I cringe when I think about the amount of unnecessary e-waste generated annually because of phones.


I cringe also when I think of phone cases. I doubt companies sell even half of their prepared stock and new phone models come out several times a year.


Just take a walk around a pound/dollar store and look at the amount of worthless shit lining those shelves. Things that people either don't want, or will buy and they'll end up in the garbage in weeks because they're either useless or cheap shit. Then think about the environmental impact of making this shit and then shipping it over from China and distributing them through your country. All the stuff you see is months at best away from a landfill. Then think how badly that problem expands when you extend it all over the globe. The planet's well and truly fucked.


Not directly related but here goes: When me and my brother were kids, we had a set of metal Tonka trucks that we got from our aunt, when her kids were done with them. There's 16 years difference between them, and another 4 on top of that between us and our cousins, so 20 years altogether. I have 2 boys of my own now, and the oldest is big enough to want to play with the "big trucks" as he calls them. So I got my mom to package up the toys and send them over, thinking I'd have to refurbish and refinish them. Nope, little sun faded, but overall mind shape. Everything works, everything turns, and these toys are probably 50 years old, if I had to guess. Why can't we make shit to last? What is the reason? Why is everything disposable and why aren't people mad as hell about it. This is just 1 example, another is dishwashers, fridges, ect. Designed obsolescence is a plauge on this world.


Because that's 50 years worth of money the toy truck company didn't get from you or your family. It's simple greed and it's destroying our planet


my nephew is happily playing with all the old toys inhad growing up. micro machines, the other matchbox cars (including an awesome steel-cast super car with a rear engine thing that lifts up...) and my legos. yeah, my mom diligently saved all the legos had growing up for her grandkids.


You can buy all of those indestructible toys and appliances. The problem is that they cost the appropriate amount more which no one is willing/cannot pay.


Speed Queen clothes washer enters the chat. Got sick of the washer breaking every 5 years. Told the sales guy I wanted 1970s technology. We’re pushing 15 years on this thing with zero issues.


The short answer is: capitalism We (generally) do care, but things that last are often unaffordable (see the classic work boot example) AND the added bonus of it all is very often you pay big money because you are expecting quality and you still get garbage with no recourse as a consumer (guarantees and warranties are difficult to pursure) There's no winning without changes in regulations.


Then they blame people who drink with straws as the problem, or people who uses plastic bags for grocery


The venue I work at banned straws to "help the environment". We fill an industrial dumpster with plastic cups every night.


How effective


Gotta make it seem we’re the problem!


As The absolute genius philosophical comedian George Carlin once said: “The planet is going to be fiinee. THE PEOPLE ARE FUCKED”


Unfortunately that’s not going anywhere, but aren’t all these trade-in deals supposed to mean that what is traded in gets recycled? I wonder what percentage of the material that is recycled from an old phone ends up being reused in another electronic device


Reducing comes before recycling.


Reuse is between them as well.


Is repair covered under reuse or should we expand to the 4 Rs - Reduce, repair, reuse, recycle?


Still using my iPhone X from 2017, and it will most likely still be able to handle some more years.


I’m still on an iPhone 8, haven’t even replaced the battery. With a decent case and screen protector these things last forever. Though the battery prob should be replaced, but I don’t travel much so getting a full day out of light to moderate use isn’t bad. Used to be 2+.


Here on my 6s :)


I wish you continued 6S


Lol G’day mate


5s never gets love :[ cracked screen with otterbox checking in.


I have a 6s too. I don’t want to give up my headphone jack!


Me neither! Also have a 6s and I am not looking forward to the day I have to upgrade.


Mine's a 6S Plus from 2015. Still fully supported, on iOS 15.4.1 !


Love my 6s Due to wanting more storage I got the 13 mini (love it so far) and plan to use it until it dies.


Had a 7 plus until just recently and that’s just because the charging port wasn’t able to hold my cable and charge it up. Only other issue was the battery. My point being you’re absolutely correct. These devices should be able to last far longer than consumers are treating them. I’m hoping to care for my charging port more and get 5+ years out of this 13 if I can.


> charging port wasn’t able to hold my cable and charge it up I've had that problem before. The port worked like new after I cleaned out the all the lint that got stuck inside it.


Same on my 5s. It felt all numb and didn't "click" in like it used to. Had to get it in at the right angle and keep it there so it would charge. Put a toothpick in and a fat wad of lint came out, charged like new after that.


