. For starters, Bayern was never going to pay the contractual sum as that isn't in their budget for a player of his age. Second, his attitude seems to be problematic with Nagelsmann intimating as much recently. Lastly, Stanisic has really emerged. While perhaps not as skilled, Nagelsmann loves the manner in which Stanisic approaches training and his ability to make conservative and sound decisions. But still amazing that Cancelo is basically third option behind Pavard & Stanisic. With Mazraoui returning, he could end up being fourth on the depth chart. Pretty amazing for the FIFA FIFPRO 11 starting defensive back.


Pep rn: “well well how the turntables”


Burnley needs him


I'd easily take him on a loan


Madrid should snap him up on a loan or a cheaper deal. Hopefully playing alongside other Portuguese speakers will get him in line


Playing along other Portuguese speakers? we have just as many portuguese speakers in our squad mate, clearly it's not the case.


Definitely true. I was referring to Bayern. He may benefit from the ‘just vibes’ philosophy at Madrid, more so than the micro-managing of Pep. Just a thought.


Honestly Barca or Madrid or maybe Paris depending on the Hakimi situation would be absolutely golden


From what I’ve read, barca is not going to be able to sign players this summer. Paris would be a good fit as well like you say. I still think Madrid is the ideal spot for him.


I can see him playing for Madrid somehow


A good RB available that might not require 120 million euros? No no amigo, here we only use 45 year old Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez.


Pep: Congratulations, you played yourself! Cancelo: 😔




Screams of a Barcelona signing this


When you have Sarr who needs Cancelo, if City comes up with 50M€+cancelo for Sarr I am sure bayern might sell


We should try our luck for a loan here, extremly unlikely though lol.


We should be all over this


It's the classic Bayern scam + media manipulation to drop the price, watch them buy Cancelo for 10 million at the end of the season. They're already doing the same with Kane, "Oh no, we can't afford him for 160 million, this transfer will never happen!".


Can you delete this and stop spreading the secret tactics


They are playing a 22 year old reserve player over him in a crucial CL tie. Does \`that look like manipulation to you?


There is absolute no way that Cancelo will ever compete with Stanisic and Pavard for the RCB position. Also Stanisic is a back up player, but not a reserve player. He gets minutes in almost every game since like 1 year.


The way Stanišić pocketed Mbappe, I genuinely think Bayern are set for the future without Cancelo. That was a truly impressive performance.


Cancelo doesn't play Stanisic's position tho. His competition is Coman, Davies and Mazraoui who's slowly coming back.


Just another episode of Cancelo culture.


Such a waste of talent.


Excellent player but 70M is way too much, especially for a player who's more or less a depth option for Bayern at the moment.


Not good enough for the Bundesliga. Should go back to the prem


Cancelo and Lukaku to come back to the league to a warm welcome from their clubs /s


Contracto Cancelo


What a fall from grace


Cancelledo. Is he shitting the bed there or is it just a negotiating tactic to drop the price further.


Understand that it is not a match, but announce this early? What happened to the guy