This whole WD universe is like some bad relationship you stay in because you don't have the balls to walk away. Sometimes its good, but most of the time you are left wondering why bother?




You answered your question though, it’s a zombie soap opera.


Meh. This trailer basically told me "hey, remember that awful show you once liked? well here's an even more awful spin off.. it'll suck even more because we long ago ran out of ideas." I quit around the Negan era, I think when Carl got bitten, and honestly, at that point, I was hate watching it. I'd watch each episode, then feel like shit for wasting my time with it, eventually I got about 15 minutes into a new episode, and I was like "wtf do I even give a shit about this?" I turned it off and never went back. I watched "Fear: the walking dead" first season sucked shit, then it just turned into "Walking Dead: West Coast edition". Where I thought the first few seasons would still deal with the very early days of the outbreak. I think I got to the first couple of episodes of the second season, when I realized I literally hated every main character in that show... I've heard that all but 1 has died.. so i guess that's a good thing.


AMC is just shit at attracting and keeping good show runners because they inevitably try to fuck them over, like early on in TWD—after which began the cascade of bullshit. Fear is particularly bad. Doesn’t anyone remember the show’s pitch in both commercials and from actors and show runners on Talking Dead? Fear would chronicle the outbreak and gradual collapse of society. How did they pull it off? A couple episodes of nothing happening and then bam—massive time jump to avoid all the collapse and difficult to film stuff. And then they used that time jump gimmick multiple times in the series to get themselves out of script dead ends and impossible situations created by their perpetual show runner and writer churn. AMC is successful despite itself unfortunately. I mean, how many years have they been working on that Rick Grime movie now? It seems their shit is now written by committee to check boxes. That is basically Fear. It was World Beyond. It was Tales, and it will be the other spin offs, too.


I quit pretty much right when Glen died.


Yeah, that was a turning point. I knew it was coming because I had read the books, so it wasn't a "shock" in any way. (although it was in the comics). But after that, there felt like a huge downturn in quality. Like the show had been suffering for awhile, but things really slid off the truck at that point. I hung on for awhile, but it just wasn't enjoyable.


Sounding very miserable. Jesus Christ. I sometimes watch shows I don't enjoy and then, here's the crucial part, I just turn it off.


I think I was hanging on because I had already invested four or five seasons that I previously enjoyed to some degree. So you hope that the shows terribleness is only short lived and it will all come together and get better and the plot will move forward and characters won’t do dumb things. Then you get to a point where you realize that is never going to happen.


FtWD had some great stuff, in particular season 3 and some of season 6, but it's far outweighed by the amount of crap. The latest season has both a zombie apocalypse and a nuclear apocalypse, and they still somehow managed to make it shit. And yes, all the characters from season 1 except for one are now dead, apart from another one that they brought back after "dying" three seasons ago. I just really want it to end now. It should have ended in season 7, where they had to fight one of their own. I thought "where can they go after that?". Turns out they're going to forgive him even after so much death and row off with him into the sunset.


i stopped watching after that awful cliffhanger season then i found out that the show was finally ending, so i caught up on youtube with what happened and everything, and watched this last season. lol i'm done with it, i just wanted to see how it ended. absolutely not watching any of these other shows. it's honestly embarrassing, them doing this.


I stopped watching when >!Carl died!< That was my series finale and the best ending I could have asked for. Never felt the need to go back for anything else.


Ugh it was so shitty of them to do that right after the actor turned 18 and they bought a house near the filming location.


i half remember that whole saga, apparently his dad was hard to work with or something too? i don't remember and who knows what all was true being AMC tho i am 100% absolutely positive they killed him off so they didn't have to pay him the big bucks. and as a side note, although the character was great and central to the show, the actor that portrayed him wasn't that great. considering everything else on the show was a mess tho, it didn't really matter. it was a total shitshow by that point.


I have a feeling he’s doing fine.


Damn y'all made it way further than me. Had absolutely no hesitation to reveal the spoiler. First season was great, second was good I think, it went to shit not long after that.