Yeah I was real stupid with this, kept trying to force it dispite knowing better, just from frustration. Eventually cooler heads prevailed after months of it, and I just cleaned it out. God that was a stupid moment for me when all that lint came out and the cable snapped right into the port and started charging like it was brand new. I could have solved my problem a while back if I wasn't so procrastinate / tired at the end of the night.


Yes I have noticed that my charging port is more finicky. With some cables it doesn’t matter the position (slight shift left or right) but with others it has to be in the right position. I think it’s because my port might have started to get loosened.


I had the same issue and used a wooden toothpick to pull a bunch of lint out of the Lightning port. Now the connections are nice and tight with no looseness or charging problems.


I did this half a year ago. Could not believe how much came out. Really suggest doing this every year or so.


Seconding this, I've got a 6s still going strong, but I've had to clean lint out of the port a few times now (and replaced the battery once).


Thank you thank you!! I think my iPhone 8 just bought another year or two


that’s the beauty of the 8 - wireless charging. i haven’t plugged mine in more than 15 times ever.


I have an 8 as well (4 years and going) and literally just replaced the battery a few days ago through Best Buy. It went from needing charging 3-4x a day to not even depleting the battery to 30% before I go to sleep. I want at least two more years out of it before upgrading - maybe an SE?




My husband is clinging to his 6, stubbornly because it still has a home button.


Same boat here, i just love the home button, i can’t stand the face id thing. It’s not bad, i just dont like it


It was bad when I had to wear a mask in public.


I just upgraded from a 6s a few weeks ago, the only issue I ever had with it was the battery dying after a few years. Decent phone, I only upgraded because I was running out of storage.


6s here. Haven't even thought about upgrading, still works fine!


Came here to say exactly this. I'm still using my launch iPhone X and it works great. Not sure who the people writing these articles are, but have they actually *tried* using a phone for more than 2 years?


How's the battery holding up?


Replaced the battery roughly 2 years ago (I used to play quite a few mobile games, so it was quite hard on the battery). Currently it’s at 96% health.


still running my iphone 8, on it's 3rd battery. ifixit battery kits are so good


Are iFixit kits even worth it when Apple will replace it with an OEM certified battery, and do the labour, for like $40?


When they were offering $20 battery upgrades I brought my phone in for the swap. 10 minutes later they came back to show me a barely visible crack on the corner and told me they couldn’t replace my battery until I gave them $150 to replace my screen. Thanks to iFixit, I replaced my own battery and kept using my phone for another 3 years.


Brill. As someone who has purchased one of their universal toolsets, I hope newer phones will still be user-serviceable, at least battery-wise.


iPhone 8 here, bought in 2017, my original battery is at 81% capacity. Phone still works great, no plans to upgrade for at least 2 more years.




Yes! I’m using my iPhone X right now and it still works flawlessly. I can honesty see myself keeping this for another couple years (maybe just replacing the battery if it degrades too badly). It’s seriously been the best phone I’ve ever owned.


Same. 5 years ago phones weren't usually lasting 5 years, but now I don't feel the need to upgrade my phone frequently.


People like to claim that Apple forces you to buy new devices and yet know so many people with a 7/8


I feel like short-life thing is mostly an android phone problem. I know so many people who use old iphones just fine.


It's not an Android thing either I know a number of people still using a Galaxy s4 or s5. It's mostly a made up and overblown thing. Maybe it's a real problem if you buy a cheap phone.


I'll never use a phone which no longer has security updates. Too much of my personal data is on there. The internet is just too dangerous a place now. I'm glad the hardware can last that long, but as long as the companies aren't supporting it with software you're taking a big risk.


Apple supports security updates for the 3 most current iOS versions, which is why the iPhone 6s from 2015 is still supported. It’s likely that it won’t be compatible with iOS 16, but it can run 15 so it’s going to keep getting those security updates for at least another 2 years after 16 is released. That’s 9 years of software support for a phone, which is pretty damn good.


butt reddit keeps telling me iphones are the poster child for planned obsolescence


Same for me. As soon as security updates only come out twice per year, I consider it to have reached its effective end of life.


Yup. That's the only reason I'm deciding on a new phone right now. Don't want to get a new one. This one plus 6 is doing just fine. But now that security updates are done I've been debating what to get next.


