She has made next to no adjustments for clay.


did you watch her first round match? she has made adjustments…




Touch some grass


Are you her fucking guardian?


That’s her burner account


No, he’s a 19 year old male looking to suck someone in Boston’s ‘big cock’ according to his profile. That and posting nothing but Osaka defence…


Did you seriously report them for a logical opinion


I’m somewhat convinced OP is Osaka’s sister or something.


Osaka's sister made a post on this subreddit once. It did not go well.


I vaguely remember that. What was she saying that was so aggravating, anyways?


> What was she saying that was so aggravating, anyways? It was in connection with the whole "refusing to give interviews" saga at RG. I don't remember the exact contents; it was well-intentioned but came off incredibly out-of-touch and just made the entire situation worse.


It came across as implying that Naomi's problems are not very serious. Here is the post: [https://www.tennisforum.com/threads/statement-from-all-grand-slams-tournaments-regarding-naomi-osaka-new-statement-from-grand-slams-after-naomis-withdrawal.1381758/page-29#post-82658721](https://www.tennisforum.com/threads/statement-from-all-grand-slams-tournaments-regarding-naomi-osaka-new-statement-from-grand-slams-after-naomis-withdrawal.1381758/page-29#post-82658721) You can find more relevant screenshots in that thread.


A bagel in Miami and a breadstick in Madrid. Naomi has been loving the carbs lately.


>A bagel in Miami Indian Wells too.




Fighting a deadly illness...


she looked really uncomfortable on the court, you could tell. Sorribes Tormo didn't have to do anything, just kept hitting the ball high and waited for Naomi's inevitable error.


Honestly this thread is a dumpster fire. So was this match. I kinda had a feeling something like this would happen whenever I saw that her next opponent would be Sorribes Tormo. Congrars to Sorribes Tormo, she played well getting an insane amount of winners back into play especially on the faster clay in Madrid. However watching this match I just couldnt help but feel like I wanted to turn it off. Tormo makes Errani look like an offensive player. Heck even Putinseva is more offensive. I definetly dont like watching this type of tennis but I respect it. Osaka does not have the variety or net game to counter that type of play. She never had and she probably never will. However who says that she did not make improvements on clay seems a bit biased to me. While Osaka will probably never slide into her shots I feel like she exhibited good shot and rally tolerance in this match, that I havent seen from her before, going for safe shots and incresing intesity in the rallies. I still feel like she will lose most matches on clay against defensively minded playes, but Im more than curious to see how she will fare during the next tournaments on clay in case she draws more offensive players. Because even on clay her offense is intimidating and it will take an inspired performance like Tormos to make her falter. Heck even Sharapova became a clay expert so Im interested to see what Naomi will learn from this loss and how she will move forward.


lol is the never ending history of the child who will be the next federer/agassi/nadal/messi/ronaldo..... he is 30yo and still never won a tournament ​ naomi is now more like an ex player she need to reboot his head is out off align with herself


Im not trying to be rude....I have no idea what you are trying to say. Can you explain?


oh yeah ​ you are telling "Heck even Sharapova became a clay expert so Im interested to see what Naomi will learn from this loss and how she will move forward." but if you look her body language is obvious she is unconfortable playing ​ she will never be a good clay player if she dosnt want to be there She is broken


I dont know she looked pretty strong against Potapova who one a clay court tournament just days before but thats just me I guess. Thank you for explaining it though, I got it now


I know this is sensitive topic with Osaka, but to me she just seems super unmotivated. Like you know you're not good on clay, but still refuse to play anything but masters or grand slam.. it's still too early in her career for her to completly ignore 250s and 500s, especially given her recent form.


she’s reached quarters here before, and she said she’s been motivated to improve and has adjusted her game


Everyone is different. I know that generally young tennis players try to play the maximum of tournament but maybe she decided it's not good for her? Specially now where her form is first due to mental problem than tennis problem.


I'm talking about clay specifically, like her game there has space for lots of improvement. It just doesn't make sense to me, since every other tennis player does it. If you suck on grass, you're not going to just show up at Wimbledon, you'll play 250 or 500 before it (if you actually want to succeed).


Shes awful


you’re right. she’s so awful that she doesn’t even have a single slam while her opponent has 4 and is the highest earning and most marketable female athlete in the world


yeah but shes awful now and you're incredibly cringe trying to fight for her you simp ass