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Oh amazing, you aren’t kidding. Its like pure corporate shill. I wonder how many of these work in conjunction to pump threads into view.


Its an entire machine.


Yeah wow. Report and block. Its spam pretty much.


For real this account is responsible for like 90% of last weeks trash


Not just the posts either. The comments are almost entirely pushing video game purchases. Blatant AF.


? I only see about 4 r/television submissions in their history in the last 3 weeks.


It’s not just television it’s also horror, entertainment, and movies. This poster has top posts in all those subs making it to the top pages, and they’re all garbage


Most popular articles here and on movies subreddit are posted by same handful of users.


😂😂 they probably work with Reddit to promote these posts. No one is banning them.


They’re all from PMC owned publications too


I checked out the trailer on YouTube and all the comments sound like ad copy. Currently the top two comments both use the word "heartwarming."


Kids are watching it rn. Prob half way through. Seems legit so far. Plenty of laughs.


*heartwarming* laughs?


Its over. Yeah i'd say it was heartwarming. That would be an accurate description. It has my recommendation. And i have been a big hater on most of the newer starwars/marvel, and a miserable cunt that hates most everything on a screen.


I can see the review now on a poster for it: “Yeah i’d say it was heartwarming.” - A Miserable Cunt


I'd watch it based on that recommendation - another miserable cunt.




it only warms the cockles.


Honestly surprised how much both my kid and myself enjoyed it. Song opening was fun.


"Soon the elves will all rise up and stab out Santa's eyes"


It's a damn Christmas special, how else would you describe something that embraces the Christmas specials spirit?


It was! I just watched it. It's fun, and funny, and a little heartwarming.


I watched it too. While it wasn't emotionally heartwarming, my heart definitely felt like it was giving off more heat than before. I think I need to see a doctor


Cardiac heating?


And Gunn who did it is done with Marvel after Got 3 releases.


Did you know Andor is such a fantastic show that isn’t being watched?


More content that can be ignored without it impacting your understanding to the universe does not mean it is an answer to the fatigue. That would require fewer shows.


Fewer shows, more quality shows


Yes! Quality things that are worth watching by themselves. It might just be the fatigue but earlier movies each had something to keep me coming back: real emotions, just being dumb fun, even saying something about the world if they were feeling crazy. It felt like they wanted to take more risks on this phase but backtracked and now everything avoids being more than a serial drama.


I even liked a lot of the shows and it’s just too much. You could have the best meal of your life but if you have it every meal there’s gonna be fatigue. Throw in obvious quality drops and it’s gonna be even worse. The easiest and most obvious answer for them is to just chill for like a second


That's a perfect way of explaining it. I really liked some of the Marvel shows when they first came to Disney+ I thought WandaVision was great and Falcon and Winter Soldier was pretty solid, but I haven't watched a minute of She Hulk, I'm just burned out with keeping up. They've done the same with Star Wars, everyone says Andor is great and I'll probably start it soon, but I haven't watched and of it yet, just too much to keep up with.


Honestly to me Andor was good enough to reduce the SW fatigue by a lot. I hope they can uphold the quality for other shows, but I doubt they will. It’s just nice to know that they have the ability to still make good decisions.


It had almost the opposite effect for me. It was so good across the board that I felt it left all of the previous shows starkly diminished, with the best of them now just seeming sort of okay and the worst borderline inexplicable. They've been able to make something as good as *Andor* this whole time and yet they just kept making (and will probably just continue to make) stuff that veers between a B- and a low D instead. If anything this leaves me even more "fatigued" by the whole experience.


It's honestly at the top of my list, and now that season one is over I'll probably just sit down this weekend or next and watch it all


Andor is one of the best series I've seen in a long time. Very little flash, just a carefully crafted slow burn. Fully lived-in fleshed-out world and characters, with coherent motivations and rich dialogue. Set-up and payoff, tension and release, just excellent storytelling all round.


Honestly, SheHulk was refreshing.


I totally understand the SW fatigue but echo the calls for you to give Andor a shot. IMO the best post-OG trilogy live action SW (by a good margin as well) and the only thing besides the first season of the Mandalorian that I unequivocally loved.


