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And this is he’s 3rd season in a row barely missing any games. I don’t understand how he does it.




He don't need some


No that was Joaquín


Fitness can't be buy


Powered by spite


Probably not too difficult when half the minutes are spent lying on the ground crying… Maybe emotionally exhausting.


[Listen falling on the job is no laughing matter](https://freeimage.host/i/HXp24JR)


Is Bruno a Liverpool fan this season?


Lmao nailed it. And nice username.


Must be after walking around watching us batter united 7-0


It’s hilarious how that’s literally all liverpool will win this season. The “we beat Utd 7-0” trophy. Enjoy that UCL knockout and Bournemouth loss lmfao


[you right now](https://youtu.be/opEmGuozqe4)


You: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR7XqDCp/


Yea. Going from winning the, "beat man united trophy" to losing to last place team 6 days later can be emotionally draining


I can think of 7 reasons that softened that blow.


I can think of 8. That being the number of points still above Liverpool in the league


Touché my dawg


This is hilarious actually wish people could take a joke


It's a Twitter level joke and there's about 30 people saying the same thing. Dead bant


Laughing downvote


The fact that he can play this much and still deliver fairly frequently is crazy. He never gets injured either


There's a reason Sporting could survive the year where it was Bruno Fernandes and a dream. His ability to play 90 minutes while running his ass off is honesty unmatched. His work-rate might be the most underestimated part of his game.


I remember that season. I've never seen a team where the "star player + 10" joke fits better


It wasn't even used as a joke that season...


It's honestly absurd how the previous year the team managed to be sabotaged to the point where the same Bruno and a bunch of quality players surrounding him managed to throw the whole thing. I still feel like that roster with Gelson Martins, Adrien, William, Rui Patricio, Bas Dost was superior to the roster that actually won the league. All those players leaving for free is the absolute peak of incompetency. The most interesting thing is that in hindsight, most of those players would've only benefited from another year at Sporting, not that I blame them for leaving at all. Going back on the decision to leave was probably the most important decision Bruno Fernandes did in his entire career. That extra year got him from being on some middle table premier league team to being... well in a middle table premier league team with a bigger purse and an even bigger fan base.


He's missed 2 games to "Injuries" his entire career I think, Neither to injuries but rather the flu and illness.


I think we really undervalue players with this level of stamina. Even if there is someone out there 20% better, you’re still probably better off with the guy who’s always there.


Availability is the best ability.


Tell my last boss


I guarantee, if what you say is true, he found out.


Tell that to my wife


Zion Williamson has left the chat.


Cries in martial.


And there isn't a midfielder 20% better either


Kdb. Easily


And alot of people(united fans included) will shit on him the moment he has a bad game


The irony being many of the “fans” who shit on him are vehement pogba stans.


That explains it. I was wondering where the animosity stemmed from.


How does anyone even become a stan I’ll never understand to begin with


Most chances from open play this season in the prem


He's pretty much been consistently in one of the top 2 spots for minutes played and chances created ever since he got going here. The guy is a monster and definitely the most important player we've signed post Ferguson.


Fairly frequently? He constantly delivers


He has some off games. But even in his off games he can produce something from nothing. I think Leicester recently he looked naff but then just made a ball over the top to Rashford out of nowhere.


"Fairly frequently" as if he's not a top attacking midfielder


I feel like his per 90 stats get diluted by the sear mass of game time he has. If we had good cover to rotate him he'd be playing at even more elite level per game and would stand out to people more


I think people dislike him because they're racist against swarthy Iberians


Anulo mufa


Too busy injuring other players


**For reference here are the players who played the most in Europe top 5 leagues this season in minutes** Bruno Fernandes 3751 David de Gea 3690 Vinícius Júnior 3510 Axel Disasi 3390 Alexander Nubel 3390 Rui Patrício 3330 Álex Remiro 3330 Gianluigi Donnarumma 3330 Mohamed Salah 3318 Federico Valverde 3314 Harry Kane 3310 **Most games played this season** Bruno Fernandes 43 Marcus Rashford 43 David de Gea 41 Federico Valverde 41 Eduardo Camavinga 41 Vinícius Júnior 40 Lisandro Martínez 40 Casemiro 40 Mostafa Mohamed 40 Harvey Elliott 40 Fred 40


Holy shit Liverpool needs a midfielder lul


What do you mean? Surely a 19 year old being your most reliable guy is completely fine...


