The most unexpected doubles duo id see


Reminder that Tomic-Nadal happened.


Tomic and Nadal played pretty well together


Nadal carried them and Tomic put some effort in.


Really didn't expect this combo but looking forward to this 🤣


Yeah I am definitely going to watch their matches


That's some big serving


Venus doing what she wants and I’m here for it.


I would also choose to play mixed doubles with Nick. After we won, I'd insist we fill the cups with mixed drink and pose on top of cars with them.


The collaboration I never knew I needed (but now desperately want to succeed!) Have fun and play well 😎


Imagine if they win and he can start slagging his best buddy Murray on Instagram about going out in the second round


I forgot Andy also played doubles with another Williams sister lol


Oh, I love every bit of this.


Well, this sound GREAT! They both can serve, Nick can cover like a madman if he wants to. It may be very entertaining tennis. I'll have to check out at least the first match.


Venus making some very questionable choices lately but at least she's having fun


Think Kyrgios is making a clever choice. His chances are better here.


Karats will come for his head. But it's definitely a wise choice knowing he'll be out early by Humbert.


Nick beat Humbert at AO, I think he beats him again here


Nick played a warm up tournament in Australia. He not only didn't play one here, Humbert just won a grass title recently.




Oh for sure they'll have a blast playing together, that's not the questionable part haha


Am I out of the loop? What questionable choices? Venus is a mf legend


Or Venus is incredibly down to earth and doesn't worry about "the integrity" of tennis like half this sub freaks out over.


I actually think that Venus cares a great deal about the integrity of tennis, and this move is actually (likely unintentionally) a statement on what the integrity of tennis actually is.


Kyrgios looks like a fun guy to hang around with.


If he likes you, yeah.


Kyrgios likes everyone


Except Nadal and Djokovic lol


And ruud, and verdasco, and…




Yeah, no.


She’s retiring soon


I wish mixed doubles received more attention. Finding ways to get men and women playing with/against each other in any sport is at least worth looking into.


I mean look at Venus and then look at kygs... the sheer difference in personality this is soo bizarree istg kygs you better behave


I was thinking (hoping) her calmness has a calming effect when he gets in one of his moods.


I think she could give him a damn good stare down. "I ran over and killed one person, I'll kill you too" (I know it was the other driver's fault)


I mean in doubles he always behaved differently right ?


He usually behaves in doubles or any team events because he doesn't wanna let anyone down, it's only during his single matches that he acts that way mostly. His performance in the ATP cup a couple of years ago is a good example of this.


honestly they're actually pretty similar, venus is just better at putting on a smile. but she's no stranger to slapping around press and turning on the sass to rude opponents.


So random, but why not?


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>Venus stanning Nick Kyrgios I always thought stanning meant being obsessed with someone, and not just "it would be fun"


Lmaoo yeah it does technically mean that but nowadays it’s used more in a relaxed way rather than the obsessed way Eminem used it in when he created that word.


This is the absolute biggest "fuck the haters" move i can imagine


Wanted *since* 2017 is a stretch. Saying something back in 2017 is not the same as wanting it the entire time and during the really shitty years of Kyrgios' behaviour. She could have changed her mind against it but then this year decided it's something she was interested in again.


Never too late.


Oh? Did not see that coming


I love Venus but this shit just encourages Kygrios's bad behaviour. for everytime he has a fun match there a hundred other times where he fucks over the crowd, his opponent and the lines people by being an abusive asshole.


He only does that when he plays alone. In a team context he is more chill.


i think people are underestimating how kygrios is an almost completely different player mentally when literally anyone but himself is on the line. every doubles match, every davis and laver cup match, he goes 100%. he’s only a dick when he’s the only one who will suffer the consequences of it. i think he’ll do great with venus.


Venus is a big girl and if anything, she will have a positive influence on him. Not likely, but still possible.


This reminds me of the time Rafa played doubles with Tomic.








Nick has definitely been on the end of racism even from his own country's Olympians, like when Dawn Fraser said he needs to leave Australia and go back to where he came from. (He IS from Australia)


you don't speak for all of us, it doesn't work like that


Nothing harmful telling Wawrinka in the middle of a match that his girlfriend slept with some else? He's a giant prick, probably has a small dick.


It's not like Wawrinka didn't leave his wife so he could 'play better tennis' but it was actually so he could continue fucking an 18yo without a guilty conscious. He deserved a bit criticism for that and no-one was giving it to him so Kyrgios did.


Yeah, Stan is a huge piece of shit and the stuff Kyrgios said was the least of his worries.


The problem was that Nick dragged Donna under the bus by talking about who else she slept with. The problem was never that he was insulting Wawrinka


She was dragged under the same bus as Kokkinakis.


In what area of the world do you live in where "this guy FUCKS" is not a compliment? In the Western world, "Kokkinakis banged ur gf" means that Kokkinakis is a stud. It does not carry the same connotation for the woman involved. **Edit** Even the statement itself, when Nick said it. It was meant to fuck with Stan, right? Why would it possibly have that effect? Simple: because it's saying that, at minimum, Kokkinakis "had her" first before Stan (going to the manliness of Stan that someone else was faster at being a stud), and beyond that possibly it's an insult that Donna is worth less because she's "dirtied" and thus Stan has a less valuable partner.


He spit on a chair umpire in the middle of a match.


This is such an elitist tennis fan comment LOL. Trash talk or sledging is super common in other sports. All American sports have it, so does soccer/football (See: 2006 World Cup final). Heck, the Aussies criticizing Kyrgios have no standing when they support the Australian cricket team—who are infamous for routinely sledging opponents during a match.




It's not part of tennis and Stan did not take it as such. But I agree, Krygios is trash. He's had a lot of support from tennis and top players and he's still hellbent on acting the fool. I blame his parents who made him into a spoiled brat. He'll be gone in five years or less.




lol you just reminded me of the famous Cheerios incident with Melo and KG


Lol they not ready to hear about this homie


So easy to blame it on them being white. I'm neither white nor wealthy, but he's just a dick. I agree tennis can be too uppity sometimes but Kyrgios has only his behavior to blame for people disliking him.


An Australian athlete told Nick he needs to go back where he came from and leave Australia. That's definitely racist.


Stop bringing up race into everything. Kyrgios does some really lame stuff. If he were to shut up and just play Tennis no one would dislike him. I liked his play from the very start but his play got more boring later on and he would just constantly trash the umpires over and over.




Mixed doubles. The retirement home for washed up players


Ostapenko, Murray, Tiafoe, Coco Gauff, Riske, Zheng, and Serena played last Wimbledon. Jaime Murray and Azarenka were runners up in 2018. Current world #14 is washed up? It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about. You might want to delete your comment!