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I was hoping for one last singles thriller but I think that was always a pipe dream with his bad knee. A Fedal doubles match to finish off his career seems fitting.


I don’t think you’d want to see him play singles given how long he’s been out for. He’s a shotmaker that needs to develop rhythm/momentum to play well. I love him but if he were to try to play singles he’d be making errors left and right.


Also important to remember he got bageled in the last competitive set he played and could hardly win a point on his second serve. Likelihood is that his opponent would go easy on him considering it's his last match, but that's almost worse for a competitive guy like Roger


It should be noted that his knee was already bothering him quite a bit during that match. Federer has never been the type of player to retire during a match, though, so he took the bagel like a champ.


Yeah agreed. I expected him just to play a doubs and then call it.... Fedal would be a perfect sendoff, considering they've been so important in each other's careers. I wonder who the lucky opposition will be? Fritz and Tiafoe? Felix and Demon?


Bro how smart do you think you are? Federer can still make the shots.


no he cant thats why he has retired, sport has passed him by. I been saying this since hurackz smashed him in Wimbledon


Just Fedal moments. It'd be fitting although still a bit sad because that's all he could give. Also I'm the only one who didn't know he was injured in 2019.


Is it confirmed that Rafa will be the doubles partner? I worry They might try to pull a younger doubles partner to signal a shifting of the guard (tsitsi or Alcaraz) or something like that. It wouldn’t be terrible but I would way way prefer Fedal


I don't think Alcaraz is in the team is he? Could be Tsitsi or Andy, but surely they'll give Fed the choice for his last ever match.


it would be most fitting for it to be fedal but djoker as a backup.


Alcaraz isn't on the team.


It's ok, we'll always have his thrilling final match vs Hurkacz :(




I think they were joking.


Why cant we have an all Big 4 doubles match?? 😭😭


I’d place a bet they’ll do this one day for a charity event.


Maybe as an exhibition. What would be the best combo? I reckon Federer and Djokovic/Murray Vs Nadal + the other would be better balanced than Fedal Vs the Djokovic and Murray. Fedal would be stacked at the net with the best two forehands on both wings. Djokosmash and Murray’s serve would then not help either with the backhands and Murray’s net hands not being enough to compensate.




How can you say nadal has functioning knees 😂 i actually am dreading fedal doubles coz of their very reduced mobility. I want them to win the match but how?


Nadals knees haven't really been a problem for quite a while now, his foot has been the issue


Yep. Foot has always been the issue and sometimes the source of his other body issues.


In rafas book he explained how the special shoe he needs for his left foot distributes the pressure differently causing more strain on his knees. They have been tinkering with it for years with Nike and I am guessing they have come to a design that not only helps his foot but also doesnt put too much on the knee.


Im the same. It's masochistic to be honest. I'm glad Novak is there and hope they will all embrace each other after different moments. Also Novak will be the best. I just fear instead of cute Fedal we'll get destroyed Fedal. I want fan fiction.


But novak is a terrible doubles player. And he got less matches too. A bit rusty, but mobility is yes. Only person who got good matches is andy, who got bionic hips. 🤷‍♀️


Ha.... out of the Big 4, the only one with a fully functioning body still is Novak.


Unfortunate that he's the worst doubles player among them


His bread-therapy paid dividends


Time is the undisputed, undeniable GOAT. Novak's body is next in line to fail. His mind has already failed him 🤣😂🤣


I always found it fascinating how a player like Djokovic can be so "bad" (for his standards) at doubles... like, why? Sure, it is a different game, but it is not THAT different. At club level, almost all good single players I know are decent enough in doubles.


Unironically the Djokosmash goes from mostly a meme in singles to an actual big problem in doubles


And why is an overhead smash such a problem for a player of Novak's caliber?


Sometimes a player just isn't good at something. It isn't a critical enough part of the game for it to be worth it to fix for Djokovic, so he doesn't.