> chill for like a second There was a 2-year and 1-week gap between Far From Home and Black Widow, but that time period was pretty wibbly-wobbly.


They don't trust us to not-forget about Marvel and/or Star Wars if they don't beat it into our brains with a new show every two weeks, though... it's almost like the psychology behind selling us streaming platforms is to create a captive audience of hate-watchers. I enjoy a lot of the content on the platforms I subscribe to, but I hate basically every platform I subscribe to.


>The easiest and most obvious answer for them is to just chill for like a second The answer for "how to make mcu the best it can be" question, not "how to make mcu the most profitable it can be"


One of the big problems is that they need to connect everything into the universe. So there’s too many shows and movies that need context provided by older movies and shows that then become context needed for other movies and shows. Not everything needs to be part of the web I’m ok with things being separate. They almost pulled that off with eternals. There wasn’t any previous context needed and it seemed like it was going to lead into its own thing, but then they made the movie garbage so nobody cared about it.


It’s part of the reason I love Daredevil (and the other Netflix marvel shows to varying extents) - it’s a great tv show, not just great for a Marvel show. You don’t need to know shit about the MCU to get into the Netflix Marvel shows - you can go into them without getting caught up on Glup Shitto season 4 and Piss Man: Origins.


> but backtracked and now everything avoids being more than a serial drama. I mean, isn’t that what Marvel is lacking? Drama? Everything is just so cheesy now. There’s nothing serious or real anymore in their movies and shows.


I'm not excited about anything because I know there will just be something else next month.


While I’m behind (haven’t seen Ms Marvel or She Hulk) I’ve been pretty happy with the quality. Not every show is an absolute home run, but they’ve been enjoyable. Personally, and I say this with all the love a 30 year long marvel fan can muster - it’s too much content too fast. You gotta leave me wanting


But then why would I continue me Disney plus substitution year round?


See: Andor.


And let some of these dudes get some booty. Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Groot constantly save the universe, but they don't even get to spend some quality time with another member of their species? It's a gosh danged crime against nature.


Well Rocket is an actual Earth raccoon, just surgically and genetically manipulated.


WandaVision, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk and What If? were all enjoyable and unique experiences. Falcon and Winter Soldier had some issues, and Hawkeye was a mix of fun slice of life moments with some lazy writing. But that's still 6/8 in the win column. If anything, it's the movies that have suffered from saturation and redundancy.


I think every show suffered in one way or another from the current pacing strategy tbh, and I say that as someone who really likes all of them (besides Hawkeye). You can also definitely see a decline in quality from the movies too, Black Widow and Eternals were both just horrible and nigh irredeemable. Shang Chi, Dr Strange MoM, and Thor 4 all teetered on the edge of being the same way, some being worse than others tho. Phase 4 has been one of the most bland things ever, despite being the Phase that has the most changes in terms of content delivery, and I think it comes down to the content scheduling first and foremost.


I really think the whole thing lacks what the first three phases had, context. All of the movies in the first three phases featured infinity stones or at least referenced them. Dr. Strange learning magic was relevant to a talking racoon stealing a prosthetic leg in an alien prison, which was related to Captain America punching Nazis in a blue leotard. I'm sure Shang Chi and the Eternals and fat Zeus will all somehow tie together, but I don't see it. I know it will involve Kang and the Young Avengers, but it's too disjointed to care about each storyline. I think that's why the tv shows are successful, because they are given room to breathe. Loki could have been a 2 hour movie, but it would have suuuucked. Conversely, Eternals could have been a TV show, and explored the lives and tribulations of each character, instead of leaping from one vignette/action sequence to the next. Eternals could have been what Inhumans should have been, but I can only imagine that the comparison was one of the reasons it wasn't considered.


*Shang-Chi* and *Thor 4* being in the same category is nuts to me. *Thor* definitely belongs on whatever tier *Black Widow* is on, if not lower.


Getting tired of marvel? We have an answer: more marvel!


