At least Rublev doubled number of games won set by set.


Didn't get bageled, that's a W


Happens to best of them, Novak himself was bageled in grand slam final by Rafa


And rafa has been bageled SIX times which is a record amongst the big 3. And Novak over Rafa in Australian open final was a bigger annihilation


Happens to the best of them, yep


djoko lucky its not bo7 he wouldve lost 1-6 2-6 4-6 8-6 16-6 32-6 64-6


That's not possible Djok would have taken a MTO in the 7th and Rublev would have imploded then lost the final set 63-65


Was there ever a professional match that was played bo7?


Mahut vs Isner in 2010 was technically a 15 setter if you count the 138 games in the final set as 6-6 tiebreakers


Mfers got more games in one match than most players had in multiple seasons lmao.


3 days, over 11 hours. easiest win ever for the guy who played Isner next lol.


I just did a search for it and found "best 7 tennis ... " lists and one crazy rant about switching to best of 7 on r/tennis


Rublev was improving exponentially with 1, 2, 4 games per set. Djokovic plateaued at 6 games per set. Retirement probably imminent.


If it was first to four sets he would’ve won!


Clearly it's to represent how 4 players, then 2 players, then only he will remain over the next few days


>At least Rublev doubled number of games won set by set. It's a pity they didn't play the 4th set.


Novak Djokovic has reached his 44th career grand slam semifinal. He has reached the semifinals: 10 times at the Australian Open 11 times at Roland Garros 11 times at Wimbledon 12 times at the US Open No other player in tennis history has reached the semis of each major 10 times.


Sealdrop is gonna find the way


Its gonna be most semifinals if the finals are actually quarterfinals and slams but if the slams are basel 500 tournaments or something something roger first rafa second then connors


And it’s going to be wrong. His stats are wrong half the time but the mods never delete that shit.


I’m starting to suspect he’s in cahoots with u/jsnoodles


Nobody believed me the last time I said it because I basically only troll on here, but he literally told me in DMs that he cherry picks all his stats and only makes graphs out of the ones roger/rafa leads djokovic in it. He just omits the stats djokovic leads him because he is a goated narrative pusher and hater and I respect him for his grind.


Kinda insane he reached more SFs at RG than AO. How many would he collect if Rafa wasn’t absolutely untouchable there most of the time?


at least 6 or 7


At the very least. We would all think that Novak is the clay god if there was no Rafa.


Exactly the same was said of Federer too. If not for Rafa, they both would have been regarded as the best clay-courters of their era.


Djokovic and Federer are two of the best/most “underachieving” clay courters ever. **Edit of data** In Federer’s six year peak (04-09) he was 102-16 on clay (86.44%). He was 15-2 in semifinals (losses to Djokovic and Nadal); however, he only went 7-8 in finals. He lost to exactly one player in clay court finals in this time span. —— In Djokovic’s six year peak (11-16) he was 94-13 on clay (87.8%) He was 14-3 in semifinals (Federer x2 and Nadal); however, he only went 9-6 finals with 4/6 losses coming to Nadal (Murray and Wawrinka the other two). —— In Nadal’s *ten* year peak (05-14) he was 292-12 on clay (96%). He lost fewer matches in his best ten years on clay than his only all around equals lost in their best six years on the same surface. He was 51-0 in semi finals and 44-7 in finals with two losses to Federer and four to Djokovic (and one to Horacio Zelballos).


And Nadal is one of the best most underachieving grass court players


No doubt. 5-2 in semis and 2-3 in finals at Wimbledon. All losses to Djokovic and Federer.


Agreed. Federer lost 4 RG finals against Nadal (and 2 semifinals). I’d say he would have 4-5 more if it weren’t for Rafa


If there was no Novak, Rafa would've been the best tennis player of all time. If there was no Rafa, Novak would've been the best tennis player by far of all time. Ying and Yang or something like that


2013 definitely, 2012 2014 2020 are most likely, and probably a good shot at 2022


Confirmed slouch at AO


And as we all know and expect, his only losses at the AO since 2010 have come against Wawrinka, and the might Istomin and Chung.


