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Imagine Prime R9 with the shit haircut doing this after scoring a goal against your team


It would be an honor.


[Don't need to imagine it, we already have it.](https://i2-prod.dailystar.co.uk/incoming/article24609057.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_download-1.jpg)


Those have to be the tiniest nips I've ever seen.


Didn’t notice the first time. Had to go back and check and you’re right


Went back a few times. Still can't find'em.


man’s areolally challenged


I mean , when have you ever seen a pigeos nips?


unreal dedication to the celebration, gotta give props where it’s due


Well, I've never seen a pidgeon with big nipples


Fucking 5p nipples over here


Glenn Howerton's wife calls his nips his dime nips because a dime could cover them


*we have Ronaldo at home* *Ronaldo at home:*


He’s got some nice celebrations! I loved the pointed finger wag, and the one where he was kinda hiding his forehead with his elbow is also very recognisable. The cucaracha one with Roberto Carlos, not so sure about 😅


My favourite of his was cupping his ear against Roma (if I remember correctly) in an empty stadium 😂.


The finger wag one is my absolute favorite, he is the only player that comes to my mind when I think about that celebration


Instead we got the other R9 with the shit haircut


We have R9 at home *The R9 at home dancing like a pigeon*


I've never seen a man as happy as Richarlison when he's hugging Ronaldo.


He cried when he walked into the room and saw Ronaldo. His childhood hero.




Watching an out of shape R9 still casually dribble keepers and score at the WC is still one of my favorite football memories


Ronaldo mastered the art of playing football like a rugby player. No one has ever done it like him and I don't think we will ever see it again. Absolute thing of beauty


Prime Ronaldo was better than Messi, but Messi had better longevity


Ronaldo addressed this on a podcast. Back then his training had zero regards to his health. He said if he'd be around nowadays he'd definitely have more longevity. Such a shame.


Find someone who look at you like Richarlison look at Ronaldo's knees


> Richarlison look at Ronaldo's knees If there's a part of Ronaldo to love, I'm not sure it's going to be his knees...


That's the beauty of it. We fall in love with things that go away too soon because it leave us wondering "what could have been if things stay the same"


Did you see the 'Gods Among Us' photograph of all the legends? Ronaldo, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo sitting together and enjoying the Brazil vs SK match.


These guys would have grown up absolutely idolizing this man. Hell I’m their age, not Brazilian and *I* grew up idolizing him. It’s truly a dream come true for them. R9 at his best is still for many, me included, the greatest player of all time.


One affirmation is unassailable: no other player in history has been as good at 20 years old. At 20 years old he was at the same general ability level as Pele, Maradona, C Ronaldo and Messi at their prime. That level of ball control, power and speed at that age is absolutely insane. If he had not had so many injuries and had been able to refine his finishing ability and generally come into his prime in a few years in my opinion he'd have become the generally recognized best player of history.


Imagine hugging your hero and getting the approval to imbue yourself with a fraction of his power. I'd be pretty happy.


He's giving Ronaldo a real hug, too. Not a quick in-and-out bro hug. Looks like a kid meeting his hero, and I'm here for it.


He gets too emotional as well.. I mean he is annoying at times but this really is something nice


I think he's annoying when he plays against your team, because he's an expert shithouser but he's also really fucking good/keeps getting better Equally, he's fun to watch because of both those things and he seems like a nice guy. Being one of the few Brazilian *(Brazilian footballers) who is openly anti-Bolsonaro wins big points for me




Thanks for sharing that! I am sold.


That’s one of my favorite stories about Richarlison. He did this as a teenager. Such awareness and humbleness are very rare qualities though they shouldn’t be


Often the most annoying ones on field are actually the nicest people off it.


It’s my favourite trait in sportsmen. Sports are not life and death, have fun, be a shithouser, and shake hands and have a laugh after the game


reminds me of that raul garcia thread from a month ago https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/yc789l/athletic_clubs_raúl_garcía_im_happy_to_have_my/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


Rudiger is another great example, everyone loved playing alongside him and he does a lot of charity work off the field


Being a Spurs supporter, I always hated the fact that I liked Rudiger.




You just sold him to me without even trying.


Bruno Fernandes is another case of total twat on the pitch, but wellrounded dude as soon as he leaves.