Not just more marvel, *a hokey Christmas special* lmaoooo


IMO that actually made the fatigue even worse, that's what I don't like about the shows and even kind of the movies of Phase 4, they are inconsequential and disconnected from each other. The MCU is about a connected story and now it isn't really, it just seems to be connected to make cameos but doesn't have an actual story


Having to keep everything connected is what makes so much Marvel shit such a chore lately. Worse part of the new black panther was the Ironheart stuff which was mandated to be there as a backdoor pilot for the upcoming series. Clunky storytelling when you can see all the scaffolding holding everything up


>The MCU is about a connected story and now it isn't really, it just seems to be connected to make cameos but doesn't have an actual story I mean, I’m definitely having fatigue and have been having trouble staying interested, but just to play devil’s advocate, that’s basically what Phase 1 was like and a decent amount of Phase 2. Now we’re in the first phase of a new saga and it’s feeling very similar to how it did in the beginning. Things are less connected at the moment as they establish what this new saga is about and in the meantime they’re experimenting a bit more (as much as Marvel is willing to experiment which isn’t a whole lot of course).


I don’t think all of the multiverse stuff would have happened if the sacred timeline hadn’t freed a gazillion Kangs. They’re building up to a payoff, it’s just not clear where they’re heading yet. I mean, they were told they would cause a multiversal war and now we’re starting to see the multiverse trickle into the MCU in the shape of escalating battles. But that’s part of the issue right now. The stories are serving a larger narrative purpose that doesn’t pay off right now and as a result some of the stories aren’t as great in a self-contained way. I think Marvel was stronger building off of their successes rather than building towards a success.


It’s a big catch 22 for Marvel. Make all these shows to expand the universe and bring more people in and bring in more revenue. Bring in bigger and varied audiences with shows like Ms Marvel and She Hulk so the big movies have larger viewership. But like with the comics, not everything will have an overarching impact like the movies in phase 1-3 did. But unlike with the comics, Marvel is restrained from saying “you don’t have to watch this” because executives are more involved that are in it for the profit than the creative opportunity. My hope is that they can pare back the amount of content after they complete what they’ve announced, and head back to the first couple of phases where there’s maybe 3 movies in a year, and one TV show. There’s enough opportunities for crossover for characters where we can see team up movies and shows, or whole teams (ie X-Men or Midnight Suns). It would be the best way to deal with the saturation.


To me, it’s more like Disney went: we have this good thing going with the connected cinematic universe, but the stock market is rewarding Netflix for losing money as a streaming platform. Let’s prove that we can do that too, and so they transitioned marvel content to Disney plus, and gave it away at a loss. Now, the universe(tv+movies) is no longer connected because they don’t want to alienate movie fans, movie fans don’t see marvel as a premium property because they already get it for a low monthly price, and quality has gone down because budgets are lower on TV than in movies. Disney literally throttled the golden goose, and brought back Iger who had this idea to follow the streaming model. It’s a giant fucking joke of a company.


I don't think the universe is any less connected. It's just an illusion because things aren't connecting immediately. Marvel Content has always taken a year or two to get follow-ups and this is no different. Wandavision got its follow-up with Multiverse of Madness. Both seasons of Loki are leaning heavily into the overarching Kang plot. Hawkeye setup an arc with Kingpin that will probably follow into Echo which in turn will follow into Daredevil: Born Again. Ms. Marvel and Wandavision are both helping setup The Marvels. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a prequel to Captain America 4. Rumor has it Moon Knight may appear there too. A lot of different series are setting up The Thunderbolts. It FEELS like things aren't as connected because you're judging the timetable these connections should happen on in terms of "number of Marvel projects released" rather than "amount of time between releases."


Isn’t it? If anything, I feel like we’ve yet to see any of the shows have a meaningful impact at all, and I suspect Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts will validate that even more. Even MoM was perfectly understandable without having seen WandaVision (I actually feel like I would have liked it more if I HADN’T seen it) and Quantumania seems to be reintroducing the guy who we were more or less already introduced to in Loki, and the guy who was apparently responsible for allowing NWH to happen in spite of no mention or even hint.