Security researcher here - you’re 100 percent on point and I couldn’t agree more. The internet is an exceptionally dangerous place and security updates are critical. Edit: to comment further, the hardware (like the examples you gave) is far less likely to be the problem. The problem is that companies like Samsung only offer security updates for typically 2 to 3 years max and sometimes less for “feature updates.” This is made worse by the fact that consumers are blocked from installing an alternative version of Android which would give their phone extra life and updates. It is possible to do in some cases, but it typically takes some serious technical skill and understanding or you can seriously impact your security even further. I’d recommend taking a look at Nokia phones for Android and Apple is your go to for iOS (obviously) but thankfully, apple is decent at giving everyone patches for 5 years or so for many of their devices.


the amount of personal stuff on your phone makes it very dangerous to use phone without proper security patches... not to mention a lot of financial and health institutions are still using SMS as 2fa. but yea, high ends phone are still phone after 5-6 years physically, unlike those cheap phones that turn into dust after couple of years of usage. durable things costs more, there isn't much you can do to go around it.


> It's not an Android thing either I know a number of people still using a Galaxy s4 or s5 As someone who had an S4 that felt *done* around 2018-2019: how in the hell are they actually using it? Mine had apps slowly bugging out and losing functionality as they dropped support for my version of Android and the versions I was on got older, and the whole thing was just generally a god-awful experience. I can't imagine still using an S4 today. 'Course I guess it didn't help that the SD card reader died immediately the last update it got for....some reason.


Are they still being updated? The iPhone is but from what I’ve seen, android phones getting more than 2 years of updates is rare and 5 is pretty much unheard of.






Still using my samsung galaxy from 2016. Aside from poor camera quality compared to newer phones it's perfectly fine.


Don't you lose security updates after some point?


I mean, they are if you want them to...


That’s just it. Most have no issues lasting 5 years.


They need to make more easily replaceable batteries.


I had a LG G4 with a user swappable battery. About two years in, it was impossible to find a good replacement that wasn't just a Chinese knock off filled with their nuclear waste. They'd last a few weeks at most so we also need manufacturers to sell these parts at fair prices.


G4 was the best phone camera I've had, and I haven't had better since. I used to have a Moto Z3 force and running on a Poco X3 pro now. I know I know, they're not flagships like the G4 was in its time but I refuse to spend more than $200-$250 for a phone nowadays. Sure, I got a SD 860, 8 gigs of ram, a VRR screen, and 256 gigs of storage for cheap but man I do miss the camera on the G4.


The camera in the G4 was absolutely insane. Especially manual mode. I think about that phone often for that reason. I unfortunately ended up having a hardware problem and had to put my phone in the freezer just to get it to work lmfao. It was my favorite phone


i got a good battery for my g4 just 10 months ago. Yes alot of the reviews for batteries were poor, but i got lucky with a really good one. I bought my g4 for $50 from a guy who "upgraded" to a phone with a non replaceable battery.


Nice. Because of the bootloop issue, it's possible to find a pristine condition one on ebay for $10. I bought one of these and swapped the motherboards to make it feel like a whole new phone.


Apple charges like $50 to replace a battery, most people just buy a new phone because they like to. You can easily get 5 years if you replace the battery


Eh, after 4 years, walk into an apple store, $60, doesn’t seem unreasonable.


Just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean they aren’t easily replaceable. Granted they have become a little harder over the last couple years because of the sealing used to adhere the display to the enclosure. But if you take that away, then you have a less durable phone.


I got my Galaxy S8+ on Ebay Feb 2018 for $475 and while I've been itching for something new, there's really no "need". Yeah, I have to charge it overnight, then again during the day at work, and maybe again at night while watching TV (Shit, thinking about it my battery is probably shot). But, it does everything I need. I spent last weekend looking at "new" phones, but I just can't justify parting with a other $600-$1000 for what, just not plugging it in as often? Yeah, for a week or two I might have that "shiny new toy" high, but after that, it's just going to another phone.


You took the words right out of my mouth. Sent from my Galaxy S10+


Most Android phones do not receive security updates for a full 5 years.


I think that's changing with Google's newer Pixel phones. Samsung may even be joining too. I prefer Android over iPhone. But the support lifecycle for iPhone looks very appealing.


Samsung updates are longer than Google. Despite the fact Pixel is Googles own phone, they receive less updates than Samsung now promises.


I'm still running my S6 from 2015. Battery life is shorter now but otherwise it's still great. Case disintegrated two years ago. Never had a screen protector. Phone still looks perfect :D


Get the battery replaced it’s worth it mine works all day now even using it to read all day


I don’t know what the fuck you guys are doing, but my phones are lasting five years easily.


well they kind of are nowadays, at home me and my wife pass our older phones to our daughters, so they now have one a samsung galaxy S8 and the other a note 8, both about 5 years and working well.


