What if they started sword fighting with their rackets?


Ughh what if


Guess we'll never know...


We would literally become the most watched sport


This should be the new tiebreak rule. It would be like jousting.


Djokovic and Federer, wb19. Who would win?


The biggest what if in tennis history.


The two mouteteers?


It’s over Moutet I have the high ground


Do they turn the rackets so the “pointy” side is out? Instead of parry there’s a split step


that was my first thought lol. Use the rackets boys, it could've been epic


Or with the cocks?


Imagine like in the en garde position


If if if…


I split my lip open sooo bad doing this once as a kid


Shit, what did I miss? What happened during the match?


Andreev wanted violations for Moutet for multiple racquet abuses, Moutet wanted violations for Andreev walking as slowly as possible after changeover and messing up his serve rhythm. Moutet constantly scolding the chair umpire


Drip drip drip down


how the fuck is this downvoted instead of upvoted, we got a lot of Denis Rapovalov haters I guess


What does his rap have to do with this post?


He did a collab with Corentin Moutet called "drip" and the person getting massively downvoted was referencing that rap. [THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO YES THERE IS AN OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U6EA7qPpJw) unfortunately just an animation on loop **Edit** Moutet takes a verse in French two minutes in, and it's surprisingly really good. You want a rap to change flow from stanza to stanza. Shapo really doesn't do that, which makes it just OK. But Moutet changes it up a lot, which I can appreciate.


Holy moly! Now this is something we don't see happen much in Tennis. An altercation coming so close to full bore brawling. Wow, really curious as to what ignited this fuse.


It's a match involving moutet so I'm going to guess moutet.


Yeah I realised he has quite a bit of temper huh


Yup. He’s fast becoming one of the more unlikeable players on tour


Which one is he


Shorter guy in green-ish shirt and shorts


explain pls


I mean after the push it gets pretty "handbags" with them both flailing a hand at each other. No one was going to get their head kicked in.


Novak has been practicing capoeira for just such an occasion lol.






I mean, they’re tennis players, they’re not really the kind of people I’d imagine are good at fighting to be honest


I wouldn't wanna fight one of those dudes. Think of the swing speed translating into an uppercut. Lights out.


Tennis requires more athleticism than many other sports. Athleticism = can kick your ass.


Eh, true. Tennis players are fantastic athletes but I would still rank them near the bottom of the “athletes I don’t want to fight list”. Probably just above non American football players 😂


>Eh, true. Tennis players are fantastic athletes but I would still rank them near the bottom of the “athletes I don’t want to fight list”. Probably just above non American football players 😂 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooWbGl1\_\_6s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooWbGl1__6s) ​ ignore the weird editing


My new favorite soccer player


> Probably just above non American football players https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEq_x8cK654


Non American football = soccer


Good point. It’s true you can’t underestimate anger when it comes to fighting. Tennis and soccer players probably aren’t angry enough.


I was just being cheeky to start a Friday. That video is funny though, tennis players seem to take their anger out on their racquets.


This is the closest thing to an actual fight that most tennis fans have probably seen in their lives. Let them have it.


This is the funny thing about Tennis, it's an extremely frustrating sport but you have few ways of taking your anger out, nor can you really blame the actions of the other player for your mistakes (like tripping/contact). So you have to blame things like them walking too slowly or you smash your racket. I think we don't see more "fights" like this because its hard to really blame the other player, but at the same time I'm a little surprised we don't see more since you can get really angry playing.


What about Zverev's and Medvedev's attacks to the umpire chairs? Like, they were n1 and n2... Theyre supposed to be better than that


Looks to me like Andreev started it first.


He started it! Yes he started it! He slammed my shoulder you think this is normal?


man yu better shat your fak up okay??


Daniil Daniil Daniil....




Did he also take emergency toilet then hit let and don't say sorry? And he still thinks he is a good kid?


Yeah, somebody should throw him into corentin, he needs a time out.


There´s a post today of Moutet trying to hit Andreev during the warm up.