I was watching it because I felt some stupid obligation to finish it, I had already invested so much time up to that point. I wasn't enjoying it, I would just watch it to watch it which was so incredibly stupid. A huge waste of time. When my spoiler happened, I decided it was a good enough stopping point. I try not to do this with other shows anymore. There is too much actual good media to consume.


The peak of the show was when Keegan lined them up or the cannibals...it was intense...downhill from there




Yeah the black brother of negan who also does comedy on the side


Meegan. it was Meegan from Key and Peele that lined them up.


season 5(?) opener is the cannibals, that was a good episode. one of the few good episodes in a sea of shit ones.


I don't know what else they could do to keep it interesting. Zombies show up, go to new area with questionable people that eventually leads to bad drama, and then our main group is forced to flee somewhere else after zombies overrun the area. Rinse and repeat for 10 seasons more.


honestly, it's because it was still a good background show


I also really liked when the show got more oriented around rebuilding society, than being an outright survival horror show. It felt earned after all the suffering everyone went through, and felt like the world and characters within were actually progressing.


yeah but imo Negan went on about a half season too long


As a big fan of the comic, I was giddy when I heard Negan was casted. I just couldn’t wait until Negan arrived… And I would’ve never guessed that’s when the show become a chore to watch. I’m still hoping for an animated series reboot that sticks to the comics.


I stopped watching a while ago for specifically the unnecessarily long drawn out dramatic scenes, a character or two characters sitting there just pouting for fucking minutes. No dialogue, no action, just several on screen minutes of silent emoting. Now don’t get me wrong, that can be used for reasonable dramatic effect occasionally, to underscore a characters underlying emotional state, to signify the importance of characters to one another. But they were using that shit like every episode as filler, and I had had enough. Honestly, another Sonequa Martin-Green show has the same problem: Star Trek: Discovery


I recently picked it back up after not watching since season 6. While I agree the earlier seasons were much better I do think the Whisperers are some damn scary villians.


And it’s gotten comfortable you’re used to the routine. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.


Leave me alone


I really love the universe/setting. I stopped watching weekly after Andrew Lincoln's departure but still binged them in blocks.


I dipped after season 2 or 3. And I realized osmething The show has GREAT season finale's/openers - so everyone shouts from the rooftops "It's good again!" But then the actual meat of the show is quite meh. which is probably why they do split seasons. Two premieres and finale's per one production budget


What if they did 4-episode seasons?!?!


Afiak these spinoffs are 6-episode seasons so that's pretty close I guess


Likely doing 6 episode first seasons so they can see which one does best and then they'll ruin it by dragging it out to 16 episodes for season 2.


You have the memory of it being so good. You were a lot younger back then, less mature, more easily led. Not only that, but you begin to wonder if it was even real, repressed memories of past disappointments flood your mind. The betrayal of the dedication and trust you put in, only to be left disappointed. You would tell yourself, "It will get better, I know it will." "This is just a rough patch" Dismissing the pleas of your friends to move on and find something better. So that you don't have to hurt any more.


Just let go and accept the first season maybe first few seasons to be the peak of it, it's the same thing with game of thrones.


I watched the whole show and pretty hyped for the Rick/Michonne show. I have a feeling this show won't be as good.


Tbh I gave up when >!Glenn died!< it just felt cruel and unnecessary. But I may watch the rick michonne show if it gets good reviews, I'm a sucker for zombie stuff. But >!I can't understand why Maggie would be in a room with neegan and not kill him!< so I won't watch this show.


>!Agreed about Negan. I love an anti-hero but early Negan was so evil that nothing he could later do would make him even have a glimmer of humanity. The deal breaker was the part where he talked about how he loves ~~fucking~~ raping the widows of the men he has killed because they're empty. He's a murderous rapist. I don't need to see that character again.!<


Agree, there’s simply no redemption for that character


yeah I always felt the same way about Jaime in ASOIAF/GOT dude crippled a child in an attempt to murder him so nobody would find out about his sister fucking ways. Like... There's no real coming back from that for me lol.