Still rocking the Note 8. I had to replace the screen once and I drop it all the time. I do think I will upgrade for 5g next year though.


Also still have the Note 8 and it runs like a champ


I still use my Note 8 as my main phone. The only thing I am concerned about is security at this point since it's no longer getting updates.


I just got a new phone last month after having the s8+ for almost 5 years. It was solid for the most part. Started to slow down but I'm sure any issues I had were from the drops over the years. That and the fact that security updates for it stopped and US carriers announced they'd no longer be supporting 3G phones and roaming wouldn't work for a large list of older phones (s8+ just missed the cut for ones that wouldn't be affected). It was about time but that pushed me over the edge


Weird. Same phone I have Samsung S8+ and haven't received anything yet about not being supported anymore


It's fine if you don't care too much about sw updates


MrWhoseTheBoss said it right in his latest video. It takes the same number of people maintaining software updates at Samsung or Sony. But Sony sells at least 20x less phones. So it cost Sony a lot more money per unit to maintain updates.


Lol that's so apologist. They made a conscious business decision to take the android native platform and brand it with their own custom iteration of the operating system. They didn't need to, they wanted to. To make a distinction between a Sony android phone from a Samsung Android phone. These phones are all compatible with the stock android, since they have to be to support the customisations You can get a hold of the stock rom and flash your Sony/Samsung and get the patches Google release on day 0. What most people don't consider in these conversations is that there's 2 large streams of work here and then a per- Organisation stream of work for customisation. There's hardware developers releasing new CPUs, new boards, new battery interfaces and there's a series of standards that is on a rolling release cadence. Then there's an android team making software. They're making that software compatible with hardware they already have available to them. That won't cater for shifts in hardware technology in 5 years time. In 5 years time they won't want to cater for something they wrote in software to cater for a hardware configuration of the time. Not everything they used to do is relevant. The combo of these makes a matrix of support. They'll support android 11 for x years and it was built with a framework of their flagship of the moment. They'll accommodate backwards to a certain point and they'll accommodate forwards for devices running that previous hardware spec. Once they get to the point that their next OS is released, it'll enter a period of sustained engineering and all feature development will go into the next cadence. There will be a series of supported hardware that's compatible with the jump to 12. So now we have this manufacturer/software developer matrix. Enter the next step of the supply chain. End of the line suppliers. These companies take a snapshot of android at the time they make their hardware platform. They fork it to their own branch and they push it to match their marketing and business needs. This fork now has created work for the organisation to port the latest fixes to their own subset of the matrix above. Creates a lag from Android patch to custom device patch. While yes. Hardware could last longer. You'd also likely end up on a more "windows xp stays around forever" situation because the platform stagnates because people don't like change. That problem still exists in mobile but not as much. Tldr; the system is shit, but this is why I choose flagships because at least I maintain concurrency for as long as possible


It's been a few years since I looked into this, but wasn't Project Treble introduced with Oreo supposed to resolve this issue by abstracting away the core Android layer?


And that's (at least partially) why phones get more updates now. Companies needs to do less work for each updates they released


Not to maintain updates. To maintain their unwanted and unneeded reskins' compatibility with updates. I've hated the way providers and manufacturers have done a value subtraction job on all their handsets since the mid 2000s. It started so they could bill you $2 a pop for ring tones (remember that bullshit?) and then they just insisted that your phone needed to scream their name from every angle, damn the way it made them suck so much compared to unbranded phones. Now you get Samsung or mii doing the same crap in a multi layer stack of useless bullshit.


Sony literally provides all of the information and tools necessary to unlock bootloader and build/flash your own AOSP for a large amount of their phones. Basically everything current and going back quite a few years as well. https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/get-started/supported-devices-and-functionality/ And even if you dont want to go with AOSP, Sony has been one of the best companies out there for having a no bullshit, minimal to no modifications base android install for years now.


But why? Every random ass PC can get the latest windows 10 updates. Why do smartphones need specific software updates?


Because the manufacturers are big into "differentiation". They don't just ship stock Android, they customize it with unique extra features and a distinct interface that you probably don't actually care about but that they use to claim that theirs is "better" than the other guys. This then means that it needs separate updates. But Google has been working over the years to move more and more of the core OS into apps that can be updated via the Play store. For instance the core browser engine is packaged this way. It's a key security component and it will continue to get updates directly from Google through the store even if the manufacturer no longer supports the device.