It's actually exceedingly rare to see dust ups like this in tennis in the Open Era but there have been some instances. Daniel Koellerer was never far from a tussle before he got banned from tennis for match fixing. He blew kisses at Maximo Gonzalez after a win, which precipitated a wrestle in their hotel later that day. The late Federico Luzzi punched him after the Austrian spat in his palm before a handshake, resulting in a 3-month ban for the Italian. And even his own countrymen couldn't stand him, as his compatriot Stefan Koubek once grabbed him by the throat during a team event after Koellerer's insults became too spicy. The average player's glee when beating Koellerer: [https://youtu.be/otAq2v16Bbg](https://youtu.be/otAq2v16Bbg) Roddick and Lapentti once almost came to blows in the tunnel in 2002 after Lapentti complained about A-Rod's injury play acting. They had to be separated by an official. That was surprising as Lapentti was a cool customer most of the time. Michael Chang also accused Roddick of theatrics around that time, but no fight on that occasion! Roddick then-by his own admission-was later involved in an altercation with Djokovic where he pushed the Serb up against a locker at the US Open in 2008. Todd Larkham's brother also confronted John McEnroe in a car park at the Australian Open, inviting him to a fist fight after Mac skewered Larkham's performance on centre court in his live commentary. Super brat declined the offer: [https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2003/jan/20/tennis](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2003/jan/20/tennis) One of the most notorious tennis players in the men's game, Bob Hewitt, was knocked out by a 75 year old tennis fan annoyed by Hewitt's on court conduct: [https://www.nytimes.com/1970/09/23/archives/tennis-fan-75-attacks-hewitt-safrican-hospitalized-with-concussion.html](https://www.nytimes.com/1970/09/23/archives/tennis-fan-75-attacks-hewitt-safrican-hospitalized-with-concussion.html) Hewitt decided not to press charges and in later years we found out why he was wary of the police when he was convicted of sexual abuse.


Nice write up… I remember one more Ancic-Capedeville, Wimbledon I think… they got in each other face and pushed hands… it did not escalate


I always forget that one as Ancic was such a laidback guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbEzF3y6bUk


Why did roddick and novak have beef?


You should see what Novak said after he beat Andy at USO 2008. Before the match Andy was poking fun at Novak’s injury woes with the infamous “anthrax sars etc” comment and I don’t think Novak particularly liked it. Especially since Novak was known to be a bit of a pushover when it came to injuries at that time. After beating Andy he called him out in front of fans and he got booed pretty hard


Seems a bit weird if Roddick got offended by Lapentti and Chang calling him out, then he does the exact same to Novak and expects Novak to just take it? Or am I reading this correctly? But obviously probably a million details left out of all the situations so hard to judge anyway


Thought you meant lleyton hewitt for a second there. I wonder how nole would go in a fight.


>Roddick then-by his own admission-was later involved in an altercation with Djokovic where he pushed the Serb up against a locker at the US Open in 2008. Wawrinka did it to Kyrgios too after the infamous 'Kokkinakis banged your GF' on-court comment!


We forget about, who was it, Kubot choking someone? Edit: It was Stefan Koubek choking Daniel Korllerer in Austria.


Yeah that's included in my overview.


That’s some serious beef. Most tennis players run back to the locker room to try and get the first shot in on Twitter!






Just watched a video of the last 10 mins, first point Moutet serving at 5-6 misses a very easy forehand volley, belts the net with his racquet a few times and then sarcastically claps either Andreev, the crowd, or both before serving again. The fact that he'd managed to turn a French crowd against him suggests that that had probably been going on for a while, which must have led to Andreev's reaction at the end. This is also the second time in a week Andreev had beaten him in 3, so guessing there was some extra feeling in this one.


Andreev is having somewhat of a breakthrough on the Challenger level right now (jumped by 100+ spots in 3 weeks) which involved those 2 wins against Moutet. Probably stings to lose twice to a player outside of top 200 so I won’t be surprised if there were antics throughout the whole match.


There's a press conference with Andreev out now and safe to say you're not wrong about the antics.


Pussy move by shaking hands and then doing that. Don't shake hands then.


Andreev is in the cap, and Moutet is in the turquoise, right? It looks like Andreev aggressively body bumps Moutet in the handshake first, Andreev has some words, then Moutet shoves Andreev, then Andreev swings his racket at Moutet. That right?