Oh they have tried to fix it, they just couldn't. Source: Becker on Ivan Ivanović's late night show


He’s obvious still better than most at overheads, it’s just in pressure points he has a mental block. The guy can obviously serve at an elite level and has only gotten better over his career.


Mental block. Tennis is an incredibly mental sport, since any and all execution is purely on the player with no one else to blame. At this point, smashes are in his head and so he struggles. Zero shame in that, especially when his mental strength is so apparent in literally every other facet of his game.


The hardest part of doubles for me was the mental adjustment. The whole approach and strategy to the game has to be different. I was a defensive all court guy who almost never came to net, and it took me many many months to feel remotely comfortable with basic doubles techniques. It wasn't an issue of skill as I had a very strong and reliable serve, and very consistent volleys I could put anywhere comfortably. It was just wrapping my head around poaching, aggressively going for net positioning, putting more on the serve (esp on 2nd), being much more aggressive on returns, etc.


Great analysis. Still I thought Djoko would nail it. Or at least be better.


I'm really bad at doubles compared to singles but really I'm probably about the same level. My main strength is I'm super quick so I get to every single ball, in doubles that doesn't really matter that much. My secondary talent is being able to hit a shot back that I'm really reaching for, and that's a lot easier if you can choose between lob and drop shot. In doubles you need to have a ground stroke or a really nice lob So basically I can hit the same shots, but my little bonuses in singles don't apply to doubles. I imagine djoko is kind of the same, in that his edge is the way he gets to that extra ball that nobody else gets to and makes it possible shot back over the net. In singles there is more court to cover so it happens more often, and in doubles that one more shot you make the opponent hit gets put away 99% of the time, while in singles maybe it's only 60


Yes. Now I fear for team Europe. Tsisipas as the hope.


He’s not as strong with volleys and overheads, two key skills for doubles as you will be required to do a lot more of them more often. Doubles is also very aggressive attacking style of play. There is no baseline grinding strategy for doubles as your opponent will just close down the net and it’s GG unless you and your partner can consistently hit high deep lobs which is not realistic .


if he really wanted to he could be good at it lol..... doubles is just a joke to serious players in the top 10 (stefanos does not count))


Because of Jerry's broken foot.


Instead of team europe vs team world it should be team EU vs team world and we’d have Federer/Nadal vs Djokovic/Murray


Switzerland is not EU


Well there goes that idea. I don’t know why I thought they were


So EU (Nadal/Djokovic) vs non-EU (Federer/Murray). EDIT: Serbia isn’t part of the EU either, so I give up.


Gonna miss this guy


I know. It already hurts.


A lot


This means hubie bagel was his last singles match...


Oh no


As it should. The best way to bow out is when you can't give any more. No doubts, no second guessing.


"No doubts, no second guessing" two years later.


All people knew it back then in 2019. I hoped.. But maybe I'd get 5% if the covid didn't strike.. but what if don't matters.


What?!? He made the Semis of the ATP Finals in 2019. Won a M1000, won a few 500's. Semis in French on clay lost to Rafa on a crazy windy day. Lost to Novak in the decisive tiebreak in 5 at Wimbledon that he could have just as much won having multiple match points.


And then semis of AO 2020. 2019 showed no signs of decline


At least he kept his streak of never retiring.


His last singles match was a quarterfinals at wimbledon? Not too bad


Hubert hurtcackz


The irony is that Hubi went on a losing streak. And is literally the nicest guy.


He didn't go on a losing streak? His season end was pretty good.


Bagelling an injured player isn't really Bagelling.


LPT: after you've gotten bageled, claim an injury and you've no longer been bageled! This trick will work 100% of the time.


Especially if you’re a fan of Rafael Nadal.


You don't need to "claim" an injury, it was all very obvious with the way he was moving.