> unique extra features This is called 'bloatware' and I wish I could just rip it out.


I used to just wipe the ROM and replace it with a clean one from xda. Then Samsung and friends actually got better at locking the bootloaders and preventing this, so now I've switched just buying the Google pixel.


I thought Samsung were pretty good about unlocked bootloaders - I have a Tab 5Se and the only problem with installing LineageOS is that it's idiosyncratic and a bit confusing if you've not done it for a while.


Depends on where you live. The international Samsung phones are easy to unlock. Many of the North American ones are next to impossible.


This is true, but Google is also crap with updates. I bought a Pixel 3 in October of 2019. 2 years and 4 months later, and it received its last security update in February of 2022. That is absolutely unacceptable for any device, let alone their flagship phone at time of purchase.


You bought the phone a year after its release, so it got 3 years and 4 months of updates. Still probably not enough.


That's correct, I did. I would argue that the relevant date is when the last instance of a product is sold, not the first. As long as a product is being sold, that means that the company is vouching for the product, and the buyer is entitled to a full lifetime of the device. Since the only component that degrades is the battery, the device should be supported for as long as it can last through a day. (There's another argument to be had about non-replaceable batteries, and how those are artificially restricting the duration of a "full lifetime", but this is even assuming that this is an unfixable design issue.)


You're not wrong, but to be fair, this isn't really Google's fault. It's Qualcomm's fault, because they stopped supporting the Snapdragon chip that the phone uses. This is precisely why Google has now moved to the Tensor chip (for better or worse...better for updates going forward, but worse for now because it's in it's infancy and having some growing pains). And it's why they now do at least 4 years of updates, because they support the chip, not Qualcomm. Say what you want about the Tensor (and people have), but at least Google is trying to do something about breaking Qualcomm's BS of stopping supporting chips way before they should.


> Because the manufacturers are big into "differentiation". Sony in particular is kinda mired in this mentality. There once was a time when they could dictate quality standards in the industry, or individually push a technology. But they've had far more bloated duds than successes in recent history, and their corporate mentality still hasn't accepted that Sony isn't the power it once was, and they need to get back to basics rather than trying to create this artificial gloss or fanciness to their products.


Because Qualcomm. Microsoft had a horrible track record updating Windows Mobile, when that was a thing.


Yeah idk why everyone is saying manufacturers, it's like 90% Qualcomm. I bought a Stylo 4 in a pinch and it had 32-bit software even though it was a 64-bit chip. Qualcomm didn't upload a proper 64-bit board support package until like 1.5 years later. And if Qualcomm decides your chip doesn't get an update, good luck bc they probably don't provide sources for their graphics drivers to vendors.


We're at vastly different stages of the two ecosystems' development, is the main thing. IBM PC compatibles have been going for *41 years*. Smartphones, getting on for 15. Smartphone hardware itself has changed drastically over those 15 years, and while it's slowed down a lot now, for the most part there's been a tonne of changes. If you go back to the first 15 years of PC hardware you'll find the same story of rapid evolution and much shorter-lived software platforms. The place we're in today on PC is due to Microsoft's hegemony and the centralisation around a single hardware platform that everyone adheres to. We don't have anything like this in the phone space, because it's still early days, and pushing significant hardware changes has been one key avenue for manufacturers to differentiate and try to advance themselves.




Not every manufacturer does that. It’s predominantly US and Korean. The sad thing is I can get a base android phone from China, and it’s upgradable without special bullshit. Just need to worry about spyware lol.


Maybe the manufacturer should not use their own flavored Android then, if they then can not supply it with updates.


Well the reason is android being open source. So google makes the software then gives it to phone manufacturers who then modify it depending on who owns the phone. They also love putting bloatware on it. Back when the first galaxy nexus came out google actually got into a huge confrontation with Verizon over them trying to block the google software from their own operating system. That’s why google sells the nexus line themselves after buying Motorola electronics.


