The only way Alcaraz won’t lose #1 now is if the great Tommy Paul can win it all


That's also the only way Tsitsipas keeps his current live ranking of #2. Otherwise, it's #1 or back to #3.


Imagine reaching a GS final and dropping in ranking :(




Come on Tommy, do it for Carlito!


He'll be out of top 10 within 4 months. Nr.2 is just a start. No way he'll defend all those titles.


I thought a bit about it and decided I am not interested in this opinion, but thanks anyway


No problem, didn't expect you think...


A few years ago I used to think people were stupid staying up late to waydn UFC or the Super Bowl. Now, after discovering tennis during lock down and seeing Tsistipas play, here I am waking up at 3.45am to watch him on the SF of the Australian Open. Glad it was worth waking up for. Now off to work.....🤦‍♂️


So happy for stefanos especially after the heartbreak of FO 21. Makes sense after his most likeable post match interview, that he becomes one of the next gen to finally make the jump.


We give stick to Tsitsipas on this sub in a regular basis, but this is a pretty good performance. He is basically the he only human being that did what he was expected to do this tournament


Some people on here can't even give him proper credit for getting to the final. It's not his fault the other seeded players couldn't get past their respective brackets. -_-


And he played tougher opponents than Djokovic (although I think Djokovic would have won against all of them).


4 out of 5 times making at least the Semis at AO in the past 5 years...that's pretty good no? Still just 24 years old.


It's actually a fucking crazy stat with his age. Can it even be the leading stat? Did anyone from the big three so well in AO before age 25?


I mean im sure they won it earlier but not sure about consistent deep runs.


fed won it at 22, reached semis at 23, won it at 24 and again at 25


All three had won it. Federer won it in 2004 at age 22. Djokovic won it in 2008 at age 20. Nadal won it in 2009 at age 22.


Hats off to Stef. When so many seeds lost early, he kept trucking on. He was incredible for the vast majority of this match. Should be a good final, even if Djokovic is heavily favored.


Stef found it difficult to close out the match in three sets, despite being 2 points away while on serve, and having 2 MPs in the 3rd set tie break. He was especially nervy in the tie break. But a win is a win. Congratulations to Stef for making it to his second GS final. Good luck next time, Karen.


Which gives you a good indication of how he’s going to feel Sunday


I don’t think he’ll be facing any match points on Sunday.


Odds are pretty high that he will though


It's these sorts of nerves which make me think he doesn't have a shot vs Novak. He has the game to beat any guy on the tour. But he doesn't have the mind to beat goats.


Different pressure when you have nothing to lose v a goat and when you are in a slam SF as a favourite. He's beaten Novak before, do I think he'll beat him here no, cause it's AO, but I'm sure he'll get another win.


Also beaten both Rafa and Roger at AO so....




Okay, but saying he doesn't have the mindsets to beat the goats is inaccurate when he has beaten all 3. Like I said don't expect him to break the streak here, but I back him to get more wins in the future




Out here we believe in Tommy Paul supremacy.


I hope you're right, but I do not believe.


> But he doesn't have the mind to beat goats. Literally one of the few players to have multiple wins over all of the big 3. One the few to have beaten them at slams as well. What are you on about?


Disagree. He's not beating Djokovic on this surface with that backhand even if he had the mind of an all time great.


That hubris with that 3rd set match point man Djokovic will eat him alive if he ever gets to that point


It’s one thing to come back from against Khachanov but not against the likes of Nadal, Federer and Paul.


Great mental fortitude by Khachanov in the 3rd set breaking to stay in the match and saving a match point on Tsitsipas' serve in the tiebreak. And Tsitsipas didn't really drop his level that much, it was mostly credit to Khachanov. But it didn't last, Tsitsipas was just the better player.


The "Tsitsipas Center for Small Kids Who Can't Tweet Good and Who Wanna Meet Margot Robbie Too" in Victoria is just now one match away!


Maybe Tommy Paul can beat Nole and both of them can finally realize their dreams. The odds are about the same.