My personal pick will be Pepe. I remember watching an interview and wondering out loud "is that really the same dude?" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2871371/Pepe-gets-Christmas-spirit-Real-Madrid-defender-buys-9-000-kilos-food-poor-families-Spanish-capital.html


On that note, Casemiro


Suarez as well. Heard a lot over the years about different charity work that he's done and when he was at Liverpool i knew a few people who had met him and said he was brilliant with them and always had time for the kids around Melwood.


He’s genuinely a class lad off the pitch https://www.espn.com.br/futebol/premier-league/artigo/_/id/11081102/richarlison-doa-10-por-cento-do-salario-para-ajudar-instituto-que-abriga-pessoas-em-tratamento-de-cancer


Yeah I saw this recently and was really pleased to see someone like him trying to give back in a truly meaningful way


we miss him at watford, that's for sure XD


I used to hate Richarlison till I read about his anti Bolsanaro stand. Fair play to him for that. You can be a jerk on the pitch if you can make basic good decisions off it.


Guy seems really smart.


Soon as he signed for Spurs I knew he'd a problem in every NLD just with the shithousery. I also know I'd love him if he was on my team doing the exact same thing


He's annoying for the opposite teams. As a brazilian, I've aways seen him as a funny, charismatic and wholesome dude. Nothing about him annoys me.


I used to find him annoying but since I found out he [“leans left”](https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-cup/2022/11/28/left-leaning-loved-brazil-fans-how-richarlison-became-anti-neymar/) and is anti-Bolsanaro - in light of the fact many of his fellow countryman are pro - I’ve found myself unable to dislike him.


Agreed. He's just one of those players you hate if they're on the opposing team, but love if they're on your team.


Literally earlier this season he came on for Spurs at the City Ground and we all cheered as Brennan left the boot on him after some disrespectful flair in his own half late in the game. Yet I totally agree, I’d more than happily see him do well in a Spurs shirt and for Brazil as long as it’s not against England or Forest.


I bet any Brazilian striker would look the same with Ronaldo in the room, especially being able to bless themselves with Fenomeno's legs


Ronaldo is so wholesome, everytime I see him he smiles. Love the legend.


Just came from the Eto'o post to this one. Day and Night these two.


What did Eto'o do?


Assaulted a fan. Kneed him in the face


wtf? That’s mad.


Just saw the post. Dude is a criminal.


Proper football right there. /s


Game’s back


Why is Eto so bitter?


His World Cup bracket went to shit after Senegal got knocked out.


He had an all AFC final and like all African nations in the knockouts. That bracket went to shit on the in first Matchweek.


Him and ronaldinho together was a joy, both always smiling


Fenômeno is the definition of set for life, he's a bon vivant


Yet, he works non-stop. Large companies based around the football world. In Brazil, in Spain and international companies related to player management.


He just looks like the happiest guy in the world.


My president :')


He's become such a DAD you love to see it


A pigeon and a 🐐 walked into a bar……..


Something, something, something… They left with 3 World Cup trophies.


Barman says to the goat "I can see you're horny but put the little pecker away"




I love how much today's Brazilian players give Ronaldo his flowers


He deserves everything and more.


so true, what a gem of a player, and an artist who only brought positivity. I don't want to look up if he supported Bolsonaro because I don't want to ruin him for me


https://www.instagram.com/p/ClebAmtOy0m/ Saw this recent post of him, expressing his sympathies for ~~the passing of~~ Gilberto Gil, a Brazilian singer and the Minister of Culture under the earlier presidency of Lula, who was harrassed by Bolsonaro supporters in Qatar. And R9 seems to not only honor him for his work as an artist, but also his political work. And while I'm not entirely too familiar with Brazilian politics, it made me assume that R9 is probably a Lula supporter. Or at the very least not a Bolsonaro supporter. Edit: I misremembered. As /u/Kerbage pointed out, Gilberto Gil didn't die, but was harrassed by Bolsonaro supporters while in Qatar.


Gilberto didn’t die, he was just verbally assaulted in Qatar by Bolsonaro supporters.


Right, I totally misremembered. I just remembered seeing the post, and with my very limited understanding of Portuguese I had assumed that he had passed. Excuse my ignorance, I edited my comment.


He isn't a Lula suporter at all, don't know How he feels about Bolsonaro, but Ronaldo suported other candidates against Lula


>but Ronaldo suported other candidates against Lula It kinda blew up in his face after the senator he supported (Aécio Neves) and some members of his family got into some corruption charges. A couple of years ago he said in an interview he vowed to never publicly support any politician ever again.


thank you for sharing, happy with this!