A 19 year old playing out of position at that


Does he have a position?


Was a right winger exclusively until last season when he started the first 3 games at center mid out of nowhere


Kind of hope for England's purposes that is where he develops though. He seems good at the role


Still young and relatively new to the role but yea I think he could be similar to Bernardo silva which would be great to have for Liverpool and england


He still lacks a step of pace and the power in midfield but the hope is that he develops that or adapts his game to protect against his shortcomings. I think he is better in midfield in our system than on the wing anyways.


> Vinícius Júnior 3510 Damn, that's a shitload considering his style of play


plus getting kicked week in week out, our boy built different


Rodrygo should start in his place sometimes, rest my boy Vini.


Because he is young, the war he has to go through every game will pay dividends in most cases sadly


Harvey Elliot is wild to see up there lol


He hasn't missed a single game this season for us yet right?


Only player to play in every single one


Wow Vini Jr. at 3rd


And most fouled player in Europe. He’s young enough to handle it now, but it’s worrisome down the road.


Has Kane overcome his injuries, then?


Surprised we've not got anyone on this list considering how little we seemingly rotate in the league.


I mean, that's what happens when you get knocked out of the League Cup, FA Cup, and now EL. You play less games, that's.. kinda how it works.


Liverpool have played like literally one more carabao Cup game than us tho and they've made it on there with their players. In fact they've actually played the same amount because they have a game in hand in the league. But yeah it totally wouldn't be possible to get on there.


Arsenal have only played 38 games so far this season, compared with 45 for United. So it makes sense. No Arsenal player could have played more than 3420 minutes (excluding extra time).


And yet you need 3310 to get on there. Feels like big gabi has played full 90s in almost every game this season. He played the full 120 yesterday.


Probably some rest in cup games. He does have the most minutes with 3150 in 37 games. So he sat one out and got a tiny bit of rest. If Arsenal played as many as United, he would definitely be up with the rest here.


Even more surprising considering you've had no injuries 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🤪😜


I love how Mostafa Mohamed randomly swoops in. He played all Nantes games this season


The new Moutinho, in terms of play time. I remember Moutinho having that kind of stats both at Sporting and Porto, without dropping performance either.


Feels gross to compare our best captain of the last 20 years and the worst in any context but it is super accurate


Wait, who was best and who was worst? And why?


Sporting fans hate Moutinho.


He left a sinking sporting ship to be part of the best Portuguese team in the decade ( maybe even more ) in the following year


That porto 10/11 team was stacked


And if you include international football as well he's played over 4000 mins.


that's actually insane


Bruno has only ever missed 2 games due to "injury", and both of those games were illness. The man's a machine


Best signing since Fergie, probably better than RVP at this rate, he's been carrying us for ages and now finally he has an amazing squad surrounding him


Without him there's no chance Ole stayed in the job as long as he did. He pretty much carried us to second singlehandedly


After carrying us to two cups absolutely singlehandedly in 2019. He scored in every single match of our Portuguese Cup run. Without him, that team would have been midtable at best.


This is why he is always exhausted and drops in performance level at the end of seasons.


Probably why I'm more then welcome for the Mount and Kudus link, maybe Bruno can have some goddamn rest next season


United should be all over mount. I can't believe Chelsea is selling him.


The reports say he wants an absurd amount of money so it makes sense considering his performances over the last year


Hopefully new ownership can resist the temptation to “get one over” on a rival and spend a load of cash at the same time… Woodward would have been all over this


Please, no. He’s not good. Not one day where I’ve thought he was a player that should be playing for us. Would sure love it if we could snatch up Bellingham though. But I don’t think he wants to come to United.


He's not good? If we remove penalties then last season his goal contributions basically matched Bruno's best PL season in 5 less games and he's a starting CL winner. He's having a bad season in a dysfunctional team going through a huge transition but that doesn't make him not good.