Djoker will most likely end up as GOAT, indisputably, long before he retires. There's obviously arguments he's already there.


Already is


His conversation rate at the AO when he gets to the semi finals is insane


Clinical performance from the 25 year old Serb


He steamrollered him, then laid a road over him.


Dio would be proud


Might win a slam or two.


Precision is key 🔑


I thought rublev was gonna start crying at one point on court


Has a bright future ahead of him


Pretty poor game from Rublev. Kept repeating the same routines against Djoker who forced him into corners and made the room for back to back forehand winners. Looking ahead, the Tommy Paul match might end up being a joke


That’s what Novak does to top 10 players. He breaks down their game and their strategy. Rublev could not ~~make~~ win his first serves and lost control of his forehand today.


Rublev made 72% first serves... That's the most he's made this tournament and a pretty good number Novak for instance had 64% Serve didn't let him down as much as Novak being an insane returner did


Good luck Tommy. You’re gonna need it.


Novak slipped in a low-key warning: “I’m gonna approach it the same way as I did these last two matches”


Understated threats are always the most frightening. Like when Khabib said he wanted to “change Connor’s face” ahead of their fight.


Khabib literally said infront of the Irish fans: I’m gonna smesh your guy!


Your boy! Didn't respect Connor enough to call him a guy


"I'm about to end this man's whole career"


Tommy: (chuckles) I'm in danger


Djokovic is a man on a mission this year. He has never been this deliberately ruthless.


They are lucky that djokovic isnt ACTUALLY 25


Novak early 2010s a tier above himself now


Purely physically yes, but now he is much better strategically. Also serves better


Well the physical side matters a lot...some weapons more dangerous then too. Novak even harder to beat back then, which is crazy because he won less back then due to competition


The physical side only really matters if he has players push him, which hasn’t consistently been done since the early - mid 2010s where he was the 1st or 2nd most physical player anyway Novak’s consistently deep returns to get errors and scarily accurate serving just exposes weaker (sorry bweh) opponents


Djokovic from 2015 would easily beat current Djokovic.


It’s crazy how he continues to not age and kick all these kids asses in their physical prime


The secret? No vaccine. /s


Lol, this! Imagine having him next 10+ years around with this form.


Never lost the semifinals nor the finals. Ludicrous.


The return is outrageous, 200ks and it’ll come back with interest at your toes


Novak doing Novak's stuff Remember the finals against Fed when Fed arrived with zero break in the tournament..... and gets broken on his first service of the final ? I remember Sniff Djoko is just something else


Arf... i think there was Wimbledon 2015 and/or USOpen 2015 Also maybe Semi of OA 2016 ? I remember reading these articles on Eurosport " not broken in 5 or 6 matches" and then first set against Novak, he get broken in the first minutes. When you are a Roger fan, you can guess it can be a hard day (If someone wants to make further research, I may have spoken a bit fast lol)


AO 2016 SF first two sets were brutal. Same as today, 6-1 6-2. Kinds puts 2017 and 2018 in perspective..


Man, the net really took revenge on Rublev for that match point in the Rune match.


Novak Tennis Robot™ patch notes: hamstring bug fixed. Precision buffed 5%


that’s the world #5 he did this to… ​ This really is Djokovic Revenge tour!!


what did rublev ever do to him haha


Bageled him in Belgrade last year.


You bagel a man in his national capital, there are bound to be some consequences.


Wars have been fought over less.


Especially in Belgrade which has been destroyed and rebuilt something like 40 times and been involved in 115 wars.


Haha, totally!


Whole of ATP: **What did we do!?** Djokovic: "You exist."


"I felt like it"


Technically world 6th, but point still stands, unbelievable dominance


In the live rankings, he is 5th


That's a good point..