How about Marvels where 2/3 of the cast originated on Disney+? I personally am out on most of the MCU at this point, because it became too much to follow with characters I don’t care about. Not saying anyone else should feel that way, but the fatigue is real for some.


Most comic book fans didn't read all the comic books a company put out. they kept up on just a few books that were targeted to their specific demographic, and maybe read some crossovers. Sorta like music fans listening to every band on a music label. That is fine for small labels but once a label gets big it is just a random collection of music and it is not all going to be made for you.


A book or comic can add in exposition about x events impacting the character if you didnt read said books/comics, this can be pretty easily glossed over if your already familiar with what happens. A movie injecting exposition is cutting into it's runtime just to get everyone back on the same page, and that can negatively affect the entire pacing of the film.


Redditors don’t understand that not everyone needs to know the backstory and origins of characters. My parents only watch the Avengers movies and understand things well enough


How was MoM understandable for people who didn’t watch Wanda vision? You wouldn’t have understood any of Wanda’s motivations because you would just be like who the fuck are these kids you’re sad about?


Wanda's heel turn happened off screen due to an evil book. Her character development in WandaVision is just lost, and her motivation about her kids is explained in the movie.


What's not explained is how the fuck Wanda ever had kids and lost them.


yeah. I was about to say. MoM probably makes more sense if you *didn't* watch WandaVision.


I get that, but that’s sort of exactly what the movie wants you to feel, which is partly why that aspect of the movie sucks. They introduce Wanda in the film having “fake, dream” kids and obsessing over them despite them not being “real” or “hers”, and then her motivation is to just…kill a different kid so that she can abduct those children and get them medicine. It’s not only nonsensical, it’s also such a 180 from Wanda in her show, who was a much different kind of antagonistic character. If we watch the show we also know that her kids weren’t fake, they were hers, and she has the power to warp reality and doesn’t even really need to get involved with Chavez at all, darkhold be damned.


Also, no mention of Vision at all. How come her idea of a perfect world doesn't include the love of her life and (apprently) father of her children?


Because Marvel writing very rarely involves things that happen for a reason. Things just kind of randomly happen in Marvel shows and, on the surface, it looks like plot progression but if you think about it, nothing really makes sense.


Multiverse of Madness was so unbelievably stupid. It ruined Wanda’s character development, wasted the premise of a multiverse and had a cliche final boss fight. blegh!


The bit where they walk down the street and their worst memory is played in public..


I watched MoM and didn't watch Wandavision. I understood the premise of Wandavision and that was more than enough to understand the motivations of the character.


>I actually feel like I would have liked it more if I HADN’T seen it As someone who didn't watch it, you are quite wrong. I had no idea what the fuck was happening with Wanda, the last I saw her in endgame she was an Avenger and then I watch MoM and she's big bad and they are saying something insane about children. Maybe there is something else after Endgame that I also didn't know about, but holy shit the transition from endgame to MoM was jarring.


Having her be the big bad was jarring even as someone that saw WandaVision. Maybe if she hadn't shown so much remorse for killing people in Civil War and been a bit more of an anti-hero through out her appearances with her attitude getting darker with time it would have made more sense imo but WandaVision felt like her villain arc with it being resolved and her showing remorse at the end, fuck the explanation MoM gives that the Darkhold corrupts.


The characterization in these movies resets or reverts according to the needs of the plot, there's really no "there" there. I started watching classic movies from the past few decades and God it's so refreshing to watch something whose main purpose isn't to babysit you for two hours and do absolutely nothing that might stop anybody at all in the audience from wanting to see the next one in six months.


Lol. But this is exactly my issue. You assume that because you didn’t understand it, it MUST have been because you missed something. When in fact, it just didn’t make sense whether you’ve seen it or not. Like I said, WandaVision complicates the arc rather than complimenting it.


But they did miss something. The fracturing of Wanda’s psyche after Vision, learning about and getting attached to her kids, then seeing her go off to become super powerful and dark, are all huge things to understand about the character to get the heel turn. Otherwise she’s just crazy now and wanting kids.