A bagel is a bagel man, Fed could have retired (I know he doesn't do that, but if you don't retire when injured, you are gonna get bageled)


We all know it’s gonna be Fedal, but I’m not ready. Once Roger starts crying, I cry


Roger/Rafa vs. Novak/Andy Winning team gets all the Wimbledons


amazingly it's been one of those four who won every single Wimbledon since and including 2003. That is TWENTY YEARS of Wimbledons between 4 people. (The previous 20 went to 10 people, if my count is correct)


Hewitt, Ivanisevic, Sampras, Krajicek, Agassi, Stich, Edberg, Becker, Cash, McEnroe You’re right


Rafa would do well out of that hahaha


Please let it be with Rafa


Lol y'all acting like there's even 0.1% chance it's with anyone else?


It's lazier writing than GoT season 8


Dude your flair might end up being true! I recall you have it since the start of the year. Major props.


I thought I deleted it at some point cause I distinctively remember fucking around with and not finding how to edit flairs cause I always forget that.


Might? I think it's a forgone conclusion now?


Nadal/Ruud winning ATP finals + Alcaraz tanking it? Yeah it's unlikely


I didn't realize it could happen at the atp finals so my bad there lol I'll leave my comment up as penance!


Also the Paris masters though Nadal will definitely not play so he's out


So he's going to play with Casper Ruud to subvert everyone's expectations?


There is no way in hell Rafa would risk playing now if it wasn't for Roger and that one final Fedal match.




Wild card and a bad time for everyone would be jf Fognini bursts out onto court uninvited to everyone's dismay.


They really should let Rafa/Novak/Murray tap in and out of the match so that way they all get to play with Roger.


Yes! I think he deserves a moment with all of them. It's a pity though that his conditional is apparently so so bad.


Welp, now I want some kind of immaculate super point where they all play during a single rally. Like, you start with Djokovic returning serve, who tags in Rafa when a lob is hit to return the smash, who'll then tag in Murray to complain despite him and Fed ultimately winning the point.


Get Stan in there too


Man, that would be such an emotional affair


Im a crybaby but when I think about it I'm emotional mess. History..


I just wanna see how they celebrate after each point


we all know it's going to be with Troicki.


You mean Tomic?


The way he wasn’t loading up on his right knee during the practice sessions with Tsitsipas was indicative of his current condition. Still he’s looking to go out on his terms. Warrior until the end. Much respect.


100s of millions can't save many many professional athletes from lifelong pain..hopefully he will still be able to get back to full function.


I didn't read up. Is he living with big chronic pain even while resting walking or only when exercising?


Hes been pretty quiet as to the extent if the injury


I don't think there's even been a confirmed report on WHAT the injury really was and how he got it. He played AO 2020 injured for most of it; said in some pressers it was a quad/thigh thing ... but turned out not to be?


its definitely knee


Following. I would assume it's only during loading, but..?


Remains for him to tell us explicitly, but professional athletes typically end up with some chronic pain/reduced quality of life due to intense musculoskeletal exertion over the years. Simply part of the deal


Yes. It's still so sad. I mean it's such a bittersweet goodbye.


Any videos? As a coach, and someone who has studied Fed's technique for 16 years, I'd be interested in analyzing it.


Yes, some are to be found on YouTube. More than likely titled something along the lines of “Federer practice Laver Cup 2022”. You should find some of him hitting with Tsitsipas. He has great technique as always. But it’s evident he’s no longer loading up as one should to add even more kinetic energy. He tentative to do so, signaling his debilitated state.


I watched some. His upper body is just as fluid as ever. But yeah, the bad knee that has had 4 surgeries (three in the last 2 years, and the first in 2016 that sidelined him for half a year), and you can tell he's trying to not put weight on it or load it from different positions.


I just watched some too. He’s really ginger on that right knee. Sad to see and happy he’s not trying to overdo it


Wow sucks for those people paying crazy prices for Saturday and Sunday tickets


It’s funny, as I’m pretty sure when the tickets first went on sale Friday were the cheapest


Everyone advised me that way! Now it's going to be up.


Highest I saw on Sunday on viagogo was £51,000


wow that's A LOT! I'd think such a person bought have a vip ticket for himself already easily.