I do see your point but still I think Jaime was redeemed quite well towards the end. One of the bright spots of season 8 was Jaime’s face upon meeting Bran again all those years later. Props to the actor!! Then they had to destroy it to “subvert expectations” so I guess you’re kinda right, but in my head things went differently lol.


Think Jaime had a very good redemption arc though up until they threw it all away. He tried to kill Bran because his life and the life of his one love would basically be over if he didn't. It doesn't justify it of course but I won't compare it to the cold bloodedness of Negan.


How long before they fall in love with each other?






You say you stopped watching due to the incident described in your first spoiler tag and then you say you don't understand what you put in the second spoiler tag. If you continued to watch the show, you would understand that better. They didn't just ignore what happened or gloss over it. What happened with Glenn is pretty much at the forefront anytime those characters are on screen together. It's honestly a bit annoying how often the show wrote them together not because the writers were making it not a big deal, but because it was like "how can these two work together without one killing the other?" I understand that it can make for an interesting dynamic between the two, but the writers constantly wanted to pair the two in some way and it felt very drawn out, which isn't uncommon with TWD. They even sort of "resolve" this on the final episode with basically "I acknowledge that you may be around but I will never forgive you". Also, there are two significant time jumps after what happened in your first spoiler tag. Negan was jailed for many years and broken down. He's still treated as an outcast by members of that group and they only accept him as being free since he literally saved them all. Negan is still treated as an outcast and in the final season he's with a new group(where he's not a leader) that just so happens to run into his old group. Having said all this, I can't say I have any interest in seeing these characters paired up once again for this new show. The final episode tied things up nicely and I have no reason to see the same dynamic between these two that they've already explored for too long over multiple seasons in TWD.


It happened in the comics. There's a much much much stupider death that happens in the show that never happens in the comics. The guy who made it happen should have been fired


can you tell me?


Probably talking about Carl


No offense, but that seems kind of dumb. Cruel and unnecessary is very much what this show is about, but you pull a 180 when it's someone you actually care about 😅 That being said, it was a horribly done scene (with a bait and switch and then reversing it) and the cliff hanger just pissed people off, and rightfully so.


Cruel & unnecessary? Dude it's a horror-drama lmao..


One of the most iconic and definitely necessary death scenes from the source material as well


the way they bungled the entrance of negan and that whole thing was like a masterpiece of what not to do in storytelling


I walked away after Rick’s character left. No regrets and never really looked back.


I just think it's neat. It's cool to see a universe last this long, and it's obviously not completely all horrible, or I think it would have been cancelled by now. Also the literal decades of people bitching about it with comments like yours is fascinating to see from a people -watchijg standpoint


They bitch but don’t realize most every other scripted TV show is doing the same thing. Of course the walking dead characters are never going to find peace and settle down, that would make a really boring tv show.


I feel like everyone has a long standing piece of entertainment to see through for better or for worse and I guess this is mine.


I believe that is series is only 6 episodes. That goes a long way of making it a short and consistent show.


I tore the bandaid off after season two and regret getting sucked back in years later. I bailed again later after some of the Glen nonsense and never looked back. I don't understand how people can tolerate that shit from AMC. There's no end game for the story either, it's just perpetually lingering between conflicts. I fucking hate it lol.


I forced myself to watch it all, even if I liked it only half of the time. I was kinda happy to see this was the end. And now I see it didn't really have a conclusion and this new series is just a continuation as if the name didn't even change..


A show centred around Maggie and Negan? He beat her husband to death with a baseball bat right in front of her.


big “rape victim does ted talks with her rapist” vibes


Wait.. did that happen?




I don't think I even want to click that.


>was expecting a denial from Tom or no response at all but instead, to my amazement, I received a typed confession, full of disarming regret. **It turned out that he too had been imprisoned by silence.** Poor lad /s


This comment reminded me of the Beecher and Schillinger counselling sessions on OZ.


