Isha Price talked about the hate young Venus and Serena used to receive and it's crazy! Like people used to call them monkeys and she also said that Venus took the hit for it and as a result Serena could be a to freer, make more friends on tour

Isha Price talked about the hate young Venus and Serena used to receive and it's crazy! Like people used to call them monkeys and she also said that Venus took the hit for it and as a result Serena could be a to freer, make more friends on tour


Never underestimate the ability of people to be **utterly vile** with someone who is different.


What’s funny are the comments about her body though. Never understood it. Is Ronda Rousey also a man by their logic?


Some many people, even the women commentators took forever to come around to them. I don't know if people realize that. They were always "too big" and "too strong" for the game. Those were said as insults to them.


I am glad that with King Richard coming out, these topics are being revisited. The sheer hatred and racism experienced by the Williams sisters was beyond what any of the current players on the tour are facing. The closest might be Djokovic who is routinely booed and jeered, and perhaps Tsitsipas since his toilet incidents. Right from the beginning of their careers, the Williams sisters were viewed negatively. At first, it was about how they lacked technique and were relying on brute force (not true in retrospect). Then, by mid-2000s, as their careers were marred by injury-related absences, criticism shifted to how they were making excuses, were being lazy and being ungrateful to the sport. This is among all the colorful epithets that people liked to use such as "William brothers", "monkeys", "ghetto". Meanwhile, some of their rivals, most notably Hingis who were utter brats never received the same amount of criticism. Hingis had made distasteful remarks towards nearly everyone on the tour and yet was seen as the classier counterpart who "tells it like it is" to the more "brutish" Williamses. It is a sheer testament to their mental strength, that despite being booed by mostly upper-class white crowds in tennis matches early in their careers ([Indian Wells](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wfy30yDE-bE) and [Miami](https://youtu.be/PHUJJ6UQ2PI?t=526)), Venus and Serena managed to build careers that utterly outshined their closest rivals. [Extra video by Vox on racism against Serena](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF5OdUTT6Ro)


I'm also really glad that newer fans can see what they went through and some older fans remember how it really was, the amount of people who used to minimize what these 2 sisters went through in this sub was too much. It's not to excuse every action that Serena has had for example, that's not what this is about, but people not realizing what a teenager goes through and how that shapes them for life, imagine you as a teenager entering into stadiums and suffering that or listening to interviews from fellow players, commenters and other sport persons who talked in those ways of course something remains there even as the years go by.


Maria Sharapova said some very racial charged things about the Williams sisters/ Serena in the early 2000s as well that i think people tend to forget about


It's so funny how many people were desperate for one of the Williams' sisters to test positive for drugs, and then that happened to Maria. Sharapova lost a lot of respect from me for moaning that she lost to Serena so often because Serena is stronger. The funny thing is that Maria has a natural advantage- five inches of height- that can't be overcome. Serena's advantage is strength, which absolutely can be achieved through hard training.


i know about the stuff sharapova said in her book but what else?


im talking about what she wrote in her book


It was Hingis not Sharapova. Maria never said anything racial toward Serena or Venus.


On a side note, the way Serena talks about Venus always warms my heart. How Venus is so humble that she won’t even admit that she opened doors for Serena to walk through and how she looks at Venus with so much admiration and respect. Makes me wish that I had a big sister 🥺


Its ridiculous that people have that much stupidity and disrespect to spend time writing hate mail


Have you seen this sub when Serena plays lol?


Ugh i try to not look


So glad this is being brought up again! People keep talking about this as if it's not still happening and I'm not sure the organizers of these tournaments have ever addressed these things head on. Sports will always be a reflection of the society in which they occur. If people are racist and terrible out here, they take that into the stadiums and onto the courts. There needs to be intentionality and direction specifically for addressing racist, sexist, and ableist issues in sports. They make too much money from these events to let their athletes be abused like this ever again. I know football/soccer is just as bad.


Have you seen even this sub and how toxic it gets in any Serena match? Yeah the bar is not nearly as even many would like to pretend. Tiafoes and Medvedevs antics are very similar yet just a few weeks ago we have seen many laud Medvedev as a breath of fresh air and multiple threads claiming tiafoe is a threat to the sport. You don't have to look much further than the community here to see how old school tennis has been. It's been a sport incredibly slow to modernize


If anyone honestly believes that Tiafoe is a threat to the sport, they need to have their head examined. He’s bringing some much needed passion and charisma to the sport.