Hahaahaha, this is a fucking brilliant comment. Well done, Sir.


Honestly, as long as he did not lose the match, I did not mind that he lost the 3rd set to a clutch Khachanov. This kind of matches build character and temper your nerves, something that Tsitsipas is in need of. Very impressed with how composed came out in the 4th set after not getting that third one though!


(African word)


How do you even spell the word he wrote? I tried googling to find out


I thought he meant to write "Ubuntu" but like... He put w`s in there for some reason. Also, I love that he thinks African is a language.


I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on not thinking African is the name of a language, and just that it's a word from one of the African languages. I am still confused by the things he says and does that aren't hitting tennis balls


Yeah it's a word spoken in my country, South Africa, and as such it's a word in an African language. We're part of the African continent, so he wrote nothing wrong.


Ok but all of Africa doesn’t speak the same language. It’s like calling something a “European word.”


You can probably say Indo-European word, as a word from Indo-European languages though no one would say that really. So "African word" sounds weird at least from a European standpoint, which would be Tsitsipas' too. It might still sound ok to African or South-African people, as another user pointed out. To complicate matters, Afrikaans is also a language, though the word that Tsitsipas wrote is not in Afrikaans I believe, and Afrikaans even belongs to the Indo-European language family.


Yeah, I'm an Afrikaans speaking South African. He wrote "Ubuntu" (slightly misspelled), which means 'I am because we are' in Zulu, which is one of our 11 official languages. I think Stef was referring to the crowd support. I'd love to know where he picked up the word though. By the way, you're very knowledgeable, I'm impressed! 😁


Second Slam final for Tsitsipas. An AO final was a long time coming, he’s made the SF four times. /u/jsnoodles in the opposite of shambles


For all the shit (heh) we like to give him…he *is* among the top players in the ATP for a reason! Now…he might just try and hope for Paul to win, or at least have more sets like the fourth one once Stefanos plays the final…


He might overcome Zverev this year when it comes to achievements


If he wins a grand slam, he will immediately eclipse him


Very entertaining match in my opinion! Congrats to Tsitsipas for pulling through to the final. I've been awake for over 25 hours already (from germany) and took today and monday off work to watch the semis and the final, gonna be up for a few more hours to watch Djokovic vs Paul, so excited!


Watching from Germany aswell..


It's hard being a german tennis fan during the Australian Open.


I actually enjoy watching AO from Europe. And imo its way better than watching USOpen


And a South African fan. Up till now the matches started at 2am. Thankfully Stef's match started at 6am.


It's hard being an Australian tennis fan during literally the rest of the year.


Move to Europe!! Perth to Hamburg.


I lived in Germany for four years actually! It was great for the tennis!


You took monday off, for a match that starts sunday at 09:30 ? 😂


Yep because my sleep schedule is gonna be all messed up.




Leessss goooo Djoko-Stef finall!!!


Crowd will be 100% in favour of Stef since its for the education of all children in Victoria (the state of education). A Novak win will mean a generation of illiterate, uninspired children. Crime and violence will skyrocket and Australia will spiral into anarchy. If you are considering supporting Novak in this final it's time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and reconsider your priorities. There are more important things than tennis.


Adds yet another meaning to this https://i.redd.it/dwv4mkrp8uda1.jpg


Hhahhahahhhahahhahahahhhahhahahahhahahhhahahhahahh. Thank you for the laugh man!


Novak in his victory speech:- "admiring the great gesture made by Stef I have also decided to donate my prize money for the education of all children in Victoria. See you again next year, Australia"


Eloquently put. Whch is why I've looked in the mirror, did some soul searching and IDEMOOOOOOO.


In the words of the great moralist Micheal Jordan. Fuck them kids




Soooo 3 sets to love for Novak then?


novak will lose the first set, regardless of the final result


Novaks leg is fucked and he has to play a match today, so Novak in 4.