This is my question exactly. I stopped watching when it was just kill Neagan and no they didn’t get him over and over. How is this a storyline? Wouldn’t she want to kill him?


She does but he save her kid and friends more that a couple times and now with some plot armor and some magic they are kinda fine.


The real reason is they want to milk the actor as he's a well known name, logic be damned.


She wants to kill him, but he saved her kid multiple times. She does not want to and cannot forgive him, but she sees he is worth keeping around


.... and just maybe, she can change him. /s


Walking Dead but as a Hallmark movie? i'd watch it I mean they did just have a Hallmark Movie where a woman was a MI5 spy and MI5 literally raided a terrorist's apartment and another where a ghost fell in love with a normal guy (and he fell in love with her) so honestly a zombie christmas love story wouldn't be *that* far off


She has wanted to kill him. She went to do it once while he was in his cell and only didn't do it because of how pathetic and broken he seemed and she decided it was a worse fate for him keeping him alive in that state. Negan is jailed for about 8 years. Maggie didn't agree with him being freed later but she eventually accepts him being free since he saved her son, other members of the group on different occasions and defeated a major enemy that threatened them all. In the final episode she states she will never forgive him. Can't say I'm looking forward to the two having their own show though.


That’s exactly the point. They have a very complicated relationship, but it can’t be understated that she has children to protect and it’s a very dangerous world. That’s the dilemma of their dynamic, and it’s very interesting compared to two best friends who have no complications for example.


Well, you stopped watching. That's your answer lol


That’s why I asked


It is a storyline because their arc is probably the only good written thing out of the seasons that you didn't watch.


Negan redeemed himself in several opportunities. His tactics might still be kinda gruesome, but he's fighting the good fight now.


I dont think there is redemption for someone who takes pleasure in bashing living peoples heads in for fun.


For fun? Even if it was extremely gruesome, he had his reasoning. He didn’t just do it cause he felt like it. Rick slaughtered his people while they were asleep. Do you think there is redemption for Rick and his people?


Let’s be honest, Rick and co were hardly saints at times either. Negan even points that out in one of his and Maggie’s conversations later on. Rick had a bunch of Negan’s people killed violently after all.


The show has not been good for a long time, but the worst part is that the main character still think themselves good people. They have all been fucking shit up for so many people for 11 seasons and they still think they have moral high ground. Negan is a great example. Everybody tells him how his action affected them. How he killed one of their friends. Hell, even Negan himself said he was worse than the rest of them. Yet nobody ever mentions that every single person who was at Sanctuary is now dead. Not just the brutal Saviors, but the innocent workers. All dead. I dont think there is a single survivor left except Negan. So yes, Negan killed 2 main characters and few minor ones. But they killed literally everyone of his people. Yet the show still makes it seem like Negan was the "evil" one.


The show did a great job of empathizing with its protagonists - you're kinda off base with that one. Negan and crew were initially threatening Rick and/or demanding tribute or some shit early on. It's not like Rick decided to just murder them for no reason. It wasn't exactly a "good thing", but it was more in the vein of self defense than outright murder. The show doesn't glorify what they did, and immediately they feel the consequences of their actions from Negan. And again, they did it because they felt they had to - even some characters were conflicted. Negan retaliated brutally and took enjoyment in the brutality - that's the part that made him sick.


I think The World Beyond is a great example of characters thinking they have the moral high ground. Oh, cool, a functioning society with probably the largest population left on earth, better take it down because we're rebellious teenagers, and they wouldn't let me talk to my family, nobody cares there's 500,000 people living here, my feelings got hurt.


>Yet nobody ever mentions that every single person who was at Sanctuary is now dead. Not just the brutal Saviors, but the innocent workers. All dead. That's not true. The former saviors were even working with Rick's group for a bit but there was conflict. Later on they just disbanded with members joining already formed communities or forming their own groups. The Sanctuary was abandoned.


