Nadals weeks in the top 2 are going to be so ridiculous when hes done


He's the best number 2 you'll ever come across in tennis. He's a better 2 than he was a 1, ironically 😅


because he always goes lights out on his way to #1, but his knees give up shortly after and his performance at #1 turns out to be relatively subpar with all the pain, long breaks and rustiness and after about a year, he falls back to #2. and repeat.


Right? I swear I was more confident at Nadal going into a tournament as #2 than #1 for this reason and maybe because I think he has less pressure to perform as a #2.


I’ve been saying this for years. Everyone gets excited when he gets to no.1 but I learned my lesson in 2009. He plays better when he’s not no.1.


On a related note, I might not have readymade stats to back it but it feels like Nadal plays at his absolute best when he’s ranked No 2 and not ranked No 1. Logically also it makes sense as Nadal usually tapers off with injury combined with resurgent Djokovic Djokovic pulls him back once he reaches there.


Surely because reaching No.1 is a delayed metric. Like you said, he plays super well to get to No. 1 and then tends to get injured or level drops off once he's already there.


For the first time in XXI century two players from same country will be at the top 2. This will be the first time in history this happens for spanish players. Oddly enough, Nadal will be 2nd in ranking.


Was last time Agassi + Sampras?


Since your question wasn't answered yet, yes it was. Lastly in 2000 those two were world number 1 & 2.


As a part time tennis fan, I had no idea that either Agassi OR Sampras were American lol A quick google says their last names are of Iranian and Greek origin


It's quite funny because even today many american players have surnames you wouldn't really associate with the US. Fritz, Korda, Tiafoe, Gauff are the ones off the top of my mind, but I'm sure many others apply as well




McDonald! oh wait...


Anisimova too!


“Aghassian” is Armenian, actually. (Agassi’s paternal grandparents were ethnic Armenians.) And Sampras’ actual first name is Petros.


Sure, but Rafa is 36 and has 22 GS.




Yeah. I honestly think he might be in the Top 10 player of all time convo now. Can't believe no one's ever mentioned he has 22 GS.


Who is this Nadal?


Coach for FAA? Maybe a bit of nepotism has elevated this new Nadal fellow?


Pretty good soccer/football player, of course! How could you have not heard of Miguel Angel Nadal?


Idk. I know my 3.5 friend took a few games off a guy going by the name. Also said he got intimidated by his English and eyebrow. That guy can’t have 22 GSs though.


>That guy can’t have 22 GSs though. Seems pretty onbelivabol. Might be making it up to impress people.


Yeah apparently he goes around saying he’s won 14 Roland Garros titles. What a jokester


Remember that guy who wore capris and sleeveless shirts like 15 years ago? Pretty sure that's him.


top 10 on clay maybe, but overall, idk.


That's exactly the reply I expect from a very insecure Nadal fan. Saying "oddly enough, Nadal will be 2nd in ranking" is in no way a criticism or a shot at him. It's just... what's going to happen: the arguably GOAT who won 2 GS this year will be a Top 2 BUT oddly, he won't be the Nº 1.


🤣🤣🤣. Sure I’m insecure about the accomplishments of another person. 🤣🤣🤣 because my life revolves around Rafa’s life and records. Hahaha. You people are ridiculous






That will be Nadal's 580th week in the top 2, a record. Federer spent 528, Djokovic 520 weeks in the top 2. Next would be Connors with 387


Casper Defending 760 more points in the season. 400 from ATP finals SF, QF Paris Masters 180, QF Vienna 90, IW '21 R16 (October) 90. Rafa not defending anything for the rest of the season still gives him a shot at year end world no. 1 depending on how ATP finals goes. Big question is his health, mental place given the baby, and whether he goes to Paris Masters.


I think Alcaraz is only defending 280 points and will play several more events than Rafa.. if Rafa plays at all.


Yeah I think only ATP finals might be certain for Rafa. He's gonna want to win one before he retires, not many chances left. Beyond that he might skip entire rest of the season. Djokovic is looking Ominous tho, can't wait for Paris Masters. Gonna be a banger.


Given how Rafa skipped Miami and played IW this year, I don't think he cares much for anything outside GS now.




No, he made it clear before IW. He was not in the entry list either. Everyone knew he was skipping Miami as he didn't want to play two tournaments so close to each other.


He withdrew from Miami early on during Indian Wells, he didn’t get injured until the semifinal


Rafa was never going to play Miami anyway. He hasn’t since 2017. Just like he hasn’t played Cincy and the only reason he played it this year was because he had to miss Canada. At this stage in his career, 2 back to back hard court tournaments isn’t something he’s going to do.


Think this sub cares about the WTF way more than the big 3 do at this point.


ATP shoves that on our throats so much, tried to hype it up as some ultimate prize... but it's just not it. same way with golf and FedEx cup race/championship. PGA pushes it but the casual viewers don't care outside of the majors.


