Toni Nadal absolutely raging


He is not alone…


Toni was able to shape Rafa....I wonder if he can be successful with FAA....assuming once again that FAA has the talent. I don't follow those players as much as I do #Fedal but is FAA that talented? my impression has always been that Shapovalov was better in that CAN crowd


FAA seems like he has all the tools but not much of a game plan every time I watch him play


FAA is a top 20 talent with top 10 potential. His game is all around solid. There’s not a whole lot wrong with any given part of his game. His forehand is a weapon and he has a solid serve. His backhand is not a reliable weapon but it is a serviceable rally shot. And he is also a great mover. Everything is there to be successful. There isn’t anything that you look at and go, “he has a technical problem with X part of his game” like, say, Paire’s forehand, or every American’s backhand. Which kind of leaves people scratching their heads. Ultimately, he is not a big match player. His mentality comes and goes, and when it goes it really goes. He’s so aggressive that he just sprays errors everywhere. His strategy is pretty one dimensional and he doesn’t seem to have a Plan B. On top of that, he’s is basically your standard aggressive baseliner like most of the top 50. There’s little to no variety in his game. So if one thing doesn’t work, pretty much none of his game works. I kind of think of him as Zverev-lite. Right now, FAA has a steep hill to climb to reach that pre-career hype he got. I think he can eventually get close as he gets older and matures, but honestly, this sort of wonkiness is more often than not indicative of how a player will be most of their career. Sure, we can all point out players that got past a slump like this, but they’re clearly the exceptions to the rule. There’s dozens more that fall into mediocrity after a lot of hype and that’s the norm.


Main reason FAA was hype cause he was playing challengers at 14 and had a short string of hot results in early 2019 when he jumped to the top 50 really quickly. His game is technically solid but not that impressive honestly. Basically a supposed big all around hitter who somehow doesn't hit big or solid enough.


FAA never seems to hit the "right shot" well, when he really needs to. That's costed him a lot at this level. Hopefully Uncle Toni (or someone else) can help him with that, b/c it's becoming more and more of a recurring issue with young Felix. It's also an issue that is mostly mental, and will take considerable time to fix ...


Nadal is a completely different beast. I really doubt FAA is even close, but I do hope Toni can bring out his potential.


Actually? Or are you just saying this


At what point do these FAA losses against players ranked below him stop being regarded as upsets, and instead viewed as a standard result? The guy needs some serious work on his mental game, as soon as things stop going his way his level visibly drops for a few games. He’s such a streaky player, and if he doesn’t fix his mentality and consistency his ranking will tank. I’m seeing shades of Borna Coric in him in that sense. Not to discredit Musetti in any way, the results and the style of play that guys like himself, Alcaraz and Sinner have displayed over the past 18 months have got me super excited for their futures! I was hyped about Felix around 2017/18, but his performances in the same timeframe leaves much to be desired.


It’s also possible that FAA isn’t going to be an elite player. Not sure if this is a mental issue or his game just isn’t better than top 20.


I think it's possible he could sneak into the top 10 but he'll sit between 11-20 for most of his career. He's one of the weaker players mentally of his generation and I don't see much of an overall strategy to his game. I think he overplays as well, trying to hit harder than he's able to consistently hit at, hence a lot of the errors.


Captured the screenshot, in case FAA become a top player.


Hehe that's fair. Hats off to him if he does, I'm just not convinced about him - I feel like he should've improved more from 2019 than he has.


chill he's 20 years old




Feds was a mental chump at 20 too. I’m not saying FAA is going to be anything in particular but it’s way too early to say anything as confident as “his ranking will never deviate from 12-17 for the next 15 years”


This. I think he just doesn't produce enough quality shots on an ongoing basis to be winning tournaments. I don't think it's a mental issue.


he needs a good psychologist, until that happens toni can only do little


Most likely: look at what having a good sports psychologist has done for Iga Swiatek's game!


He’s got game. Now he needs to work on the brain.


There's alot of misinformation in this thread about FAA's skills, shotmaking ability, power, etc. His shot power and ball striking at its peak are top quality. He generates topspin at a well-above average level (there was a graphic that showed him as generating the 4th highest average RPMs at the French last year). Point is he hits hard and with spin on both sides. His service power is fine, but he needs to work on consistency there and must improve his 2nd serve. His mental game is a mess, and his strategy and approach to the game is currently undergoing a monster overhaul with Toni. I wouldn't expect to start seeing results until around the end of the season. There is alot more fixing that needs to be done there than alot of people realize.


More talented player won


Love Musetti’s style and touch. Very refreshing to see compared to ball bashers.


assuming he has the talent to be an elite player, perhaps he should hire a sports psy


He just started training at the Nadal Academy and I am quite sure he is commited to the sport since Toni Nadal decided to coach him. Also Being around and hopefully training with other strong like-minded players like Rafa and Ruud there can only be a benefit and as long as he keeps on the grind right now I am confident he'll come out with a big game.


Pretty much: this is gonna be a tough rebuilding year for him, and I'm sure Uncle Toni & Co. told him just that.


FFA plz win a match


FAAilure feeling the pinch. Go Lore!