Okay, I’ll give you Novak in 3 with one tiebreak EDIT: I mean the first set was close enough…


His leg does not seem to be troubling him at all in the last two matches.


I think you mean Tommy-stef. And Tommy takes it all in 3!


Tsitsipas absolutely has the game to win this whole thing, if he can put it all together. minus a little bit of choking, that is some of the best i've ever seen him play. but this is Djokovic's turf, and Djokovic had an easy path to the final, so Tsitsipas will need to play the absolute best match of his career. this is Djokovic's trophy to lose but Tsitsipas has such an exciting game, i hope he can put it together


The thing is, I’m not sure the absolute best of tsitsi’s career beats djoker right now.


The best of Tsitsipas most likely can't beat the best of Djokovic in hard court. His big chance was RG 21 but his level dropped when he saw the finish line.


Toilet breaks incoming.


I strongly disagree, unfortunately. The reason Djokovic has beaten him 9 times in a row is because his backhand just isn't there yet. It doesn't have the power or variety to be a weapon and your backhand has to be a weapon to have a shot against Djokovic. I am hoping Tsitsipas can at least make it competitive but the last 9 matches make me feel not too optimistic.


Amen 🙏


Tsitsipas can be 2-0 up in the final and no one will rate his chances to win


Ah Stefanos, I like you so so so much. But if you wobble like that against Djokovic it won’t end well.


It’s hard not to feel like Djokovic is on a mission


Stef’s path to the finals: R1: Q. Halys R2: R. Hijikata R3: T. Griekspoor R4: J. Sinner [15] QF: J. Lehecka SF: K. Khachanov [18]


only sinner was a threat to him


Lehecka was really solid


How was Khachanov not a threat


Khachanov has looked better recently but still he shouldn't be considered a big threat to beat Tsitsipas unless Tsitsipas beats himself. Tsitsipas had to play on a higher level to win vs Sinner compared to vs Khachanov.


Considering Karen has never beat him in 6 attempts I'd say not a threat


So you didn't watch the match then.


I did. I saw Stef win convincingly. He could've taken it in 3 but choked a service game


I didn't think Stef choked in his service game, Khachanov played great in those points. He could have played better in the tiebreak though.


How many first serves did he miss that game when it was 5-4? How many UEs?


What exactly about this match made you think that Karen was a threat? That he won the third set? I'd call that a slightly nervous finish from Stef, not really brilliant play from Karen. The fourth set was as dominant as you'd like. Stef is just a better tennis player at the moment, nothing more really needs to be said.


Perhaps the two giant forehands to save match point? The first 3 very tightly contested sets that could've gone either way?


First set sure, the second not so much. Stef played better the longer the match went on and kinda whiffed the tiebreak but recovered quite well and controlled the fourth. Karen wasn't bad but this is his ceiling at the moment.


I'm not gonna downvote you cause you know what they say about opinions, but I'm almost sure we watched a different match.




Very similar to Ruuds path to USO F, which he got a lot of hate for. Wonder why it’s not really mentioned for Stef


I think Stef has already proved his pedigree at AO by having made SF three times prior.


Excellent point, probably the main reason. Thanks


Sinner in R16 who lost the QFs in 5 sets against the eventual champion in his last two slams is much tougher than any opponent Ruud faced. Ruud also gets a lot of hate for being a total non-show in the final losing 11 games in a row.


List of players Stef has beaten in Slams : Federer , Nadal , Medvedev , Zverev , Murray, Sinner x2 , Rublev , Fritz, Bautista Augut, Dimitrov. Probably why people don't question it either. Proven to be able to advance through tough draws.


Yea even though he isn’t top 10, Sinner is definitely around the level of one (superior to Rublev/Fritz for example)


And a former RG finalist. He's not some chump that fluked his way to a final.


Ruud was also a former RG finalist, earlier that same year.


Ruud is fraudulent


The difference is Tsitsipas has beaten top 10 players several times in Grand Slams, including Roger in AO 2019 and Rafa in AO 2021


And Djokovic at the AO23, it all comes together


His record is generally good in Australia


Great question, not sure why you're downvoted for that.