Alright. Let me rephrase. He might be a great player. He’s just not what we need. We need ball carriers, players who can take other players on, and are commanding on the pitch. I had no idea how good Casemiro was going to be. We need more players in that mould. Mount is not that. It’s not just a cut and dry numbers game here. Mount is not our man. He might be good for a team like Liverpool maybe, sure. But we need someone like Odegaard. He’s like Fabregas-lite, or Ozil-lite. Absolutely brilliant player, looks for space, wants the ball, and looks for the pass. Excellent vision. And we need a striker. Even with the season we’ve had, the squad still need a bit of an overhaul. Eriksen is great but he’s aging now so I’d love if we could get someone who can play his role, then an able deputy to the two frontline center backs (Maguire simply does not cut it, and I don’t feel confident with Lindelof being the first choice backup). Malacia is great when he’s up in attack but he gets outran way too many times for my liking. wan Bissaka has been much better since his Ole days, credit to him and ten Hag for that improvement but I still think there’s not enough chance creation from the right-back position. I think we’re good with wingers at the moment. Even though I’d still prefer if we could have guys who like taking on defenders and can successfully dribble past them. Arsenal have done so well in that regard. De Gea is fine at the moment because his goalkeeping/shotstopping still keeps us in matches. I can take some wayward passing as long as that aspect of his game is still top notch. No idea if any of this is possible but that’s my wish list for the team.


But what are talking about backup to bruno, other position is irrelevance in this discussion.


I just wanted to put my wish list out in text form. But you’re right. Back to the discussion. Mount is a bad replacement for Bruno.


Reportedly he is not signing an extension.


Tell me youre english without telling me youre english


If mctominay frustrates you, mount would too


I don't want him personally, I don't think he's coming to sit on the bench and I don't think he could replace what Bruno or Eriksen give us. I could see everyone asking to upgrade after 2 years. I think we could get someone better to replace Eriksen, or someone who would be a better fit for a more secondary role.


All the people getting mad we gave him a new contract before ten hag came just for him to make bruno captain and play him the most out of everyone. You love to see it


Is Maguire still the club captain?


Yeah but Bruno is the on field captain in 90% of games because of Maguire being a sub usually.


If I'm not mistaken Bruno was already the 2nd captain even last season right?


Having a player that reliable is an absolute godsend for a manager


Reminder that Levy thought 45m was too much for him


Ten Hag: surprisingly massive fan of shithousery


Not surprising at all.. He took Lisandro and Antony with him from Ajax


I've seen a shocking amount of people say Ten Hag needs to get rid of him aswell because he doesn't fit the system or something.


lol wtf he is the system


I am the danger vibes


That weird TIFO YouTube video


Remember when people complaining about us giving him a big new contract even tho he hard caried us for almost 2 years while earning less than fucking lingard?


when and where? No one has said this outside the first week ETH came in.


Tifo made a video on why he should be replaced. Even took some madeup stats to say he is not good defensively or something


Tifo has been in massive quality decline since the athletic bought them or whatever.


I’m glad other people think so. They made a video about how Chelsea can be the new Arsenal, citing their recent signings and how they are trying to emulate success that Arteta is having even though Arsenal haven’t really been super successful yet


Seems like they have to get out a certain number of videos a week/month and it's easy just to put out clickbait shit


after liverpool match. only rival fans i've seen say it but there was a lot of it from them


Who, and I can't stress this enough, fucking cares?




And people still doubt this man’s quality! Incredible consistency.




The best ability is availability.


but playing the most minutes out of everyone does, automatically actually. otherwise you’d be rotated at best and wouldn’t play as much. redundant comment


Except it doesn't. First and second choice keepers snap their ACL September 1st and your 3rd choice will play every minute of every game. Doesn't make them good.


Not applicable for outfield players, especially in first XI in prem. The reason why winter transfer window exists


yeah my bad, keepers exist, and this thread is talking about a keeper being first in minutes played


Not that I agree with automatic part of above poster, keepers are kinda different conversation when it comes to minutes played.


No, it doesn't. There are situations where this wouldn't be the case. Injuries to supporting players in a position, for example. I'm not talking about Fernandes here. I think he's an excellent little shit.


I think most rotation players placed in such a position would get injured or simply collapse from muscle fatigue. Playing these many minutes in a year, specially while running as much as Bruno does in a match, is simply impressive in and of itself.