Novak is just too good man


It does not matter which player Djokovic is facing. He will ascend to that level needed to crush his opponent's hopes. Ruthless tennis.


Descend* he just drops his maximum game down to whatever is needed on the day


>Ruthless tennis That's one way to describe him. That 2019 wimbledon final was brutal.


Crazy to think that rublev was only 3 games away of winning as many games in this match as djokovic has AO titles.




Rublev is underrated, he's probably the second greatest player of all time out of all players that played this specific match tonight




Djokovic got god to stop the wind. GOAT shit.


Yelling up at the heavens with that stiff gust billowing his shirt was epic and hilarious


That stiff gust blowing his Lego hair, it moves??!


It’s like when Xerxes had the water flogged for ruining his pontoon bridge.


Summmary: Old man screams at wind, young man screams at clock


Novak is lucky it wasn't a best of 7. Because if my maths are correct, Rublev was on track to win the 4th set 8-6


If you think 8-6 is crazy, imagine when he won the 5th set 16-6. The universe would've collapsed back into itself as we returned back to the nothingness and everythingness we were in the beforetimes. And the 6th set? Don't get me started.


Where does Rublev go from here? I don't think he played badly, but he got thoroughly outclassed, and that's happened a few times before. The Cincinnati Masters Final vs Zverev was the same story, where he hits huge and yet gets maneuvered around the court consistently. There seems to be so much to improve, the 2nd serve for one. He needs some variety and probably needs to find his way to the net more following his massive forehand, and he could do a better job hunting for the forehand on the 3rd ball of the rally as well (for the tournament, he was about 52% FH, and at one point in the match was 22%!) But how much can he realistically get better? It seems to get over the hump, he will require quite a bit of luck with the draw. Maybe this is too negative considering he's still beating Rune, Tsitsipas often etc. But man, this wasn't close, and he's world no. 6


I wouldn’t sleep on it. Djokovic is way above his level + it’s Djokovic at AO + Djokovic at AO straight after the 2022 brouhaha, probably out for blood. Rublev seems to have drawn some productive conclusions with regards to at least some of the problems that are plaguing him and there’s some measure of progress that is visible compared to the slump he had when everyone and their grandmother on the tour had seemed to have completely figured him out. He just got a new second coach, so, it remains to be seen what the future holds. But for now him getting beaten in straights by Djokovic is more of a manifestation of normal things of normal world than a sign of things going terribly wrong.


> where does Rublev go from here? If I were him, I’d continue making millions of dollars, and spend some of it on therapy


horrifyingly good from djokovic, hit his spots so well it looked like his coach was controlling the ball with a remote


Djokovic controls his coach with a remote


Djokovic peaked at 35 years old, wtf was this last 2 matches.


The most insane thing for me is his left hammy is hurt so he just slides back to the net with his right for the backhand instead like ?????


Yeah I also noticed that lol


He has to adapt.


You cant hurt your left hammy if you dont use it


[improvise, adapt, overcome](https://youtu.be/_ss9nd-tImc)


Novak is just ChatGPT in tennis player form. Edit: He confirmed! “I’ve been connected to machines more than anything else in the last two weeks”.


I'm 100% Djokovic fan, but man, seeing Rublev hurts me physcially and mentally. Wish him all the best.


Yeah man. Djokovic leaves you screaming Syka to the void. But the void can only whisper a faint Blyat in return


At the end of the second set he legit looked like he wanted to cry. Gave everything in that last game of the set and just had no way to release the anger. Poor guy


tbf in most matches he's losing he looks like he wants to cry


Exactly. For me it was this moment and the moment they showed him on the bike after the match while Djoko was giving a speech. Heartbreaking sights...