Yeah this was what annoyed me about the show too. Never found the main characters likable, especially Rick and Carl and how they constantly assumed the moral high ground and got worshipped by everyone around them for it while doing merciless shit. Yet no other leader in the show is allowed to do the same thing without being branded a villain. The few characters I liked were ones like Daryl that were clear about their motives and didn't try to pretend to be good people.


It was in part, for his entertainment. Negan laughs and makes jokes throughout the entirety of Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, and yes, slowly dragging out the bashing of two peoples heads with a baseball bat is far, far worse than anything Rick has ever done. Rick and Negan’s actions are in no way comparable. Let’s also not forget that the saviours were effectively a dictatorship full of psychos who were already terrorizing nearby groups and stealing most of their supplies, while also killing people if they didn’t comply (Negan murdered a literal teenager In the hilltop…) Also, Rick’s group didn’t even make first contact. A group of saviours nearly killed Daryl and some others on the road for literally no reason. They had already shown themselves to be a threat.


It wasn't for fun, it was a retaliation and a warning. Rick's group just slaughtered many Saviors in their sleep. Is there redemption for Rick Grimes for all the violent things he did, starting with cold blooded killings of Season 2 "Nebraska" episode? Negan and Rick were protecting their groups.


It’s interesting that the show spent so long showing how Rick’s gang slaughtered a whole bunch of Negan’s men before Negan kills Glenn. In the comics, it feels like Negan shows up out of nowhere and kills Glenn.


Hell, the show killed Abraham first and, when Daryl retaliated, Glenn then got killed.


Seriously. There's a lot of comments acting like there was a long term narrative arc where Negan was supposed to be redeemed (and justified the whole time) versus the producers realizing that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was popular as the character, so reworking it so he's justifiable to have his own spinoff. Hell, most forget when he was introduced you got to meet his "concubines" who were the wives of men he murdered.


>There's a lot of comments acting like there was a long term narrative arc where Negan was supposed to be redeemed Because there was... Negan has generally the same arc in the source material


In the comics he's not really redeemed or justified (despite admitting he was wrong). Maggie allows him to leave alive at the end and he goes off on his own, never to appear again except for a brief epilogue. A *tad* bit different than a whole show about him and Maggie teaming up.


It's not evil if they're hot. It's "morally grey."


I also stopped there but recently watched some youtubes recapping the series (ManOfRecaps great channel) and they did the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeee redemption arc


That storyline is actually incredibly well done


That’s about when I stopped watching too. Too many eye rolls and just frustrating storylines. Didn’t seem worth it anymore.


Yeah, this makes no sense. Would’ve been a lot cooler if they’d kept Carl alive and made a Carl/Negan spinoff. Their relationship in the comics was really interesting and I was so pissed that we were robbed of that in the show.


While I definitively wanted more of Carl/Negan, I think the Negan/Maggies is more interesting.


Negan/Judith was actually a surprisingly sweet dynamic on the show.


Going to take a wild guess that the actor is turning 18 soon and a Negan Judith show wasn’t even in the cards because of that.


This made me stop watching it. As a big fan of the comics, as soon as Carl died. I jumped ship


She should have killed Negan a long time ago, and he had no reason to remain alive after Alpha's death. Glenn's murder was too horrible for these two to ever breath the same air, let alone work together. It's not like he killed Glenn in a fair fight, he captured him, put him on his knees and bashed his head in while laughing like a psycho. He forced women to sleep with him in exchange for food and other favors. He got off terrorizing the people of Alexandria. Someone this evil can't have a redemption arc using the excuse that the walker apocalypse and the loss of his wife changed him and made him a monster. Funny thing is, he's one of my favorite characters and I still hope Maggie kills him. His death would not be as satisfying now but still, he deserves it.


Yeah their relationship was worked out in the last season. Maggie can’t ever forgive Negan, but Negan is okay in her book.