As a famous bullshit Russian once said, “He started it.”


Interview after match explaining what happened https://youtu.be/y3k5r12gqPI


They wanna be Stefaniil so bad 😭😭😭


They should allow fighting in tennis


They need to theatrically drop their racquets, stand in the service box, grab each other by the polo shirt lapels, and fight until one of them hits the clay. Afterward they both have to sit in the players’ boxes for five minutes.


If this was the sport, Rafa could easily have 40 GS now considering how he's built


He is a lover not a fighter. I would back tsonga.


Idk I'll take Stan. He's built like a tank. [Tsonga vs. Stan, verbal altercation](https://youtu.be/XpvsOu1DSOU)


No chance. Tsonga has an ambidextrous punching style if this photo is any indication: https://images.app.goo.gl/utKzGz4GR8wZNvkq8


neither of em could even come close to dan evans.


Never seen that before. It is hilarious. Don't even know why he is so angry.


I support this. Whoever wins the fight wins the set


Hockey is the most retarded sport in the world. Even boxing is more civilized than this !


Went to a tennis match and a hockey game broke out


Sorry my mistake.Various writers on net claimed it was Moutet who started it with a bump.Poor reporting.


With Moutet’s temper, this is a matter of time.


Netflix licking their lips. This is the most people that will ever talk about a challenger match 🤣


Does starting a slap fight after a tennis match help or hurt Moutet's street cred as a rapper?


Since tennis players start out with negative street cred as rappers, any gains would be negligible.


Moutet always getting into situations like this…. Even if he didn’t start it, it’s always him involved


because he's insufferable on the court, literally makes his opponent loose his cool. He never starts it but is always the reason his opponent gets mad


Guy in blue doesn’t stop clapping…what a gem


I watch so many live matches how did I miss this


Quick reaction there from the umpire.


Some small cats that don’t know how to fight


Federer hasn't even been retired a month and the chivalry is gone.


How are these things connected?


Federer was the true modern gentleman of the sport, never complained, shouted heck he never even celebrated his own points too loud he just played his game. Now these guys wanna bring wrestling matches in post tennis.


That doesn’t explain how two completely separate things are connected


It's a fuckin joke


Surely you have to admit this is a huge stretch, I’m sure they were really thinking about feds retirement in the moment and thinking they can are allowed to start a fight now


Lol at what passes for physical in tennis


For a sport where you're far away from your opponent 99% of the time and there's no contact whatsoever, this is completely out of place.


Moutet is talented, but he is a real shithead. He should get some kind of suspension for this.


Andreev smacked his hand, pulled him into a chest bump then hit Moutet with his racquet. I think you got the wrong guy lil bro


Watched Andreev’s press conference and he said that Moutet tried to hit him with his head and if you watch it closely you’ll see how Andreev reacts to the head movement by Moutet. There is absolutely no reason for Moutet’s head to be where it is, why come close to Andreev at that point? he also said that Moutet has been provoking him since last week in Italy and during the warmup when they were hitting volleys Moutet was aiming at his body lol.


Love Moutet


I think Andreev did the bump at the net because Moutet was trying to headbutt him. Watch his head in the video. Andreev said as much in his post match interview also.




Oh I had definitely missed Andreev bump at the net, my bad, obviously not the right reaction but he definitely isn’t to blame


Oh I had definitely missed Andreev bump at the net, my bad, obviously not the right reaction but Moutet definitely isn’t to blame.


Ehh moutet on court performance and his shot making is very high quality for his age. His mental and emotional progression seems to be stunted, sarcastically applauding shots by the opposing player. But to Moutet’s defense, he leaves it all on the court and seems very reasonable once the match is over


C'è sempre Moutet di mezzo...strano...


I've never seen Moutet not be a raging dick, but Andreev started it.


Nah, slow it down, it’s moutet that puts his shoulder and head in, you can see andreev hunch up reflexively. This has been confirmed by the umpire and others at courtside.


People that see the same thing we're seeing? How is that confirmation of anything?