Damnit, Im one of them. Got Sunday tickets. At least there will be a huge send off that day, no?


Yes everyone "knew" those would be the best. Overall it'll be very strange Laver Cup. Bittersweet and not on the terms I'd like.


The absolute dream doubles match with what id imagine is with Rafa. I will probably need a tissue box. Sweet send off.


Im not mentally ready.


I figured he’d only play doubles. Now the question is who will have the honor of being his partner 😏


how about they rotate through everyone else on the team, each one gets one game at a time


Honestly Laver Cup would be interesting if they actually embraced being an exhibition and did shit like this.


Yes. People would live for such moments. It's not a serious competition it's like comic con!


I don’t get why it was always promoted so seriously, it’s a mid season exhibition, fuck around! Invite the ladies and make up the rules as you go! It’s not about winning, come on, especially given that it’s always been a foregone conclusion


Definitely, there would be basically endless possibilities.


Gotta be Rafa. If Rog finds the energy for a second doubles match it’ll be with Novak. But Fedal comes first.


I feel like i read this off a massive block of stone. What a career.


Yeh. Has to be. I would like to see Fed / Djoker more on a personal level, but from the standpoint of rivalry and icon and history and all that good stuff it has to be Fedal.


So will he just “pull out” after that match? The format is that every player must play singles on one of the first two days.


Considering the circumstances I think they’ll make an exception this one time.


Gosh these onions


This is breaking my heart. If its doubles with Rafa (and who else would it be) it may also mean that the knee is so serious he can't effectively reach shots alone anymore.. Ah father time, so cruel.


Spares no one :(


If Roger starts crying and Rafa join in with crying, the whole of the of arena will start crying. I dunno, its somehow not how I thought it would be. I think the last 2 years accelerated alot of people's declines in many ways we don't know yet, but maybe people didn't go to the doctor as much, or people were burdened by invisible stressors. WIP theory


I'll be on the practice ground on Friday. When should I start crying?




I read this and tear up a bit.


Now. I started now.


How sad thank you for everything


Maestro :(


I’m holding out hope that he and the boys play wheelchair tennis…add a bounce and make it 3…we can still see the hair flow and graceful 1 handed backhands Or again, pickle ball (just kidding AGAIN)…


I’m excited I have tickets for Friday night.


Goes without saying we're all jealous but enjoy it! Give him lots of support on behalf of the sub :)


This would be the most watched doubles match of all time.


Fuck sake, only have tickets for Saturday and Sunday Seeing Fed play was a big reason for me going


I feel for you. We all predicted differently!


Is this reporting legit?


With Rafa? 🥺


Doesn’t he have to play singles based on the Laver Cup rules? I thought every player on the team had to play singles Friday or Saturday.


Technically, but it’s his event haha


He'll pull out after Friday and Berrettini will play singles in his place.


That’s what I’ve expected..play 1 last game and hand the racquet to someone else


They could plan for him to play the final match on day 3, and by then team Europe would probably have run over team world so badly that there wouldn't be any stakes for his singles match lol


Rules? It's an exhibiton haha


There are still rules. [See here](https://lavercup.com/how-it-works)


I know, but there's no bigger organism that has any way to enforce those rules. It's not like they are gonna get stripped of points or anything at all if they make an exception for the guy who literally runs the event. They make the rules and can bend them any time.


If they ask team world if it's okay and team worlds agrees then what's the issue? This is an exhibition anyway. The "rules" are for fun


Dude if he’s out he’s out that why they have an alternate, he can just say out cause of injury done.


The point of the event is to sell tickets and entertain. All rules are bendable if it is in everyone’s best interest.


Well they can say that he's injured. And that would be true... :*(


I think Roger Federer more than anyone else in tennis history has earned the right to do whatever he wants in an exhibition, lol.


Hopefully it's Rafa that will partner him. We need to see King GOAT along his buddy Rafa for the last time.


