Fantastic match and what an effort it must have been for Siniaková to come all the way to Slovenia just the week after she won the US Open doubles title with Krejčíková?! She also played played like 5 sets yesterday before battling it out with Ryba today. 👏👏👏


Great day for WTA. Some amazing matches today.


Siniakova really grinded her opponents down this tournament. Absolute wall.


Siniakova's underrated. She may have herself to blame for the results as she's a bit inconstant, but dhe's a great player.


Good for Kat👍


Czechmate! Katya gives all she's got to win 1st title in 5 years, same day as both Fruhvirtova sisters win their tournaments. [Champion and trophy](https://imgur.com/a/fnopch7)


Well done to Siniakova. What a gruelling schedule for her on the back of the euphoria of completing the career grand slam in doubles at the US Open last week. I'm delighted to see her winning her first singles title for more than 5 years. I think that this tournament only had 1 player ranked in the top 20, while Chennai only had 1 player ranked in the top 30, and they were both enjoyable with a very good standard. It's things like this IMO which further highlight how the overall strength in depth in the WTA (i.e. outside the top 20 / 50 / 100 etc.) is better than ever before. Something like this would have been impossible in most previous eras (where the top 10 was stronger but the top 100 was far weaker).


Classic WTA stuff


Yeah, a classic good WTA match


Good WTA matches; as scarce as a lunar eclipse


Apparently you don't watch WTA at all.