But most of Marvels first phases were standalone movies and some with small plot points that tied them to build up for Thanos. I’m sure we’ll look back and be able to do the same with phase 4 movies onwards. The issue isn’t that they don’t impact the universe. The issue is that there’s an over saturation of mediocre content. The shows are killing the universe, and Marvel never did that well, so I don’t know why they want the heavy reliance on them. None of the movies in phase 4 have been horrible (except maybe Eternals). The shows have almost all been meh to bad, save Loki, and we’re getting so many of them to bring down the average. Also, I think it’ll be interesting to see Kang variants in different movies!


This is my impression. We're comaring the start of this new generation to the end of the old one. It's apples and oranges. The issue is quality, only content I've been particularly happy with: - No way home - Multiverse - Loki - Wanda So really just the multiverse stuff, which is cool.


Who the hell is MoM


Go ask your father.


Multiverse of Madness


There’s probably a better solution, but i kind of agree with the article. I got fatigued on these movies a little earlier, felt like it was a lot to attend ant man captain marvel, Spider-Man etc so close together and just didn’t watch any of them because I didn’t want to ruin something when I finally did have time catch up to end game.


This article was *definitely* not written by corporate shill.


They need to start doing summary videos in between the movies so people who don't follow the whole thing can get caught up. Easy peasy fix More content isn't a bad thing and the amount of content isn't correlated with the quality of said content. They just need to stop expecting people to watch everything because it's not feasible.


Is this gonna be the subreddit for the next few weeks.


Until a new season of And*r drops


Did you know that Andor is good and you should watch it? Did you know that Andor is good and you should watch it? Did you know that Andor is good and you should watch it?


*That's not a comment reply* Watch Andor


There's a holocaust documentary with the same name that people keep dropping positive reviews of on Letterboxd but they're all about Star Wars lol.




Really? Absolutely fantastic writing


Watch Andor or we'll shoot this wookie. ^^But ^^seriously ^^Andor ^^is ^^pretty ^^great.


Ok I will watch Andor. Again. And I will enjoy it. Again.


best stars war since empire best stars war since empire best stars war since empire best stars war since empire best stars war since empire best stars war since empire




“It’s a slow burn”. “I haven’t been into the new Star Wars but this one really brought me back”. “Wonderful character development, no lame lightsaber battles”


“I have never received monetary compensation from the Walt Disney Company”


Have you seen Andor? It’s quite good


ANDOR is the top show you should be watching this weekend. ANDOR nails the finale with an intense, nail biting finale. ANDOR proves Disney’s Star Wars isn’t dead yet. ANDOR is a show for anyone. ANDOR should be watched if you hated Book of Boba Fett. ANDOR is GROUNDBREAKING TELEVISION ^/s


Why the asterisk?




The Disney PR machine is a machine that doesn't stop. Disney+ is designed to have *something* release each week that they can spam the internet with articles about: Ms Marvel into Kenobi into She Hulk into Andor. It doesn't stop. Enjoy a month off before we get 'how Bad Batch secretly became the best show on TV right now' and 'Echo is different from the rest of the MCU, and that's a good thing'.


There’s not a month off, Willow starts next week.


Might as well renamer this subreddit r/disneyplus


“People are tired of our stuff? I have the answer! More stuff!!” 😵‍💫


"content flooding will continue until fatigue improves" Sun Tzu Confucius


This superhero genre is going to fall to the same fate as westerns did. So many predictable dull movies made for so long that it destroys any market for this stuff for generations, to the point we still don't have many westerns. Who knows, it might even take a studio or two down with it.


Almost certainly true. Superheroes will just dominate movies and television for 40 years and then disappear.


well it's just the nature of the beast, bigger trends have died off in human history


Thank god this comment has upvotes. I made a similar point about two years ago and had so many Marvel fans tell me people might never get tired of superhero films.


So what you're saying is we need a super hero version of Blazing Saddles to end this.


Literally the Disney playbook. Nobody should be suprised. They want MORE content so they can sell MORE merch. Merch usually a majority of the pie for shit like this.


Cool Disney thanks for writing!