We all know the real final was against Couacaud Goat


novak was ruthless. hes playing as aggressive as he was when he first came on the tour but without any of the flaws. i cant see tommy paul doing much better than rublev if im being honest


I think we shouldn't underestimate Paul. He's in the form of his life, confidence is high and he has absolutely nothing to lose. He is a smarter player than Rublev and has a bit more variety. I can definitely see him winning 8 or even 9 games if he plays well.


You had me there for a second


> I can definitely see him winning 8 or even 9 games if he plays well.


Lol. On another note idk why people, even Novak, love to use the "have nothing to lose" phrase. He has a slot in the Finals and a chance at the title + hella money to lose. Not like it's R1.


He looked already defeated from the beginning. Reminds me of Casper Ruud from last year's FO, already believing he cannot win.


needs some of that Rune delusion


Novak never lost SF and F at AO. 9/9 so far.


Amazing stat


I went to Serbia like 6 months ago, I swear there are more Serbs in Melbourne at the tennis than in Belgrade


It's too expensive. Serbs abroad have more money to pay for tickets than Serbs living in Serbia sadly.


This was the easiest AO to call, Novak sleepwalking through it


Yup. Obviously regardless he would be the favourite, but Rafa injured, Alcaraz out and Meddy out of form means maybe the next biggest chance to beat him is possibly Kyrgios? Who is also out and would be only single-digit percentage chance of winning. Tsitsipas is all that's left and he has impressed me with how well he's been playing, but nothing I've seen from him makes me think he's got the mental game to beat Novak, even if his actual tennis game is on fire.


The only way Novak loses is either because his hamstring worsens or…well that’s it.


Wow this match felt like a fight between a cat and a mouse! Where both the cat and the mouse was Rublev, and Djokovic was the universe in which these insignificant animals happen to exist...


Well, that was quick.


Tommy packing and leaving Australia as we speak


I’m just happy Rublev didn’t physically harm himself this match. Massive improvement from what I’m used to seeing


If he's hitting himself it's because he knows he has a chance lol


The level of expectations rn...


To me it shows that he didn't believe he can win. Hitting himself in the balls shows passion and drive, didn't have that tonight


Novak speedrunning Australian Open Any%


He even mentioned Federer, he wants to challenge him on skiing lol


Wow maybe Tommy Paul won't have as easy a semifinal as I thought... I predict he will take it 3 sets to 1 and then enjoy the most important achievement of his life whilst being celebrated by a unified and infinitely awed australian crowd. (And then wake up from his dream in the Hospital where he was taking after being physically and mentally molested by Novak for an hour or so)


Doctor in ER:" where are his legs?!!?, Where are his legs, nurse !!!!?. Nurse:"Doctor, his legs missing is the least of lil Tommy's problems, Father Mathieu can't find his soul anywhere!!!"


Well, at least Bweh tried his hardest. I basically wanted to give him a hug by the end of the match.


Another day, another soul


That was quite unBWEHrable.




Just watch some clips and hear his grunts. You'll get it.




Yeah, they are quite funny.


Novak donating earnings for 1000 schools


Novak "Tom Brady" Djokovic


Novak "Tom Brady Michael Jordan Wayne Gretzky" Djokovic \~ Kobe Bryant


Novak looked bored, then breathed in the smell of fresh blood engulfing the court


The only challenge this man has faced has been from his own leg. Pretty magnificent to watch him barely break a sweat in a grand slam


Happy to se Novak doing well, but damn, seeing Rublev in slam QFs is painful. Feel sorry for him, seeing him break down, especially in the second set. Also, the guy before the last point shouting only to be told in Serbian to "Shut up, motherfucker" was so funny.


As good as Novak’s match was, his post match interview was even better. Imagine the whole stadium singing ‘Happy birthday’ to you.


Bro got folded like an origami 💀


Djokovic: your first semi final at a grand slam was at Roland Garros and then Wimbledon and THEN the US Open FYI.