In the last season of TWD Negan was in the position to finally understand how Maggie felt at the time. he was about to lose his pregnant wife in a similar situation he put Maggie and her group in. Before that he was sort of sorry but not fully. He realized what he did was bad but he said at one point that if he had to do it all over again he would have killed everyone in the group instead of just the two he did. after what happened with his wife he realized what he put Maggie through and was willing to sacrifice himself to save her and because of that, they came to an understanding. Negan also saved her son a couple of times in the last couple of seasons which earned him a lot. She can't forgive him but she also no longer wants to kill him. I'm guessing this new series is going to be Negan doing everything possible to get her forgiveness and he will likely do anything to protect her. It would be kind of cool to see the ruthless Negan from when he was introduced but on Maggie's side


I keep waiting for him to do a little Negan lean, flash his evil grin, and announce "I'm back!!!!"


It’s the prequel to Batman v. Superman


So they have issues you say?


I watched every season over the last year or so and am on the last half of the final season and the fact that they’ve announced a negan & Maggie show, a Daryl show AND a rick & michonne show it makes me feel like what’s the point in finishing it because it just never ends and I’ll now have to watch three more shows. A spin off is one thing but the main character’s continuing in a new show is just the same show!


If you want an actual ending grab the comics. You can get the compendiums of all 193 issues for about $100, or find them digitally online for "less". I can say with absolute certainty that they have exhausted all possible links to the original story so these shows will 100% be at the mercy of whatever AMC feels like doing season to season.


Don’t worry, you can stop watching whenever you want! It’s a beautiful system.


That’s true and I would but I had hoped that I would get a level of closure on these characters after 11 seasons came to an end.


From what I understand they are just mini-series so hopefully it'll all just be closer arcs


I hate to break it to y'all but there's very limited closure in the main series so the spinoffs are a little disrespectful


Walking Dead: The Dead Walk


“The Dead Walk” by itself would actually be a good name.


The dead speak!


Wonder how many people in this thread will tell us when they stopped watching as per every TWD thread.


I stopped after season 11. It's completely unwatchable after 11.


Season 12 is when it gets good again though.


Pfft, it’s trash till season 22.


People are very excited to share their disappointment in this show, but even some of the later seasons were highly rated.


Season 9 was great after they got rid of Scott Gimple


I enjoy people confidently exclaiming that certain storylines don't make sense or aren't good while also not having actually seen any of said storyline. "I stopped watching the episode Negan appeared but also here's why this show could never happen!"


There was a thread on the entertainment sub yesterday that was just hundreds of comments going "Maggie would never forgive Negan. Such trash writing! 😡😡" (Maggie does not forgive Negan in the actual show)


>Wonder how many people in this thread will tell us when they stopped watching as per every TWD thread. You make it sound like The Walking Dead was an awful show.


It was far from awful, I enjoyed it all the way through. This sub unfortunately is one big circle jerk and it became trendy to hate on it, same deal with rings of power.


Bring up Supernatural. Literally every person will be like, hur dee dur, **I** stopped watching when Season 5 ended. That’s when the show was supposed to end anyway. That was the ending for me. Guys? Guys, aren’t I so quirky?? And any show that has more than like seven seasons and is mentioned, you get that stupid faux shocked “That show is still on?” Bitch, you know it is. You’re just an attention seeker.


After season 2


From what I’ve heard through cultural osmosis about this show, the dynamic between these two characters seems pretty interesting tbh


It really is. It mega frustrates me every time this is brought up 50 people comment “B-b-but! Didn’t he kill her husband?? Why would she ever be around him?” … That’s the point? They’re not best friends. Their dynamic is super interesting and really deep. Don’t forget that this is an apocalyptic world AND she has children. It’s not as simple as “Durr just kill him!” when he can help guarantee the safety of your children.


Does he ever ask for forgiveness or show absolute regret in killing Glenn? I'm never going to watch this show, just curious.