Because you’re wrong? Lol


I agree that was a shitty low class bump by Moutet.I have lost all respect for him and he should get a 1 year ban for unsportsmanlike aggression.This ain't ice hockey.


Looks to be andreev initiated the bump


Is andreev on the left or right? It looks like the guy on the right started it all.


I think Moutet is the one on the left.


Shouldn't Zverev have gotten 1 year ban as well then? The ATP won't do anything.


For what...?


Smashing a racket on the umpires chair


You don't know? The Acapulco incident. It was huge.




Umpires always scold the wrong guy. The one they personally think they can handle better.


Bullshit french


Watch the umpire. He moved as soon a he saw that shoulder from Guy on right.


I love that in tennis this is considered unacceptable behavior by professionals. In football, this happens every play 🤣


Honestly tennis needs more of this


No. No it doesn't. Tennis doesn't need to be turned into the fucking WWE, thank you very much, it's been doing just fine with the likes of great sportsmen like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Del Potro and so on. If you need to see competitors getting into brawls with each other to enjoy the sport, then you need to find a different sport to watch.


love del porto but wasn’t he talking about andy’s mom during a match


Tennis needs more chipiness to attract a younger a broader audience. Nobody said anything about brawling. But a little shove every once in a while isn’t going to kill anybody. It will make people get invested. Kyrigos Tsisipas for example. While it was never physical, it lacked traditional “sportsmanship.” It was also one of the more entertaining and talked about matches of the year. There is a time to show respect but players hating each other is fun from a fans stand point. I don’t know why Rafa and Novak feel the need to act all buddy buddy when they clearly don’t care for each other. Let it out


Tennis is doing just fine all on its own attracting a broad audience. This year's US Open for instance set a new attendance record of 776k people, beating the previous record of 737k set in 2019. Global tennis viewership has been on the rise for years, with double digit percentage gains year over year. Players hating each other may be fun from *your* standpoint, but it certainly isn't from mine or most other tennis fans, and tennis has been doing just fine without it, and doing it with amazing play and talented players driving the sport, not WWE grudges and antics.


That’s the thing. Tennis could be so much more than it is today, and attract more players. In America all of our male athletes play other sports because the sport is just not as exciting as others. That’s why we haven’t had a grand slam champ since ‘03. Chippy players are good for the game and will make more people want to play tennis. When you have up and coming menaces like Rune and Moutet, it will make the game way more exciting. Hopefully this next generation of players is less soft and can regain American interest.


> In America all of our male athletes play other sports because the sport is just not as exciting as others. You couldn't be more wrong. The reason male athletes in America are drawn to other sports isn't because of the excitement, it's because of the money and infrastructure that flows from that in those other sports. You can be a benchwarmer or backup the entire season in professional baseball, basketball, hockey and football and make $600k-$1M a year, which are the ranges for the league minimums for those sports. You can literally not play a single minute for an entire season and make that money. In tennis, unless you make the top 75 in the world you don't make ANY money, it all goes right back out in expenses, AND you and you alone have to play every single minute. If you get injured or miss tournaments, there is no contract guarantee that gives you a payout anyway, nor are there teammates who can come off the bench and take over for you, you're just fucked. And if you're not among the very top players you don't get any big endorsement money, you're clawing and scratching in challenger and satellite tournaments for prize money just to stay alive. Is it any wonder that most athletes and their parents want them to go into basketball, football, hockey or baseball when they can be a mediocre professional and still make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year? As opposed to tennis, where they have to be among the best in the world and play every point themselves with no one coming off a bench to relieve them to make it? And of course all the infrastructure in high school and collegiate sports are designed to feed the money machines of those other sports, because of how much money there is in them compared to tennis. So no, it has nothing to do with how "exciting" tennis is, and everything to do with money. So we've established that tennis has been growing for years without needing WWE bullshit, and we've established that it's not more "excitement" that keeps American athletes from getting into the sport, it's all the much bigger money that they can get playing any other professional team sport.


You’re saying that it’s about money, not the lack of excitement. More excitement leads to more viewers which leads to more money. Kyrigos is a cash cow for the ATP relative to Sinner. I would argue that Sinner is a better player. He’s definitely more consistent. But Kyrigos draws fans and elevates the sport more. Sinner is extremely talented and I personally am a fan. But people aren’t willing to make sacrifices to watch him play. If the ATP were full of Sinners tennis would die.