We thought it was 45mins of great fluff and my GF already bought the soundtrack. Okay, somebody cut this shill a check!


These bought and paid for puff pieces are so annoying. There have been SO MANY lately. Amazon and Disney are the worst for it.


so, now that andor is over we´re getting 6 threads a day of this shit ? you know what would be great ? a star wars holiday special, i bet it would be amazing, one would say it broke new ground!!!!


This sub is basically astroturfed 24/7 by Disney's PR teams.


I'm gonna astroturf deez nuts if you don't watch how you speak about the mouse.


Funny thing is I actually used to like this stuff, the constant astroturfing and attempt to control discussion of their product puts me off of the whole thing. First time I noticed it was when The Last Jedi underperformed at the box office, these dudes literally flooded the boxoffice sub denying basic numbers, then one day every single one of them just left at the same time and discussion around the movie became “normal”. Basically every entertainment discussion spot on the internet gets flooded by them whenever they have a new show to push. It is super lame.


Or worse: the Disney adults.


Another article paid for by the Walt Disney Company.


Counterpoint to everyone saying "More Marvel isn't the answer to fatigue," I think *different* Marvel is a perfectly fine answer. *Short* Marvel, also a good answer. *Werewolf By Night* was the first Marvel thing I've felt any interest in watching for a long while, and a big part of that was it being a weird, standalone show with a short runtime.


Yeah. My son loves any and all Marvel. The rest of us would prefer not to watch a movie for the 836368th time. Our compromise was watching the shorts. Son still felt like he got his pick and the rest of were still entertained.


But Marvel already is different. MS. Marvel does not feel the same as TF&TWS, or Loki to WandaVision. Even the movies have a different feel. Marvel problem lately is their quality control.


To add to this: being different can also contribute to the "fatigue" - Marvel spent three phases — ten years — insisting that each film was "appointment viewing", that the investment of each film pays off in later films, culminating in End Game when all these little plots and narratives from all these movies come together. Now, they make so much stuff that is so different, most people aren't going to be interested in all of it but Marvel has made everyone think if you skip stuff, you won't get the full enjoyment of the next Avengers or team-up film or whatever. I get fatigued thinking I'll have to sit through Ms. Marvel just to properly enjoy the next Captain Marvel film, etc. tl;dr - Marvel built its empire with appointment viewing, each film being a real "event" - now it's so diluted you feel that if you don't watch everything you will miss out, therefore fatigue.


Plus most of the recent movies have been not great. I used to enjoy marvel films, couldn’t even finish the new Dr Strange and don’t fancy watching others tbh.


They have different subject matter but they absolutely all feel the same and have a tonal continuity, that’s kinda been the point the whole time.


I think Wandavision deserves credit for coming out of the gate with a genuinely fresh (for Marvel) tone and feel. Last stretch of it, yeah, back to business as usual, sadly.


Yeah, maybe the shows have been different than this regard, i dont really know. But the movies very much so felt like they were paint by numbers


Yeah, most of their shows kind of fall apart in the final third, or lose their uniqueness. And then their long movies (Eternals and Black Panther 2) just kind of drag. I personally hope they keep cranking them out, but make them more like the Netflix series, and have more character development and less action. And just make the moves shorter, and actually attempt to tie them in with the shows if they're going to make it seem like everything's connected. Dr. Strange 2 should've just picked up where Wandavision left off


Marvel has found the formula for spam articles to be sure.


What about focusing on quality than quantity instead? Right now the MCU are over bloated with unnecessary shows. Also i see Disney has paid money to writers to write this article.


Does he know he’s an ad?


Look at his post history. They are very aware


The solution to fatigue...is to release more of the stuff fatiguing people?


I can guarantee you, it is not.


This article is an advertisement


It's not "so-called" fatigue, it is just fucking fatigue.


Right… cause the way to make me forget about my fatigue for a movie franchise is combine it with a fatigue-inducing holiday…


Is "Fatigue" what we are calling lazy writing and poor story telling in phase IV??


