I personally get stressed out watching this angle for too long. The ball feels much faster and it is harder to gage if a shot is going in or out (which is of course cool to see from the player's perspective, but to actually follow the match equally from both sides of the court it does not work). I do think it would be cool though if platforms like TennisTV let you toggle between court view preferences so everyone can be happy.


I'd like to be able to see more than half of the court.


Your opinion is probably the most popular, judging by how scarcely tv broadcasters give us the low angle. For me, it’s so much more satisfying to be able to see the ball trajectory and ball speed.


It's cool in certain moments but a whole match from this point of view could be tough to follow. Wide angle lens makes everything look faster and every point looks an incredible recovery and also you can barely see what the other player far from the camera is doing. On the other hand, the opposite of this, using the type of lenses they used for the ATP finals, with the court that looks stupidly short and the imagine is so flat that players seems shooting in slow motion, doesn't provide a great view either. You totally miss the actual speed of the match and the actual dimension of the court.


Plenty do It will never happen for primary broadcast feeds though, as it is just a crap angle for all but die-hard fans.


We (tennis players who love watching) have been begging for this angle forever, especially since HD broadcasting took over.


I wish they’d give us the option


No. It's a better angle for judging speed and spin of shots, but MUCH worse in terms of telling if the ball is in or out and seeing both sides of the court at the same time. Its a cool secondary angle for a few points, but I much prefer the normal broadcast angle over this one


I feel the vertical movement is lost with this angle.


I just wish broadcasters gave us the option to choose which camera angle to watch from