I honestly don’t care because besides what he did for Brazil as a player, he saved Cruzeiro from bankruptcy…


Growing up watching Ronaldo, it felt like Brazil had a cheat code to get goals whenever we wanted. I was in Rio when we won the cup in 02 and it was wild how many little kids I saw with his dumb haircut. Dude is a legend


he really is, and a seemingly jolly one


if you know you just know man, such an artist when he runs


He is my lifelong hero and I'm not even Brazilian. For me, he's the best to ever step on a pitch.


Same here. Not even Brazilian but he was a hero to all of us when we were kids.


You can tell Ronaldo still has a lot to learn from Richarlison.


i never thought i would read this sentence


# PRU PRU 🐦🐦🐦




Imagine this in England. Foden rubbing rooneys legs giving them a kiss 🤣🤣


Man Ronnie looks so cute when he smiles doing the pru pru


he relly does, doing the pru he looks so cute and smiling also


I keep forgetting Ronaldo's brilliance. I watched him play in awe as a kid.


At some point it was like watching the speed of Mbappe but with the ball, the dribbling of Messi, the flair of Neymar and the eye for goal of Cristiano all in one player.


And the height and strength of a player like Lewandowski too. It’s easy to overlook. But on top of his technique and finesse R9 was also tall and physically strong. He was no Haaland, but he could hold his own against physically aggressive defenders.


Look at R9's Spartak Moscow goal. He got charged by defender...and he stood still.


Lik: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sF1bB6jg9k


I remember it very well. Defender bounced off him ffs. I don't know what the guy above is you talking about. Bobby Robson was famously quoted saying he had the body of a boxer.


He fucking absolutely had the strength of Halaand. Comparing Lewandowski to R9, even in terms of strength is a disgrace. Watch his games for Barca and Inter. Man at the age of 19 and 20 was bullying defenders who were in their prime not just by speed and skills but strength too.


I think Mbappe's characteristics are closest to Ronaldo - both super quick and brilliant finishers. Although, Ronaldo was more physical and eager to dribble past goalkeepers.


Hmm... not really. Mbappé mostly dribbles with his speed, if that makes sense. Ronaldo, besides the speed, he had the dribbling skills. Like a Messi. And he could easily dribble/kick with both legs. On a 1v1, no defender could mark him, because he could easily go to any side and kick to the goal. He was truly a unique player. All things considered id say he had the speed of mbappé, the dribbling and ball control of messi and the power and finishing skills of Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, his ability to dribble past goalkeepers like they were nothing, always impresses me. Like no other player ever came close on that regard. Also, he was a god when playing on the offside line. He would run diagonally, so he was already at full speed with a through pass(thats why you see a lot of videos with him going alone against a keeper on a through pass). But tbf the only thing he lacked was his heading. He was a terrible header. I guess nobody is perfect...


Watching him in full flow charging towards the goal was something to behold. Up till now I don’t think anyone can replicate that feeling for me.


I’d recommend the recent documentary on him (Ronaldo: The Phenomenon), great watch.


Richarlison is football. The flair and fun of these types of players should be encouraged not dismissed.


I liked Richarlison but this world cup is making me fall in love with him. He's the most entertaining player to watch this tournament. Puts on a show but it's not all for show, he's scoring goals.


Roy Keane in shambles


Ronnie's smile has always been contagious


He's so fucking cute that I just wanna rub his cheeks


Came here to say this. I never get tired of seeing it.


Can someone translate it? They keep rubbing his legs, and I’m curious as to what they’re saying about it


It's basically a joke. R9 was so good that they are touching his legs to get some of his skills or for "luck".


R9 is an icon!


In an alternate universe where R9 wasn't devastated by injuries he's probably the GOAT.


Peak R9 is still the best player I've ever seen in this sport.


I've seen Maradona, I've seen Messi, I've seen Cruyff. I've never seen someone that could do what Ronaldo did. It's hard to see just how much better he was than everyone else if you're just watching highlights. It takes seeing him turn and blow by world class defenders over and over and over again, seeing him lose two defenders, or dribble through them. Even his little flicks to play people on that will never make a highlight reel. You couldn't tactically scheme him out, because he could do so many things at an absurd level... He could also just beat however many men you wanted to mark him with. Injuries stopped him from being the *greatest* there ever was, but he was the *best* there's ever been, and anyone who watched him regularly pre-knee explosions will say the same. Hell even after the injuries and he lost some of the physical dominance, he was a top 5 player in the world for years because of technique and intelligence. Fenomeno is an understatement.