Any idea if it’ll be the afternoon or evening session? 🤞 for evening ah


Should be evening, as they are always the sessions with doubles in


No way is he having his sendoff on a weekday day session


I hope that it’s televised. I remember watching him when he was a brash young man with long hair, with exceptional talent. He turned into a gentleman on and off court. I will miss him. All the best on his new journey.


I know he's got the best knee specialists on the planet, literally probably, but yeah. As a person with shitty knees, this is a good call. Can't think of many sports that are more uniquely qualified to re aggravate a knee injury. Even the doubles is making me a bit nervous on his behalf.


Okay I'm prepared to cry, I'll have the tissues at the ready. It's guaranteed to be a Fedal doubles, it's what every one would want to see.


Should do it with tsitsipas as a bit


hell no


Expected that he would only play doubles tbh


That's too bad. Tickets are going to be expensive!


This just hurts man. I'm gonna miss him so much


If resale prices can be accounted for, the friday night session will likely have the highest gate of a tennis match. So glad to have a ticket to that session


I’m going on Saturday evening so I’m praying he is training well and manages to play doubles on Friday and Sat or just Sat!


yeah, Wimbledon 2021 showed there was no way he could keep up with the top 20 players in the world anymore, and it only has gone downhill since. Still super pumped to see Roger in some doubles action though. Fedal match would be excellent, can't see it not happening.


I thought each player had to play at least one singles match? Apparently not.


It'd be hilarious if he played his last match with Andy, the player he hated the most for no reason throughout most of his career. Edit: You all downvoting because you know the way Roger behaved towards Andy for many many years is probably Roger's biggest stain as far as his career and gentleman personality.


I don't know why you're getting downvoted, you're right. There were like list articles at the time with all the insults he had for Murray edit: the article is gone, but someone mentioned them here: https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/whats-the-beef-between-federer-murray.481526/


Because of two things: one being that some people legitimately don't know about it. And the other that people who do know, like to pretend like it never happened. Because like I said it's a huge stain in Roger's past, and a knock on his gentleman image that he crafted.


I also think that a lot of people started watching Roger when he started getting hype on ESPN/digital media. I notice a lot of people don't know about Roger's early years on tour either when he was really bratty on court. I honestly like that Roger is salty, sport is more fun when you get insight into what drives players, how they really feel


My favorite moment was when someone was complaining about tantrums and was like “I wish we could go back to the classy days of early Fed!” The man was as bad as Safin and Roddick back in the day.


Andy was not significant enough for federer to hate him. There is a chance he could have hated djokovic. Though i doubt it


Between 2005 and 2009, Murray had a 6-2 record against Federer Against Djokovic in the same period Federer was 9-5


Well you're just ignorant about tennis then. Roger always hated Andy and talked shit about him, up until when coincidentally he turned the h2h around. Only then he started liking him. But before? He hated him more than Novak.


Urmmmm.... Vintage Murray not significant... The 3 slam player (and how many finals??) who was the gatekeeper for a decade in the most brutal era of all time. You think Roger would always be excited to fight against the king of the grind who could chase every fucking ball? Clown commentary.


Damn. I kinda feel for Rafa in this situation... I mean, I know Roger's gonna cry like a baby because it's Roger but Rafa's more hit and miss with that sort of thing, but also I imagine he's gonna feel nervous about having to carry Roger through the match. I hope they don't loose! They've got the perfect doubles record... 🥺😭


No one negative face!


I know. Rafa isn't exactly match ready or mentally ready and it's going to be a mess. It's sad not happy. I wish how to change it to happy. Change of rules or Idk..


please please please don’t play it with tsitsipas that would destroy his last ever match for me


Dude, why the hell would he play with Tsitsipas lol? If he plays just once it's obvious it's gonna be with Rafa.


u never know bro I’m just concerned


Only managed to snag Friday night session ticket when the retirement video got posted. Glad I was lucky


I hope he is teaming up with Casper Ruud