> If the ATP were full of Sinners tennis would die. No, it wouldn't. Apparently you weren't around when "boring" or "nice" but talented players like Sampras, Chang, Courier, Kuerten and others like them were dominating, and tennis did just fine in attendance and viewership. Conversely, Marcelo Rios was a grade A asshole and #1 in the world, and his antics didn't put butts in the seats or increase viewership. Neither did Jeff Tarango, who was likewise a first class asshole. You seem to think everyone thinks like you and needs conflict and petulance to make tennis interesting, yet the history of tennis shows that you couldn't be more wrong. Maybe **you** would no longer be interested in tennis if players like Kyrgios weren't around, but don't presume to speak for the rest of tennis fandom, because tennis has done just fine without players like that and will continue to do so, thankfully.


Sampras, Chang, Gilbert were before my time. Somehow, McEnroe and Agassi are talked about more than Sampras’s even tho he’s got more hardware than both of those guys. Agassi and McEnroe have done more for tennis according to my generation than Sampras. Pete has also distanced himself from the tennis world (don’t blame him) so that could have something to do with it as well.


Again, you're presuming to speak for everyone else of your "generation" because you think everyone else agrees with you, but that's false. And again, as I already stated, the Sampras/Chang/Courier era had no problem getting lots of viewership and attendance at events, which along with the past 15 years of Federer/Nadal/Djokovic disproves your theory that tennis needs conflict in order to thrive--all tennis needs is great competition and rivalries. Numerous eras of tennis, including the two above, have proven that conclusively. You can feel free to keep arguing otherwise, but your argument is not fact based.


You're pretty much correct as evidenced by how the ATP's tennistv youtube channel posts compilations of on court drama like this and it's some of their most popular stuff


..nick? Is that you?


Don't think either of these guys have ever been in a fight. This was so awkward.


Come on, be adults, guys...


Wonder what the repercussions are going to be


Is Moutet the unlikeable one that played against Ruud (or someone else) at US Open?


According to YouTube comments Moutet was disrespectful during the match, making noises when Andrew serves and stuffs. The match highlight is very good though! (Their skills I mean, no fights in highlights)


That was a piss poor attempt of a fight.


Screw ettiquete lol we'll fight after the match


Eager to watch a match between that Moutet and Kyrgios.


That’s going to be a fun locker room.




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Anddddddd you guys complain about Kyrgios


Who started it?


well...even though beige shirt started it, I'm glad after hitting green shirt's arm once with his racquet, he had the sense to put the racquet in his other hand and keep the physical fighting to some hand slaps. people with bigger, stupider egos would have escalated that shit in a heartbeat. also if i was the ump, i would have stayed right up in that chair 😂 props to him for breaking that up quickly


They looked desperate for someone to break them up lol. Just once I want to see an umpire shrug, throw up their hands and let the players fight.


Lool your umpire fucken loves itself


Did Moutet call Andreev a "bullshit Bulgarian" or did Andreev call Moutet a "petit chat"?


Honestly, they should both be suspended. This has no place in tennis, especially on the pro tour


Lol battle of the midgets


Couple of smurfs goin at it


That was as intense as it can get. They surely gonna pay a heavy fine after this.


An update from Andreev to back up his claims in the post-match interview. Apparently Moutet was trying to hurt Andreev during warm up: [https://www.instagram.com/p/CjP6y01g-7S/?utm\_source=ig\_embed&ig\_rid=fde7e7e2-abd9-4da9-900f-5e4adbd5582e](https://www.instagram.com/p/CjP6y01g-7S/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=fde7e7e2-abd9-4da9-900f-5e4adbd5582e)


Not exactly MMA fighters.


Can’t tell who the beta is here….


You apparently


Sick burn!


It's always the dudes you know would suck in a fight doing this crap lol


This is absolutely disgusting behaviour especially shown by tennis players! Some players like them have brought down the grace and beauty of such a sport down to the level of the streets.