Basically from what I understand windows is built separate from the device drivers so it’s up to the individual components manufacturers to ensure they get proper driver updates to get support Android meanwhile has the drivers built into the OS so it’s up to the smartphone manufacturers to properly support everything. So like on your pc intel might be the one that handles just the support for the cpu to make sure it runs properly on windows while Nvidia might be the one handling the gpu support and Samsung handles the ssd support and they only have to focus on their specialty and Microsoft just ensures that the they can talk together through the driver system but they don’t maintain the hardware. A phone can’t be built with different parts by a consumer so it developed differently so the phone manufacturer is in charge of everything from cpu to gpu to storage to charging port to audio controller. For apple who has a large profit margin and a limited number of hardware models they can keep support for a long time because you pay for the software support upfront with the phone purchase. A company like Samsung they have tons of phones that release each year, they don’t have the same level of scale as apple so they can’t get as good bulk purchase deals, they use a ton of breaking edge tech which is expensive and can be inefficient, and the market is highly competitive leaving not so large profit margins. Intel can support older CPU’s because it’s not as expensive to support the driver for one device than what could be over 20-30 drivers for a phone(also intel sometimes continues to manufacture older CPU’s as a lower price alternative bringing in money giving an incentive to continue support). Macs actually have the drop support problem like windows does, now apple gives macs long support lives of around 7-9 years but Mac OS doesn’t have intel or AMD making the drivers(at least not directly, they may be working with the apple engineers but they aren’t building the drivers themselves). Windows has the advantage because it’s the biggest os on the market and people build their own pc’s so that system has to exist(hackintosh’s exist but they usually have some kind of issues and AMD was straight up unsupported for the longest time). I don’t know anyone that has built their own cell phone. TLDR: you build a pc with random parts so the parts makers have to make it work with windows. You don’t build your own phone so parts makers leave support responsibly to phone makers. Profit margins of android phones make it hard to justify long term support.


So Samsung/LG/Motorola/Sony/etc can sell advertising and install tracking software for extra money.


It’s like all the bloatware that PC’s used to sell with back in the day. There needs to be a way to remove all that garbage.


Un-uninstallable facebook app is the worst. Not buying a phone with this preinstalled crap again.


>It’s like all the bloatware that PC’s used to sell with back in the day. There needs to be a way to remove all that garbage. I remember my college PC - eMachine from Best Buy for $500 or something - it pretty much came from the factory with AIDS installed


Yeah, I build all my PC’s and that’s one of the reasons. I remember in the 90’s, my friend got a Packard Bell and it took us hours to remove all of that crap. Since then, I have never bought a prebuilt that wasn’t a Mac. My gaming PC I build though.


Phones do last 5 years. Just stop breaking yours or trading it in.


most androids drop support after a few years, such as the galaxy s9


Which is a shame because the S9 is a damn good phone. Im still using my S9+. 4 years this summer.


S9+ gang here lol. Such a great phone. I've quite a big sentimental value towards it as well, carried me through my toughest years!


I mean I'm still receiving security updates, just not new Android versions


And I didn't want any of the android updates I used to get, so fine by me.


That’s pretty crazy for a 4 year old phone. Apple still supports the 6s which was released in 2015. Granted, it doesn’t get all of the bells and whistles every time a new iOS is released because the chip couldn’t handle some of the new features, but they do get some, and they always get security updates.


Can you explain why/how this is bad? I have an s9+, had it for a long time and it works perfectly. If you mean stopped updating to the most recent version of android, that's pretty inconsequential. Edit: Googled it, final update was this March. Will continue to use the phone until I have an actual issue.


That was the final security update. The phone hasn't officially supported any new versions of Android since 10. Security updates are a MUCH bigger issue than OS updates though.


> Phones do last 5 years - The battery after the 2 year mark starts to get weak, and replacements are intentionally obtuse (i.e. go look up the "repairability" scores of most new phones. - Once the manufacturer update spigot is closed that's it for most people. Even if you don't care about security, banking apps, HD video streaming, workplace MDM, etc. simply stop working right. IMHO, both are totally artificial limitations, which the manufacturers have zero incentive to fix.


Replacing the battery in my pixel 1 cost like $100. At a ubreakifix, and it works fine now, as far as its phone and gps capabilities are concerned anyway. But the lack of continued software support is the biggest issue for sure.


They do last super long. I’ve used my past 3 iphones for around 3-5 years each and every time I upgraded out of desire not necessity. Don’t treat your phone like a POS and it should last. iPhone’s are crazy solid in my opinion nowadays


Me too but I don’t treat my iphone very well other than giving it a rubber cover.


That seems to be the biggest differentiator between people complaining and people that are not having this issue. I went from iPhone to android and back to iPhone while spending years in each camp and while there are some cool elements about android, it’s been such a pleasure to not have to think and worry about my phone. Didn’t even realize it had been three years until just a few months ago.