You deserve see this non goal highlights https://youtu.be/acDbqaxynQs


This is the highest level of mastery a football player has ever achieved. Above Maradona, Pele, CR7, Messi, Ronaldinho, Cruyff. It's like God came to play with humans. Also, before being injured, his averages were around 0.9 goals per match. You were almost guaranteed to score just by having him.


The amount of nutmegs in this video is ridiculous. R9 the nutmeg master.


The way Ronaldo sliced through defence like butter is just nuts. Peak stuff.


His Barcelona year was football at a different level.


Ronaldo was a whole different type of player, even when he was fat he still blew by players that should've been faster than he was. I miss those years


any youtube to highlight what you're saying? tia


Always remember the excitement of seeing an Inter match on Channel 4 Football Italia (UK). We had the highlight show each week then one live game and it was so exciting every time he got the ball. Was watching some of his highlights the other night and they seemed to mostly focus on Barca and Real days but to my memory when he was at Inter was when he was at his very best and just seemed unbelievable.


Born too late to see prime R9, but born early enough to watch Messi in 2008. How would you say peak R9 differed from Messi?


Messi has a much wider view of the game, he can actually pass and also score from outside the box much more often than Ronaldo ever did. Meanwhile Ronaldo would literally walk over your keeper, ball and all. He had the build and skill to get a ball on the midfield and on the same run end with it in the back of the net with a slightly touch, despite facing nasty challenges, the ball was simply glued to his feet. Imagine Cristiano's athleticism and Messi's flair, that was peak Ronaldo, not to say he was a perfect player (couldn't really do headers, wasn't that good at passing, though the later was not really his job), but I'll be dammed if he wasn't very close to it.


Cristiano’s athleticism compared to Messi is a weird persisting idea, since he never has engaged in physical battles on the field apart from header situations. Messi is the one who actually uses his strength to win duels. Cristiano used his speed to pass defenders. So Ronaldo R9 was like if Messi was Cristiano’s size and didn’t shy away from contact.


Yea that’s a funny one. CR7 used speed and tricks to get by an opponent. Messi is actually riding challenges all day and uses his stature and balance to stay on his feet


I did not mean that as in bulldozing tackles and what not, I was talking about explosiveness and strenght, which Cristiano is clearly better due to his build. Bear I mind that saying this does not mean Messi had poor form, but the guy is 169cm tall.


Actually, R9 had the vision of a playmaker, just without the consistency of one. Some of his passes were ridiculous, and in Inter he even scored six times from free kicks (one was indirect though). It's just that injuries very limited him, so instead he honed his shooting, positioning and left foot after two years off. https://youtu.be/LX6aTDFueno


Thank you for answering! Have a good day!


Peak R9 has everything you ever want for a CF. His frame, power, speed, agility, skill, and awareness are all out of the world. We call him the alien.


He's not the alien, he's the intangible idea of otherworldliness himself, thus he is the phenomenon.


And ambidextrous, let's not forget he could go either left or right and score with the same ability, a true nightmare for defenders.


Both had this air of inevitability to them, just in different ways. You knew that when they got the ball outside the box, facing goalward, it was basically half a goal already. Messi, because you knew the defenders just wouldn't find him; too quick, too nimble, and that chipped ball he did all the time was just unsaveable. R9, because it didn't matter if they did - he'd plow through them regardless, ball glued to his feet, and you knew he'd end at the back of the net. Peak Messi and R9 had this 'aura' of man vs boys. You could just tell they were thinking that much faster than defenders around them.


He had more flair than Messi. Messi is extremely efficient and simple in his dribble technique. Ronaldo was much more fun.


Just like how some boxers have too much strength for their hands and knuckles to handle, R9 was too explosive for his knees to keep up with. If he was 20 years younger and played now, with a proper medical team and modern training and maintenance he would've lived up to his full potential. It also didn't help that defenders from that time were basically knees assassins especially in the Serie A.


> If he was 20 years younger and played now, with a proper medical team and modern training and maintenance he would’ve lived up to his full potential. There’s still plenty of players who are destroyed by injuries in the modern game.


