Let him reach the SF first......


They potentially meet in the quarter final. Rublev is on paper the obstacle for Rune before that.


Exactly, reaching SF is a sure marker of intent that cannot be ignored.


yes for meeting djokovic quite difficult for taking the title


Outside of Novak... I'd say an in form Med (he's looked great so far, but level of competition has been mid; Korda will give us a better indication on where he's at) and Stef with his current form, probably go above Rune. I'd argue he's at the top of that next group that probably includes guys like FAA, Fritz, Ruud, Sinner


I think he's got at least a shot at both- but I doubt him rn in a best of 5 format going all the way, especially since he's so new to the scene; we are quite enamored with Alcaraz but that won't happen with every new player. If a 19 year old comes up basically out of nowhere and wins a Slam two slams in a row it would be basically unprecedented. But we'll see, I think he's got a solid shot to face Djokovic, to take the title I'm highly doubtful- and even challenging Novak in a big way I'm doubtful in this Slam format. But we'll see things can change quick


I thin Djoko, Medvedev or Rune will take the AO title this year.




I think he has just as good a chance as Tsitsipas


He would need to win his matches easily. If he starts going to 4 or 5 sets he will tire out and lose steam in the second week. Especially with the younger players (but Alcatraz), the Best of 5 format just lends itself for more seasoned players. Rune’s fitness has always been a bit questionable - he’s been known to cramp and gas out.


Good points.


I get the point about the gassing out but he's found the reason for his cramps and hasn't gasses out dor a while.


Meeting Djokovic in the quarter final? Yes, I would say the chance of that is pretty good. Beating Djokovic? This is a very big task. But everyone that watched Paris and the way he beat Novak would say of course he has a solid chance. Taking the title? Well, depends on what you mean by realistic? There are several people who can win. I certainly think Rune is one of them though of course not top of that list just yet. But if would beat Djokovic then of course he can beat anyone in the last two matches. With that run in Paris he has shown he has what it takes when he has momentum. He has only played one round in AO so it is very early. He played well though and I think he will reach the QF.


More data needed to speculate on this for me.


No and yes respectively. He "only" has to beat Cressy, Humbert and Rublev to get to Djokovic which isn't impossible but taking the title? Nah, no chance


If Rublev is on song, I think Rune might stumble.


I want a Rune vs Ruud semi-final!


Rune is a top 10 player now. So…


Ok, and?


Ruud has never beaten one in GS despite being in two finals. So it would be a new chance.


Rune hasn't beaten one either in GS, so what exactly has this to do with me wanting them to meet in a semi-final?


I was just messing around with peculiar statistics. But actually Rune has. He beat Stef in Paris last year (ranked 4 at the time). That was part of what paved the way for Ruud to go in the final without facing one.


Then I stand corrected


Origin of jaa-gate was after that match right?


I have him on my draw losing to Novak, I think it's too early for him to win given his fitness, he's on a good path but in Paris he won 7-5 in the third by milimeters and was almost dead physically. While his level is really good, I don't think he'd win a close 4-5 setter vs Novak, I would expect his legs to be gone by the end. Plus Novak is the favourite regardless of his hamstring, assuming it doesn't get to the 'can't move' point.


Only if he banishes his mother from the grounds


Yes, see my flair


Dead giveaway :)


He’s losing to cressy imo


I think we are underestimating how good Rune is right now. His physicality, power hitting from baseline, drop shot variety etc all resemble peak Carlos Alcaraz from last year. I would predict Rune beats Djokovic if they play. However once in the finals, nerves and lack of experience might come into play.


I don't see him getting past SF


According to bookies he is 3rd favorite together with Fritz. But with some distance to Medvedev and Djoko




Yes depends on the match-up. I think if he meets Djokovic he loses. It would be epic if there was a ruud rune semifinal. If he beats Djokovic, I think he loses to Ruud in the semis or Medvedev in the finals.


meet Djokovic? If he passes Cressy, I will say at least 95% take the title? too early to talk and it depends on the opponents(I will say his biggest threat outside Djokovic is Ruud, who had a 4-0 lead H2H, I dun know if he is arrogant enough to beat Ruud down in this big stage)


If he can play as well as did in 3 setters last year, then yes and yes. It’s a huge ask and maybe it’s too early, but then again, last year’s indoors swing definitely makes me think he has it in him.


Rune is getting closer but getting to the semis first would be a big accomplishment.