Only thing I’ve replaced on my iPhone 7+ is the case.


Same here, still using an iphone7. Battery life kinda sucks but I just bought one of those little portable chargers for $30


5 years is a long damn time in tech. My phones could last that long if the battery was easily replaced.




Guys complaining “im on iphone x” “its getting old and not usable” meanwhile im on 6s+


I'm on an iPhone 6s with 16 gb (which is actually more like 2gb even after I deleted all my photos and non-essential apps). No space to download anything or take photos anymore, but if it had more storage I'd say it still had a year left on it. Great phone.


Mine has 64 gb so thats probably the reason its still good but its filled 50 gb


Holding onto mine until the bitter end. 3.5mm port for life.


I know. It’s like they want us to constantly buy new phones or something.


I've had my Galaxy S9+ for 4 years, and it shows no sign of failing anytime soon.


What are y’all doing to your phones???? I’ve had my company iPhone that I’m allowed to used as a personal phone for like 6+ years and it’s still fast, charges quick, batteries last 5+ hours when I’m constantly using it, and it’s never broken… Y’all MFers throwing your phones on the ground or something?


I have a really hard time believing that your battery life hasn't been affected. Do you update your phone regularly?


Every time I get the notification I update it over night. And I guess it depends what I’m doing on my phone but usually I just browse Reddit (not really watching videos or YouTube) so my usage is lighter than some people I guess? But even so, I run full brightness basically 24/7 unless I’m reading at night. Even then I try to use my kindle more often.


Battery health %?


Just learned this was a thing. Just checked and it’s 78%


iPhone XR here and it’s at 85%


Battery degradation is a thing. If manufacturers aren't allowing you to replace it yourself, it's just a matter of time. Every single charge is reducing the overall capacity to some extent.


I just replaced my xperia Z ladt year, after having it since release(2013), could have used it more if I didnt crack the backside and the dust clogged it up over time and was overheating :) Got a Realme 7 phone now for about 6 months, works great


I find issue with the “budget” phones that are junk straight out of the store. Not sure if it was Samsung A21 or something like that, but 3 friends got them as company phones and all 3 were unstable, dropped calls, had to be restarted etc. I’m not saying buy flagships but I’d rather get an older good phone if I can change the battery. Well, of course if the Os is updatable. My iPhone 4S is my “iPod”, my 6S is my moms phone and my new one will hopefully be useful for just as many years.


The only thing that has gone up is the cost.


Not really, everything has gone up. It's just that most of it is kinda useless and people use their phone so much nowadays that it does kinda make sense to spend "a lot"


My secret is to buy last generation phones on Amazon in 'like new' condition. You can get a flagship phone for under $150. The last two I've bought that way were flawless.


I'm still defiantly using my S7, but it's running like shit. People tell me to upgrade all the time. When they're not whining about being broke.


Seeing you guys having a good time with your old phone makes me so jealous. I own a s10 and i don't think i'm happy with it, 3hrs of screen time, buggy and laggy.


I have an S7 too, but it seems brand new still and runs great. I don't plan on upgrading for atleast 5-10 more years as long as I don't drop it in the toilet or something


Phones should be built to last more than five years. FTFY


My iPhone SE just turned six and is starting to need a new battery, which is about $50. If the lawsuit is ever settled, it will cost me $25 net. The newer models are just too big for my pocket, even the 13-mini. I guess I need a new wardrobe, eh?


I was in the same boat and refused to upgrade until the 12 Mini came out. For me, the small size increase was acceptable and I'd recommend going to an apple store to try it out. But unfortunately the Mini didn't sell well and they're not making more, so it looks like I'll just be "upgrading" to old Minis in the future.


Yep. Waiting to get official confirmation but if there’s no 14 mini I’ll just grab a 13 mini to replace my 12 and make that my phone for the foreseeable future and give my 12 to my mom.


Dude, if the 13 mini is too big for your pockets, you're rocking spandex. I bought the 13 mini because it's pretty much the only normal-sized phone on the market and I wear pretty damn skinny jeans...fits with plenty of room. It's the size of an iPhone 4 pretty much. For reference, check the wear lines in the right (actually left) pocket. https://i.imgur.com/dTDAs7d.jpg


New wardrobe might be cheaper than a new phone 😂 The new phones are pricy, but when you consider you can easily keep them 5-6 years, it’s really not that bad.