Absolutely. He keeps on trying to redeem himself in her eyes.


In 11x24 (the series finale), he tells Maggie he’s sorry, and that he finally felt what she had felt the night Glenn was killed (prior episode had a “execution” scene where his pregnant wife was almost murdered in front of him). He says he owes her more than just a sorry. One of their final scenes shows Maggie saying “I can’t forgive you for what you did, but I can learn and try to NOT hate you because I don’t want my child seeing someone with a hold over me like that. So on some days, when I can’t work with you, or look at you, just know I’m trying”. Their dynamic is super interesting and one of the best things about S11. I can’t wait to see more.


Don’t remember 100% but I would say 1. He doesn’t ask for forgiveness. It’s one of those things you could never have forgiven, and they both know it. He does try to prove that he is a different person now though by constantly making decisions that put himself in grave danger to save others. 2. I don’t remember if he shows regret for killing Glenn in particular, but he does show regret for doing the things he did. By and large after he loses, he is a mega good character. He pretty much does nothing “bad” and throws his life to the wind to try and help or save others, especially the children/teens in the group. He actually IS a good person now, but obviously a lot of the characters in the show are very sus about it even after years and years. Edit: I should say that it is handled very well. Even as the audience you always have a 1% feeling that given the opportunity he could turn evil again and ruin everything. It’s pretty suspenseful when he’s in tense situations.


Very. People think she let it slide, but she didn't. The situations were just so extreme, she didn't really have the focus to off him and she tried to keep the peace though Negan never knew if she would strike. It's going to be extremely interesting to see how they got together without the rest of the group being involved. I imagine it's about their kids.


It's probably the only thing worth the last seasons.


Wish this shit were on HBO


Definitely. They would have just followed the comic like they're about to do with the Last of Us and I think it would have maintained it's popularity from 10 years ago until now. I think most diehards stopped after the total butchering of issue 100. It also sounded like All Out War went on for war too long from what I've read


Are you referring to the show version of All Out War or comics? Cause comics one was too short, show one was definitely too long. They spent a whole 2 seasons and a half seasons on the Saviors.


I was referring to the show. I've read the whole comic a few times. Right that's what I had heard is they spent way too much time on the saviors. It was still a pretty major arc in the book though right? I think it lasts roughly 30 issues. And then of course there's the drama of having Negan captured for all of that time afterwards. Which sounds like they're gonna be doing in the Maggie and Negan show. Maggie's reluctance to accept him as one of their own was one of the most interesting stories in the book honestly so hopefully they run with that in the show




I haven’t watched the show In probably 4- 5 years and was wondering why the heck they would make a show about those two


It’s like After MASH, you don’t create it with the cast you want, you create it with the cast who don’t have anything else going on.


In the middle of my first ever watch of MASH! It’s so damn good.


Amazing show still rewatch it every couple years!


You'll fall in love with Colonel Potter's Potterisms. I say horse hockey all the time lol.


Those two actually have a pretty interesting dynamic, unlike almost everybody else on the show.


The last episode I watched was when Negan killed Glen. How did Negan become one of the “good guys?” And why would Maggie want to work with him after he brutally murdered Glen?


They kept Negan locked up for years, but then Carol let him out to infiltrate a group that was attacking them and he killed their leader. Also, Negan saved the life of Maggie’s son, so she began to tolerate him being around, but in the final episode of TWD, Maggie told Negan she couldn’t look at him without picturing what he did to Glenn and didn’t want to keep remembering Glenn that way. So, Negan left to live somewhere else with his new wife and baby. How the new show negates this remains to be seen.


Time jumps, redemption arcs, Maggie still hates him so that’s why people are interested by the pairing I guess




The first part of the final season deals with just that as shortly after Maggie returns she drags Negan along as a "navigator" for a mission against a group of raiders and he's like "Really? None of you know how to read a goddamn map?" and points out that she's planning on killing him "away from the prying eyes" of the people back home who have slightly warmed up to him. Quickly enough though a big chunk of their group gets killed and Negan starts bargaining as he realize that he's a soldier she desperately needs rn.