Djokovic isn't playing "insane". He's playing his standard game. Gone are the days when insane actually meant insane when one would raise the game and then the other would push back to get to a level beyond . Most of these players have one game plan - hit the ball hard. Anything other than that doesn't exist. No wonder Novak is walking all over them


That's my biggest gripe against the new players: they all play the same way. Their footwork is like a sumo wrestler's, while the Big 3 move like dancers. You get them moving, they lost. They don't know angles, only linear tennis. They have no mental game, they're mentally stuck in Junior tournaments where they only faced players leagues below themselves. It's so frustrating to watch them try to out-grind Novak by hitting rally balls short in the middle of the court or spray errors because they went for a 100+ mph forehand from 6 feet behind the baseline.


Djokovic is business casual attire


Only dropped a set so far and it was against the lowest rated opponent he played (Couacaud). Absolutely bonkers lol


Djoko: is this your 'next gen'?


Djokovic: "He's \[Tommy Paul\] got nothing to lose". *(Internal monologue)* Except for his legs and soul ...


Another amazing performance by Djokovic! He will dominate this season.


Poor Rublev looked like he was told by his boss to knock down a brick wall with a bouquet of feathers.


Enzo right now updating all his SM to include, "Took a set off Djokovic at AO 2023."


"He's a lot like Diminaur, so hopefully the result will be same"


Rublev justh a meth version of Ferrer.


Breaking Bwehd


Rublev on a post-match phone scroll on his bike got me like :(


Laughing at the people who though him losing to Rublev last year after he was coming off from not playing + the Australian drama was any indicator for this match whatsoever.


Only the wind can take Novak down now.


Djokovic letting Rublev win enough games to teach us how many players are left in the tournament after the next few days of matches


It's kind of depressing to keep seeing in 2023 how far ahead Big-3 is compared to the next gen... Seems likely that USO will be the only non-big-3 slam this year again


Man, I am just here absorbing the brilliance of Mr. Djokovic. Once these three are all done, I'd love to see them come back and coach some of these young ones. I think Rublev would benefit so much from having Djokovic as a coach.


Tommy Paul is already at the airport .


Be prepared for Djokovic winning atleast 3 slams per year for atleast the next 2/3 years. Only Alcaraz and Nadal on gravel can stop him


I wouldn't wish to be Tommy today.


He’s just made $925k by reaching the semis


Noone is beating Novak at AO. Been 9 years since he's lost to a Top-10 player in Australia (Stan in 2014).


Rublev will have nightmares about that net


Well tbf, the net is partially the reason why he was facing Novak in the first place tonight. It giveth and it taketh.


Amazing to watch Novacques Chocoviche the world renowned line painter in action


Thanovic hits again…


The way the audience was cheering rublev's each service hold in the third set you'd think he was winning.


What a clinic


I thought he was coming back to the pack a bit with age in 2021, winning ridiculous 5 setters through experience, yet here he still is


Shit this man is a monster


I dont think Djoko will leave one record to Roger Apart from French open, he will get them all


Yo I know it’s Djokovic and he is playing out of his mind but being 5th in the world and supposedly one of the next gen and then not to win a set in a quarterfinal is so disappointing


Times like these I really miss stan, delpo, cilic and goats istomin and Chung. These guys had balls and weren’t afraid of Novak. We were so blessed


If Djokovic plays his cards right he might make a career out of this tennis hobby


Damn, gotta feel for Andrei. Idemo!


Rublev was swatting his opponents aside in the first couple of rounds and didn’t drop a set until he met Rune. And, Novak dismantles him like he’s a nobody. This isn’t a true reflection of Rublev’s level; Novak is just eons ahead in-terms of quality, skill, resilience and fortitude. GOAT 🐐w/o a shadow of a doubt.


Bweh :-(


Poor Tommy Paul!


Couacaud should hold his head high. He may be the only one who takes a set off of Novak this tournament.


Djoko is crushing people's expectations to see long matches. What a player!


Literal goat shit


The Djokovic revenge tour keeps on rolling.