I'm calling bullshit on the mini being too big for your pocket. It's roughly the same dimensions as the OG SE. Like 3/10 of an inch in height and width


I think bro is looking for a return to the 3GS days


I mean that was my first iPhone, it was pretty awesome. But without a button on the front the screen can be bigger and battery larger without a huge difference in form factor. I would've gotten a 12 Mini over my Pixel 4a if they had been closer in price, or at least had 128 gb standard and not upsell. Now I'm not sure I'll go back, unless they drop the price of the mini down to like $499 or less. Otherwise I'm fine with a slightly bigger phone these days.


>The newer models are just too big for my pocke I've notice that internet is designed for bigger phones. I love the size of SE, but sometimes some websites apps are designed the way that some buttons are outside the screen and can't be scrolled (some po up login windows). So I'm kind of getting to think to upgrade, but still not today, just some day.


I'm still using an iPhone 6. Then again, it runs like shit a lot of the time.


Everything should. But greed and pleasing the shareholders always wins.


They are. Nobody forces you to buy a new iPhone every year. I keep mine until I can't update the OS any more.


I'm always baffled by people (usually much closer to poverty than I) who pay nearly $\`1k for a new phone every year or two. I've never spent more than $150 and they always tend to last around 5 years. I've yet to see any functionality other than speed (admittedly the slowing of the phone is usually the reason for an upgrade) that those other phones do that my Motorola/Samsung cheapy can't do. Better cameras... I suppose. Lot of money for your camera to be 2 years ahead of mine.


It's not $1k every year though, it's $1k minus the trade in value which is usually still pretty high after a year. Nothing wrong with people spending their money on that if they want to. To a lot of people it's not a whole lot to spend in exchange for constantly having a nice new phone.


It's also not $1k. My iPhone 13 mini was $699 MSRP, and they gave me a $400 trade-in on my iPhone 11. With 0% financing it's like $13/mo for a new phone. It's really kind of amazing how cheap they are with the right promotion.


This article seems to correlate the increasing longevity of cell phone ownership with OS updates. I think it's because cell phone features and performance improvements between phone model updates has become stagnant. I doubt a new phone will come out in the next two years will justify upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S21\`. I will eventually upgrade because of degrading battery life. Can we have easily replaceable batteries again?


My iPhone 11 is still running as good as the day I got it 3 years ago. I may replace it in two years if the rumors of them dropping the lightning port in place of usb-c on the iPhone 15 is true.


My XS Max is also nearly good as new despite being 3.5 years old. The battery max capacity is 90% but I have poor charging habits, so some of that is definitely on me. Other than that, it handles iOS well. It’s not laggy at all.


Mine just started getting weirdly slow and rebooting all the time. It’s not a storage issue, and it’s driving me nuts. I might set aside a weekend to factory reset it and then slowly add everything back, because dammit it’s a $1200 phone and I don’t need a new one!


Going on 5 years with my Pixel 2 XL and am still happy with it. It's the longest I've had a phone since phones have been a thing and I don't see a reason to upgrade at this point.


* use a case * dont fuzz about updates too much or use custom roms (its not that hard, that's what youtube is for) * don't chase trends, there next to no gain in the last 5 years * learn to swap batteries boom, suddenly your phone will probably even last you 10 years


Stockholders won't like that


I won't buy a phone that won't last 3 years anymore. Sales today are more important than sales in 3 years.


What does the year have to do with it?


They are. You don't need a new phone every year. Don't even need to upgrade your apps. I agree, that the physical cases are shit, because they want you to break them and upgrade, but besides that, once you got a flagship machine with a fast processor and plenty of RAM and storage, what the fuck else are you using it for? Most people just go on social media and youtube.


they already are


This is just a decision by these companies not to update phones so they can sell you knew hardware. We shouldn't accept it. Five year old phones work fine, but you're stuck on a four year old OS, or maybe three if they were generous.


I love my iPhone 7


They do last though, people who upgrade phones every year just don't know what to do with money or have too much of it. I'm on iphone 11 rn and I still waiting for a reason to upgrade during the next 2-3 years, the only thing I can think of is battery down the line. Oh you want a "new and mega improved camera"? Don't worry, nobody will notice it on your instagram feed. Brands create this idea that the last year phone is sooo trash and so slow that people almost feel the pressure to upgrade, don't be a tool


My phones easily can last 5 years. My only complaint is I wish the battery was a bit easier to replace on my iPhone. Besides that, I use a case and screen protector and I’m golden