>but playing the most minutes out of everyone does, automatically actually. otherwise you’d be rotated at best and wouldn’t play as much. redundant comment Not sure I understand this logic. It doesn't automatically make you a good player, it just makes you better than those in your team. But it speaks zero to a comparison vs other teams players.


i was just speaking in the context of the thread. it’s not about Bruno being top of United’s players in minutes, it’s saying throughout Europe. if you’re in the top 10 of such a list, and aren’t a keeper, you’re definitely one of the best players in the continent. only the best players can play in multiple positions, week-in week-out, and at a high volume of games at that. if Bruno were injured, no single person would have replaced those minutes, it’d have to be divvied up. do you see my point?


Disasi is one of the best players in the continent. Good to know!


Tony Ford disagrees


I mean eriksen got assaulted by an uruk, vdb alxo injured. Our options arent ideal


My captain!


Excuse me?


No wonder the man's always whining, he wants a fucking rest lol.


I think he would refuse, and just walk out on the pitch. He’s not the resting type.


This has to be compounded by the fact that Eriksen is out and he’s our only other creative player


Poor Donny is so forgettable


Very impressive, and outlines his importance to United But be wary of overcelebrating it... may not be sustainable. Man needs a rest eventually.


He's only missed 14 days and 2 matches from injury/illness in his entire career. He's built different




This thread also has jinxed him probably


But I thought that all of ETHs players were always unavailable!


And for throwing petulant strops. What a blouse


I mean, he's been on the pitch the most, yes. Whether or not that means he's been playing is up for debate. Mainly standing around moaning about something, isn't he?


I know i shouldn’t, but i really hate this guy!


Why shouldn’t you? He’s one of the most dislikable players out there lol


I think people over egg it tbh, he just does the same things as most other players. People seem to not like his face and shout overrated a lot. But he's clearly important for them and seems to live and die for it in every minute of a match. He's just on that list of players that get hate on here like Kane and Grealish.




Kane gets a ton of hate.




Depends on.the thread but seen people knock.his talent but in general it's an overreaction to other things he does on the field. They also like calling him stupid for even being at Spurs.


Kane gets hate any time someone undercuts someone while they're jumping due to the couple of prime Kane examples of him getting away with it.


Making a back for a player is just something that happens and players do get away with it in terms of a foul, since that's all it ever is and some even win fouls. But how many times does that action earn it's own thread or have people claim the player is doing it with the intention to injure.


Oh absolutely, I'm just agreeing that Kane does get hate. But I'd say most of it is due to the reputation he has for that specific thing. Oh and having a speech impediment. Because people are weird.


Never mind all the abusers, drunk drivers, alleged rapists, the guy who complains a lot is truly the worst.


But bruno dived and is whiny on the pitch 🤬. Should have bite people or be racist maybe ppl would like him more


A lot of the hate has to do with his appearance, someone like Vardy somehow gets way less




No one said he’s the worst lol. I’m perfectly capable of hating one person and hating several others more for separate reasons.


No, noone said the worst but the guy above you literally said "one of the most dislikable players out there."


The guy you're replying to must have seriously limited reading skills.


Moans like a bitch but really seems he is a great guy off the pitch


The Richarlson special


Exept the shitty tattoo


Which one?




If he does the same thing but played for another top 6 club people would hate him less


Absolute bollocks. If he plays for any top 6 club in any league he'd get criticism for his antics.


How many of these minutes were accumulated when he should have been under suspension?


He spends 70% of every match screaming and rolling around on the floor so no wonder he can play so many minutes.


Great player. Absolute clown attitude wise.


3751 is also the amount of times he’s complained to the referees


He spent at least 1/3 of that time in the floor pretending to be hurt and another third crying at the ref.


He'll be feeling it next season.


He’s fantastic at falling over and wasting time


So are we counting that 30 minute spell when he took a rest against Liverpool?


Take it off if you want he's still top of the list regardless.


Stamina and tactics AND DIVES AND FOULS.


Next season "Bruno injured again"


1-2 seasons more of this and his legs are gone. And since he relies on running a lot, the drop-off will be immense.


LOL Just like João Moutinho's performance dropped, he's only done it since 2005, until very recentely 🙄


Does he rely on running a lot? His offensive game is based off pass and move, hardly someone who relies on pace? It’s only his pressing that requires him to run a lot and he can tone that down if need be…


Better manage his minute before the man fizzle out like a candle