Calling it “fatigue” just feels like a subtle way to blame the audience rather than acknowledge that Phase 4 has seen a marked drop in quality from the previous phases. Rather than actually make better movies/shows, it’s easier to just point at the audience and blame them for losing interest.


Case in point, if Netflix surprise released season 4 of Daredevil with Drew Goddard at the helm today, I’d drop everything to watch it ASAP, while all I can muster for the Feige-led continuation of my favorite superhero TV show coming up is reserved hopefulness.


D+ is killing the MCU. Even when the less good MCU movies dropped it was basicly a little Event. You grabbed your friend and watched the latest Marvel product. It was fun and it was Special. Now it seems that every week someone isnt watching a Marvel Show or Film is the worst scenario for Disney and they pump out every shit idea someone pitched.


Imho it stopped feeling special around Avengers 2, sometime after i suppose. Taika Waititi's first Thor was the only one to bring back that special feeling, it was really a nice surprise my then gf and I picked on a whim


No no, it is "so called fatigue", as if it is not even a real thing (according to this "journalist").


“So called” fatigue? Really? 3-4 movies and shows a year isn’t fatigue? Lmao


yeah that’s kinda the dead giveaway here that this is an ad or some kind of paid marketing. “so called” as if it’s a fake sensation lmao


Nah I’m good.


I’m just watching it for Cosmo.


Here it is. The news articles praising a show, telling us how is life changing it is, right when it airs. Brace yourself people! The 200 articles per day are coming!


I enjoyed it, hearing The Pogues was wonderful.


This and werewolf by night show you don’t need a season ti Jake a cool story Like I love miss marvel in the comics but her show was just too long for the story bent told Same with she hulk


"so-called fatigue" No. It's fatigue. That's it. Oversaturated. I miss creativity in Hollywood and not having nearly half of the movies from the same universe, dropping nods and Easter eggs at things I don't know because I didn't see every single movie or show. I miss original stories.


Still fatigued


The MCU is a serial, or a soap opera. It requires the time and energy from me that those two things required from 10-year-olds in the 40's or housewives in the 50's. Some of it's good, some of it's bad, a lot of it's in between. I have never felt the need or the desire to rewatch or revisit most of it because the focus is always on the new. What matters is what's next. I think people's expectations for the MCU are something more traditional, so they feel burnt out on all the content. But they're a live-action comic book now and have been for a few years. There's a new issue every month and most of them you're not going to revisit


It was so so so so so so bad


Fatigue? No morons, it's that phase 4 sucks. And what's up with the "so-called" and the quotes around fatigue?


There is no fatigue. They have just been making bad movies and shows.


Nope. That won’t do it.


I wonder if this will be anything like the starwars Christmas special lol


i got Chris Pratt fatigue though.


I still don’t care.


Because a holiday special worked out so well for Star Wars.


I just watched it. It was *meh*.


Nothing says innovation like 'holiday special'


So basically anything to do with James Gunn... because he actually makes fun stuff to watch. He literally saved any interest I had for the DC side of things to put it bluntly. I can careless about Henry Cavill coming back for more Superman because I want stuff like Booster Gold & Blue Beetle by Gunn like yesterday, damnit! Also, how many more times are we going to keep reading headlines like this when (gasp) something actually good comes out for Superhero genre? Because at this rate, should Guardians of the Galaxy even be considered "super hero?" Vol2 was honestly way more interesting sci-fi that actually what Lucasfilm did with the last couple of Star Wars films that were released at the time.


And next will hear that Disney is going to bring back the Star Wars Christmas special. Maybe we can even get the Osmonds, or the Brady family back for a cameo. This comic book stuff is so tired it’s becoming silly.