Rick did that…then kept him alive and imprisoned for years 😂


Jefferey was in Greys Anatomy?? Didn’t know. lol


he plays a pivotal character in the show


They will kill his wife and new kid off scree won't they? Lmao


I almost guarantee Negan and Maggie are going to have sex.


I could see Negan falling in love with Maggie because he admires her and he always had a thing for strong women, but I hope the story never goes there. He could spend all his life being a good guy, save all the children he wants, it will never be enough to make up for what he did. Maggie could never have sex with him. Impossible.


I don't think it will go there lmao. Negan currently has a wife and a while ago people were convinced that Negan and Maggie were gonna get together for some reason, and the showrunner came out and basically said "gross. No we're not doing that"


How much further into the dumpster can AMC fall? They were once the home of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and (early) The Walking Dead. Whomever is in charge now needs to be launched into the sun because how do you possibly keep falling farther and farther in quality? 🙄


You say that as if Better Call Saul didn't just end this year?


Ehhh… So why even bother having a “series finale” if you’re just going to continue the same exact story with the same characters under a SLIGHTLY different name?


I'm personally all zombied out at this point. Good for the fans of the show though I guess.


Damn they should do a crossover with all these spin-offs and call it “The Walking Dead” or something


Superheroes, jedi/sith and zombies can all fuck off at this point. Something new please?


Can't believe some of these characters are still alive. EDIT** cant believe the show is still alive lol


Do people actually still watch this?


I watched all of TWD with my brother and not stopping anytime soon. These new spin off shows actually center around the few characters we are interested in. I thought the last season was bad, but season 9-10 were a lot better than the point where people stopped watching.


What season did Carl die in. I stopped after that episode but am kind of interested in catching up. Because as you said I actually am interested in all the spin off chars.


Season 8


The franchise still has much better numbers than most of the cable shows that reddit loves. They are still very well sold internationally. So yes. They're going to keep doing it because it pays the bills and that's what a company wants.


Yes. Imagine that, people like stuff that you don't. Wild, I know.


No dude it’s not out yet, it’s a spinoff series. Or are you going for Walking Dead hate in general? In which case, yes, many people watched the series finale. Personally, I’m good with all the spinoff series. The universe is super rich and it would be a shame to abandon some of the cool storylines that were developed.


"the universe is super rich" No it isn't.




Just because it's based on a comic doesn't mean the universe of the show is rich. It's the same old thing season after season. Group moves to a location, finds another group, endlessly "fights" them for too long, zombies come in at the end to force them to move. They go to new location, wash rinse repeat. And due to how cheaply they make the show, there a long periods where you dont even see any zombies.


I meant the WD as a whole...


I know, i was making fun of you. But what a silly comment. Of course they still watch it, why else would they make a spinoff bro? You think they pump millions into projects that have 0 market research?


Just let it die already. It could have been remembered as something great, now it’s trash.


You’re my Dead City… I mean density… I mean destiny.


And then they gave birth to Batman


How is this show still on? It was sucking years ago. I can’t imagine how bad it is now.


Stop just stop.


Nope. I managed to watch every boring Walking Dead episode, I'm not starting another show. I'd rather watch any zombie show not made by AMC.


Yikes... just let this show die... ..oooh I get it now... gotta shoot the show in the head to stop it.


Omg who asked for more of this nonsense?


No more zombies for the love of God kill this series already


is it a joke?


"Hey, have you seen my pregnant wife? She was oddly not in the finale as you were talking to me about how you couldn't forgive me for killing your husband...." \*Maniacal laugh\* \*Looks into camera\* "Oh, Maggie!" \*Laugh track\*


The Walking Dead: Dead Franchise


Downvoting because I genuinely think entertainment like this makes society stupider.


Can’t wait until they drop the whole “dead city” and just call it the walking dead


Now that’s a shit title.