Theres very few players who do the right stuff that have the types of injuries ronaldo had. Sports science and medical science has had huge leaps in the past 25-30 years. There’s no guarantee Ronaldo would treat his body the right way of course


There's very few players *period* who have had the type of injury history that R9 had. And I'm willing to bet his hyperthyroidism would have given him issues regardless of when he played.


No need to imagine, he is still a GOAT in our timeline


Just keep away from those knees.


Dangerous tbh. They could get his skills but what if Richarlison’s just obtained R9’s busted knees


Ronaldo didn't have weak knees or ligaments. It's just that he was so strong and explosive that his body couldn't keep up. Tendons and ligaments don't grow at the same rate as muscles. You can stength them (nowadays, there are some strategies and training foe that), but not at the same rate as your muscles. Ronaldo was super fast and quite strong, and he had the quickness and skill to move his body in ways that it put a lot of stress on his body. Another guy that was super strong and fast was Roberto Carlos... but he didn't change directictions and movements like Ronaldo, he did standard movements without much variation.


> It's just that he was so strong and explosive that his body couldn't keep up. Literally a My Hero Academia sub-plot.


All Ronaldo had to do was eat Pele's hair then?


>Ronaldo didn't have weak knees or ligaments. It's just that he was so strong and explosive that his body couldn't keep up. He did have a knee affliction (trochlear dysplasia) which attributed to his injuries.


I’m pretty sure every player on the Brasil team would gladly sacrifice their knees if it meant winning two World Cups like Ronaldo did.


Can’t argue with that tbf.


Like damn, Umtiti sacrificed his only to get one.


A joke that really really looks like folklore/witchcraft. I would definitely do the same.


[In another interview](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/z7mhe4/rodrygo_rubbing_ronaldosr9_legs_onto_his_in_hope/) Rodrygo rubbed Ronaldo’s legs to get some of his skills. Now Richarlison did the same.


That’s going to become a thing, isn’t it? lol


I think that it was Rodrygo but another Brazil player rubbed Ronaldo's legs to get his powers and I guess Richarlison is doing the same thing


Translated from Portuguese: *"bless me with this man's everything below the knees."*


Emphasis on “below the knees”


now that takes it all to another dimension!


Rodrygo basically said “let me take advantage of the fact that I’m here and get some of this” and rubbed Ronaldo’s leg and then rubbed the superpower he got from it into his own legs. In this one, Richarlison says “just like Rodrygo did, let me get some too”


Nice leg mate.


He wasn't rubbing the legs, he was in fact smelling the balls. Legend has it, he who smells ronaldo's balls will score a brace in the WC final.




Joachim Lowe punching the air rn


Funny how when you google him one of the top pictures is him sniffing his fingers..




"How the fuck does it go all the way down here?"




Just looking at this feels me with positivity


Richarlison and Rodrigo both touched Ronaldo legs to try to steal a bit of O Fenomeno's talent.


And it's worked so far eh?


Ronny looks so happy, that smile has always been infectious.


Lmao this is the cutest! 😂 Awwww Edit: He is also touching Ronaldo’s legs like Rodrygo. But seriously, Im so happy for them as I know they grew up idolizing Ronaldo


It's gonna be hard trying to explain to kids that this happy, chubby man was the greatest striker of all time.


The baton has been passed


The Phenomenon and The Pigeon


Ronaldo really is the guy all the Brazilians look up to. Rightly so as well. Prime r9 was special.


I have seen Ronaldo needing less. effort to run pass 5 players and score 😅 always the best player ever to me


That gesture at the end, so touching. I know the context is different, but as an Indian it’s customary for us to touch the feet of someone you deeply respect and consider to be an elder. Seems a bit like that, warms your heart.


If there's anything this R9 could teach the other R9, it's this...


I’d never let go of R9 lol


God I love Richarlison. Come back please.


Put some club music behind it and infinite loop that bitch


Messi vs Ronaldo…for me it was R9. His peak was beyond anyone.


Does he like pigeons a lot or where is that coming from?


Dude he looks like a pigeon with that nose


R9 had a "short" career due to injuries, but is great seeing the respect that young players have for him. It truly shows how good R9 was.




He almost died there.


Turn the AC on, R9 been sweating more than a hooker in church


R9 is the Mike Tyson of soccer.