> And next will hear that Disney is going to bring back the Star Wars Christmas Special [That was 2020 lol. ](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt12885438/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0)


If it's good, people will watch it. I don't believe in "fatigue" at all.


ah, the SW excuse, fatigue. There's no Marvel fatigue, there's entertaining movies up until Endgame and almost exclusively pandering, horrifically written trash after it. Slap RDJ into an IM suit again and watch people flocking back like pidgeons to a giant breadcrumb


Marvel's MCU did an amazing thing. It launched numerous movies into high profitability for 14 years. If you want to break it down, The Infinity Saga was a stellar run of pretty high-quality films, good stories, etc. But then it was over. They ended the largest 'conflict' in the MCU. And something else happened at the same time: Covid. So two years went by with nothing. The story was over. We had a huge conflict get resolved. And then, they had to start over. But the problem is - they didn't have a Robert Downey Jr. to catch lightning twice. This first phase of the new set is a disaster (from a quality perspective). Black Widow was horrible - and tried to give more story to a character we already said goodbye to. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings said fuck off to the entire MCU timeline. And Eternals demonstrated that the entire MCU was a joke because they didn't care about Thanos. And on, and on. It's a post-thought, not a fully-fleshed out idea. And that's why it all sucks. Endgame was the end. Period. Now, they're trying to use whatever concepts made them money throughout the first run to milk whatever money is left. They used up the best conflict, they ignored the previous films, they don't have any 'lightning perfect stars' for any roles, and they're churning out content on Disney+ like we're going extinct next year. Not to mention, the format change from film to episodic viewing is a trash approach. It *rarely* ever works - and even if it does - it destroys the value in the film medium. It makes it so the films are no longer necessary - if you can do it on TV, why bother making a film?


> Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings said fuck off to the entire MCU timeline. How did Shang-Chi say "fuck off to the entire MCU timeline"? I legitimately have no idea what you are talking about here.


The Infinity Saga did not have consistent high-quality films. Out of the first two phases what movies were well regarded at first? Maybe 4? - Iron Man, Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Guardians? The rest were not seen as stellar - enjoyable and good, sure, but this is too revisionist. That’s four films vs the rest (8 films) in phases 1 and 2 that were more in the range of goodish category. I’m not sure of your comment re: Shung-Chi. What was the timeline issue?


I think ragnarok was also highly regarded, not sure which phase it was tho. Your point still stands regardless


Have they? Every time Chris Pratt is on my screen I still feel incredibly fatigued.


It's James Gunn, man can't miss


It wasn't that special, tbh - in fact I'd go so far as to say it was kinda cheap, and felt phoned-in for the most part. There's maybe a handful of good jokes, spread across 35 mins of filler. It's certainly not as good as the trailer and the hype made it out to be. I can report that Marvel Fatigue due to Disneys milking the teets off of their favourite cashcow is alive and well.


Chris Pratt is absolutely awful in it. The rest of it is fine. Funny and silly.


This was fun. But it wasn't "groundbreaking" by any means. But I'm glad I watched it. I remember Gunn saying that this was some "alternate history Kevin Bacon" but Bacon admitted he was the actor in the films that were mentioned during the show. I wonder what all films were supposedly "MCU Canon" for him from 1988 forward, since Quill was abducted in 1988 and there was all the global mayhem since Iron Man's 2008 debut..


Holy heck, no sooner had I read this thread, closed it, then D+ buzzed my phone to tell me about the GotG Holiday Special 🤦‍♂️


I like that this special and werewolf by night both actually felt like how comics are in the contemporary age. Insofar as the characters are universe are well established, we know who these guys are or, in the case of werewolf, we don't need to. I could easily see this as being 3-4 issues of a comic. Same with werewolf, just toss us into a the Marvel universe and let a writer do whatever they want without the universe itself being on the line. More of this please.


Have they now


Bea Arthur better play a singing bartender or I’m not watching.


More Crisp Rat is not going to help with anything.


Crisp Rat is definitely the worst Crisp. Crisp Ine is the best Crisp! #FightMe!


Headline implies success, and labels the failures as "so-called". I wonder how much this article cost Disney.


I wonder how much The Hollywood Reporter was paid by Disney to publish this ad disguised as a news article.


You mean when fan favourite characters come back with their original director, the fans prefer it over your thousand rushed tv shows???! Lol


I thought it was terrible


I don't see how it does anything to abate discontent with Marvel when it's just more trash to add to the already burning skip bin.


I tried watching the I am Groot show on disney plus...one of the worst shows I have ever seen.