Which is why there's a huge disconnect between what many on this sub want and the more casual fans in attendance at event. Despite the ATP and WTA's intentions at times, the game is expanding it's demographics. We are already seeing some of the changes in action that just 10 yrs ago would have been widely criticized such as wimbledon playing on middle Sunday ( thank fucking god btw..) Next up is rules such as coaching( I won't like this change but.. it's a matter of time honestly ) and traditions such as all white at Wimbledon that will eventually go away. I won't spend too much time on the surfaces slowing down, but that's also to help the game grow. Even today, no casual fan enjoys watching Opelika isner raonic etc. No tourney will ever willingly speed up their courts by any sizeable degree to cater to their games. Tournaments are businesses...they won't commit suicide financially just to cater to the few on this sub who are Federer fanatics that have some misplaced belief that rafa and nole only won due to slower surfaces despite the fact that all 3 of them played on virtually identical sets of surfaces for their careers..


They’re a bit different in that Medvedev’s reactions are usually against the crowd (or the surface lol) and are self-destructing while Tiafoe sort of influenced the match to his advantage. Meddy was a bit disliked before he became a top 5 player (this year has been really good for him actually). Not saying that either of them is better than the other. I actually thought that the overall sentiment for Tiafoe was positive on the sub, must’ve missed the toxic comments.


Sinners mentioned both medvedevs actions and tiafoes as being distracting. Instead of blaming sinner for his lack of maturity in dealing with the situation ( which is the right thing to do . He's still young and will grow) many here chose to blame tiafoe just 2 weeks earlier while lauding Medvedev as one of the most entertaining players on your. You just mentioned that Medvedev would antagonize the surface/ and the crowd. I fail to see how that's any better and I'd argue it's even worse. The sub picks and chooses favorites. After sinner tiafoe there was a high up post on this sub insulting tiafoes gamesmanship. There was nothing close to comparable for Medvedev. Imo both scenarios are the same and both of them are operating within the rules of the game while taking a more modern and electric form of interaction with the crowd. Many on this sub don't have a consistent bar though. They will laud Medvedev and shit all over tiafoe. They are very comparable and there isn't any reason you can have a positive opinion about ones behavior and a negative behavior about the others without a clear sense of favoritism biasing the decision


No I agree, neither behaviour should be applauded and I find it quite curious how people pick whose antics are ok and whose aren’t. Both are cool guys off the court so it’s not that. Still Tiafoe is generally liked - I think. So my only reasoning to explain the situation is what I said before - Meddy’s antics are usually self destructing while Tiafoe’s are destructing the opponent (the rhythm at least). So supporters of the player losing to Tiafoe are getting salty which is often not the case with Meddy. Basically, whatever shit he does usually cases him more grief than to his opponent. And I say usually but there are probably exceptions.


Remember Medvedev has also been the only player to be DQed from a match between those 2. In terms of disruptions and penalizing behavior Medvedev is objectively worse. I'm not saying they should be applauded or criticized. All Im saying is that there needs to be consistency in the outrage. Either you hate tiafoe or Medvedevs behavior or you are okay with both. You can't have one opinion for one of the players and a different opinion for another when the underlying behavior is virtually identical. I disagree with the notion that tiafoe messed with the rhythm of others and Medvedev doesn't. The only gripes with tiafoe came up with sinner complaining. As far as I know, no other player on tour has complained about tiafoe. Its not even close to a tsitsipas toilet break situation where multiple players have complained. Note sinner also complained about Medvedev albeit in a more subtle passive aggressive way ( likely due to the fact that it came off as quite salty when he criticized tiafoe. Swap the order of the two events and I wager sinner would be far less harsh on tiafoe and more harsh on Medvedev).


I’m so glad you said it. This sub gets incredibly TOXIC whenever a Serena match happens. Also, the double standards towards Tiafoe, FAA, Sloane Stephens, or any Black player during their matches on here is PALPABLE. It’s vomit inducing for those of us who look like those players


I too am SO GLAD this is being re-visited. A lot of the newer tennis fans (who started watching in the 2010s) have no idea how disgusting the racism and hatred was that Venus and Serena faced. Players like Hingis, Davenport, Sharapova, etc routinely had nasty things to say about them (with racial undertones). Even all time greats like Chrissie and Martina would routinely make backhanded statements about Venus and Serena’s games (as if they were just swatting at balls and hadn’t been training since their single digit years), their wardrobe (especially the beads they wore in their hair), etc. It was disgusting to watch (especially for those of us who looked like Venus and Serena)


I am not a fan of them at all, or at least Serena and even I know how messed up that is.