ATP.shoves it down the viewers throats to drive sales. Blame this sub over overhyping every match without context.


The O2 arena looks so sterile, and the ball seems to play oddly slow and spinny, and combined with a squeaky surface… not tennis I enjoy watching. Like test tube tennis.


It doesn't matter where the event is at all. The gap between the YEC and the AO is so long and the event is largely forgettable. As much as this sub hates hearing it, because tennis has no formal off-season, players will continue to treat the postuso swing as practically a rehabilitation period. You are going to end up with super weird results which he have already seen at Shanghai the Paris master's and the YEC that don't correlate with the rest of the year very well. This is especially true as djokvic and nadal get older. Their bodies are getting worse every year and I honestly don't think they care at all about any tourney after the USO to the same extent. Djokvic can sleepwalk his way to the tel Aviv title but imo he's treating it more as a way to retain his match form + so his ranking doesn't dip so far that he has a hellish draw come the AO. He may even lose to pospisil today. Regardless, I expect this sub to overreact immensely when it ultimately does not matter whatsoever. This is the worst part of the tennis year bar none in terms of the significance I don't think he genuinely cares about winning it. Enjoy these matches for what they are as fun entertainment but drawing any far reaching conclusions from these tourneys has repeatedly shown to be quite silly


Wouldnt surprise me if he only plays paris and atp finals for the rest of the season


I doubt Rafa will play ATP Finals given everything going on in his personal life.




The fact that he's there, at his age, with his injury record is extraordinary.


It’s just Nadals year let’s be honest. 2022 is his.


Wait what happened to ruud?


ruud lost to nishioka in seoul


wow, props to nishioka!


So is he no. 3 now?


13 hours-old thread and no Spanish Inquisition joke. I’m disappointed you all.


I really hope Rafa can finish the year as no 1. He definitely deserves it for winning most slams.


What are the chances of Nadal winning Paris and ATP finals this year ? 😭😭


Close to zero because he’s likely not playing either


Close to zero even if he did play considering his ATP finals record...


The Spanish no 1 and 2 are also the world no 1 and 2


The true no1 and no2. Now Djokovic in no3 and it'll be perfect


The true No.1 and No.2 are the ones that have the points (other than frozen rankings or Wimbledon points). Consistency and grind should be valued as much as raw talent or big wins, than that’s what the ranking system is for.


I do like that playing lots of events and winning more at a lower level can be rewarded as much as the Nadal/Djokovic type schedule. And it’s great when you see someone like Draper who has shot up the rankings and that began this year by winning multiple challengers. That’s the system working ideally.


Nah, the true 1-2 or 2-1 are still Rafa and Novak. Carlos is 3 at best.


I mean yes, alcaraz is great already but the 2 Goats are still active and whenever they are fit they should be 1-2


> Carlos is 3 **at best.** Uhh, what?


Um, yeah. I like Carlos but I don't think he's going to be a constant member of the top 3 for the next 6 months. Zverev has been injured, and Medvedev is out of form. When they make a comeback, Carlos will be out of the top 3. He needs to be more consistent to stay at the top.


If he’s much more consistent, he’ll have a mid 2000s Federer level year. He’s 52-10 (83.7%) with five tournament wins, seven finals, and eight semi finals so far this year. And was elite on both clay and hard court. He’s accomplished almost as Zverev and Medvedev have in their careers in a single year. And Zverev and Medvedev are both *extremely* good.


The only top 5 player he's beaten in GS this year is Casper Ruud. He's nowhere near Federer lmao. We saw what Zverev did at the French, we saw what Sinner did at Wimbledon. Federer was number 1 with 12000+ points, Carlos has like half of that. Wtf are you talking about? Tell me a mid-2000s Federer year where he had just 52 wins with 10 losses.


> **If he’s much more consistent**, he’ll have a mid 2000s Federer level Reading is hard I guess


Would you say this year has been better for Carlos than 2021 was for Medvedev? Both won USO, Daniil ended with 8640 ranking points. Carlos will probably end with somewhere around 7500.


Djokovic is still the actual best player in the world for my money. He’s just had lots of off the court issues, some in his control and some not.


Yeah Novak is the one to beat, Rafa too but he's definitely not at his best and has a lot going on just now. Who knows if he'll ever really dominate again.


Ranking is going to be irrelevant for a while. Rafa and Nole are only going for GSs and using the masters as a warm-up. This year is different for Nole but once he is able to compete in all tournaments, I just don't see him playing all these minor tournaments unless masters start paying some serious appearance fees.


The future GOAT and the current GOAT. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


There must always be two.




Babolot is happy


next year nadal out of the top 10?? likely imo.


You mean the guy who was in the top 10 for the last 900 weeks. Nah


You and your Dad, Alcaraz! How does it feel?