Probably one of the easiest routes to a grand slam final


Yeah, the second easiest route to the final of this tournament.


almost as easy as Djokovic not having to play a single top 10 player en route to both of his last 2 Wimbledon finals, as well as getting to face Tommy Paul in the semis here in Australia


Literally not even the easiest route in this grand slam...


Kyrgios at Wimbledon going to take some beating


foot faults, time penalites, choked serving out a set twice… and he still won convincingly. proud of stefanos for making his first AO final! and credit to khachanov for the amazing way he clutched that third set breaker. unreal redlining to steal the set.


He proved that he can recover from disappointment in convincing fashion. Now there’s just the final boss between him and number one


Third set tiebreak\* but semantics


first grand slam final for stef!


I see what you did there


Found Djoker’s secret Reddit account


AO Stef >>>> RG Stef.


But I love RG Stef 🥹


Credit to Stef, he choked a few points but just kept pushing. Pumped for the finals!


Stef will have to build up an even bigger lead than 2 sets to love to chance a chance against Novak lmao. Maybe 2 sets and a break? 😂😂


Scenes when Novak comes back from 0-2 0-5 down and delivers the classic "at this moment I knew he had something to lose" in his champion speech


>Maybe 2 sets and a break? Not enough. It will just make Nole smile in the desire for revenge.


Beating Djoker in the final of an Australian Open makes Tsitsipas the dude going forward and gives him a chance to turn into whoever he wants to be. Still see him winning the first set and then getting eaten but ya can't ask for a better opportunity.


Losing gives us a stream of brilliant and deep Twitter and Instagram posts though. I know my preference.


Tsitsipas really took the scenic route for that win but managed to get the job done. Tommy Paul in straights.




Pretty awesome for Stef. Gives him a chance to play Novak in the finals and secure the #1 spot. If anything, if he does win, it'd be deserved. You gotta beat the best to be the best.


Nice things to say to Eurosport Greece: [https://twitter.com/EurosportGR/status/1618900101493133314](https://twitter.com/EurosportGR/status/1618900101493133314) He was asked about the Big-3 and how they made each other better. Which 3 he would pick as the rivalries that made him better and he chose Djokovic, Medveved saying he is someone that has improved him as a player and also Rublev because he hits stronger than anyone else and you need to have him constantly under pressure. And as a bonus he said Rafa because he helped him grow, especially on clay.


Stef was the better athlete with the wider array of skills, end of story


Thank fuck. Holy shit that match was giving me heart palpitations


Same here.


The skill ceiling difference between Tsitsipas and Khachanov was clear today


Great recovery. That shit takes mental strength after giving away a set like that


Honestly scoreline makes it look closer than it was, stef was levels above today (except 15 mins at the end of 3rd).


Υeah, he played against himself in many moments. He could have won it 3-0 with only one TB.


In both the 1st _and_ 3rd set he needed only two serve it out to win the set and avoid the tiebreak. Could have convincingly won 3-0 without the TBs. He's not even a terrible server, just gets nerved out when he's up and needs to clutch it.


Exactly my point. I'm not even talking about the 2 MP. These things happen. But he could have served it out twice.


Very happy for Stef, hope he gives Novak a run for his money.


At some point in the first set, maybe right after Tsitsipas’ double double fault, I felt a bit of an existential void. Just a feeling of, “why does this even matter? Novak will toy with either of these two pretenders in the final”


With that kind of thinking the entire tournament doesn’t matter since Djokovic was a clear favourite before it started


Oh it’s not about winning, it’s about “toying”. His matches have been very non-competitive. Not his fault obviously, but you feel a bit robbed not watching anyone actually give him a game.


His hamstring is destroyed. But he also absolutely slaughtered his last 2 opponents, so maybe he loses 20 games over the next 2 matches.


His hamstring is fine?


