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Imo it was a good match for Iga. Especially returning was almost like at the begging of the season. Yes, her serve is a work in progress, but more importantly she needs some wins to get her confidence back up. Anyway, I think people forget that before the clay she wasn't necessarily destroying opponents, especially in early rounds she often struggled and even dropped sets, but suddenly everyone expects winning 6-3 6-1 every match, even on hard courts. It's not gonna always be like that. But once she catches a couple wins in a row she might turn into winning machine again.


Iga saw Sloane call Rafa her bestie... And she took it personally


Shaky performance, but still with moments of brilliance from Iga. She's definitely "work in progress" atm.


That sounds about right. I attended most of the 2nd set, and there were too many unforced errors by both players for my liking, but Iga hit more high quality shots than Sloane when she (Iga) wasn’t making errors.


I was so worried after Iga got broken back in the second set. Hope she finds her earlier form heading into New York.


[the real motivation of iga in this match](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/wqxgnm/sloan_with_her_bestie/)


only able to watch the highlights but their forehands >>>>


Can anyone tell me why her name is pronounced with an "n" before the "t". The rest of the pronunciation makes perfect sense. But that "n" sound always throws me for a loop.


It's simplified pronunciation for letter 'ą' in ' Świątek', check out in Google Translate how to pronounce this individual letter


Ą – one of the two nasal sounds preserved in Polish. Interestingly, the sound represented by Ą is not a nasal A, but rather nasal O (which would make a different notation (ǫ) more sensible). It sounds more or less like ‘on’ in ‘wrong.‘


Thank you. I had never seen the "a" look like that. Always just plain old American English "a".


You can hear the players pronounce their own names if you go their WTA profile page and click on the audio icon next to their name.[https://www.wtatennis.com/players/326408/iga-swiatek](https://www.wtatennis.com/players/326408/iga-swiatek)


Is the bakery closed for good? :(