I predicted that he loses no more than 2 sets on his way to the title. He’s lost 1 so far. Maybe Stefanos takes 1 set in the final: https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/10dg6u4/how_many_sets_will_djokovic_drop_on_his_way_to


I'm just here to find out what the African word was ¯\\\_ (ツ)\_/¯


Ubuntu, he just misspelled it slightly. It means 'I am because we are'. It's an Nguni (Zulu) word, spoken here in South Africa. I think Stef was referring to the crowd that supported him so much.


Nice thank you for the explanation.


You're welcome. I'm kinda chuffed that he used it 😂


If Tsitsipas manages to reiterate his FO 2021 final feat, we might need to equip this sub with a defibrillator for u/jsnoodles.


I’ll be at the first aid room in RLA.


Stefanos has been playing amazingly well so far. I believe he has unfinished business against Djokovic, who is cruising against Paul right now, but has a destroyed left leg and looks quite gassed. The final will be much closer than people anticipate. Djokovic in 4.


Dare I believe that the Small Kid can fight against Nole?


he absolutely has the game to do it, the only other two grand slam matches they’ve played have gone to 5 sets each


that backhand will absolutely not hold up against a healthy Novak.


more than likely not, but assuming Novak is healthy (big if, based on his own words) i still feel like Tsitsipas has more of a chance than most of this sub seems to be giving him. Tsitsipas has taken Novak to 5 sets both times they’ve played in slams, both times Novak was 100% healthy


I think so, specially with how he's been playing


Hey Novak, Stefanos just made it into his *first* GS final!


Small kid put up a good fight


Normality seems to be resuming in tennis


AO finalist! Who would have thunk it when he went out in the first round to Galan of all people at the last USO? So happy for him!


He didnt even celebrate that one that much because he know who he will meet in the final lol


His strategy for the final has to be just swing and be fearless. its the only way


People that say tennis is mostly mental are insane. Karen was better mentally today, but Tsitsipas just outclassed him. Can see why some commentators might say that, since tennis does really feel like a battle against yourself and a pursuit of perfection/focus, but at the end of the day, talent is talent. Tsitsipas just dominated the court with his forehand, matched or exceeded Khachanov on serve, and shrunk the court with his superior defensive skills. Khachanov made it a good match, for sure. Very solid, aggressive when he could be, served great. Just not enough dimensions to his game to break through.


at this level i don't think he has a chance against Novak. Nice match tho.


Stefanos, so hot right now. Well done Tsitsipas, he's playing some exceptional tennis. Hopefully he'll give Novak something to remember him by in the final.


i’m good with this matchup for the finals


Tsitsipas v. Tommy Paul?


Greek God vs American Underdog, a tale as old as time


For some reason I thought it was gonna go 5 or at least a tight 4 setter after Khachanov’s comeback…


At least now Novak gets to play someone in the final, that is not lost in the space and time...


It's time to be champion


Tsitsipas is playing the best tennis of his life right now. It's time he gets a grand slam?


I love Novak, I really do, but please for the love of God PLEASE let Stef win this thing 😩


Has Stef always ripped his forehand like this? It looks to me like he’s hitting it harder and better than ever


The Australian open trophy(Runner up) where 127 players play each other to lose against Novak Djokovic in the Final goes to Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greek this year.


Boy you shoulda known by now, Tsitsi does it.


African word?!??


[REDACTED] should be very proud of his Australian Open, played quite well and put up a good fight in this match too. Looking forward to see the form [REDACTED] brings to the rest of this year’s season!


Good to see Khachanov took a set off Tsitipas. Didn’t have time to watch except followed the live scores, hope it was a respectful but well contested match.


It was respectful, no dramas of the wrong kind.


Can't wait for tommy Paul to win joker


Tittypass is in career best form. Will be a big challenge for nole. I think it will be five sets.




that would be a shitty final for a GS.


if if if does not exist but a rune and korda winning in qf would have been more unpredictable


Worst aus open in a long time games been so dull


Fuck now I have to support Novak in the final 😔